‘Transformers: Age of Extinction’: First Official Look at Optimus Prime’s New Design

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transformers age extinction images Transformers: Age of Extinction: First Official Look at Optimus Primes New Design

Transformers: Age of Extinction is not only director Michael Bay’s fourth installment in the Hasbro-based sci-fi franchise, it will (supposedly) also clear the table (read: be a soft reboot of the series) so that another director may assume the reins on the franchise hereon out.

The film includes an entirely different main human cast (from previous installments) – Mark Wahlberg (Lone Survivor), Nicola Peltz (Bates Motel) and Jack Reynor (Delivery Man) – in addition to new players in supporting roles, like Stanley Tucci (The Hunger Games: Catching Fire) and Kelsey Grammer (The Expendables 3). Meanwhile, on the Autobot/Decepticon side, there are several robotic aliens making their live-action movie debut in Age of Extinction; that includes, the long-awaited fan-favorite Dinobots.

However, there will be a familiar face among the newcomers: Optimus Prime, once again voiced by Peter Cullen. We previously broke down the character’s tweaked design in Age of Extinction, based on the toy version that was unveiled at the 2013 New York Comic-Con.

Now, you can see the real thing – well, “real thing” – on the cover of the latest Empire Magazine issue (for comparison’s sake, we’ve also included an image of Optimus in Transformers: Dark of the Moon, alongside the Empire cover that reveals his look in Age of Extinction):


Pictured alongside Optimus on the Empire cover is Wahlberg as a gearhead named Cade, alongside his daughter (Peltz) and her hot-shot car racer boyfriend (Reynor). While the individual parts may have changed, the bare-bones Transformers formula looks to be carried over into Age of Extinction. Hence, the father-daughter conflict between Wahlberg and Peltz will serve as the “heart” of the film, in addition to being a cost-cutting measure for the expensive CGI Transformers (a la Shia LaBeouf’s storyline throughout the previous three movies).

Of course, what would a Michael Bay Transformers movie be without practical effects and set pieces, which are also destroyed alongside the various digital elements in the film? Empire has unveiled an official Age of Extinction behind the scenes photo, which includes Bay giddily filming as members of his cast are suspended in the air (while shooting a scene that appears to involve their car taking a bit of a dive):


On Dark of the Moon, Bay definitely stepped up his game in terms of spectacle, when he incorporated 3D to produce the best action sequences featured in the Transformers franchise to date. Unfortunately, the script written by Ehren Kruger (who also wrote Age of Extinction) was lacking in the department of a human story core hook (read: “heart”) compared to the first movie – and even the maligned sequel, Revenge of the Fallen, was (arguably) better able to find a way to justify the inclusion of humans in the ongoing Autobot/Deception war story.

Will that change with Age of Extinction? Well, the “heart” may still be lacking, but at least the rumored storyline – which involves humans tinkering with Transformer technology to produce new creations – provides a simple reason for why the humans are such a large part of the story (that includes Wahlberg’s character). And no doubt, Bay will bring on the expected fireworks like it’s the Fourth of July.


Transformers: Age of Extinction opens in U.S. theaters on June 27th, 2014.

Source: Empire

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  1. i absolutley have no faith in this, but im still gonna see it because i’m retarded

    • +1000 (me too my friend, me too)

      • Me too…

        I used to be a big Michael Bay fan all the way up to Transformers, but Transformers 2 & 3 let me down big time. I still love the epic CGI action in both of these movies and for that alone they are definitely worth watching, but the humor and human storylines were way too goofy, even for a movie about giant alien robots that transform into cars and aircraft. If you really want to sell that kind of stuff you have to play it straight with regular situational humor and not with slapstick and Ken Jeong’s over-the-top craziness. I never even watched Pain & Gain, because the trailer had the same goofy humor, and of course Ken Jeong

        BUT! I have still hopes that Bay will return to his former self, with a better balance between epic action and appropriate humor. Pacific Rim almost got it right, even though the two scientists were on the goofy side as well.

        • I agree with you on all points regarding Bay pre/post Transformers 1. Parts 2/3 were big disappointments, and I didn’t even watch more than half of Pain & Gain.

          I’m hoping that things will change with Transformers 4, but at this point I don’t have much faith since the previous films made major bank and they don’t have much incentive to change. When Bay makes action films aimed at adults (The Island, Bad Boys 1 & 2) he’s great, but when he makes films that are trying to cater to teens/kids (Transformers sequels) then his track record isn’t the greatest. I hope he gets back to his previous form soon.

        • It’s a movie based on CHILDREN’S TOYS from 30 years ago!!! Get over it and just laugh and enjoy yourself.

          • That’s what he’s saying though, he can’t enjoy himself nor laugh.

          • I enjoyed the heck out of the first Transformers movie. It really hit the spot. But Transformers 2 & 3 just don’t have the kind of humor that I enjoy. Sorry that leghumping and farting robots don’t make me laugh.

            • Agreed on the first movie hitting the spot for me, and the second and third movie not living up to expectations as well. The humor was good for the first movie (at least for me) but they got too carried away with it after that.

            • Agreed

            • +1

            • Yeah, the humor element in the first film was really golden compared to the second and third. The only funny moment I remember for me personally from the third was Carly and Charlotte Mearing’s short exchange on whether Charlotte was a woman or not. That scene was just hilarious to me.

            • Winchester, totally agree. When folks say “oh it’s just a movie based on toys”, I am reminded that this mirrors exactly what Michael Bay said when he was first approached to direct.

              The tragedy of the series is in the small minded dismissive approach, an approach embraced by some fans. Clearly. But the fans who are not themselves filmmakers, they can be afforded this. It is not their responsibility to think big. That’s not a diss on them. It’s just a statement of fact; they’re not filmmakers, they’re not storytellers. But the filmmakers do not get that same pass, for the simple fact that it is their job to dramatize and brings dreams to life, to challenge the limits of ideas. A dismissing approach to the source material’s potential is, as we’ve seen, not a good place to start in this regard.

              Too fine a point cannot be put on how superior the Transformers: Prime series is to this series minus Bay stepping on the writers’ shoes and shooting down their creativity. You’ll find no Mudflap and Skids in the Prime series, no leg humping robots, no dumb a$$ fart jokes, no Bumblebee “lubricating on the humans”.

          • He’s talking about serious-it’s-going-down kind of movies, now a days Hollywood wants to please everyone and it turns out to s***. You’re right on that Transformers been around for 30 years. If it was hip and awesome back then the fact it’s older should hit mature audiences all HW want is to branch out their product to toys, games, and spin off media. It’s all part of the plan of marketing that is failing for most people that used to enjoy these kind of hyped movies; a.k.a blockbuster summer movies.

          • Why do people still pull the “it’s based on a 30 year old toy line” argument? Look, it’s a movie franchise. And as such, no one has to automatically like it or dismiss it’s potential as epic sci fi. Seriously, it’s a tired argument. to put in perspective exactly how tired the argument is, imagine it being applied to the comic book films we all love. Imagine if those films were constructed by people who little to no respect for the material or its potential. If we’re all being honest, we can agree that NONE of those films (Avengers, the Dark Knight series, The Wolverine, Man of Steel, etc) would be anywhere near as good or beloved as they are.

            That said, I still haven’t forgiven Michael for killing Jazz in the first damn film. lol.

            One of the best things about Pacific Rim is that it shows that a film can be about giant robots and still rank as quality science fiction. I do not have high expectations for Age of Extinction, but something tells me (this is hope talking) that PR has set a standard that will influence the ambition that goes into elevating the Transformers franchise. we’ll see.

        • i agree iwant to back the last transformers because in transformer 4 optimus is like an a warrior i hate it

    • Yup, totally agree, T1 is mildly awful, T2 & T3 are hideously bad but I’ve seen all three, although not at the cinema, and yes I will get around to seeing this.

      I have a little faith that it’ll be any good. I’ve yet to see Marky Mark in anything I’ve enjoyed (Shooter’s the closest) and for me Michael’s last good film was The Rock (don’t for Bad Boys 2).

      But yet, the pull of those Cybertronians is impossible to resist because if by some cosmic alignment, a million in one chance that it IS good then, lets be honest, how awesome would a GOOD Transformers movie be.

      In till then I’ll console myself with ’86 and Pacific Rim, and keep hoping

      Till All Are One………

    • “There’s no fate but what we make for ourselves.”

    • Can we be friends?

    • Not even gonna see it

    • I have no faith either but I’ve learned my lesson,im not going to pay any more money for this Transformers garbage Bay has put on screen.Sure i’ll watch it eventually one day but not at the cinemas.And that goes for G.I. Joe as well.The only movie im still patiently waiting for is He-Man and that will probably be a disaster too.

    • As much of a Transformers fan as I am, I am probably going to wait on this to come out on DVD/Netflix/Red Box first before giving it a try, unless my friends rave about it.

  2. I have to say it…michael bay all the way!

  3. *sigh*…Every fiber in my body knows this will be just more of the same, but I also know that I will be there opening weekend. I mean, I “enjoyed” the films as stupid fun, but all three are more or less the same movie.

  4. Obviously the designs have differences, but I can’t be the only one who thinks that both of them are really indistinct and unremarkable. Along with almost all of the other designs in the films thus far. I’m not a “Make them exactly like the old cartoon” guy, just wishing for robots that actually look like more than Rorshach-esque clumps of metal shards.

    • Haha, yeah it does seem like a lot of metal shards in there, compared to the smooth forms of the cartoon. I have to say I preferred the smoothness of the cartoon design more. They seemed more approachable.

      He looks a little more sinister with the new design actually. I wonder if they’ll justify it (i.e. explain it within the story) or pull a Fresh Prince mom type situation and pretend like nobody’s noticing the change.

    • That’s one of my biggest bug bares with the Bay movies.

      The designs are indistinct so it’s hard to tell one ‘bot from another, add to that super shaky cam and super close up during the action shots and you can’t tell what the hell is going on then something explodes, drawn back to watch the cloud expand then zoom back in to the middle of the mix.

      Someone give this guy a wide angle lens and get him to dolly out for crying out loud. Saving Private Ryan’s beach scene has a lot to answer for….

      • I thought most of the Autobot designs were great in the movies. It was the Decepticons who I could never tell apart (with the exception of Megatron and Starscream).

      • It’s not difficult to tell apart the cinematic Transformers. Amongst the Decepticons, I could sense some difficulty for the general viewer, but as for hardcore fans, it should be simple. Maybe it’s just me, because it’s not strenuous at all. Also, the whole entire “scraps of metal shards combined together”-mindset is simply mind-boggling to me. They actually look like aliens.

    • Yea, Ditto. I wish he would make them look more like robots and less like aliens. I feel like when I watch Michael Bay’s Transformers movies, 3 things happen:
      1. I kind of have to squint a bit
      2. and then think back to what I remember him looking like in Gen. 1
      (and pretty much every interpretation since then; because most people love the way Optimus Prime looks, there’s a reason he was the best selling toy on the market)
      3. and then I go “Oh yea, now I kind of see it”.

  5. I wish they’d make a Transformers: Prime theatrical release. It’s in a tie with G1 for best Transformers series for me. G1 still holds its place just for starting it all.

    • Transformers Prime is pure amazing. Extremely better than G1 in my book. Hopefully, they’ll take some tips from the show and incorporate them into this fourth installment.

      • I’m in my mid-30′s so G1 is special to me. I agree that Transformers:Prime is of much higher production quality, but the nostalgia factors heavily in my rating of G1, hence the tie score.

        • Don’t get me wrong, I love G1

        • *Don’t get me wrong, I love G1 as well. I like Prime more, not because of the production quality, but because of how interesting and complex it is. G1 could at times get boring and repetitive.

  6. Looks like protoform

  7. My problem with Bay’s Transformers has always been the whole “scrap metal” argument. There are just way too many moving parts packed in there that it’s hard to tell what is happening. The gifts scenes are like watching a ball of metal parts and you can’t tell who is who or what is what. I homely hoped Bay would take queue and learn from Pacific Rim with the robot design. All of jaegers moving parts looked functional and mechanical. They made sense when they moved and the design was simple enough that you understood everything that was happening, and why the parts were moving. But alas, the “new” Prime looks like more twisted, confusing metal parts that are overly designed. *sigh*

    • There’s nothing confusing about these designs. They actually look like sentient aliens instead of human-manufactured robots.

  8. Pretty cool. Optimus was pretty much the ONLY good thing about Transformers 2 and 3, so I’m just glad at least he’s still coming back.

  9. Prime looks absolutely horrible. He looks like pure evil, and he’s not even red either!!!????

    • If you look closely, you can see the red more, and also the iconic flames cinematic Prime renders. We’ll have to see more pictures to actually get a grasp of his color, because this poster has him at a really bad angle.

  10. i’m excited to get Ultra Magnus…and the Dinobots can be easily screwed up.

  11. I dont know if I want this or not.
    I got lost on the Transformers franchise…

  12. Awesome, I see they have found a way to get even further away from my original design!

  13. Optimus Prime is simply gorgeous. I can’t wait to see that new sword of his in action! Looking forward to seeing the designs of the other characters!

  14. I’m currently not liking Prime’s new look. It’s too protoform I feel. A little off topic but, you know what I liked about the War for Cybertron and Fall of Cybertron? No human element in them, the bots and con’s carried the story just fine without human interaction. Why does there have to be in the films?? And the only main humans that were in the G1cartoons were Spike, Sparkplug, and Chip. Yes eventually Carly.. But why humans that have never appeared in any of the series new or old? Yes I’m a G1 fan, it’s what I grew up watching.

    • All the shows had human characters, the reason being it gives the kids watching a vector by which to relate to what’s happening in the plot.

      Why do they maximize the amount of time spend on human characters in the films? Because every second of CG Transformers scenes costs a fortune to produce.

      • Finally, someone who is educated about the Transformers films and silence those G1 fan boys.

      • I know that the shows all had main human characters, never said they didn’t. What I said was, why have main human characters that have NEVER been in the shows? Also I stated that the console games did not have human characters and they were very enjoyable, of course you can fairly argue that they were on Cybertron for those. But if my memory serves me right, in the G1 series both Spike and Chip had both been on Cybertron. So there could have been human characters but they chose not to. As for all CGI films, there have been a few with in our lifetime, the Shrek series to name four. Toy Story-Toy Story3 all CGI. And if Mr. Bay has the budget for explosives(which you know he does and it’s crazy nuts) then he can add more CGI.

        • OK, you seriously think I don’t know there are all-CG movies out there?

          Shrek and Transformers are two totally different critters in terms of budget and CG costs. Not even in the same category.

  15. Hes purple

  16. I can understand why a lot of people hate Michael Bay, but I think there are worst directors than Michael Bay out there. Chill the f*ck up, it’s Transformers, not Sophie’s Choice.

    • transformers > sophies choice

    • Counter-argument: There are in fact also far better directors than Michael Bay.

  17. bay’s transformer movies are the worst movies ever put to film.

    • As Mark Kermode says, as much as he hates Michael Bay and Zack Snyder, if people call their movies the worst ever made, he has entire shelves at home with even worse movies to show you.

      • snyder should not be compared to bay

      • Not to mention, people LOVE seeing these Transformers films.

    • You’ve clearly never seen Jack & Jill, 90% of all exploitation films ever made, Resident Evil 2-11, the Twilight saga, The Smurfs, and god knows what else.

      • actually I have, and I put transformers 1,2,3 about even with those

  18. This is an example of a cartoon that should have never been made into a movie. The only saving grace has been Optimus. The story, the cast have been awful. Particularly the witwicky character; just annoying. I had the stomach to see the first but not the rest of them.

  19. terrible new design for optimus hes more blue now than red looks like something out of a bad power ranger movie in the face too awful

  20. Aside from the problematic issue of being a Michael Bay joint, I have a hard time with the idea of a live action TF film precisely because the part everyone cares about seeing, the robots, are the most expensive part, and a film will always look for ways to cut their screen time to save budget.

    • I will say I have never made a movie, but I wonder if they could wrangle some better robot time if they were willing to cut back on other aspects of the film. *Looks pointedly at Mark Wahlberg’s paycheck.*

      You could probably also simplify the robots themselves some so they wouldn’t cost so much. I think they said that Iron Hide’s gun in the first film had about 10,000 moving parts? Assuming this to be true, does it really NEED 10,000 moving parts? Simplify the bots and I suspect you’ll not only save money but make some of the more conservative fans happier as well.

      Just a thought anyway.

  21. Here’s what I don’t get. If this is a soft reboot, why the F is Bay the one starting the next chapter? The next director, if that’s truly the intent will be stuck in the same stupid story and direction that he started. It makes no sense at all.

  22. More alien, less bulky robot. I like it!

  23. The new design is not as bad as I thought. I would have preferred a stockier look to go with the beefier Truck mode but this looks ok.

  24. michael bays movies are s*** and we’re all gonna see them

    • no we wont. and if you do, then you are part of the problem

      • I know I’ll be there on premiere day, along with a lot of others. There’s nothing wrong with these films except the obvious need for character development, better humor, and a better script.

  25. I like the new design of optimus. I think it looks pretty sick. However it looks like they did away with the trailer, witch I dont like. I also liked it when optimus would pack on the armour and save the day. My concern is, the lack of autobot characters. This will be the forth film in the franchise and they haven’t even scratched the surface of the autobots. Some people were saying they licked transformers prime. Well i thought i was okay, but they did away with some of the same thing. Where the hell is hotrod, and cup and cliffjumper percepter blaster springer and lets not forget wreck gar. More robots need there time to shine other then that core group. Especially hotrod he became leader of the autobots, why is this character being neglected?

    • Okay, what are you talking about?! The films practically revolve around the Autobots when it comes to the Transformers. If any faction needs some more screen-time or depth it is definitely the Decepticons. They are so numbed down in the cinematic films; they’re threatening, imposing, and badass-looking, but they get their asses kicked so easily. The ‘Cons are rendered as highly-trained, combat-ready and merciless warriors by the Autobots and humans, yet that doesn’t seem to be the case. Also, having more than six characters on one team completely eliminates the aspect of character development. As seen previously, including numerous characters doesn’t work out so well, especially for Transformers 2.