Transformers: Dark of the Moon arrives on Blu-ray and DVD, thus completing fans’ home video collection of Michael Bay’s Transformers trilogy.

Now that the entire series is available for home video movie-marathon satisfaction, we thought we’d follow-up our Transformers: Dark of the Moon character guide with a look back at the entire trilogy and put together a massive compilation to all the Autobots and Decepticons that have been featured in Bay’s Transformers universe (for better or worse).

We’ll start with the original Transformers (2007), move to the sequel, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (2009) and end with third chapter Transformers: Dark of the Moon.

We’re leaving no gear unaccounted for, either – from the indistinguishable robot clones to all the silly bots that pop up in each film, to the different versions of popular characters we saw in each installment – we are literally striving to provide you with a “complete” guide to the Transformers movie universe. It’s been exhausting “research” putting this all together, so we hope you enjoy.

You can jump to any particular film by clicking the links below:

The Complete Transformers Movie Character Guide

Transformers (2007)

Barricade – Decepticon

Description: Barricade is the hunter/scout of the Decepticons, transforming into a Saleen S281E police car to easily hide among the humans as a symbol of authority. He wields spinning spikes known as blade wheels in his hands and uses them as close-combat striking weapons. He hates all Autobots but considers Bumblebee his rival.

Blackout – Decepticon

Description: Blackout is fiercely loyal to Decepticon leader Megatron and transforms into a Sikorsky MH-53 Pave Low IV helicopter. He is the largest of the Decepticons serving as transportation for his comrades and most often carries Scorponok on his back. In addition to the ability to generate EMP blasts, he is armed with a missile launcher, 2 arm-mounted Gatling cannons and 2 energy cannons. In close-quarter combat he can also detach and wield his tail rotor blades as a weapon.

Bonecrusher – Decepticon

Description: Bonecrusher hates and despises everything – Autobots, Decepticons, even himself. He follows Megatron not out of respect but of fear.  He transforms into a Force Protection built Buffalo armored vehicle (MRAP). With wheels for feet, he “skates” instead runs and besides the machine guns in each arm, he touts an intimidating claw-like scoop at the end of a large telescopic arm which he can use to pull enemies closer with deadly force.

Brawl – Decepticon

Description: Brawl is often described as “a very pissed off Decepticon” who is always looking for a fight – especially with an Autobot. He transforms into a M1 Abrams tank with a secondary dual turret. His heavy armor allows him to take large amounts of damage but he can dish it out even more with the largest arsenal of any other Transformer – 8 missile launchers (4 on each shoulder), a quad-mounted 37mm cannon on his right forearm and a small dual ripper blade combined with a Gatling gun on his left forearm.

Bumblebee – Autobot

Description: Bumblebee is an Autobot scout and one of Optimus Prime’s most trusted lieutenants. What he lacks in strength, he makes up for with determination, bravery and loyalty – gladly giving his life if necessary to protect others and stop the Decepticons. When not transformed as a Chevrolet Camaro he enters battle with a plasma cannon on his right arm. He lost the ability to speak when his voice processor was damaged during a fight with Megatron, though he still communicates with Sam Witwicky – who he has sworn to protect – using various Earth radio frequencies.

Frenzy – Decepticon

Description: Frenzy, with his light weight small frame, is perfectly built for espionage. With only a small automatic weapon on each hand and CD-like shurikens that fire from his chest, Frenzy isn’t built for head-to-head combat. However, his lightening quick reflexes and ability to transform into a multitude of everyday items including a GPX boom box, a car radio and a cell phone enable him to blend in easily.

Ironhide – Autobot

Description: Ironhide serves many roles for the Autobots, not the least of which is weapons specialist. He is also Optimus Prime’s oldest friend, though they don’t always see eye to eye – often times pushing the Autobot code to achieve faster results. Ironhide’s vehicle mode is a GMC Topkick and his weapons arsenal consists of machine guns, plasma cannons and a devastating Gatling missile launcher, ensuring he is always the first into battle with the Decepticons.

Jazz – Autobot

Description: Jazz is the smallest Autobot and serves as Optimus Prime’s First Lieutenant. Generally good natured and not taking himself as serious as Optimus Prime or Ironhide, Jazz likes to talk…A LOT and usually gets some friendly ribbing for it. Despite his small stature Jazz can handle himself in battle with just about any foe though he usually sticks to opponents more his size. He is armed with a powerful Crescent Cannon and his vehicle form is a Pontiac Solstice.

Megatron – Decepticon

Description: Megatron is the cold and heartless leader of the Decepticons. As a civil war over control of their planet with the Autobots exhausted the resources of their planet Cybertron, Megatron went and searched for the All Spark. His search lead him to Earth where he crashed in the Arctic for over 10,000 years. Megatron doesn’t take an earthly form in his alternate mode but transformer into a Cybertonian jet and tank. He is armed with a powerful fusion cannon and can match Optimus Prime blow for blow though he will retreat when facing certain defeat.

Optimus Prime, Starscream, and the All Spark Bots…

Optimus Prime – Autobot

Description: Optimus Prime is thought to be the last in the long line of Cybertonian Primes. As the leader of the Autobots, he is a fearless and compassionate leader. He order the All Spark jettisoned into space and feels responsible for bringing the Decepticons to Earth. He has sworn an oath to protect the humans on Earth from the evil and destructive Decepticons. His alternate mode is a powerful Peterbilt 379 long-nose truck and he goes into battle with an Ion Blaster, Barrage Cannons and two massive energon blades that replace his hands.

Ratchet – Autobot

Description: Ratchet serves as the Autobots’ medical officer and transforms into a yellow emergency AM General Hummer H2. Even though he heals by design and dislikes violence, Ratchet is no passevist and will quickly jump into any fray with the Decepticons, fighting side-by-side with his best friend Ironhide.  He can convert his surgical tools into weapons and sports a nifty and deadly buzzsaw on one arm.

Scorponok – Decepticon

Description: Scorponok is Blackout’s deadly right-hand assistant and has what appears to be a symbiotic-type relationship with him. Taking the shape of a scropion, Scorponok can burrow through the ground with blinding speed which makes him great at ambushing his opponents – dispatching them with ease. Besides his deadly tail, Scorponok is armed with 6 six ion cannons – 3 each hidden behind his pincer like claws.

Starscream – Decepticon

Description: Starscream is Megatron’s second in command – though if given the opportunity he would betray Megatron for a chance to lead the Decepticons. He rules the air as a F-22 Raptor but prefers subtlety and deception to out-and-out brute force. He prefers picking on opponents smaller than himself and fights them with a missile launcher and machine guns.

All Spark Bots

Dispensor – Decepticon

Description: Dispensor was created by the All Spark as Sam Witwicky fled from Megatron. In alternate mode he is a seemingly harmless Mountain Dew machine but in robot form he is deadly serving Death Dew Bombs from his can shooting arm cannons.

Nokia Robot – Decepticon

Description: Once a simple Nokia N93i cell phone but brought to life by energy from the All Spark, this guy is small but with his Gatling gun tail he packs a big punch.

Steering Wheel Robot – Decepticon

Description: Another All Spark creation as Sam Witwicky ran from Megatron, this bot’s alternate form is a steering wheel from a Cadillac Escalade. Having no real weapons, the bot using it’s long spider-like legs to grip the face of it’s victims.

XBOX 360 Robot – Decepticon

Description: Just a simple robot granted life by the All Spark whose alternate form is a Microsoft XBOX 360. Not much is known about him because he is destroyed by the Autobots soon after creation.

Transformers 2…

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (2009)

Alice – Decepticon

Description: Alice is the only female on the Decepticon team and also the only one capable of looking like a human. She is a Pretender Bot and is designed for only one thing – infiltration. Besides being ultra-sexy and seductive, she is also agile and strong. Her only weapon, aside from her “killer” good looks is a long articulated tongue she can use to bring her victims closer in for the kill.

Arcee – Autobot

Description: Arcee is both quick and agile and has learned from Ironhide during training to use that swiftness to her ability when fighting Decepticons. As the oldest of three sisters – and the only female robots on the Autobot team – she takes the alternate form of a pink Buell Firebolt XB12R. She has the standard weapons array of machine guns and one plasma cannon.

Chromia – Autobot

Description: Chromia is the middle sister and her alternate form is a blue Suzuki B-King motorcycle and she too has a standard weapons array – machine guns and one plasma cannon. She loves nothing more than hunting down a Decepticon foe and taking them out.

Elita One- Autobot

Description: The youngest of the three sisters, Elita One’s alternate form is a purple MV Agusta motorcycle and like her sisters before her is equipped with machine guns and a plasma cannon.


There are several members to the group of Decepticons known as the Constructicons. Some are used as fodder for repairing fallen comrades and others are massive enough to fight the Autobots on their own. The rest of the members can join together to form one massive robot known as Devastator.

Demolishor – Decepticon

Description: When not in his alternate form as heavy duty excavator, Demolishor uses his two tracks individually to propel himself. Basically devoid of weapons, he relies mainly on brute strength to fight his battles though he is no match for multiple opponents. He most often chooses to run when his leader Megatron is not present.

Devastator – Decepticon

Description: Made up of seven different Constructicons – Scavenger, Overload, Rampage, Long Haul, Scrapper, Hightower, and Mixmaster – Devastator is easily the largest of all the Transformers. Though his girth makes him less agile when fighting smaller opponents his only weapon, the Vortex Grinder, can suck up anything in its path and spit out tiny metal bits.

Hightower – Decepticon

Description: A true Decepticon warrior, Hightower takes the alternate form of a massive Kobelco CK2500 crawler truss crane. He is also the left arm of Devastator.

Long Haul – Decepticon

Description: Long Haul is big and has a grumpy attitude from having to carry everyone else’s stuff all the time. He often let’s his grumpiness out in fights with his enemies the Autobots. His alternate mode is a big green Caterpillar 773B dump truck and he makes up the right leg of Devastator.

Mixmaster – Decepticon

Description: Mixmaster lives up to his name and the Decepticons resident chemical and explosive expert. He can take any material around him and fashion it into a destructive weapon for his allies. His alternate mode is a black and silver Mack Vision concrete truck and when in robot form can use the side of the mixer as blast shields. He makes up the head of Devastator.

Overload –  Decepticon

Description: Overload is a multi-arm, multi-legged destruction causing machine. His alternate form is a red Komatsu HD465-7 articulated dump truck. He becomes the torso of Devastator.

Rampage – Decepticon

Description: Like the other Constructicons Rampage is a deadly warrior and powerful enemy. He pushes his opponents around in his alternate form of a red Caterpillar D9 bulldozer. He also becomes the left leg of Devastator.

Scavenger – Decepticon

Description: Scavenger looks so much like Demolishor that they could be twins – the only difference is he is the color red and combines with the other Constructicons to form Devastator’s torso. In his alternate form Scavenger is a Terex O&K RH 400 mining excavator.

Scrapmetal – Decepticon

Description: Scrapmetal is an appropriate name for this guy since Longhaul, Mixmaster and Rampage break him down for parts to repair their leader Megatron. In his alternate form Scrapmetal is a yellow Volvo EC700C crawler excavator with a Stanley UP 45SV universal processor attachment.

Scrapper – Decepticon

Description: Scrapper is a straight-up soldier for the Decepticons, battling the Autobots wherever he can find them with his claw-like machine gun and his claw like flail. His alternate form is a yellow Caterpillar 992G scoop loader. He is also the right arm for Devastator.

Grindor – Decepticon

Description: Grindor likes to think about his moves before he acts on them which makes him one of Megatron’s most dependable soldiers. His alternate form is similar to that of Blackout but he is a CH-53E Super Stallion heavy-lift helicopter.

Insecticons & Kitchen Bots…

Insecticons – Decepticon

Description: Insecticons are tiny bug-like creatures implanted in humans by The Doctor to extract information from their brains. Not all Insecticons are created equal as some can fly and others cannot. Other then the ability to control minds once implanted they have no real defense and are destroyed rather easily.


When Sam Witwicky unknowing dropped a small fragment of the All Spark that had been tucked away in his jacket, it burned through his floor and brought to life several appliances in his kitchen – these are known as the Kitchen Bots. These bots are small, deadly and destructive but easily dispatched by Bumblebee’s plasma cannon.

Cappuccino Machine Robot – Decepticon

Description: He shoots fire from his mouth and his little Cybertronian-butt – nothing more to say really.

Cell Phone Robot – Decepticon

(No image is available for this Bot – sorry)

Description: Just your standard cell phone that can maim and destroy.

CISCO Aironet Robot – Decepticon

Description: A secure password won’t protect you from this network intruder.

Dickbot – Decepticon

Description: This is a blender turned bad and could be considered the leader of the Appliance bots but why he is called Dickbot is anybody’s guess.

Dyson Vacuum Cleaner Robot – Decepticon

Description: This bot never loses his suction nor his thirst for mayhem.

Ejector – Decepticon

Description: He is a small mischievous robot capable of hiding small objects inside his cargo area while transformed in his alternate form a Toaster – ironically he cannot make toast.

Garbage Disposal Robot – Decepticon

Description: With a body consisting mainly of small sharp blades, this bot is sure to shred more than garbage.

Hand Mixer Robot – Decepticon

Description: With beaters for weapons this bot will do more than mix you a cake.

Microwave Robot – Decepticon

Description: One of the larger Kitchen Bots, the Microwave can destroy just about anything by “nuking” is with his heavy duty magnetron.

Stand Mixer Robot – Decepticon

Description: Like his counterpart the Hand Mixer Bot he can also “mix it up” with opponents “beating” them into submission with his mixing arm.

Waffle Iron Robot – Decepticon

Description: All heated up and ready for action the Waffle Bot sears his victims with intense heat.

The Primes, The Fallen, and more…

Jetfire – Autobot

Description: Jetfire is a very old and very wise and once served the Prime Fallen as a Decepticon warrior – until the Fallen left him on Earth to die. Jetfire then switched his allegiances to the Autobots and fell into a deep stasis mode – coming out only once to get a new alternate form of a Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird spy plane. He may look old and feeble but make no mistake – Jetfire can still scrap with the best of them.

Jolt – Autobot

Description: Jolt is one of the younger Autobots who came to Earth seeking a new home. He is part stuck-up snob and part troublemaker and all about fighting Decepticons. His energy-saving mindset is why he chose the Chevy Volt as his alternate form and he gives his enemies quite the shock with his two electro-whips.

Microcons/Reedman – Decepticon

Description: Microcons are the smallest of the Decepticons – travelling in large groups as tiny individual robots infiltrating even the tightest of spaces. When threatened however they all combine to form Reedman – a Decepticon so flat and razor thin that he appears almost invisible when viewed from certain angles.

Optimus Prime (JetPower) – Autobot

Description: Optimus Prime was already an extreme butt-kicker but sometimes even he needs some assistance. That assistance comes in the form of parts supplied to him from the dying Jetfire. The temporary upgrades include using Jetfire’s massive engines on his back giving the the ability for short bursts of flight (they can also be used as energy cannons), a plasma cannon on his arm, the addition of a machine gun and  sword.

The Primes

Description: There were seven original Primes created by the energy of the All Spark who were the first rulers of Cybertron but one of their own – the Fallen – betrayed them. They sacrificed themselves to hide the The Matrix of Leadership from the Fallen to keep him from destroying the planet Earth.

Protoform – Autobot/Decepticon

Description: Protoforms are the very basic forms all Transformers start off as until given life energy from the All Spark. It is also the form all Transformers use while travelling through space as it is nearly indestructible.

Ravage – Decepticon

Description: Ravage is on of Soundwave’s “pets” and vaguely resembles the Earth form of a cat. He can carry Microcons in his mouth and is equipped with set of razor sharp teeth, spines down his back and an additional claw on the tip of his tail.

Sideswipe – Autobot

Description: Sideswipe is a fierce fighter for the Autobots and has been since he day he was created. He employs a variety of weapons including dual blasters in his arms and cannons on his back but his favorite weapons are the shiny blades he uses to slice and dice his Decepticon enemies. He alternate mode is a silver Chevrolet Corvette Stingray Concept car.

Sideways – Decepticon

Description: Sideways is a coward plain and simple choosing to hide with allies bigger and stronger than himself for protection instead of fighting the Autobots. He would rather flee combat than fight them head on. While on Earth he hides in the shadow of Demolisher hoping to avoid confrontation altogether. His alternate mode is a silver Audi R8.

Soundwave – Decepticon

Description: Soundwave is the chief communications and intelligence officer for the Decepticons and is also Megatron’s most loyal servant. There isn’t a communication or electronic device he can’t hack and his primary mode is in the form of satellite orbiting above Earth. He rarely is ever is involved in direct combat but not only spies on the Autobots but his own Decepticons as well, reporting any disloyal behavior directly to Megatron. Ravage and Laserbeak are considered to be his minions.

The Doctor – Decepticon

Description: The Doctor is the lead scientist and medic for the Decpeticons carrying out torturous, cruel and sadistic experiments and interrogations on his subjects. His alternate mode is a a microscope though he mainly carries out his activities in robot mode and allows the Insecticons to probe the minds of his unfortunate “patients”.

The Fallen – Decepticon

Description: The Fallen was one of the original Seven Primes but he developed a thirst for power and a callous attitude for other living beings besides himself. He tried to destroy planet Earth with the Solar Harvester (a machine that produces energon from the power of the Sun) which went against the Primes main rule – “Never destroy a planet with life.” For his defiant actions, the Primes banished him to deep space where he remained until Megatron brought him back to Earth. He has the ability to “warp” short distances and impales his enemies with a long Cybertronian spear.

The Twins

Mudflap and Skids are twin robot brothers who bicker constantly. Mudflap is the hyperactive one while Skids considers himself the calmer and smarter of the two – though that isn’t saying much. They are loyal Autobots who aren’t afraid of a scrap with any Decepticon and take on Devastator by themselves. They do have the ability to combine into a single robot, starting off as a pink and white ice cream truck, though later Mudflap’s alternate mode is a Chevrolet Trax and Skids is a Chevrolet Beat. They are armed with standard plasma cannons and machine guns.

Mudflap – Autobot

Skids – Autobot

Wheelie – Autobot

Description: Wheelie once served the Decepticons not out of loyalty but out of fear but switched sides once he realized Jetfire had done the same thing. He takes the alternate form of a blue radio-controlled monster truck toy and has no known weapons.

Transformers 3….

Transformers: Dark of the Moon (2011)

Brains – Autobot

Description: Once a Decepticon drone unit, Brains unexpectedly became sentient and escaped his evil masters – taking refuge with reformed Decepticon Wheelie. Brains hides in plain site as a laptop computer and is extremely loyal to his human friends – not to mention committed to seeing the Decepticons annihilated.

Dino – Autobot

Description: Dino is a close quarters-combat Autobot that transforms into red Ferrari 458 Italia. Some fans will notice the character is referred to as Mirage in the Dark of the Moon videogame and other marketing – however, in honor of Ferrari founder Enzo Ferrari’s son Alfredo aka “Dino” (who died at the age of 24), the character’s name was altered for the final movie.


The Dreads are a trio of Decepticons (lead by Crankcase) who transform into black Chevrolet Suburban emergency SUVs. While Crankcase and Crowbar have beastly, albeit humanoid, alternate forms, when not in vehicle form, Hatchet appears as a cybernetic lion. In Dark of the Moon, the trio faces-off against Bumblebee, Ironhide, and Dino in a highway chase.

Crankcase- Decepticon

Description: Crankcase is the undisputed leader of the Dreads and like the other two, transforms into a Chevrolet Suburban emergency vehicle. He demands and receives extreme loyalty from Crowbar and Hatchet but also fights the Autobots fiercely along side them. He is armed with the standard weapons cache of plasma cannons.

Crowbar- Decepticon

Description: Crowbar is the second-in-command of the Dreads and transforms into a Chevrolet Suburban emergency vehicle. Besides being armed with plasma cannons, he can throw deadly Cybertronian spears which he stores on his back like arrows. His specialty is gaining access to secured locations.

Hatchet – Decepticon

Description: Hatchet may be the most simple minded of the Dreads but he is the most ferocious attacking with an animal like mentality. What he lacks in battle smarts he makes up for in pure tenacity and raw power attacking his enemies with his razor like teeth and claws. His alternate mode is a Chevrolet Suburban emergency vehicle.

Driller – Decepticon

Description: The driller was one of many native Cybertronian creatures, until it was domesticated by Shockwave prior to the destruction of Cybertron. Shockwave now commands the leviathan. Though the bot is never shown in full, appearing mostly as a series of wriggling robotic tentacles, the Driller does appear to have a “head” of sorts – fitted with bladed “teeth” as pictured in the image above.

Garbage Truck-bot

Description: The Decepticon protoform came to Earth via the space bridge opened by Sentinel Prime then immediately scanned a nearby Waste Management garbage truck and fled the scene. Nothing else is known about it.

Igor – Decepticon

Description: First spotted at Megatron’s African camp, Igor is a small and disfigured Decepticon bootlicker. Igor’s combined portrayals in the Dark of the Moon novelization and early concept art could indicate that the character is actually Long Haul’s decapitated head. Unlike similarly-sized peons such as Wheelie and Brains, Igor lacks an alternate form and does not contribute to the overall war in any meaningful capacity – unless you count chewing on various items as a meaningful contribution.

Laserbeak – Decepticon

Description: A fan-favorite Decepticon and one of Soundwave’s “tapes” in the G1 series, Laserbeak serves as an assassin for the Decepticons on Earth. In Dark of the Moon, the bot is shown to take several alternate forms, including a copy machine and a flatscreen TV, but Laserbeak’s robotic form is equally bizarre – a cybernetic vulture with razor-sharp talons.

Optimus, Sentinel, Megatron and more…

Megatron (Arctic Truck)

Description: Following his mutilation at the conclusion of Revenge of the Fallen, Megatron returns (albeit weakened and still disfigured) as a Mack tanker truck. In robot form, Megatron hides his injuries under a tattered cloak, though his propensity for power and tyranny remain intact – as does his iconic fusion cannon.

Optimus Prime (FlightTech) – Autobot

Description: Optimus Prime is the the brave leader of the Autobots – and a habitual defender of freedom. Following his “fall” in Revenge of the Fallen, Optimus now pulls his iconic tractor trailer when in Peterbilt Truck vehicle form. In battle, the trailer transforms into a storage locker that houses a variety of weaponry including combat blades, heavy duty plasma cannons, and a mech-tech jetpack.

Que – Autobot

Description: Que, also referred to as Wheeljack in Dark of the Moon (and other marketing materials), is an Autobot genius reminiscent of Albert Einstein. The character’s name was changed in post as a nod to the James Bond inventor, Q – who more closely matches the bot’s role in the film (instead of G1 Wheeljack, who was more of a mechanic). When he isn’t at the base inventing weaponry for the Autobots, Que transforms into a blue Mercedes-Benz E550 for public appearances.

Scalpels – Decepticon

Description: These Decepticons serve the same basic function as the Doctor except instead of interrogating enemies they work in unison to repair their damaged comrades – usually with no appreciation. They have no discernible weapons systems or alternate mode.

Sentinel Prime – Autobot

Description: Sentinel Prime is Optimus Prime’s predecessor and mentor – as well as the “Einstein” of the Cybertronian race. Sentinel invented space bridge technology before being marooned on Earth’s moon after the destruction of the Ark. On Earth, Sentinel transforms into a Rosenbauer Panther 6×6 airport fire truck – and wields dual blades in hand-to-hand combat.

Shockwave – Decepticon

Description: Shockwave is one of the Decepticon’s most brilliant minds as well as deadliest warriors – and is fiercely devoted to Megatron. In addition to taming the infamous Driller creature, Shockwave terrorizes the Autobot resistance fighters with an arm-mounted AstroMag Cannon – and ice cold dedication to his mission. The Decepticon has no alternate form in the film but transforms into a Cybertronian tank in the Hasbro toy line.


Description: This unnamed Decepticon affixes itself to a host around the wrist and gives the appearance of a regular looking timepiece – however, once it has tapped into the central nervous system it can control its host as well as, observe and record any data the host sees and hears. Once it has finished gathering intelligence it drops off and scurries back to the Decepticon base to report.


The Wreckers are a trio of Autobot mechanics that appear as battle-ready NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Chevrolet Impala stock cars – and are relegated to a NASA facility, due to their abrasive personalities. Until the Chicago invasion, the Wreckers spent the majority of their time maintaining the Autobot spacecraft, the Xantium. Leadfoot and Roadbuster are loud-mouthed bots that speak with working class Londoner accents – though Topspin has no speaking lines.

Leadfoot – Autobot

Description: Leadfoot could be considered the leader of the Autobot Wrecker team – he is loud, intelligent, destructive and belligerent of those he feels are beneath him, which is often the humans with whom he occasionally works. He often teams with Ironhide to make bigger and more destructive weapons and has Steeljaw for a pet. He alternate mode is Juan Pablo Montoya’s Chevrolet Impala and he is armed with powerful chain guns and rockets.

Roadbuster – Autobot

Description: Roadbuster is the most outspoken of the Autobot Wrecker crew and will always say what is on his mind – good or bad. He is the team’s main weaponsmith and creates almost all of the powerful weapons they use to hunt done and destroy the Decepticons. He somehow picked up a Scottish accent after coming to Earth and his alternate mode is Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s NASCAR Chevrolet Impala. He is armed with machine guns, a min-chain gun and rocket launchers.

Topspin – Autobot

Description: Topspin is the third member of the Autobot Wreckers team and serves both a soldier and scientist for them. He isn’t afraid to get a couple of nicks and dings in his armor during the course of fighting the Decpticons and he lives by the motto “If it isn’t difficult, I’m not interested.” He transforms into a replica of Jimmy Johnson’s NASCAR Chevrolet Impala and is armed with 4 massive machine guns and armor crushing claws.

Source: Transformers Wiki