The Making of ‘Transformers: Prime’

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transformers prime optimus The Making of Transformers: Prime

With the Transformers Animated cartoon and toyline canceled last year, there left a need for the next Transformers series. The franchise has aired nearly a dozen different series in North America and Japan since it began in 1984 and the next show to take the mantle is Transformers: Prime, another full CG-animated series similar in style to the popular Beast Wars seasons of the late 90s.

Upping the profile of this latest Transformers venture, Prime is bring produced by Hollywood heavyweights Bob Orci and Alex Kurtzman, who were writers on the first two Michael Bay Transformers movies. Joining them is veteran cartoon producer Jeff Kline who brought us shows such as the Men in Black series and Dragon Tales. The three put together a comedic ‘Making of’ video which will help you understand Transformers in a different light.

Unlike Transformers Animated, which stands entirely outside of Transformers continuity (even though its premiere featured footage from the original cartoon), Transformers: Prime is based on this year’s successful Transformers video game, War for Cybertron, and the “Transformers: Exodus” novel which tells the official history of the War of Cybertron. To loyal fans of the franchise, the series will feature the voices of Peter Cullen and Frank Welker as Optimus Prime and Megatron respectively, the masters behind the original voices of the 1984 series. Famous voice actor Steve Blum will voice Starscream, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson will play Cliffjumper and Jeffrey Combs will provide Ratchet’s voice.

transformers prime tv series 570x430 The Making of Transformers: Prime

If the talent behind the production and voices of the series aren’t generating enough interest, Transformers: Prime also represents the best of everything toymaker Hasbro has to offer from the toyline and franchise. It is there attempt at grabbing the best parts of the franchise’s convoluted cannon, with elements taken from the Transformers movies, the latest animated cartoon, video game and novel and putting it together in a series and continuity that makes sense.

To see how it was made and what makes it different from the movies and shows of the past, here is the Transformers: Prime Making of Promo:

The best part of the video is how Orci and Kurtzman poke fun at the humor of the Transformers movies, the same movies they chose to step away from to pursue other ventures after the disappointing sequel, Revenge of the Fallen.

And here’s the teaser clip that played at San Diego Comic-Con this summer:

As you can see, Bumblebee is fighting what appears to be Cylon Centurions from Battlestar Galactica.

The series takes place on Earth after the Autobots and Decepticons have been there for a while and features most of the classic and popular characters from previous incarnations. In addition to Optimus and Bumblebee, the Autobots cast will feature Arcee, Ratchet, Cliffjumper and Bulkhead. The Decepticons will be led by Megatron once again, joined by Starscream, Soundwave and an endless supply of “Troopers” (the Cylon Centurions).

transformers prime characters The Making of Transformers: Prime

Bumblebee, Bulkhead and Arcee in Transformers: Prime

Transformers: Prime airs its premiere episode tomorrow, November 29th on The Hub, the replacement channel of Discovery Kids.

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  1. How can the series showcase all of the previous characters from the classic series if the producers are only going to highlight the ones who’s toys are still in production?

  2. This looks GREAT! Best since Beast Wars. The only down side I can see is the use of the “troopers”. I’d rather see bots we know getting the axe, but for the kiddies, I suppose this makes better sense.

  3. “Transformers Animated” is not what we want to see, because people love simplicity, and this animated caracters are too complex…

  4. Wy the hell are Orci and Kurtzman everywhere?? Get these two guys out of hollywood please!!!

    • Agreed.

    • Hyman,

      Besides the Transformers movies, what have Orci and Kurtzman done that’s so awful? I loved Star Trek and find Hawaii Five-0 pretty enjoyable.


      • Star Trek is great, but the film’s strength isn’t in the writting. There’s still many plot holes in the story.

        • It’s a time travel movie, therefore plot holes are totally irelevant and explained by a paradox.
          And how can it be great if the writing isnt strong enough, you cant have a film without writing, the characters dont exist without having being written.

          • I don’t care if it’s a time-travel film, plot holes are plot holes. Everything else about the film is great, but the story. The acting, the characters, the special effects, and the action are all great. Orci and Kurtzman just turned to the series into a summer popcorn flick. Sad part is that I find it to be superior to other series.

      • Legend of Zorro?????????

        oh and the star trek movie was not good. because of those two writers. It was a pretty straight forward script. Nothing special J.J Abrams and Co. elevated it.

        Same situation with David Goyer. He is Nothing Special. Yet by some wierd twist of fate. He is the go to guy for comic book movies. Ridiculous!. Until people wake up and see these things for wat they are we are gonna keep getting the same crap.

      • I have to agree with little monster, star trek wasn’t good because of the writing. ROTF was bad cause of Bay’s direction.

        I think it’s just cause they don’t any original ideas. They write off of pre existing material.

        I haven’t seen H5O yet so I can’t comment or speculate on this issue at the moment :).

        • If you don’t like ROTF don’t use a reference from it

    • Fringe is amazing as well.

      The pair left after TF2 because of what happened outside of their control with the movie. Good on them – I dug Beast Wars a lot when that aired and I’m going to check out the premiere today.

  5. make them head masters!

  6. Is this the process that was used when coming up with the “story” for Transformers 2?

    • Haha! Probably, I’m not a fan of those two and I wish they would leave my favorite childhood nostalgia alone.

  7. I am extremely disappointed that generic troopers/drones are being used. TF always stood out that they always had characters, but alas there goes that originality.

    • Obviously you have rose colored glasses on. The original Transformers had Starscream…and 4-5 other Jet disposable jet Decepticons that were colored differently than Starscream. So… not every character was unique, original and distinguish like you so fondly remember…

      • There were no generic team members in neither the Autobots nor the Decepticons in the original series…

        -Autobots:Optimus Prime, Brawn, Bluestreak, Bumblebee, Cliffjumper, Gears, Hound, Huffer, Ironhide, Jazz, Mirage,Prowl, Ratchet, Sideswipe, Sunstreaker, Trailbreaker, Wheeljack, Windcharger, and Hauler.

        -Decepticons: Megatron, Starscream, Skywarp, Thundercracker (the other jet fighters you were refering to..),Reflector (leader Viewfinder, Spyglass & Spectro), Soundwave(Laserbeak, Buzzsaw, Ravage, Rumble and Frenzy) and Shockwave.

        More characters were introduced over time in the form of teams: Dinobots, Constructicons, Stunticons, etc…none of them generic “nameless crewmember” types…

        As for those rose colored eye glasses….Could not find any data about it in the Cybertronion interface Bible.
        They did have glasses in that horrible, horrible, movie…

        Good day to you, sir…

      • Yeah all those other jets had names, personalitys, and speaking lines. In fact in the original series thundercracker was the first one reanimated. There were no drones (except in a few stand alone episodes were they made them) in the original G1 series.

        • There’s way too much to address in one posting here, but this seems like a good place to start. Sure there were drones, LOL That’s what all the coloring fawk-up’s and screwed VO’s were. :) And I say this because I AM an original TF diehard, LOL

  8. I know that “the human element” was used in the G1 show, but why does it seem more lame in Transformers t.v. and movies nowadays? Beast Wars did without humans, and it was awesome.

  9. How can anyone say anything bad about this series. First the graphics are awesome.

    Second: ORINGAL Prime and Megatron Voices! That in itself will be so freaking awesome!

    I grew up in the 80s and was blessed with the best cartoons ever made.

    Bionic Six

    So I’m pretty stoked to just see this series. I don’t care if the plot line is crappy. I’m hoping it’s gonna kick butt but I don’t mind if it’s sorta lame

    I’m just excited to see Cullen and Welker portray the Orginal Voices. As it should have been with animated, and the rest of the other incarnations of Transformers

    But Even with tech today You can never beat the 1986 series. It was the best EVER! Except for the season with Rodimus Prime. God that was a mistake. And with Megatron becoming Galavtron. Not good.

    1st Rule of Transformers: Thou shall not kill Optimus Prime and Megatron.

    Cannot Wait for this series to start.

    Btw what happened to Ironhide?

    • You missed Masters Of The Universe!

      • Whoops Can’t forget He-Man. Your right about that and GI Joe now that I’m thinking of it.

    • and Voltron

    • Here Here!! (Except I’ll pretend you didn’t mention Smurfs in all that, LOL)Don’t forget BraveStarr, Masters of the Universe, Captain Power, Visionaries, Go-Bots (yes, I said it), Centurions etc.

      Technically, Welker isn’t portraying an original voice, LOL He sounds NOTHING like the original portrayal of his on TFG1. More like the Weaving impersonation of Welker of TF Thge Movie.

      Not big on Hot Rod, but you DID NOT dis the Galvatron!! Death to the Autobot sympathizer… sorry, got carried away, LOL

  10. Visually, this is fantastic, and from what I’ve seen and heard about the storyline (including the graphic novel, recently released), it should play out very well also.

    I’m very much anticipating “Prime”.

  11. I don’t know this Orci character but I do know that Kurtzman does fringe, which is one of my favorite shows so I can’t get down on him too much

    • Yeti,

      Orci and Kurtzman are a writing team. They work together on almost everything they do — like a certain show called ‘Fringe’.

      Might want to double-check your Fringe production notes:

  12. Orci and Kurtzman are studio Hacks. 100% fully controlable writers. (Which is why the studios love them) Even if there are any of you guys out there that like them. What have they really done to deserve to two of the top writers in the Industry????? what have have they done that was so deserving of all of these projects that they are attached to???

    • Hyman,

      You mean besides the fact that the movies and TV shows they write are wildly popular and make a ton of money? 8)


  13. this will be fun to watch considering the cartoons were ages ago. they will be tough to beat. I hope this TF3 is decent considering the only thing that was sweet in the last one was optimus, the explosions and the only movie to be shot on the pyramids.

  14. Dont like the anamation prefer darker more simple like the old x-men,they dont make them like they used to!!

  15. Alright, I watched the first two episodes, and I will go on record as saying. I liked it….a lot! I thought it was a lot of fun…sure, there may be things to pick apart, but what’s the point, I watch hoping to enjoy something, and Transformers Prime delivered in my opinion.
    And on a side note, since ripping it seems to be sport for some, I really enjoyed Star Trek! I thought it rocked and can’t wait for the next one. I liked the little nods to the previous incarnations that were all over it. Made for a fun watch for me. Just my two and a half cents. Hope everyone is having a great holiday season!!

  16. Watched the first 4 eps of Transformers: Prime. I like the concept, its a fun watch and I love the music but I do not like … actually make that I can’t stand the “cylon” drones. For me they really don’t fit in and look stupid.

  17. I like the movie of the transformers prime he nice to talking to with me in sleeping in my dreaming

  18. Does anyone know how to actually like type a letter to the producer to try and convince them to add a new charcter to their show?

  19. Transformers Prime is the best incarnation of Transformers ever. I don’t understand how people can have such an incredible problem with this show. Get out of the 80′s and move on from G1. *This* is the new standard for what Transformers is.