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Transformers: Dark of the Moon arrives on Blu-ray and DVD, thus completing fans’ home video collection of Michael Bay’s Transformers trilogy.

Now that the entire series is available for home video movie-marathon satisfaction, we thought we’d follow-up our Transformers: Dark of the Moon character guide with a look back at the entire trilogy and put together a massive compilation to all the Autobots and Decepticons that have been featured in Bay’s Transformers universe (for better or worse).

We’ll start with the original Transformers (2007), move to the sequel, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (2009) and end with third chapter Transformers: Dark of the Moon.

We’re leaving no gear unaccounted for, either – from the indistinguishable robot clones to all the silly bots that pop up in each film, to the different versions of popular characters we saw in each installment – we are literally striving to provide you with a “complete” guide to the Transformers movie universe. It’s been exhausting “research” putting this all together, so we hope you enjoy.

You can jump to any particular film by clicking the links below:


The Complete Transformers Movie Character Guide

Transformers (2007)

Barricade – Decepticon

transformers barricade Transformers Complete Movie Character Guide

Description: Barricade is the hunter/scout of the Decepticons, transforming into a Saleen S281E police car to easily hide among the humans as a symbol of authority. He wields spinning spikes known as blade wheels in his hands and uses them as close-combat striking weapons. He hates all Autobots but considers Bumblebee his rival.


Blackout – Decepticon

transformers blackout Transformers Complete Movie Character Guide
Description: Blackout is fiercely loyal to Decepticon leader Megatron and transforms into a Sikorsky MH-53 Pave Low IV helicopter. He is the largest of the Decepticons serving as transportation for his comrades and most often carries Scorponok on his back. In addition to the ability to generate EMP blasts, he is armed with a missile launcher, 2 arm-mounted Gatling cannons and 2 energy cannons. In close-quarter combat he can also detach and wield his tail rotor blades as a weapon.


Bonecrusher – Decepticon

transformers bonecrusher Transformers Complete Movie Character Guide
Description: Bonecrusher hates and despises everything – Autobots, Decepticons, even himself. He follows Megatron not out of respect but of fear.  He transforms into a Force Protection built Buffalo armored vehicle (MRAP). With wheels for feet, he “skates” instead runs and besides the machine guns in each arm, he touts an intimidating claw-like scoop at the end of a large telescopic arm which he can use to pull enemies closer with deadly force.


Brawl – Decepticon

transformers brawl Transformers Complete Movie Character Guide
Description: Brawl is often described as “a very pissed off Decepticon” who is always looking for a fight – especially with an Autobot. He transforms into a M1 Abrams tank with a secondary dual turret. His heavy armor allows him to take large amounts of damage but he can dish it out even more with the largest arsenal of any other Transformer – 8 missile launchers (4 on each shoulder), a quad-mounted 37mm cannon on his right forearm and a small dual ripper blade combined with a Gatling gun on his left forearm.


Bumblebee – Autobot

transformers bumblebee Transformers Complete Movie Character Guide
Description: Bumblebee is an Autobot scout and one of Optimus Prime’s most trusted lieutenants. What he lacks in strength, he makes up for with determination, bravery and loyalty – gladly giving his life if necessary to protect others and stop the Decepticons. When not transformed as a Chevrolet Camaro he enters battle with a plasma cannon on his right arm. He lost the ability to speak when his voice processor was damaged during a fight with Megatron, though he still communicates with Sam Witwicky – who he has sworn to protect – using various Earth radio frequencies.


Frenzy – Decepticon

transformers frenzy Transformers Complete Movie Character Guide
Description: Frenzy, with his light weight small frame, is perfectly built for espionage. With only a small automatic weapon on each hand and CD-like shurikens that fire from his chest, Frenzy isn’t built for head-to-head combat. However, his lightening quick reflexes and ability to transform into a multitude of everyday items including a GPX boom box, a car radio and a cell phone enable him to blend in easily.


Ironhide – Autobot

transformers ironhide Transformers Complete Movie Character Guide
Description: Ironhide serves many roles for the Autobots, not the least of which is weapons specialist. He is also Optimus Prime’s oldest friend, though they don’t always see eye to eye – often times pushing the Autobot code to achieve faster results. Ironhide’s vehicle mode is a GMC Topkick and his weapons arsenal consists of machine guns, plasma cannons and a devastating Gatling missile launcher, ensuring he is always the first into battle with the Decepticons.


Jazz – Autobot

transformers jazz Transformers Complete Movie Character Guide
Description: Jazz is the smallest Autobot and serves as Optimus Prime’s First Lieutenant. Generally good natured and not taking himself as serious as Optimus Prime or Ironhide, Jazz likes to talk…A LOT and usually gets some friendly ribbing for it. Despite his small stature Jazz can handle himself in battle with just about any foe though he usually sticks to opponents more his size. He is armed with a powerful Crescent Cannon and his vehicle form is a Pontiac Solstice.


Megatron – Decepticon

transformers megatron Transformers Complete Movie Character Guide

Description: Megatron is the cold and heartless leader of the Decepticons. As a civil war over control of their planet with the Autobots exhausted the resources of their planet Cybertron, Megatron went and searched for the All Spark. His search lead him to Earth where he crashed in the Arctic for over 10,000 years. Megatron doesn’t take an earthly form in his alternate mode but transformer into a Cybertonian jet and tank. He is armed with a powerful fusion cannon and can match Optimus Prime blow for blow though he will retreat when facing certain defeat.


Optimus Prime, Starscream, and the All Spark Bots…

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  1. whoa this is awesome.

    shoulda put how/if they died and by whom!

    • Shadow – Thanks. I considered adding the deaths but ultimately decided to make this a “Who’s Who” of all the Transformers instead of a blow-by-blow account of their involvement in the films. As is it the piece took me close to 50 man hours to research and write up :)

  2. Brawl calls himself Devastator in the movie though

  3. I’m probably waiting on a trilogy set before buying the blu-rays, even though it is tempting to get TF3.

    • I couldn’t resist buying TF3 today. I know it’s just gonna be re-released in a couple months (along with the trilogy set), but I had to get it lol. Epic film.

      • Agreed!

  4. Is It just me or does most of the robots in the third movie look terrible…its like they rushed to make them.

    • uhhhh no. the robots look awesome in the film. best cgi ever. you must need some glasses

      • I agree with lotto. The designs were crazy awesome, and the CGI should win an Oscar

  5. So many robots, and yet none of them were memorable. They should have kept the robot count to a minimum. Say 12-15 bots. Then they should have actually made the films about the bots and not the humans.

    I just don’t get how you can make three films that are supposed to be about robots, with them being the main characters that drive the whole thing. And instead have them be completely forgettable and often so fleeting that it is pointless.

    Oh, and they all look like ass. Especially “Que” bot – WTF?!

    • My sentiments exactly.
      “They all look like ass” comment (almost spit coffee at laptop) Couldn’t agree more.

    • “I just don’t get how you can make three films that are supposed to be about robots, with them being the main characters that drive the whole thing”

      They have 2 billion reasons why to make this film about robots.

      “Oh, and they all look like ass”

      Are you kidding me, best CGI ever. You must need some glasses.

      “So many robots, and yet none of them were memorable”

      Quit over analyzing the film and enjoy the pure epicness

      • “epic” my ass.


        I agree that the cgi was pretty awesome. It’s just the designs, story and character development that weren’t. IMO

        • Pretty epic, actually. All the stuff about the space race. JFK and Nixon. Nascar transformers. Human carnage. The pretty much entire destruction of Chicago. An hour long action sequence that only let up a couple times to add the “story and character development”. Optimus killing Megatron with ONE ARM via ax to the face!

          I’m sorry, but my epicometer was overloaded before “the ark” was shot in the beginning.

        • The designs were amazing, but on characters such as Wheeljack (Que to the general audience) and the Twins (Skids & Mudflap), they were just overly goofy. Apparently, Wheeljack’s design was meant to homage Albert Einstein.

    • Cgi was bad??? U must be blind.. Id love to see ur version.. Pfffft.. They were all very enjoyable films compared to most anything.. Way more detailed than the cartoons.. I simply do not agree..

  6. Bumblebee and ironhide are me favorites :)

    • x2 on ironhide!

  7. I hate that Ironhide dies in DOTM.

    • Same, but that scene is epic.

      I do wish Bay used Shockwave more though. Him and Starscream (weak death btw) are my favorite Decepticons.

    • Ironhide died in the first 10 minutes of the original 86′ Transformers movie. As well as several major characters.

    • I would have rather they killed bumblebee lol

      caught me completely off guard though…

  8. Hey guys, love the Transformers character guide. Just wanted to throw out a quick correction. Bottom of page 3, the Decepticon pictured is not Grindor. Grindor was killed by Optimus prior to the pictured Decepticon capturing Sam’s parents.

    • Brook – I will take another look at it. I think you may be confusing Blackout with Grindor though. Of course I had to research 78 robots and if I only messed up one I’m good with that ratio :)

  9. no mention of soundwaves auto mode. i liked all 3 movies, but the mess at the end of rotf left me confused. there were duplicates of some of the constructicons.

  10. Cool list bro.
    -I could live without seeing another Bay movie for the rest of my life.

  11. it would be interesting to see a list of dead transformers, so we know who we can expect for the fourth movie?
    its going to be odd without megatron,starscream,soundwave, and shockwave on the decepticon team.

  12. Didn’t Ravage have a pair of machine guns and a rocket launcher on his back or something?

  13. Remember when Michael Bay said he’d give $25,000 to anyone who found the twins in TF3? Well, I saw them. They were in the trailer too. I wonder if he’s still gonna hold that up

  14. I can;t wait for part 4 you know there will be one LOL movie companies HATE to let a money making machine go I hear they are planning a kinda origins movie for harry potter

  15. You got your screencaps switched for Crowbar and Crankcase.

  16. Saw this movie on demand and it was great and a lotta fun. Much better than the 2nd on thats for sure.

  17. does anyone besides me knows that crowbars head is like a predator

  18. I’m ok with the movies, grew up watching G1 as a kid, I love the CGI but I feel like there is just too much going on to really appreciate the awesomeness that is Transformers! The story is good, the development of the human characters is ok, as well as the transformers. My only major Gripe/Bi***/Complaint, why did they have to make the Pavelow into a bad guy!? My dad flew on this for almost 20 years in the Air Force Special Ops, its an amazing aircraft with a honorable and decorated service record, making it into a Decepticon almost felt like a slight to at least me and my family!

  19. Gotta great idea for a transformers 4 story

  20. transformers 3 is the bomb if they wont make a 4th one i will never sleep and if they do i will sleep with a smile on my face i bet you $999.999.999 they will make a fourth one in a year or two years

    • And if they do make a fourth movie, it’d better have Metroplex in it.

    • they have a 4th coming out in 2014

    • A cinematic incarnation of Warpath exists; he is found in the Transformers 3 video game. You get to fight him as Megatron.

  21. True that,

    This movie has captured every aspect, a good action movie is supposed to capture in my oppinion! i.e; girls and technology!

  22. you got crankase and crowbar mixed up!

  23. Some of this is inaccurate. Ex- Grindor was dead (killed by Prime) in ROTF by the time that ‘picture’ was taken. That bot was someone else.

  24. who is steeljaw?

    • An unused character that kind of served as one of the Wreckers’ pets (Leadfoot’s specifically).

  25. You forgot the ones in the 4th movie Ultra magnus,Hot rod,Galvatron,Unicron,Hound,Wildrider,Sandstorm,Cylynos,Scorge,