‘Transformers: Dark of the Moon’ Daytona 500 Trailer

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Transformers Dark of the Moon Daytona 500 Trailer ‘Transformers: Dark of the Moon’ Daytona 500 Trailer

We’re still waiting for a new full-length Transformers: Dark of the Moon trailer but today, during the premiere NASCAR race – the Daytona 500 – Transformer fans were treated to another action packed TV trailer.

Half of the new Transformers: Dark of the Moon trailer is comprised of content from the Super Bowl trailer – but the other half offers a number of new shots including a better look at Optimus Prime, Starscream, the NASCAR Wreckers – as well as a hybrid vehicle/combat mode for Bumblebee.

Michael Bay has confirmed that Dark of the Moon will be his final Transformers film and, judging by the film footage we’ve seen so far, it’s apparent that the director certainly aims for the picture to be his most “epic” film yet. That said, each subsequent trailer continues to build on the already enormous buzz for the film, hinting at the possibility that this installment could also capture the highest box office grosses for the robots in disguise. As a result, it’s hard to imagine that Paramount is simply going to walk away from the franchise – once Bay moves on.

Check out the Transformers: Dark of the Moon Daytona 500 TV Trailer below:

Despite the traditional “Starscream lands on the ground” and “Sam running for his life” shots, the new trailer offers a great look at Optimus Prime as well as an intriguing new detail – Bumblebee’s enhanced vehicle/combat hybrid mode. Recently, on our sister-site, Game Rant, we covered a new gameplay mechanic called “Stealth Force Mode” that will factor heavily into the upcoming Transformers: Dark of the Moon video game tie-in. Could “Stealth Force Mode” be a major new feature in the upcoming film as well (like combiners were in Revenge of the Fallen)?

According to the game’s press release, “Stealth Force Mode” is a “third, hybrid state that combines the weapons and firepower of robot mode with the agility and maneuverability of vehicle mode.”

Transformers Dark of the Moon Bumblebee Stealth Force ‘Transformers: Dark of the Moon’ Daytona 500 Trailer

Bumblebee Unleashes His Plasma Cannon In Hybrid Vehicle/Combat Mode

Similarly, we’ve already seen Optimus Prime firing on enemies while in-flight (in the prior trailer) and his upcoming MechTech Ultimate figure refers to a “Battle Flight” hybrid mode. Whether or not the hybrid vehicle forms will actually be addressed with a story explanation in the film, or even referred to as Stealth Force Mode, is anyone’s guess – though it’s extremely likely that these hybrid forms will at least provide some of the cooler moments in the third Transformers movie.

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Transformers 3 hits theaters July 1st, 2011.

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  1. the new chick looks so out of place. i mean shes hot but reaawly out of place within the context of the film like is she taking over fox’s character? or a new one all together i mean how the hell does it make sense for the kid to be all into som new chick after what happen in the 2nd one? i mean im not preachy when it comes to loyalty in juvinile relationships but thats just scummy

    • I have to hope that the trailer simply shows her to let the audience know of her appearance in the movie. Surely, you did not expect anything resembling a backstory in the trailer?

    • I said the same thing when i watch it my friend and why the hell did they dress her like that? just doesn’t seem good on her part.

    • I was laughing when she said her character part of the UN. I just can’t take her as a secretary at United Nations seriously.

    • Tank, I was wondering the same thing. Her face expression in the trailer screams out “dumb but hot”. I wonder if she can act…

      • Is anyone really surprised that Rosie looks like a dumb hot chick in the movie? I mean, are we really expecting a Victoria Secret model with no acting experince to be any good. Like with Megan Fox, Ms. Whiteley was cast for eye candy.

        • Since ROTF, I gave up expecting things from Michael Bay.

          But what I meant was this one frame:


          She looks incredibly stupid… Kinda like a blow up doll.

      • Acting? I think the prerequisite for female lead in a Michael Bay movie is that you CAN’T act.

        • Good point. The last time I saw a Bay film with acting was THE ROCK and BAD BOYS.

  2. and the decepticons dont really seem all that threatening to me you havnt really seen them kill any humans how can they invade a planet without showing casualties? id take them alot more serious if showed the deliberatley killing humans and actually showing the carnage.

    • Again…trailer.

      • i get it dude i got it before i just want answers

        • and i was talking about the previous connections from the 2nd to this one in the fact that they arnt threatening and why the hell can somone love somody and act like its the same person in this trailer. why dont you put thought into somthing rather them just spoon feeding it to you in a statement or a qoute during an interview.

  3. I’m sold! This movie’s gonna rock!!!

    • ye ye ye

  4. what i hate is how even amongst all the destruction debris and chaos she still has a perfectly clean face with her make-up on and in-tact. ffs hollywood get with the bloody program, if you want us to feel for your pathetic characters at least make them look right.

    • You’ve seen a very tiny portion of the film. There is still more room for her makeup to wear off. Lol.

    • It reminds me of Kate Bosworth in Superman Returns, being flung about a cabin, hitting roof, floor and chairs and not even coming out with a single bruise. She’d easily be in intensive care after such a beating.

      • Well, with the way they have changed Superman over the years, I wouldn’t be surprised if they said Supes had healing powers or some other nonsense.

  5. The girl is just there to get guys in seats. Thats all. And regarding her outfit, the character probably didn’t go “Hey I think robots are gonna take over today, so maybe i should wear something I can run in.” But it is stupid tho. They established Mikaela as his love interest for two films, just to leave her like that. Honestly, robots invaded the earth again, you think Sam would make sure she is alright despite their break up. I know we not seeing the film for relationships but losing her seems kind of stupid.

    • who cares how they explain the exit on Ms. Fox, im just happy her horrible ass is gone , not extremely excited they put another pcs of eye candy in her spot but who cares as long as she doesnt talk and can scream on que , who cares , maybe she’ll get stepped on by Megatron.

  6. Well, I agree with the rest of you on the whole two-and-out Fox’s character got in the story line. But she did compare Bay to Hitler, so I guess that was not the best move on her part. That aside, her character was established and it sucks that we have to start all over again with a new love interest. But from what I have read they are not just throwing the new girl in. This film takes place several years after the last. Sam is out of college, and the two live together. Apparently Mikaela and he split long before. The old “off to college, new experiences, new people” story. Apparently getting blown up by giant robots was not new and interesting enough. Anyway, Sam is looking for a job, and the new girl is basically taking care of the bills while he tries to get a career going.

    • that could work. ill retract my hes scum comment if thats the case.

      • really how many girl friends did you guys have in college, cause I had alot in 4 years.

  7. The only reason I watched the first two was because of Megan Fox, no I have no reason to watch this.

    • ^ REALLLY? U sat and watched 2 films for a total of about 5 hours for a girl? wtf? lmaooo fail

      • Yes…… And if you’re honest with yourself you did too, she was the only reason those movies were tolerable.

        • you have got ot be kidding me, the only reason most people would have gone to see it would have been for: the name, action and/or special effects (sort of ties in with reason 1).
          i’m pretty sure most people would have just seen fox as an added bonus.

        • No, the only reason those movies were tolerable was because the movies occasionally had giant robots show up and blow stuff up and fight. It’s unfortunate every other scene was just a bunch of stupid unfunny people getting stoned, showing off boobage, farting and stuttering like they were chanelling Hugh Grant.

          Also Megan Fox is a bad actor and I don’t see why people find her attractive, her supposed beauty seems so forced and unnatural, like I’m looking at an alien impersonating a supposed beautiful girl and not quite getting it.

        • Now I know your nuts she was one of the main reason the dialoug was so bad she cant act at all. i would have prefered her being a poster on the wall for the first two movies, seen but not heard.

        • Not me. I watched the movies for the action and the Transformers. If I wanted to go see a movie with hot girls, then I’ll just go watch porn.

          • haha ghost!

            shoot i havent seen part 2 yay!!

            • You haven’t seen Pt.2 yet? I’m not surprised.

              • I dont want to see it.

        • She was only reason the second film was tolerable . . . yes the painting the bike scene . . . but the first film was solid on its own.

        • …so, you go for some hoped-for element of porn? Most people, I believe, actually went because they wanted to see transforming robots in combat.

      • i sat thru the notebook for some p*ssy but that was two hours with no explosions.

        • Hmmm…well, don’t you just sound like some kind of stud?



  8. Too bad Megan isn’t in it. Continuity is out the window and I’ve learned to stop trusting Michael Bay.

    • You trusted Michael Bay? :)

    • Continuity all stems on a girlfriend, she was pretty much luggagein the first two movuies she got dragged from one place to another and really did nt have any worth in either of the movies, if you took her out of both movies, the story still survives in fact I think it gets better.

      • Well technically she was wrote to know more and cars and motorcycles than her boyfriend.

        • lol and.. im pretty sure that the thinking and self aware robots can do just fine for them selves lol, problem solved

    • Continuity? She barely even fit in the movies, and was only there for T&A. She competely USELESS in the last movie (so were a lot of characters too).

  9. I do NOT trust Michael Bay. I will NOT reward him by paying to see Transformers 3 after the abortion that was Transformers 2. I think it’s pathetic that he apologized for the sequel and is asking fans to give T3 a chance. How? By paying for it yet again. No way. No how. I’ll save my money for the next trilogy by hopefully a more competent director.

  10. This movie looks potentially good, but than again I thought that about RotF, which gave exactly the same style of trailer, all these dark shots of giant robot action, implying something powerful and gritty. Than we saw the movie.

    I’m still unsure whether this is an accurate representation of what the movie will really be.

    Though the combat mode on the cars is pretty cool.

  11. They are probably going to do to laserbeak what they did to Ravage, Jetfire, and Devastator (The most feared of all the combiners in the original series).

  12. I saw the first two movies for the TRANSFORMERS! not some hot chick in tight pants or shorts or whatever. I’m seeing this movie for the same reason, The Transformers. That being said what Bay did to “Devastator” is unexcuseable. So hopefully, And I mean Hopefully, he learned his lesson, Still wished he had gone with Frank Welker as the voice for Megatron. I was happy with Soundwave though. but Welker IS Megatron.

  13. Anyone claiming that Fox missing screws up the continuity needs to A) read my comment above, and B) get their priorities straight. Michael Bay always has some good looking girl in his films, but we see them for a lot of stuff getting blown up! And both films, no matter how bad the second was, delivered on that.

  14. ^^^She was important in the first movie, and semi important in that….second one.

    Whatever. Enjoy being brain dead.

    • In Transformers, all Megan Fox’s character did was drive the truck carrying Bumblebee after he got his legs blown off. That’s ALL she contributed to the film.

      In Transformers 2, all Fox’s character did was have the sliver of the Allspark so that wheelie could tail her (later on hump her), but the Decepticons stole it from NEST instead. They could have used that to revive Optimus. After all, the other shard was used to revive Megatron. The only reason Fox was there was to get humped by Wheelie, and lay on top of a motorcylce.

      Like you said, “enjoy being brain dead”.

      • You forgot about the slo-mo running scene. :-)

  15. did this thread just turn into a megan fox debate? trailer looks sick. im down for robot fun. the “hybrid mode” looks kinda like some twisted metal.

  16. Anyone get a look at Shockwave yet, besides a toy

    • Head over to the Game Rant link that I included in this article and watch the trailer on the Dark of the Moon game announcement post – it shows him (at least his face).

  17. It’s funny how people used to complain about lack of transformer story and the focus on human elements. Now some people are complaining that with out Fox continuity is all messed up now. Make up your minds lol!

  18. I totally agree with sully

    personally i think megan fox can act…i really enjoyed her ability to play a fake character who transforms in to a real human being

    fox’s acting is subtle and thats why a lot of people dont think she can act cuz most people dont know what good acting is in my opinion.

    its frustrating that she made the choice to leave transformers but it also really makes sense for her as an actress if you think about it.

    i think rosie will be interesting to watch and im pretty sure shes either going to be brilliant or suck but we will have to wait and see.

    if its something like ten years in the future then it would make perfect sense for mikaela to no longer be in the film but given that sam says i love you to her in rotf was probably a very difficult task for the writers to overcome.

    • lol transformers isnt the only movies she s done, she has been horrible in them all where is the great acting ability. There is a reason she hasnt been picked up in any other movies since departing Transformers. She is wall art or should continue working in modeling , but as far as acting goes she should quit while shes ahead.

      • The problem is that Fox is cast in the same role everytime, a dumb hot woman that provides nothing to the film other than eye candy. JENNIFER’S BODY was the only exception in the sense she was the main character. Megan Fox just isn’t an actress, she’s more of a booth-babe. Someone you see dressed up like popular characters at conventions.

      • She is starring in a movie called FRIENDS WITH KIDS as a…..you guessed it….a hot girl.

    • personally i think megan fox can act…i really enjoyed her ability to play a fake character who transforms in to a real human being

      Are you talking about Fox or that other girl in RotF who was actually a Decepticon? But if you are talking about her being fake in real life trying to transform into a real human being, I get your point. :-D

  19. TF1 and TF2 didn’t kill Fox’s career. Her comments about Bay – and his subsequent calling to all other producers/directors he networks with, along with a terrible effort in Jonah Hex did. Rule number one in Hollywood: never publicly badmouth a major player in the industry. It will bite you in the ass. Rule number 2: You can break rule number one only when you are also a major player, and have a catalog of strong performances to back you up.

    In other words, bring on the homemade porn tape, because her career is over.

  20. the hybrid mode was one that was planned for ROTF but never happened. Just like ROTF was supposed to be really dark and was not that dark aside from Prime dying and the Cons attack on the Navy. I did read of the weapons mode that the robots were supposed to have in ROTF but the only one that really had anything like that was Mixmaster. Now its another element tha we were to see in ROTF but are instead seeing in this film. This movie looks sick by the way. I see in these trailers several new weapons for Prime. killer!

  21. Please, there is no need to have a new girl in this movie…should have just had the boys…

  22. really? dark of the moon is the title? who came up with it? a third grader who dosent know how to put sentences together? shouldn’t it be the dark side of the moon or the dark moon or the darkness of he moon. Am i the only one who is irritated by the title? And Megan fox wasn’t that hot either. I don’t give a damn about love interests. we understood the plot with the first movie. i want to see giant transforming robots using earth as a battlefield. I want to see explosions buildings being smashed people being crushed a long two hour battle would be awesome. we know the characters don’t give a s*** about the new chick and want more action less talking.