Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (2009)

Alice – Decepticon

Description: Alice is the only female on the Decepticon team and also the only one capable of looking like a human. She is a Pretender Bot and is designed for only one thing – infiltration. Besides being ultra-sexy and seductive, she is also agile and strong. Her only weapon, aside from her “killer” good looks is a long articulated tongue she can use to bring her victims closer in for the kill.

Arcee – Autobot

Description: Arcee is both quick and agile and has learned from Ironhide during training to use that swiftness to her ability when fighting Decepticons. As the oldest of three sisters – and the only female robots on the Autobot team – she takes the alternate form of a pink Buell Firebolt XB12R. She has the standard weapons array of machine guns and one plasma cannon.

Chromia – Autobot

Description: Chromia is the middle sister and her alternate form is a blue Suzuki B-King motorcycle and she too has a standard weapons array – machine guns and one plasma cannon. She loves nothing more than hunting down a Decepticon foe and taking them out.

Elita One- Autobot

Description: The youngest of the three sisters, Elita One’s alternate form is a purple MV Agusta motorcycle and like her sisters before her is equipped with machine guns and a plasma cannon.


There are several members to the group of Decepticons known as the Constructicons. Some are used as fodder for repairing fallen comrades and others are massive enough to fight the Autobots on their own. The rest of the members can join together to form one massive robot known as Devastator.

Demolishor – Decepticon

Description: When not in his alternate form as heavy duty excavator, Demolishor uses his two tracks individually to propel himself. Basically devoid of weapons, he relies mainly on brute strength to fight his battles though he is no match for multiple opponents. He most often chooses to run when his leader Megatron is not present.

Devastator – Decepticon

Description: Made up of seven different Constructicons – Scavenger, Overload, Rampage, Long Haul, Scrapper, Hightower, and Mixmaster – Devastator is easily the largest of all the Transformers. Though his girth makes him less agile when fighting smaller opponents his only weapon, the Vortex Grinder, can suck up anything in its path and spit out tiny metal bits.

Hightower – Decepticon

Description: A true Decepticon warrior, Hightower takes the alternate form of a massive Kobelco CK2500 crawler truss crane. He is also the left arm of Devastator.

Long Haul – Decepticon

Description: Long Haul is big and has a grumpy attitude from having to carry everyone else’s stuff all the time. He often let’s his grumpiness out in fights with his enemies the Autobots. His alternate mode is a big green Caterpillar 773B dump truck and he makes up the right leg of Devastator.

Mixmaster – Decepticon

Description: Mixmaster lives up to his name and the Decepticons resident chemical and explosive expert. He can take any material around him and fashion it into a destructive weapon for his allies. His alternate mode is a black and silver Mack Vision concrete truck and when in robot form can use the side of the mixer as blast shields. He makes up the head of Devastator.

Overload –  Decepticon

Description: Overload is a multi-arm, multi-legged destruction causing machine. His alternate form is a red Komatsu HD465-7 articulated dump truck. He becomes the torso of Devastator.

Rampage – Decepticon

Description: Like the other Constructicons Rampage is a deadly warrior and powerful enemy. He pushes his opponents around in his alternate form of a red Caterpillar D9 bulldozer. He also becomes the left leg of Devastator.

Scavenger – Decepticon

Description: Scavenger looks so much like Demolishor that they could be twins – the only difference is he is the color red and combines with the other Constructicons to form Devastator’s torso. In his alternate form Scavenger is a Terex O&K RH 400 mining excavator.

Scrapmetal – Decepticon

Description: Scrapmetal is an appropriate name for this guy since Longhaul, Mixmaster and Rampage break him down for parts to repair their leader Megatron. In his alternate form Scrapmetal is a yellow Volvo EC700C crawler excavator with a Stanley UP 45SV universal processor attachment.

Scrapper – Decepticon

Description: Scrapper is a straight-up soldier for the Decepticons, battling the Autobots wherever he can find them with his claw-like machine gun and his claw like flail. His alternate form is a yellow Caterpillar 992G scoop loader. He is also the right arm for Devastator.

Grindor – Decepticon

Description: Grindor likes to think about his moves before he acts on them which makes him one of Megatron’s most dependable soldiers. His alternate form is similar to that of Blackout but he is a CH-53E Super Stallion heavy-lift helicopter.

Insecticons & Kitchen Bots…

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