Michael Bay on ‘Transformers: Dark of the Moon’; Full Sentinel Prime Image

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Transformers Broadsheet Michael Bay on Transformers: Dark of the Moon; Full Sentinel Prime Image

After Michael Bay tore up the streets of Chicago filming Transformers: Dark of the Moon, set-photo reveals and other new information on the upcoming blockbuster became significantly harder to come by.

However, as Bay puts the finishing touches on the final chapter of his robots in disguise film series, the director has become surprisingly candid about the upcoming action flick – not just talking up explosions and 3D but discussing the future of the franchise after Dark of the Moon.

It’s a new strategy for the notoriously outspoken filmmaker to own-up to prior mistakes but Bay hasn’t held back, admitting that Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen was rushed and, as a result, turned out to be “quite a mess.” It’s safe to say that the recent all-access attitude the director has been sporting recently is a counter-measure to help reassure media outlets, many of which derided the second film in the series with heated vigor, that Bay isn’t above taking criticism and is set to deliver a much improved Transformers adventure.

Recently, prior to a media screening of new Transformers footage, Bay took part in round table interviews, and answered a range of questions including his motivation behind shooting in 3D, robot character development, and whether the Transformers series will continue after this film. We’ve pulled our favorite quotes from the interview session and discuss them below (check out /Film for the full transcript).

Bay had, on numerous occasions, derided 3D filmmaking – arguing that the bulky cameras would hinder his frenetic shooting style. However, in the roundtable he was candid about the motivation behind shooting Dark of the Moon in 3D – pegging the entire thing on 3D-enthusiast James Cameron:

Jim, at the last minute, he goes, “Mike, come on!” This is like my idol, but he goes, “Mike, come on! We’ve done everything.” And I’m thinking, “I haven’t done everything.” He says, “It’s a new toy, it’s a new toy!”

The director also hinted that while his Transformers trilogy is coming to an end, that certainly doesn’t mean the studio will simply walk away. However, even if more Transformers films get made, they’ll be sans Shia LaBeouf:

I think [Dark of the Moon will offer closure]. But it still can be rebooted. Not with Shia. He’s turning grumpy in his old age.

Transformers Dark of the Moon 3 Michael Bay on Transformers: Dark of the Moon; Full Sentinel Prime Image

LaBeouf may have had reason to be cranky, since he’d also admitted previously that the filmmakers learned from the prior installment and promised they’d provide a much more intimate story and a greater focus on the robots. Bay seems to agree:

They do [have more character]. And it’s much more of a back story. This is a very involved robot story.

You just learn a lot more about the hierarchy, and there’s more about the history of what they had in Cybertron. Leonard Nimoy plays a great role. Like I said, he married Susan Bay. I was always scared to ask him.

Bay also disputed claims that the controversial Twins would reappear (and possibly be killed off) in Dark of the Moon – claiming that the team had replaced them with other comedy-relief robots:

Yeah, we got rid of that. There’s two small characters in the entire movie. They start out a bit goofy but they have a huge comeback. And they’re fun. One is new, named Brains.

[The Twins are] not even in it. Not even in it.

Regarding another infamous character/actress that won’t be returning, Bay avoided focusing on the past and, instead, built up his new Transformers starlette, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley:

With Rosie? Listen, we auditioned 500 women around the world, and it was just a whim. I remember working with her, and talking to her just as a person, she’s a really bright person. She has this charming English accent. She’s just got a great head on her shoulder.

Denise [the casting director] narrowed it down to 30 women. She goes, “I’ve gotta tell ya, there’s something about this girl that is special.” And it’s always cool to find something special. It’s always cool for the audience to discover something.

Judging by what we’ve seen of the film so far, there’s definitely a strong possibility that Bay will succeed in closing up the saga with the most intense and visually striking installment in the series. Not only has the filmmaker put together a strong cast of new robot actors, he’s also culled some fan-favorite human actors to voice key characters, including the aforementioned casting of Star Trek/Fringe star Leonard Nimoy as Sentinel Prime.

A full shot of the heroic Autobot recently appeared on French site Lyricis Interactive.

Check out the picture of Sentinel Prime below:

Sentinel Prime Toy Michael Bay on Transformers: Dark of the Moon; Full Sentinel Prime ImageWhile the full-body render presents Sentinel Prime as if he was a competitor in the upcoming robot-boxing film Real Steel – forgoing the character’s dual blades for a more put-up-your-dukes look. That said, there’s no doubt that it’ll be hard for Bay to screw-up a movie that pits another truck-sized Autobot Prime fighting shoulder to shoulder with Optimus. Though, who would have ever thought a film adaptation of Megatronus Prime (aka the Fallen) could have been so bland.

Jokes aside, I’m genuinely excited to see the rest of what Bay is cooking for Transformers: Dark of the Moon. While it’s hard to blame all of the prior film’s problems solely on the writer’s strike and rushed timetable, the director does seem to have a much better handle on the overarching film experience this round – not just over-the-top action.

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Transformers: Dark of the Moon hits theaters on July 1st.

Source: /Film and Lyricis Interactive [via Latino Review]

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  1. one things i’ve always disliked about the transformer films is that the designs are so muddled that you can’t really see anything distinctive. I look at Prime and I just see a garbled mess of metal splashed with red and blue paint. sad times.

    • I agree. When they fight one another I have no clue which robot is which, so you end up confused and not caring.

      • It’s honestly not strenuous or difficult at all. Are you people blind or can no comprehend something that simple? The designs are one of the trilogy’s highlights! They make them actually look and seem complex as aliens would, not human-manufactured robots. Also, this entire “scraps of metal”-mindset when it comes to designs is erroneous.

    • I actually like the designs more than the original designs. To me the films make them actually look like robots than seen in the cartoon.

      • I agree…it looks more real and robot unlike cartoons.

    • @ luke

      I only watched the 80′s animated series so it hard for me to accept little things within the films like the Autobots having different colors, or Jazz being the smallest outta the group in the first film when Bumblebee was one of smallest on the show, etc. I think the Decepticons looked more as you mentioned “muddled” than the Autobots in the films. But as Ghost mentions in his post below, for a live-action film they do need to look more robotic like imo.

      • I agree they they need to look robotic, but there’s ways of making them look robotic while also making them looked distinct. Obviously in the cartoons they were very smooth looking in a way, but when i look at them all in their transformed states or in the action scenes I couldn’t tell you who is who. This might be a lame example so don’t give me grief, but look at Ironman vs Warmonger or Whiplash, or the robots in iron man 2 and War Machine, they all looked like robots by they also looked different so that you could tell who was who and what was what. But I also agree with you that the Decepticons are the worst!

        • @ luke

          I agree & get what you’re sayin. If they make more films in the franchise or even (Reboot)it, hopfully they can change that alittle when Bay leaves somehow. Im sure fans will be divided on that idea but who knows if they were to see a idea of images right? Thing i noticed in T:ROF was Megatron having skinny arms & of-course hands but such wide legs/feet as if most of his weight looked like it was down to his feet really you know? Im not sure what Soundwave could of been other than a lousy satelite. I didn’t expect him to be a boom box unless he transformed bit by bit like that Cube in the first film did down to size. I can see the Dinobots easily be built in a sequel, thats for sure & lookin more robot like aswell. Not to mention the Stunticons combiner team.

        • >>This what u >>This what u need know about TF robot and it agree with bay`s design<< Dont forget that the TF robots are cars or truck so they need to transform with the parts of the car or truck in robots..u cant compare with iron man cuz its only robot it does`nt transform it designed only for robot..but transformers robots has been designed for robot and vehicle both.another thing is that inside the vehicle all the parts transform and robot form and it looks more real..if ur talking more robotic nd iconic shape like ironman than TF robots cant be like ironman cuz TF robot dont robotic things in their vehicle they have to transform with what they have inside them unlike iron it specially designed for robot thats it transform if need know about TF robot and it agree with bay`s design<<

          • @ Alex,

            the point we’re making is that when you look at the robots all you see is garbled meshes of metal. I don’t look at prime and think, ‘oh i’m looking at prime’ i think, ‘what the heck is that?’
            i am not saying they need to be designed 100% in the likeness of the cartoon, but that there ARE ways of making them look more distinct. Each robot is suppose to have its own personality, but when they all look like trillions of tiny robotic movements making up this messy looking giant it gets annoying especially during fight scenes when all you see is metal burs.
            I mean come on, its movie magic right, anything if possible! And really what needs the most work is the robots faces, they are the main way we see and feel their emotion. But the way they look is too dark and complex to get a sense of what they are thinking/feeling.
            So as I’ve said, i am not saying make them like the cartoon, that’d be silly, but make them more defined so we can tell them apart other than just what freaking colour they are! ha :)

            • @ Luke

              Yea i agree it looks like metal blurs while fighting..if ur talkig more defined than it wont look real it will look more crap..i know ur not getting me..if another director makes reboot of TF then u`ll see that the director will want more define like u guys want when it comes u`ll see more crap it will look..I think Micheal Bay is perfect for this kind film he has good visual style but sometime does over..he`s directing live action movie in 3D not studio like avatar was shot e`s shooting a live-action movie in 3D..i hope u`ll when the final product comes…when come to feel and emotion yeah there is u should rewatch it..if they design it more defined it look better(I agree) but the design they used was best for the movie it looks real..if one car cud`have transform in to robot then it will exactly look like bay`s design in other words realistic.

    • And I thought I was the only one who felt that way. I agree they are so damn complex, with a 1,000 little parts, it makes seeing individual parts (and robots) difficult.

      I do agree they needed more complexity that from the animated series, but they just went WAY overboard. They should have struck a happy medium instead of giving us this hyper detail.

  2. Transformers is just a mess for me personally, Michael Bay did a number on this whole project and should really be replaced.

    Hopefully i’m not the only one who thinks its almost impossible to make out what is happening during any of the fight scenes in the series.

    Why is he even in this business by the way? I mean every film he has been apart of has generally been moderate (Armageddon), or just down right horrible (everything else).

    • hahaha no you are not alone in that at all!! i hate the fight scenes cause all i see is massive metal things crashing into each other and you can’t distinguish ANYTHING EVER! Ha. Thats why i loved about the cartoons, even beast wars, was they were clearly robots, but clearly distinguishable. Since they haven’t been done that way in the films you can’t really get attached or feel any emotion what so ever from the robot characters.

      • I mean I feel like the only real gain you get from watching a transformers movie is watching Megan Fox do anything.

        • ha, true. None of the stories have been very compelling, the biggest drive has been, ‘how sexy can we make Fox.’

          • How true that is… They had her CGI or something in the ROTF, preach brother luke preach… :D

      • You have really bad eyes then…i can easily point out who was fighting who in both Transformers movies

    • Why is he in the business?? Are a full Mor__? Do you not follow the business? Bay is the most financially successful per movie director out there in the business. He is the 6th highest grossing director in history. He is the youngest to achieve this. You might not care for his movies but they have changed actions movies more then any other director. You don’t get moderate when he has millions of fans worldwide. Moderate is not having over 3 billion dollars at box office in just 8 movies. You are naive in asking why he is in the business sir.

    • Zero Fear,

      I felt the same way about the fight scenes, ESPECIALLY in the first film. It was like watching a junkyard caught in a tornado.


      • I see it as being a similar situation it to the movie cloverfield. it was a good movie but for some people it was a stomach churning roller coaster. For me I was just fine watching it and thoroughly enjoyed it.in the transformers fight scenes I can easily distinguish each individual robot without straining my eyes or brain. it all depends on how much information your mind is physically comfortable with receiving. this isn’t an intelligence issue. some people can get motion sickness from watching a fast paced action scene whereas others can be completely content. it just depends on the person situation. my mom cannot watch transformers because it gives her headaches and she can never tell the characters apart along with many other movies under the genre of thriller or action.

      • Thank god i’m not the only one.

      • As a moviegoer I don’t care how much money he’s made for the studios. That’s no accounting for taste. If the design philosophy that was applied to his transformers was applied to Superman you’d have an alien with no skin. We’ve drifted away from the finished look for robots found in many movies in the past, imo because Hollywood wants to show their’s not a man inside, but really with a transforming robot that’s already a given. The artists that did the cartoon had the right idea. The body panels “the skin” would naturally belong on the outside protecting the moving and delicate parts on the inside! It doesn’t matter whether their in robot or the trans-form state or do all of you buy cars with fenders and hoods missing because it’s mechanical? Besides an advanced race of living machines would naturally have ways to protect their guts, even if it meant it was held together my electromagnetic fields, tiny nano machines or continuously extruded and placed in layers much like our own skin has layers.

        The aesthetic is all wrong because the sum of the individual aspects don’t equal a recognizable whole. That very chosen aesthetic makes it hard to follow the story and makes it a mess. It’s like the nonsense of attributing the cut, color, and sewn-on straps of Captain America’s suit to be attributing factors lending to an aesthetic conclusion that his movie uniform looks like a “space suit” when in fact it’s what the material it’s made of and the padding the does that. Those other elements can be traced to WWII garb either British or American or the Captain America comics from the 40′s!

        I’ll step off my box now but I’m forced to agree the robots themselves are the great detractors to these movies, I’ve given up on this franchise. I’m not a Michael Bay hater I liked and enjoyed “Armageddon,” “The Rock,”and his first “Bad Boys” film and to a lesser extent even “The Island.” I wish he would return to those movie tones or stay a producer. I’m starting to look forward to the release of his production of “Fiasco Heights.” I suspect it’ll be a better movie than “Dark Of The Moon.”

  3. I bet james cameron would make a great transformers movie! Just imagine him doin a prequel where all the transformers.are on cybertron and james doin all the fancy effects on the metal world and havin one heck of a plot…u know like he did in avatar and titanic….omg…omg…that would be awesome!.. and best part..NO HUMANS!

    • HA! so a love story in the middle of a huge maritime disaster and a remake of fern gully in 3D is what constitutes “one heck of a plot” for you?!?!

    • @ Dear, Brandon

      If Cameron would have made TF prequel it would have been awful cuz is only good for romantic and good 3D effects other then that he dont have any good thing this type of movie for cameron impossible or disaster..

  4. Every time I see the transformers robot fight scenes, all I see are a huge pile of scrap metal..I don’t know where one begins and one ends.. As for megan fox, she might be hot, but she’s dumb and dumber at acting and for picking her recent roles..and she’s the one to insult Bay as having no talent..go figure..

  5. Who cares about character development and all that sh*t. If Michael Bay decides to start the movie with the robots fighting and ended it without Shia Labuff (again, who cares).

    Money well spent.

    • Most people care, I’d say. If you dont’ care about “all that sh*t” just go buy a 60″ HDTV and play video games on it.


    • Burning the money would be a better option than what Michael Bay did with this entire series. Overloaded special effects do not make a good movie.

  6. Without rehashing the past so much, the 2nd TF was just so much garbage. The story was OK, but the childish behaviour of the robots was the worst. Completely unacceptable. What has been said about TF3 makes me have a little hope that it can be as entertaining as the original. If not, REBOOT the heck out of this franchise.. minus the hyper amounts of detail in the robot designs. Like others, when too robots are fighting, I cant even tell what is happening that well.

    Oh, and any reboots should have a feel more like the G1 Transformers.

  7. I can’t wait!

  8. The thing I hope for, more than anything, is the revival of Soundwave. He’s my favorite Decepticon; I just love the character and love the animatronic voice. But no, RotF made him SO bland, and his voice was just like any other Bay Decepticon.

    Please, Michael Bay, do me a favor. Do one of two things. Either bring back Soundwave the right way, as he was intended (I’m fine with the satellite thing btw) or don’t show him at all.

    I’ve never received as much crap from people because of a character I love being portrayed as stupid (although Thor’s coming out, I shouldn’t speak too soon…).

  9. I thought the first film did as good a job as could be possible in re-introducing the Transformers in a clever and fun way (I mean, that’s obvious by how much money it made – and I still know people who have good memories of that film).

    The second film conversely ruined that goodwill, and how much blame that’s due to Michael Bay’s vision or the writers’ strike I honestly don’t know.

    The third film is apparently going to be the final installment of this “Transformers story” so I’m going into it with mixed reactions. I will no longer be excited about the possibilities that could come out of this film, because I know after this, they will be working on re-imagining the Transformers for the next film, whenever that is. The fight scenes, as mentioned, isn’t exactly the main draw of these films. So I’m actually just hoping for a good closure to Shia’s story as funny as that sounds. I hate to say it, but his character is one of the things I’ll most remember about this series.

    Hopefully whoever heralds the next Transformers film trilogy will have a better cohesive and intelligent approach towards the robots themselves and be able to remove the focus off the humans almost entirely.

  10. I will agree with everyone else for the past 2 years and say TF 2 sucked. I will say this though that was kind of mentioned above, it made quite a bit of money and really drew in an audience. Most of my friends that weren’t transformers fans as kids or into movies that much liked the movie based solely on the action but that is another story altogether for debate.

    I am going to give this final film hope because most of the staff associated with TF 2 pretty much said in a roundabout way that the film sucked and want to amend those mistakes in the final installment. From the teaser trailer, I would say they’re still delivering a HUGE action movie as Bay is known for, but I definitely got a dark tone from what the trailer shows and does set a different tone than TF 2 for me.

    Reboot after this movie? I don’t know where to start until this one comes out and how it is received and what new characters are introduced into the film or killed off. I could see some of the major players getting killed off in this one, like IronHide or……Bumble Bee dying trying to save Sam. I’d like to see a curve ball like that in this film. AND GIVE BUMBLEBEE back his voice…It worked for the first film, but I want his voice back. There is no way Sam is just cruising around in Chicago with this bright yellow GM product when he probably works in the city from what the trailer has shown so far.

  11. Sentinel Prime
    looks cool!
    i like it!

  12. Sentinel Prime
    can transforme
    in 2 what?

    • Sentinel prime transforms in Truck

  13. i think Michael Bay n Steven Speilberg have done amazing cgi in making transformers francise

  14. i hope michael bay
    make beast war movie

  15. the robot,colours,shape shifting must be a little bit different than the cartoon

    • I think people are taking things for granted.I think they did an incredible job with the cgi.ill admit some of the fight seens were blurry, but the robot grafics exceded my expectations. Beast Wars would be totally cool.

  16. If you look at the transformers in War for Cybertron it’s a good example of how you can give the transformers a fresh look while still retaining their traits from G1. It’s basically a mix of Bayformers + G1 and it’s bloody nice really. In much the same way as Starwars needs a reboot (something akin to The Old Republic game trailers which are just freakin’ awesome) Transformers could use one too. Seriously If I had the cash and experience I would make a G1 trilogy and my god would it be awesome. How can you not watch the the 1986 movie and not be more excited watching that than the Bay movies? Build upon the base of characters that are already well known.. Wouldn’t you guys LOVE to see the old characters as you remember them? I realize it wouldn’t turn the same profit (no tits and arse) but still I really would love to see it going back to roots. I’m really holding out that a director actually loves transformers enough to actually resurrect the REAL Transformers. While mentioning these two franchises it brings to mind another movie that could potentially blow my socks off.. Halo.. you only need to watch and in game cutscenes to think.. if they made a movie like this.. and with the original game music in places.. WOW. I tell you what, game makers (Blizzard, Bungie, Bioware) should making movies they seem to be better at it than many of the current crop of directors/story writers. Anyway I’m not expecting much for number 3 It can only be better right? But it’s still NOT G1 only an imitation AFAIC.
    The World of Warcraft movie I’m sure is gonna kick major arse, this will be movie done right, wait and see. Directors/stuidos are starting to wake up to the realization that the way they’re doing movies just isn’t attracting that much interes, thank god for the internet it’s really going to help steer movies in the direction we want them to.

  17. I don’t think anyone watches transformers for the story. I am pretty picky with movies that I watch, like I don’t watch John Cusack movies cos we all know it would suck. I watch these kinds of movies just to see robots, honestly. And I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone complaining about it going out the theatre, just critics on the internet treating it like an Oscar nominee. C’mon you guys.

    • Well honestly TG then, my, and my sister, and my Niece’s name must be Anyone because we all went in for the story and we came out unsatisfied. :( All three of us came out complaining about the movie. At her job she’s a senior QC tech for an auto parts manufacturing plant. She’s as techie as it gets, both from the pure mechanical and the electromechanical side of things. This stuff should at least be as entertaining as “The Transformers: The Movie” and number two of Mr. Bay’s series isn’t imho. As far as bothering to come on-line and express an opinion about it, my sister and Niece wouldn’t waste their time. That doesn’t mean they don’t have time wasting pursuits, don’t get me wrong, they just don’t care enough about movies or think it’s possible to make a difference in their quality. It’s viewed as disposable entertainment. I think it’s obscenely wasteful to spend 150-200M on a movie you can’t follow, and I feel ripped off. I want it to be better for everyones sake. For that kind of money it should be better…

  18. Still mad that were getting comedy relief robots and NO Megan Fox.
    I’m still mostly mad at the absence of Megan Fox and the original writers (Kurtzman, Orci) of the 1st movie.

    • It’s not about megan…stupid, it’s about those Cars that transforms into walking,talking,fighting robots

    • I’m glad Megan is gone. She’s gorgeous, but she litterally added nothign to the movie other than for oversexed teenagers to stare at.

  19. thesepplrsofkingstupid’s post should be moderated.

    • His comments have not only been deleted, he has been banned.



  20. I agree with ryan.

  21. Completely agree mate….if you want these robots 2 look like giant microwaves with colors fighting each other, than go ahead.. because how on earth would a transformer supposed 2 look at this day n time…. you no life people should get a girl n leave Mr. Bay to adapting this/your TOYS (TOYS) the way it needs to be worked out

  22. It’s called having taste. It’s something you get when you get passed the age of 5.

  23. It’s not hard to tell them apart from each other. I can EASILY tell which is Megtran, Starscream, or any other in the film.

    • I know right….they must want their fights to be slow paced to help give them a clear view of the robots all da time. Just keep up with the visuals

  24. I can’t help noticing how shia’s left hand is at in that picture above…i want to be him..haha

    • You ma want to take a closer look, he’s holding her right hand.

  25. 3D sucks

    • I Agree Ryan it looks dizzy after a while and wastage of money..

  26. So I was just re-watching Revenge of the Fallen, and i noticed something I hadnt before; when Sam gets possessed by the all-spark during his class (where Rainn Wilson is his Proffessor) and starts writing the cybertonion symbols on the board, when he starts rambling and talking really fast he mentions “Sentinel Prime’s expedition”… This could mean Michael Bay and Co. were considering using that for the plot of #3 while still making #2. Anyways, I thought it was interesting and worth noting

  27. ROTF was on TV last night and I allmost forgot what a mess it was. I still laugh my a## off when I see the transformers breath when it’s cold outside. I hope this one is better though. I was surprised at how much fun I had while watching the 1st and I hope 3 returns to form.

  28. Interesting reading, except you guys will be in for one hell of a ride with T3 in 3-D!!..btw, yeste for the first time I watched the first TRANSFORMERS movie with Michael Bays commentary, it was different in hearing him speak while I watched the dvd!..Spielberg gave him high fives when watching dailies whilst making the first film! lol..Bay sounded like a schoolkid saying that on the commentary. LOL

    ROCK ON T3! (JULY 1)