‘Transformers 4′ Character Images Reveal Dinobots; Michael Bay Talks New Trilogy

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Transformers Age of Extinction Character Images Transformers 4 Character Images Reveal Dinobots; Michael Bay Talks New Trilogy

Coming off an immensely popular trilogy of movies that have made billions of dollars around the world, it’s difficult to say  that Transformers: Age of Extinction is a risky proposition. At the same time, this newest iteration of the series about giant polymorphic robots is starting from a potentially shaky position, having chucked the previous trilogy’s entire cast and redesigned all of its mechanical characters.

As Age of Extinction‘s June 27th debut approaches, we’re getting more and more glimpses at what has been (to this point) a fairly closed production. Not only has Hasbro posted 13 new character images that introduce much of the non-human cast, director Michael Bay (Pain and Gain) has recently spoken about the story and overall direction of the series.

Entertainment Weekly has shared a recent interview with Bay in which he discusses the creative future of the Transformers franchise. Regarding Age of Extinction, Bay says:

“It’s kind of like a new ‘Transformers.’ We had three, the first trilogy, and this is going to be the next one… I’m not necessarily sure that I’m doing [the others], but that’s what it’s meant for.”

Though unrelated to EW‘s article, a number of just-released profile images reveal the extent and overall look of Age of Extinction‘s Transformer characters. Focusing largely on new characters – especially the much-hyped Dinobots – these images can be viewed below:

Though the full view of the updated looks for the classic roster of Dinobots is exciting, perhaps the most interesting reveals lie in the listed Decepticons. Not only do we get a good look at main heavy Galvatron, there’s also a clear view of Lockdown – also known as the mysterious figure in the film’s trailer whose entire head transforms into a cannon.

Bay shed quite a bit of light on Lockdown, stating:

“Lockdown is an interesting character. He travels the galaxy, he works for somebody else. And he’s here for one person, one alien, and then he’s out of here… So he doesn’t really want to take sides. The cause and balance of the galaxy is kind of messed up when different species play with different species. And that opens up a whole other gigantic world for Transformers.”

This is indeed fascinating, as it expands the potential conflict of Age of Extinction beyond the last three films’ Autobot/Decepticon war. Transformers fans will no doubt debate just who Lockdown’s employer is, and whether or not that revelation will provide the lead-in to the already-planned Transformers 5.

For now, you can place our money on the Quintessons, if only because seeing the cackling mechanical sadists realized on the big screen could be both disturbing and exhilarating. If the franchise does indeed move in that direction, it will be interesting to see if it embraces the full space opera weirdness of the larger Transformers canon.

What do you think, Screen Rant readers? Do the Transformers’ new designs hit the right notes? And if Lockdown is indeed the gateway into a larger science fiction universe, do you approve?


Transformers: Age of Extinction will transform and roll out on June 27th, 2014.

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Sources: EW; Coming Soon

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  1. Stinger and Bumblebee are almost identical.

    • That’s the idea. Stinger is the new and improved, human created version of Bumblebee.

      • Not only that, it’s been speculated that straight after the scene from the trailer where Bumblebee sees Stinger for the first time and stands up next to him, he scans him in robot mode and takes his robot design (as opposed to the traditional vehicle-first approach used in the last three films).

  2. This would look so cool in IMAX 3D.

  3. Y’know…it wouldn’t be at all surprising if the Dinobots just didn’t have robot modes in the movie. And not talk. At this point I trust Michael Bay to not “get” the Dinobots any more than he gets anything else in Transformers.

    • They will transform, Hasbro confirmed it. As for them talking Gregg Berger hinted he could be in the film, but that isn’t confirmed. Also Grimlock’s toy speaks.

  4. if you are going to redesign a classic, it’s better be better.


    epic fail.

    • Id rather them be like their fall of/war for cybertron designs, which revamp the old and all dont look like scraps of silver

      Also grimlock has horns…..grumble….

    • Totally agree with you! Optimus and megatron’s design look cool but the rest of transformers are too messy. Michael Bay has a master in being a terrible director. He ruined what left of my childhood. I hate him!

      • LOL, you win the award for most pathetic statement. If Michael Bay ruined your childhood than I feel sorry for you. Why don’t you let the grudge go so you don’t have to waste your adulthood too. GOOD Grief…

        • well said lol

        • He ruined everyone’s childhood memories for sure… It’s just more crap for the grinder….

          • I hate “ruined my childhood” guy and you are that guy. How can he ruin your memories. If you hate the movies so much, don’t watch and acknowledge them. Just think of your stupid childhood memories and move on. Stop being such a baby.

            Oh, by the way, the first three movies are awesome and any hereafter will be great, too. I’m a TF geek as much as the next guy and I love these movies.

            • Well you probably like big flashy shiny stuff and stories with plot holes the size of your mouth… To each their own… The first one was ok, couldn’t finish the second because it was just so bad, third one, well fool me twice…

              • The third was by far the worst. At least the 2nd film didn’t have characters disappearing randomly without explanation. Dark of the Moon was one of the most sloppy and poorly edited films I have ever, ever seen.

              • The third was by far the worst. At least the 2nd film didn’t have characters disappearing randomly without explanation. Dark of the Moon was one of the most sloppy and poorly edited films I have ever, ever seen.

                (Should note as well, it isn’t the script that had the plotholes, it was Bay’s editing. Read the novelisation of the script – it flows far better, things are all connected and explained… it was Bay’s editing that destroyed that film and nothing else.)

          • Yep!!

      • The Transformers cartoona were glorified toy commercials with cringeworthy stories and dialogue. Get over it!

    • I can just repeat myself. As someone who wasn’t into Transformers back in the day these “classic” designs look bad. Way too boxy and unimaginative. Your nostalgia is clouding your judgement. The new designs are definitely cooler and also make more sense, because they are supposed to be robotic space aliens. Robotic aliens with a car hood for a chest and what looks like shipping containers for arms, however, aren’t the Bumblebee’s knees. ;)

      • seriously? Like the films are well crafted stories and not glorified commercials as well? The scripts are abysmal. These films only make money because the built in fan base, Bays great eye for visuals & and ILM’s breathtaking FX work.

        The original designs are iconic, functional, elegant, and unique. The new designs are over designed and just a total over detailed generic mess. You can hardly tell the decepticons apart. The same would be for the autobots if not for color.

        • “seriously? Like the films are well crafted stories and not glorified commercials as well? The scripts are abysmal. These films only make money because the built in fan base, Bays great eye for visuals & and ILM’s breathtaking FX work.”

          I totally agree. But then again, I will not be complaining that someone raped my middle-age if someone should remake the Transformers movies in 20 years. I couldn’t care less. ;)

      • I don’t think I’ve ever disagreed with an opinion as much as this one.

        Boxy robots look 100% better than ones that look like screwed up candy bar wrappers. I don’t want realism, I want Autobots with Lamborghini bonnets (hoods) for chests.

        • I guess it’s good that you can always watch the cartoon then…..personally I want Maximals that look like Rhinos and Gorillas.

  5. Designs look good but i wish the Dinobots and decipticons didnt have the same gray color scheme.


    • That one alone made me cried. That is not Galvatron that you and I know of.

      • You will later this year.

  7. looks good.

  8. hey! this movie looks stupid

  9. Why doesn’t Grimlock have an alliance symbol? Hmm…..interesting.

  10. as far as faces go, it doesn’t too complicated like in the last 2 movies. All the cracks and pieces in their heads were soo darn distracting.

  11. I think Crosshairs is the only oddball in this lineup with his trench coat design. How does the metal become that flexible?

    • It looks like several curved pieces.

  12. This movie should be called, Transformers 4: More of the Same Stuff That people constantly Bit*h About Yet Can’t Wait to Go and See

    Seriously though, with the amount of hate for this franchise I just don’t understand how the movies can make over 1billion at the BO. You guys

    • I don’t know either.

      I only paid £6.40 to see Transformers 2 at the cinema and my only reason for doing that was because I literally had nothing better to do and admittedly wasn’t in the right state of mind (I was midway through cancer tests and depression, what else can I say?) and fell asleep once they got to Egypt.

      Luckily, I was the only one in the screening room for the entire duration of movie plus credits so no one else noticed and I woke up in time for the cleaners to walk in as the credits were still rolling.

      Otherwise, I catch them for free on Sky Movies Premiere and judge them as terrible and thank every deity that I didn’t pay to see them (finally saw the second film on that channel a year later, the stuff I missed during my slumber….ehhh, didn’t miss much of anything, really).

      Won’t be paying for this one either. Doesn’t look interesting, haven’t liked the original trilogy, only redeeming features are Kelsey Grammar and Mark Wahlberg so I’ll wait for it to hit TV and either praise it as at least decent, if not good or great or I’ll trash it as another stinker.

      Never understood the complaints about thousands of moving parts in the Transformers themselves though. It’s how it’d be if it was real, the only confusion for me is when Bay insists on having close ups so you don’t know who’s hitting who. To this day, I can watch any of the first three and only pick out Optimus, Bumblebee and Megatron (just barely until I hear Hugo Weaving’s voice).

      Then again, I never liked Transformers as a child in the 80s either. Bored me to death.

      • I also fell asleep during the second one, although it was at home. The weird “Fallen” stuff actually has me curious enough to watch the whole thing again, someday. But I don’t plan on paying to see this one, either.

      • Sadly I was made to go watch the second and third movie. When I told the family I had zero interest in watching Revenge of the Fallen I got a whole lecture about ‘family time’ so I had to go along. The third movie I watched with friends, because it seems like you’re the spoilsport if you say you don’t wanna go on a movie outing because you don’t like the movie (but also, partly my fault because some reviews online actually made Dark of the Moon sound not too bad, when in truth it was only better relative to the second movie – not a great benchmark).

        Suffice it to say I will be standing my ground this time. Of course, if every review says it’s (objectively) good then I might, *might* reconsider but absent any of that I will refuse to watch it. I did actually fall asleep during Revenge of the Fallen as well, which for an *action* movie is probably the saddest thing ever (I mean, an action movie can be total crap but at the very least it should be entertaining enough to keep me awake).

        I didn’t mind the multiple moving parts so much as I minded the needless slow-mo shots of nearly every transformation and the focus on those moving parts. It was messy.

    • Easy. As dumb and downright bad as these movies are in many places, the audio-visual spectacle that they provide is still unsurpassed. While Dark of the Moon is an incredibly bad movie the last hour or so still provides some of the best apocalyptic sci-fi action that I’ve ever seen, which alone makes that flick worthwhile for repeated viewings. I wouldn’t want to miss out on that.

    • Because everyone bitching and complaining about it will still go and see it in the theater…they like to portray a more sophisticated feeling about themselves

  13. “…and in this corner: The Tin Woodsman on steroids!”

  14. Edward Scissorhands: the Nightmare!!

  15. Maybe Lockdown is working for Unicron…?

  16. Why is the Dinobot SLUG called SLUG.? His name should be SLAG.

    • “Slag” is a derogatory term to many people. It’s easier to just change the name than deal with that.

      • Shaddup you slag! (^-^)

  17. Good god, I wish upon a star for once that this guy would lose his license to ALL Transformer films!!!

    Michael Bay should not be allowed to keep making Transformers movies!!!!

    He is just a god awful director, writer and screenwriter. He belongs making a movie about True Crime Streets of L.A. and Escape from L.A., not Transformers…

    And now he’s actually going to direct the Beast Wars?!?! I hope at least they got that one other guy who wrote 300: Rise of Empire, because they will need all the help they can get. I guess I see why Fox fired Michael Bay.

  18. He just keeps getting better and better, doesn’t he!!

  19. Lockdown’s face is nightmare-inducing.

  20. Drift with Japanese design looks awesome though :)

  21. Optimus Prime looks like flippin’ Iron Patriot

  22. People getting pissed off on the designs. Why? They look awesome. Stop hating just to hate and try to enjoy something for once.

    • They don’t look like Transformers, or the characters they are supposed to portray, that’s why.

      • They actually look alien for a change and not some boxy tables with arms, legs, and heads that look as if they’re manufactured by humans.

        • They have completely skewed the Transformers aesthetics. Unfortunately it has now become the new look. I’d rather have them looking Disco again. The original designs were iconic. These will never be iconic. Popular yes. Make s**tloads of money, yes., but Iconic…..No. IMO

        • I think you hit it on the head without realizing it but that was to be expected. The point of the design for most of them was to take up forms of vehicles on Earth. Did you Bay’s part1? Maybe should go see it again. Now if we’re talking about characters that are not part of Earth and created elsewhere then ok I can live with it. But cars here, for the most part, are BOXY. Optimus Prime SHOULD be a BOXY big rig. All the character designs here with the exception of the dinosaurs are humanoid shaped and curvy.

        • My only issue with this argument has always been that it’s based entirely on a preconceived notion of what “alien” should look like.

          Alien robots could pretty much look like anything (even more so since they’re fictional), this includes boxy 80′s robots.

          Now, I don’t (and never did) think the classic designs would work verbatim, but the direction they’ve gone is almost comedically opposite.

          Besides, I have a sneaking suspicion that it they’d just gone with a more balanced design update in the first place, no one would be complaining that “they don’t look alien enough.”

          • @motoko – It will very certainly become iconic amongst the newer fans and those willing to accept the change that has happened. They have not skewed the aesthetic, as Transformers has never had one signature aesthetic.

            They’ve been changing with every, single series.

            @ TheOne – I’m just glad these designs actually display the inner workings of the vehicle the bots transform into; showing the gears, wires and cables. It just feels much more realistic and refreshing to me, personally.

            @ Nicodemus Rexx – I just feel they look very other-worldly because of their extreme complications in design. To each his own, I guess.

  23. There’s an almost Liefeldian vibe to Prime’s new design.

    • I had the same thought, very generic 90′s-style indeed.

  24. I knew it, I called Quintessions when I saw the first trailer as there is a clear hint of them in there. My fave old Transfomers bad guys, used to scare the crap outta me as a kid. I hope it is them

  25. Galvatron looks whack as hell !!! LAME! The old design was awesome… if it aint broke don’t fix it!

    • What are you talking about? they look similar you couldn’t really tell the difference

      • Drift looks more like Galvatron should look, colour,Samurai-like and everything. Crosshairs looks nearer to how Hound should’ve been, and the Hound we’ve got looks like Bulkhead. And where are Swoop, Snarl and Sludge?

        • Remember when Bay decided to change Brawls name to devastater in the final cut of Transformers 1, even though the credits and writers listed him as Brawl. Yeah. Bay just likes to change things up for these robots just to make it seem more cool.

        • You really need to realize this isn’t a reiteration of G1.

          • Well that is clear. Even the bits of G1 they have used they’ve ballsed up anyway.

            • You are sorely mistaken.

  26. I loved the first movie, and excited with the second eventhough I had sit through the not funny jokes… and surprisingly had to convince myself to watch the third just with the reason it’s the end of the trilogy (knowing I had lost faith in these movies after Bay butchered Arcee and her… ugh… sisters).

    And now Bay’s making another trilogy… *sigh*. Is he going to butcher the Dinobots this time (similar way to how he treated Ironhide)? I can’t bare to see it. I’ll watch this later when someone is kind enough to lend me a home-video copy.

  27. Terrible terrible designs for the robots…..

  28. “slash…scorn…” I know…don’t say it “slash…scorn…” let it go man “GRIMLOCK, SLUG, SLUDGE, SNARL, SWOOP!”

  29. So the Dinobot Swoop is now called “Strafe”? why the name change Michael Bay? why ruin a nice transformer name?

    • I believe Hasbro confirmed at the toy fair that his design was too much of a departure from g1 Swoop so they called him Strafe, or the name change could of happened because of trademarks.

    • The same way I ruin a nice Transformer movie!!


    • Halt. Don’t blame Michael Bay. Blame Hasbro.

      They stated at NY Toy Fair back in February that they felt the design departed too far from the traditional Swoop design, and thus renamed him Strafe.

      It’s certainly a stupid move, because that’s basically who “Strafe” is. The cinematic variation of Swoop. I don’t care. That’s what I’m calling him. Swoop.