‘Transformers’ Complete Movie Character Guide

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Insecticons – Decepticon

transformers 2 insecticons Transformers Complete Movie Character Guide

Description: Insecticons are tiny bug-like creatures implanted in humans by The Doctor to extract information from their brains. Not all Insecticons are created equal as some can fly and others cannot. Other then the ability to control minds once implanted they have no real defense and are destroyed rather easily.



When Sam Witwicky unknowing dropped a small fragment of the All Spark that had been tucked away in his jacket, it burned through his floor and brought to life several appliances in his kitchen – these are known as the Kitchen Bots. These bots are small, deadly and destructive but easily dispatched by Bumblebee’s plasma cannon.

Cappuccino Machine Robot – Decepticon

transformers 2 cappuccino machine bot Transformers Complete Movie Character Guide

Description: He shoots fire from his mouth and his little Cybertronian-butt – nothing more to say really.


Cell Phone Robot – Decepticon

Revenge of the fallen Phone Transformers Complete Movie Character Guide

(No image is available for this Bot – sorry)

Description: Just your standard cell phone that can maim and destroy.


CISCO Aironet Robot – Decepticon

transformers 2 cisco airone Transformers Complete Movie Character Guide

Description: A secure password won’t protect you from this network intruder.


Dickbot – Decepticon

transformers 2 dickbot Transformers Complete Movie Character Guide

Description: This is a blender turned bad and could be considered the leader of the Appliance bots but why he is called Dickbot is anybody’s guess.


Dyson Vacuum Cleaner Robot – Decepticon

transformers 2 dyson vacuum Transformers Complete Movie Character Guide

Description: This bot never loses his suction nor his thirst for mayhem.


Ejector – Decepticon

transformers 2 ejector bot Transformers Complete Movie Character Guide

Description: He is a small┬ámischievous robot capable of hiding small objects inside his cargo area while transformed in his alternate form a Toaster – ironically he cannot make toast.


Garbage Disposal Robot – Decepticon

transformers 2 garbage disposal bot Transformers Complete Movie Character Guide

Description: With a body consisting mainly of small sharp blades, this bot is sure to shred more than garbage.


Hand Mixer Robot – Decepticon

transformers 2 hand mixer bot Transformers Complete Movie Character Guide

Description: With beaters for weapons this bot will do more than mix you a cake.


Microwave Robot – Decepticon

transformers 2 microwave bot Transformers Complete Movie Character Guide

Description: One of the larger Kitchen Bots, the Microwave can destroy just about anything by “nuking” is with his heavy duty magnetron.


Stand Mixer Robot – Decepticon

transformers 2 stand mixer bot Transformers Complete Movie Character Guide

Description: Like his counterpart the Hand Mixer Bot he can also “mix it up” with opponents “beating” them into submission with his mixing arm.


Waffle Iron Robot – Decepticon

transformers 2 waffle iron bot Transformers Complete Movie Character Guide

Description: All heated up and ready for action the Waffle Bot sears his victims with intense heat.


The Primes, The Fallen, and more…

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  1. Please revive Wheeljack with his G1 look and let him take part in battle. Claim that Perceptor revive him. I’d like Cliffjumper, Brawn, Prowl and Cosmos to pit against the Decepticons Thundercracker, Skywarp, Astrotrain and Blitzwing. This time show Dinobots and Sky Lynx against Predacons (now including the bad comedians Apeface and Headstrong) and Blackarachnia and the Insecticons.

  2. Big screwup introducing brawl as devestator in first movie.. Also,,the 2nd movie was way better than the third… And please don’t use dinobots,insecticons,or destructicons .. They are lame.. I wud go old school.. I wud show something with energon or maybe the ninjabot that was made by humans that the decepticons stole and used against the autobots.. Was it nightingale??.. Also.. I liked Soundwave original voice way better… Peace

  3. Great job on the site!!! I wanted to say that the fallen also has the telekinesis power and I’m pretty sure shockwave turned into an ugly purple colored gun originally.. At least I think it was him.. Again,, great job on the site.!!!

  4. please add cliffjumper,inferno,wheeljack,and Prowl. Thanks ^^

  5. Does anyone remember the old transformers movie? it was supposed to be set in 2005 and I always wanted Hotrod to be my car when I grew up. What about Unicron ? the planet transformer who ate everything and turned megatron into galvatron ? Sick !

  6. Those weren’t Insecticons that Scalpel had sent through Sam’s mouth and nostrils. Those were simply scrap drones, while the REAL Insecticons were the actual tiny, robotic insects (like the one Sam decapitated in Egypt when he and Mikaela were hiding from the Decepticons).

    • They were both insecticons , most insecticons are scrap drones.

  7. Also, the pictures are switched up from Crankcase and Crowbar.

  8. The picture you posted for grindor was the protoform rampage at that part grindor was well and truly dead (Optimus riped his face apart)

  9. Why does this guy get ripped apart?

  10. There is going to be Transformers 5 :)