Brand New Transformers 2 Footage

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transformers 2 the fallen face Brand New Transformers 2 Footage

We have a brand new two-and-a-half minute video for you that shows tons of new footage from this summer’s highly anticipated Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. The footage was presented by Michael Bay at this year’s ShoWest event and is now available online (after the jump).

The new trailer gives us a glimpse of many of the new characters and features a long scene with Shia LaBeouf telling his garage-dwelling friend, Bumblebee, that he’s off to College and not taking his pet with him. The good parts comes after that when the video flashes through a ton of different scenes throughout the movie.

This is all completely new footage from what we’ve seen in the teaser trailer and full trailer so far and I would guess a lot of this will be used in the second full length trailer that’s debuting alongside X-Men Origins: Wolverine in two weeks.

Watch the video and see what you think:

I’m not sure where to start – these scenes are a series of highs and lows for me.

Bumblebee is acting like a little immature child and he cries about this College thing? As in, literally cries with tears (lubricant) gushing from his eyes… Why can’t Sam Witwicky take him to school in the first place – what student doesn’t want a new Camaro as their ride? In addition to that, couldn’t he speak fine at the end of the first film? It was pretty random then how he all-of-a-sudden could communicate, maybe he randomly cannot again. Either way, that scene was a chore to watch and exemplifies what was bad about the first film.

The video also shows the blossoming of the relationship between Fox’s and LaBeouf’s characters but I find myself entirely uninterested in that – it’s almost as uninteresting as her stripping PG-13 style outside into a dress during Shia’s parent-to-child talk with Bumblebee who’s now a toddler.

After those weak points, we move into a tons of quickly cut action shots which show Optimus getting knocked around (again), Jetfire walking with a cane (why a cane?), and a tiny glimpse of Devastator and the twins among others.

I was very excited to see more scenes but I find myself more worried about the movie now. I was one of the few defenders here at Screen Rant of the first Transformers film, having enjoyed it after my second viewing – and I expected improvement in the weak points of the movie. Instead, this footage emphasizes more of those weak points and I don’t get it. Was I wrong in my hope?

At least the action sequences look awesome. I wish they’d zoom that camera out a bit though (another problem with the first film).

“I’m not gonna go without you” Mikaela says to Sam.


As more Transformers 2 news comes out, Screen Rant will let you know – If you’re a Transformers fan, be sure to check out our Revenge of the Fallen Character Guide.

So what do you think?

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen opens June 24, 2009.

Source: Trailer Addict

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  1. DEVESTATOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    and its obvious now that its starscream who pins down sam

  2. holy cow! Bay haters are getting worried they might like this movie.

  3. I didn’t see it as a parent-to-child thing. See, Bumblebee is “man’s best friend” – he’s Sam’s dog, basically, and Sam talks to him just like he talked to Mojo. In fact I think they set up Sam talking so much to Mojo in the beginning of T1 so we wouldn’t think it was weird when he just started to unquestioningly talk to his car later on, because the whole film hinged on him idiotically trusting an alien robot for no damn reason.

    But yeah, I’d say the Bumblebee thing is more like a kid having to leave his dog when he goes off to college. Besides, I doubt this is the first scene of the film (if it is Bay needs to hop on the plot trolly), I’m sure at some point the no talkies thing is explained.

    Over all it’s very cool, though, loved the first and can’t wait for this one!

  4. megatron is officially back 2:22-2:23, but judging from the background image i would have to say its on earth

  5. @Cat

    I don’t get what your comment is in reference to.


  6. ummmm, there wasnt anything wrong with the footage. It was funny. This movie is gonna be awesome ::)

  7. site just bashes – doesn’t report. I’ll go to another site to get my updates.

  8. @Cat

    This is an editorial news site and we express our opinions.

    I recommend – they just report the news straight up.

    Have a nice life.


  9. @Oscar

    I didn’t write this post but I’m just NOT a fan of the humor in these flicks. Make them straight-up, badass action movies instead. Cutting from serious damage and destruction to goofy comedy scenes is like getting ice cold water splashed in my face while trying to get into the movie.


  10. i thought the whole wedding dress thing was a bit lame, but it was nice to see megan fox undress

  11. I think it’s great. I loved the comedy stuff in the first film, after all Transformers was always a kids thing, it’s just we’ve grown into adults. So I’m more than happy to see some humor instead of a gritty hardcore action film. I think it’ll be fun! We’ll see though. Can’t judge a film til you’ve seen it.

  12. Looks Good!!! I liked the first one, Big dumb fun!!
    Michael Bay should have directed Superman (or the next Superman)

    THis will likely be the Big Hit this summer with Trek and Terminator duking it out for number 2

  13. @Vic

    Dude, you are not seeing this movie as a whole. The Transformers are set in a context of a somewhat typical teenager…OF COURSE he’ll be a little bit of a smart ass, have a girl in his life…these are all things teenagers do. It would be really dumb for them to make a dark and serious action flick.

    You’re really nitpicking here. The movie, just like the cartoon, was set in a certain context. The clips seen so far are doing exactly that, things that WOULD happen.

    It’s really sad to see ppl not enjoy a movie based on things that just don’t make sense.

    And “have a nice life” comment…rude

  14. Lord Garth,

    bay directiing superman would be a joke, i mean superman is character driven and well thats something bay sucks at

  15. I don’t think he really spoke at the end of the first film. I think it was just some audio signal or recording that he had. “Permission to speak sir” is very common…not “stay with the boy”, but he’s a robot that can easily record audio signals and put them together.

    Yes, BB sounded like a kid or dog…but realistic, u can’t grow as a person if u go to college with your guardian.

    So yes, I do think that they need to zoom out…

  16. sk1ds,

    he does speak at the end of the first film, however i heard that in the prequel comics he gets jumped by starscream of another decepticon and he loses his voice(again)

  17. @ogb

    Yeah, I was over the line with that comment – probably shouldn’t have made it. But I get tired of people who don’t “get” Screen Rant – we’re an editorial site so we have a particular point of view on every article we write.

    And I disagree with you: The fact that I disliked the first film is BECAUSE I looked at it “as a whole.” The danger was incongruous with the humor. The problem is that it wasn’t snarky one-liner humor like in a Die Hard movie – it was stupid, idiotic situational humor. Like inserting a scene from a sitcom into an action-drama.

    Just didn’t work for me. At all.


  18. No Vic you werent out of line, if he doesnt like the site then he should leave. People need to learn how to appreciate. This site actually has an opinion, you can actually communicate with Screen Rant lol some other sites just post news and let people talk about it amongst themselves. Thats not Screen Rant, Screen Rant talks back to you, Screen Rant has an opinion, Screen Rant is alive muahahahahahahaha lol

  19. @Vic

    I’m all for having opinion. But sometimes I feel like you guys are closed off to discussing it. It’s one thing not to like something while being able to say “I can see where you’re coming from” or “This can make sense to others”…but it’s another thing to just say “I didn’t like it” and leave it at that…

    I feel like if you guys love movies so much, you should be open to real, smart and open discussions without saying “NO” all the time

    that’s all

  20. @ogb

    We ARE open to discussion. That doesn’t mean I have to be politically correct and hand hold by saying “I can see where you’re coming from.”

    The ONLY comments we EVER delete are those that insult other commenters or the writer of the article or comments that are obviously “trollish” in nature, written only to rile people up.

    But I think that a comment like this:

    “site just bashes – doesn’t report. I’ll go to another site to get my updates.”

    Doesn’t exactly warrant a touchy-feely reply.

    So please don’t say that we don’t encourage discussion here.


  21. I never said you don’t encourage discussion

    I said you yourself sometimes seem closed to other people’s point of view

    It has nothing to do with being politically correct

  22. not trying to be a jerk but bashing the movie throughout the whole article doesn’t make me want to read any updates on here. I want to enjoy what I’m reading about my favorite upcoming movies; not hear this sucks and that sucks about every little thing that you don’t like. No fun when you trash it without even seeing the movie.

  23. @Cat

    My exact point! Right on man.

    I’ve posted about this many times even though I hate posting on these forums. It just makes no sense for a movie blog to whine and criticize little sniplets of movies and therefore instill a negative opinion into its readers who will either not got see a movie because of all the negativity or go into a movie with a negative opinion to begin with and not enjoy the movie so much.

  24. cat and ogb,

    so they should just post positive opinions about the movie even if they dont feel that way about it?

  25. Matt,
    Not at all. Just don’t bash it every chance you get.

  26. I gotta say i agree with ogb and cat, I’m really looking foward to this and when i keep reading negative comments it kinda ruins the fun of whats going to be an amazing film in my opinion. We like it because we like the concept and i cant help but love the robots (:

    But it doesnt matter anyway, we should really get back to commenting on the trailer instead of arguing.

  27. OK, it’s really very simple:

    If we think a movie looks good, great or awesome based on what’s been released or is going on with the production, we say so.

    On the other hand if based on those same factors we think it looks mediocre or like crap, we’ll say that as well.

    If you disagree, fine – state your position and why you feel that way, we won’t delete your comments. But don’t be hypocritical and say that only YOUR view is valid and if we disagree with it, OURS isn’t.

    We talk positively about LOTS of movies here because they look good to us during the production process (Star Trek, Iron Man, Terminator Salvation, etc.). There are others that look like crap (Dragonball Evolution and Street Fighter are two recent examples).

    Sometimes we turn out to be right, and sometimes we’re wrong – if we talk up a film and it turns out being lame, we say so – if we trash talk a movie and it turns out being surprisingly great, we’ll admit we were wrong.

    But just as YOU have a right to your opinion, so do WE. As Matt K. said above, if we said EVERYTHING was great why would anyone bother to even care what we had to say?

    And BTW, if you can manage to read the article above objectively, you’ll see that Rob was actually a fan of the first one overall, but there were ASPECTS of it he didn’t like.


  28. thats whats great about movie blogs is that you can state your opinion and read others and debate among other people about what was good and what was bad, it wouldnt really matter if everyone had a positive opinion about it

    ps: devastator is gonna rule in this movie

  29. I thought that trailer was awesome, the crying part was funny, but then it really kicked in, the old bot with the cane looks awesome too.

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