‘Transformers 3′: Most Incredible 3D Experience Since ‘Avatar’

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Transformers Dark of the Moon 3D preview header 2 Transformers 3: Most Incredible 3D Experience Since Avatar

Our own Roth Cornet covered the LA preview of Transformers: Dark of the Moon, in which fifteen minutes of 3D footage from the film was screened for select press. Today that footage made its way across to the Eastern shores of NYC, where I was finally able to get a look at Transformers 3 myself.

The short version of my report: Michael Bay has created the best 3D movie experience since Avatar - and may have even surpassed it.

As with the LA event, the footage screened at the NYC event included the first 5 minutes of Dark of the Moon, followed by a montage of footage and extended sequences from the film, all of them action scenes (little to no plot was revealed). The LA event featured a panel with Michael Bay and James Cameron talking 3D in cinema, and even though the pair of famed directors weren’t available for the NYC event, footage of their conversation was included in our screening. You can check out what they had to say by going HERE.

Onto the footage: Roth Cornet broke down everything in detail in her own report (check it out HERE), so I’ll just do a quick synopsis:

The beginning of the film ties the Cold War space race directly to a mysterious event that occurred in the war on Cybertron between the Autobots and Decepticons. After that, we saw several short flashes of Transformers new and old in action, a few chase sequences, plenty of battle scenes in downtown Chicago – and of course, the base jumping stunt sequence that Michael Bay filmed with live actors, one of whom wore a 3D camera on his head while jumping.

Needless to say, Transformers 3 is going to have a lot of sick summer action. But is it worth a 3D ticket price?

Short answer: You don’t want to see this movie any other way.

Transformers Dark of the Moon image Shia LaBeouf 1 Transformers 3: Most Incredible 3D Experience Since Avatar

Shia LaBeouf in one dizzying 3D sequence from 'Transformers 3'

If you don’t know, James Cameron lobbied Micahel Bay to use 3D in this film, even when Bay himself wasn’t convinced. After deciding to go 3D, Bay used Cameron’s 3D team from Avatar to film Transformers 3, and that team – which had already created one revolutionary success – pushed the boundaries of 3D filming even further, resulting in new rigs and camera designs to create that one-of-a-kind Michael Bay brand of action.

But technical innovations aside, how does the 3D in Transformers: Dark of the Moon actually look?

In a word: Incredible.

Personally speaking, there’s little that I see in film these days that gives me goosebumps. There’s a lot that I enjoy (naturally), but there’s little that gives me actual goosebumps. Without spoiling a thing, there were 3D sequences in the preview that had me shooting right past goosebumps into ‘OMG’ territory. Some of what Michael Bay has constructed is just…impressive. His ambitious and often aggressive style for capturing action in motion maybe the perfect marriage for the 3D medium. The results of his innovative work are also proof  (as a friend from UGO said on the way out of the screening) that ‘If you don’t shoot in 3D, you shouldn’t even bother.’ All these post-converted 3D films coming out this summer (Thor, Captain America) are likely going to look cheap by comparison.

The best part about it all is that the 3D technology Bay is employing brings the Transformers themselves to life in a way that none of his other films did. One of my first reactions after taking off the glasses was to say to myself, “Every one of these films should’ve looked like this.” The most common complaints about the Transformers movies’ visual effects (what few there were) included mention of the fact that the individual robots were hard to make out or distinguish, and that the CGI characters sometimes looked too fake when juxtaposed with their human counterparts. 3D, I am happy to report, eradicates most of these problems.

transformers dark of the moon 3d trailer Transformers 3: Most Incredible 3D Experience Since Avatar

Optimus Prime takes flight in 3D

The effects in Dark of the Moon will be even more polished by the time the film hits theaters – but even now I can tell you that the 3D adds those elements of physical presence and  weight that were missing from the earlier installments. It actually feels like there are giant robots moving around the screen, and they blend with the real humans and environments better than ever before. The 3D filming style also allows all the minute physical details of the robots – which Bay and the effects gurus at Industrial Light & Magic have pained over for years now – to literally standout and be noticed, helping to distinguish each and every robot (even the generic henchmen) in all their moving parts. They actually feel like real characters, and that is a much-needed improvement.

Now, some may want to say that I only saw a very small unfinished portion of the film, and therefore my praise is premature. Let me be clear: all I am saying is that visually and technically, Michael Bay has made something awesome with Transformers 3 - I cannot imagine any summer moviegoer walking away from this film complaining that they didn’t get the blockbuster experience they paid for. Back in 2009, I also attended a 15-minute 3D preview of Avatar and walked away stating that Cameron had created a revolutionary experience that would become a phenomenon. I simply know what I see when I see it.

With this film I see that we’ve been given one more gem of an example of why 3D can be almost magical when used by proper craftsman – and even a preview of Michael Bay’s next career phase, if he chooses to pursue it further.

But will Transformers 3 have a better story, or better acting, or better humor than disappointing previous installment? I can’t speak to that, but Bay himself has promised the script will be better, the film more serious – and the cast features some pretty notable actors, both comedic and dramatic. Take all that how you will.

If you’re planning to see Transformers: Dark of the Moon then for sure see it in 3D – I would even go so far to say 3D IMAX. It will definitely be worth the ticket price. The movie has been pushed up and will now be in theaters on June 29th.

You can check out the 3D Trailer for the film below:

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  1. This film will be AWESOME!!! Will Sentinel Prime be on the side on the autobots or decepticons???? I think this film will surprise alot of people, not only because it will be the best of the trilogy, but also it will have some major major plot twists.

    • ffs why ruin it now you made me sad

    • Plot twists? In a Michael Bay movie? Please.

  2. I’m looking forward to seeing some new Autobots and Decepticons. I would love to see Astro Train, Cosmos, Omega Supreme, and Hot Rod.

    • Sorry, none of them are in it.

      • @ duck, damn! ;( Grimlock, Swoop, no . . . damn!

  3. Wow, ?Michael Bay ‘owes’ you for T2?
    The sense of entitlement is astounding. Every single one of you who claim that would have read about it being a bad story well before you saw it. Make a decision like a grown up and don’t blame others for your mistakes.
    You will see this, be in awe, then claim Bay still owes you because it didn’t have that excat ‘feel’ ‘tone’ or ‘specific indefinable somthing’ you need to make that ideal movie for you… “It was 95% good but needed more shemale midgets on unicycles hovering around optimus during the main fight scene, then I’d like it.. But as it is… meh”

  4. I can see this film making at least 400 million in domestic boxoffice. This film will be one kick ass ride. Cant wait till June 29th. 4th of July weekend is going to be killer. Decepticons run while u still can.

  5. Avatar – very bad movie, very, very bad.
    Transformers 1 – amazing movie, true feel good, action packed summer blockbuster.
    Transformers 2 – Nearly, but not quite as bad as Avatar. Very close though, it was terrible.
    Transformers 3 – Trailer is better than Avatar and T2 already so there is hope…

    • Avatar is “very very bad” yet Transformers 1 is “amazing”? Alright, dude.

      • A bit of an exaggeration, true. If we’re talking about the story, then Avatar was just very bad and Transformers 1 was pretty good. They both had great F/X though.

    • really?? Avatar DOES NOT SUCK…so please explain to me whyy is Avatar the #1 movie of ALL TIME?? i mean if it was such a “very bad movie” then please tell me why it did so good in the box office?
      your jus another hater. I would put money that avatar 2 will do twice as much better. Just you wait.

      • what is wrong with you justin. it seems you don’t know squat about the medium called cinema do you.
        and it seems you measure everything with money.

        • umm no i deff don’t “measure everything by money”. All i’m saying is that movies that do well in the box office attend to be good movies, in the public view. If a movie makes a tonnnn of money then most likely the people actually went out to PAY to see it themselves, AND GAVE GOOD REVIEW. so please dont tell me i dont know anything about cinema. im pretty sure i know a lot more about cinema than you do bud.
          and thank you for your useless input.

  6. That trailer is just SICK.

  7. Regardless of what anyone thingks about Michael Bay, he’s come the closest to making my childhood fantasy of actually seeing real vehicles turn into robots. For that he definitely deserves a spot in the Transformers Hall of Fame.

    • Thumbs down!

  8. just because its a good 3d experience it doesn’t mean its a good movie or its a good story or hes a good director… no it doesn’t mean any of that it means another box office success for this franchise and this time audience wont notice the rest i just said; because they’ll say “Transformers 3: Most Incredible 3D Experience Since Avatar”

  9. Wow Kofi,

    Sounds like a big time sell job your trying to do here huh? Yaaaaaaaawn….it still will be an annoying, way to loud and obnoxious Michael Bay film. The 3D may look find and all, but that stuff doesn’t make the film. Hence why Avatar was totally overrated in the first place.

    I for one am glad this will be Bays last Transformers film, he has ruined the films enough.

  10. The TF3 novel is really good, im willing to bet that the movie will be
    GREAT!!! I think it will surprise all those who liked Revenge of the
    Fallen but also had issues with it, how much better Dark of the Moon
    really is. The plot will be much better, and the action will be top-
    notch. The Fighting in and around Chicago will be “killer” and rumor
    is the fighting in Chicago last a solid hour plus in the film.
    Since the twins scenes were cut in the film,in the novel Shockwave
    kills the twins.(thank u Shockwave) :) I wish that would have been in
    the film, who knows maybe the DVD.

  11. Avatar is indeed the number one movie worldwide. I personally saw it and I liked it but did not love it. I appreciated the amazing 3D and CGI effects. T1 was a good movie possibly even a great opening to the franchise. T2 I was amazed by the action the story was ok but it did not “suck”. If it did it would not have been the #2 movie of 2009. As far as T3 goes I am more than excited and have already reserved my tickets at the IMAX 3D for an early show at 9 PM June 28th! With the hype TF3 has been receiving from many critics and true fans TF3 might be the biggest movie this world has ever seen since Avatar!

  12. Transformers is gold, diamonds, titanium. It’s every boys childhood dream to see this happen. Awaiting voltron to get this kind of treatment, this movie is all about the visuals and loving it for that. Will be happy to have a coherent storyline with true humor, but as long as optimus stands, I will always be ready “To transform and roll out”. So, please don’t hate take you’re young sons and build a neo family relationship with them. You should be criticizing this, because this is fact, build a bond, it lasts a lifetime.

  13. Transformers Dark Of The Moon

  14. I dont know what you were smoking but i should have smoked that before i saw this movie. Surpass Avatar? It didnt even come close to Avatar. A huge majority of the movie was not in 3D and when there was 3D, nothing popped out. This movie did not “change the 3D movie experience” as they say. It’s a shame that they have to advertise the new movie like this. It was a good movie but if you anticipate seeing Bumblebee throw a decepticon at you, save the extra three dollars and see the regular showing.

  15. Wow I didn’t really get to watch this in 3D.. Check out this not hollywood professional’s work on youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TDp7wsn8fU4

  16. erm im a female and i will say i love these kind of films. I have all 3 transformers on dvd. at last there is something to watch other than twilight stories. phew something to watch with more of a storyline. its good that finally we are getting good films out. and please no animals were harmed in this film. thank you. ~to many animals stories in the press with abuse behind the films and no need when it goes to show that films like these can be made and be just as awesome. then again i am a sci-fi/horror film fan. so hey ho. :D much love x

  17. harika bir film 3 boyutlusu yok diye biliyorum