Rumor Patrol: ‘Transformers 5′ Coming Summer 2017

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Transformers 4 Logo1 Rumor Patrol: Transformers 5 Coming Summer 2017

In just a few months, Transformers: Age of Extinction – the first Transformers film since 2011 – releases in theaters with director Michael Bay still at the helm and a brand new cast, including Mark Wahlberg, Nicola Peltz and Jack Reynor.

Though the first trilogy was met with some criticism from fans and reviewers alike, the Transformers franchise nevertheless made billions of dollars at the box office and has remained a profitable series for Paramount. The decision to greenlight yet another film was a no-brainer, and now, if an old presentation is to be believed, there are even bigger plans in store.

A Hasbro slideshow presentation from 2012 for license holder Vilsco has leaked, and it provides new details about the future of the Transformers franchise. The most interesting slide is a calendar confirming Transformers 5 for Q2 of 2017. Also featured are presumably two animated features for Q1 of 2015 and Q1 of 2016 with curious new faction logos. Meanwhile, the concept art includes character designs for Silver Knight Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Hound, Drift, Lockdown and Grimlock from Transformers: Age of Extinction.




Transformers 5 Leaked Presentation Rumor Patrol: Transformers 5 Coming Summer 2017

Of course, the release of a fifth film in the franchise is largely dependent on the success of Transformers: Age of Extinction, but it seems Hasbro has very specific plans in mind about how events will unfold. So far their calendar appears to be going according to plan, so there’s no reason to expect that not to continue.

The character designs themselves are particularly interesting because we get a good look at the upgraded form of Optimus Prime, dubbed “Silver Knight.” There’s also artwork of Optimus Prime activating or bonding with the leader of the Dinobots, Grimlock, giving us a first look at what could be a key moment in Transformers: Age of Extinction. There are more images of merchandise, etc. over at TFW2005.

What do you think, Screen Rant readers? Are you excited for more films and the continuation of this new trilogy in the Transformers franchise? Do you want Michael Bay to return as a director, or do you think it’s time to pass the torch? Let us know in the comments.


Transformers: Age of Extinction hits theaters June 27th, 2014.

Source: TFW2005 [via CBM]

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  1. very good news indeed. i like these movies.

  2. I’m guessing they’ll build to a part 6 with Unicron. Maybe 5 will have some combiners, like superion or Bruticus. Or even better, HEADMASTERS!

    But I’m not overly excited, this translation to film was broken from the start. They should’ve done a full reboot with a new design and director. The soft reboot seemed to keep alot of negative aspects of the first trilogy, like Bay, crappy dialogue, too much human story & not enough cybertronian plotlines, and shia replaced by the even more one-dimensional wahlburg. And the worst part is the cg transformer design, the robots look messy, they look like they couldn’t feasibly transform. and the cg never blends with the human actors, I sense the green screens in their expressions.

    And Grimlock would never allow Prime to ride him. Cool idea, but no.

    • Do you know how happy I’d be if there was an Aerialbots vs. Combaticons or Stunticons scene? So happy that Michael Bay will never do it.

    • Wait.

      Did you REALLY just say that Wahlberg is “more one dimensional than Shia”?

      Is there travel to your dimension so I can see this for myself because in my dimension, Shia is a talentless and annoying expletive while Wahlberg is warm, charming, likeable, funny and full of personality.

      • Yes, Wahlburg is very good in the role of Mark Wahlburg.

        • I’m guessing you don’t like Samuel L. Jackson, Denzel Washington, Charlie Sheen, or Bruce Willis either.

          • Or Harrison Ford, Chris Evans, the Rock, and so on LOL

    • Grimlock would probably allow it if Prime earns Grimmy’s respect and honor. Also, let’s not forget that he allowed Wheelie, of all people, to ride him in the 1986 movie.

    • Pitt Man – you make some valid points. Particularly those surrounding the childish dialogue with humans and not enough plotlines concerning cybertron. As for Mark Walhberg, I’ll take him over Shia Le’Biatch any day.

    • Agreed .
      (last sentence) really i am a teen and i learned transformers from the film .

  3. Bleh.

    • I’m with ya.

  4. I’m not really liking the designs for the new characters; especially Hound. It just seems like the Michael Bay crew went a little too far to try and create “character” for each of them.

    • Lots of guys were posting on that site that Hound looks exactly like Bulkhead from one of the recent animated shows/toyline. It’s true, he looks just like he was supposed to be Bulkhead, but they randomly switched his name to hound to appeal to the G1 fans. Despite the fact he doesn’t resemble Hound in the slightest apart from being green.

      I’m hating pretty much all of this so far. I guess it really is for new/young fans, or just people that except every incarnation and love everything TF. But, for me, it just doesn’t feel like Transformers. They got so much wrong for me so far that I can’t imagine them being able to make it all right again. I guess i’m just a fan of a certain era of TF and will never be okay with all this. I just hope the diehard fans enjoy it.

      • I think I could forgive some of the general messing about with canon and who’s-named-what if the these movies actually cared about their story or characters even a little bit. I mean, Transformers gets reinvented as something newish every five years or so (minus a few important conistencies) so I’m mostly used to that anyway.

        Of course if these movies actually cared about their story or characters they wouldn’t muck them up so much in the first place. Ironic that.

        Also, further irony is that (I personally believe) TF: Animated had some of the best character and story writing in the franchise’s history (pretty much had to with its atypical art style) So I’m really not looking forward to seeing how these film-makers decide to “adapt” that. *sigh*

  5. Not botherd by the images but will give the movies a watch because while their is problems in the previous movies u still get big robots fighting each other which is a fun watch.

  6. Looking forward to it! As a film buff, I know these films are not really good. But my brothers and I have made it sort of a tradition seeing these movies in theaters. Looking forward to extinction, and part five in 2017!!

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  8. Hell yes. My body is ready.

    I’m actually really excited. It seems Hasbro is actually planning what happens in the next installment. Here’s hoping for an overarching story line with Unicron, and, possibly (hopefully), the Quintessons.

    Also, on a side note, I was so stoked today after coming out of Captain America 2. Of course, the movie was fantastic beyond belief, but when some families saw the Optimus Prime display for AOE, they immediately recited everything on the billboard and recognized it as Transformers. One dad even said Transformers is going to kick ass. I was so ecstatic to know that there are general moviegoers out there that aren’t all elitist snobs. I wish I was there for everyone’s reaction when they showed the trailer during the previews, though. THAT would have been entertaining.

    • fantastic beyond belief?? What’s hilarious about Marvel fans is the bias love towards anything that comes out. Cap 2 was great action, definitely the best captain America being captain America, but all this talk about a 70′s style spy thriller was bogus. It was a simple plot with a predictable ending. Not to mention that if another main character dies and then all of a sudden, “oh wait” he survived, i’m gonna puke. Love marvel’s universe for what it is, good superhero movies, nothing more.

      • I liked the movie and Cap is my favorite Marvel hero. Also, I certainly didn’t feel it had an incredibly predictable ending. I was on the edge of my seat the entire time and it was great. I’m not a biased Marvel fan. Captain America 2 was just a really good movie.

  9. This summer’s BOT CON is gonna be amazing !!

    Check out :

  10. Why is there so much hate for michael bay i don’t understand. i think he’s the best action director in hollywood. Personally i’ve enjoyed all of his movies because they entertain me ,from humour to action. yes his movies have some flaws but what movie doesn’t if you really want to look for something to critisize.

    • While I agree that he’s a great action director, there are MANY flaws that keep me from enjoying his movies. If you want, I can go in to EXACTLY what problems I have with Michael Bay and his Transformers.

      • I think every director has flaws, even the great Nolan LOL

  11. Ain’t even the real Transformers.

    • There is no such thing as the “real” Transformers. The Movieverse is just as much as Transformers as G1, which I’m going to assume you’re implying as the “real” Transformers.

  12. They will keep making them no matter what. Unless they do a Live Action My Little Pony like Mister Ed. GI Joe 2 hardly broke any bank and a third sequel is underway despite this. The bar for success has been lowered.

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  14. yes and yes and maybe I can get them to use my voice for transformers 5 long live the transformers yeah! I

  15. Why is it they don’t use more of the original characters they have done red alert prowl and many others and wtf I don’t care about the human aspect I want to see more action and story that is what I fell I love with in 1984 yes 30 yrs of love lol

  16. I am glad to hear this i love the transformers movies and think Micheal Bay should keep making more also can’t wait for avengers 2 to come out

  17. If this movie is going to be any good they should take their ques from the original animated movie and set it 30 years after the 4th

  18. hi

  19. we want more transformers films to continue and we need micheal bay to direct it

  20. That date isn’t true it’s coming out in 2016, get your information right.

    • I’m just happy to see transformers hit the big screen. I loved the cartoon as a kid and I am glad to have the chance to share it with my son. Even though to some it’s has flaws. I would rather have the new transformers movies then none at all. I’m excited to see more transformers in the future no mater how many flaws they have. It’s all new and exciting for my son and I. We really enjoy them and that’s what it’s all about for us.

  21. I lovedd the movie Michael Bay done a phenomenal job in the film he a great director there is nothing I would change about the the film the story the characters and the lay out was great!!! I enjoyed ot definitely keeps you thinking!!!! Keep on bringing them out Michael Bay does a hell of a job!!!!!

  22. from being a previous transformer fan from when I was a child in the 80s the new franchise has been amazing and am able to share the fondness I had with them as a child now with mine. Michael Bay I believe should continue on as the leader on directing these movies, he’s been phenomenal and his key for excellence has not been gone unnoticed. one thing that would be great is bringing back some of the previous cast members that is what disappointed me with transformers 4, but I still loved the movie

    • yes like were is hot rod?

  23. I hope old transformer is back like ironhide and rached

  24. Don’t really have a problem with Michael bay,love his action movies think he’s the best director and who knows maybe they will use my voice one day,will be the first SOUTH AFRICAN actress OMG,,I can imagine keep up the good work MICHAEL BAY,can’t wait for Transformers 5!

    • I think for the transformers 5 is that optimus and the rest of his team go fight optimus creaters and the corvette dies

  25. Waiting to see Megatron come to an end…

  26. My problem with these movies are STICK WITH A STORY LINE!!! Pretty much each movie has a different origin “past into present.” First Prime and Megatron ruled together then divided into factions. Second the war had been going on since the original primes. Third Sentinel was in charge and Prime was his second. Now Prime went from being a descendant of the Primes to created by the Quints and not born like those shown in Revenge of the Fallen. I see so much animosity toward Michael Bay’s directing when the real issue is the writers can’t create a follow up story that coincides with the previous. Really. If they got a solid back story and worked off that single point without trying to add or take from it, they wouldn’t have to hide it with so much human focused story lines.

  27. Bring back sam! The movie is not the same without him man.. And epps and the rest of the crew! Don’t f*** up a movie and chantelzales characters like that, im a biiiig transformert fan! But whey they changed the characters it was not cool man…

    • Agreed . definitely

  28. Michael Bay is definitely not directing, I’m pretty sure that was official. I can’t wait to see how this movie is going to be like; new director! No matter how much my siblings hate the movie, I can’t help but love it! I will rewatch it anytime, anywhere, regardless if I JUST watched it. I cannot wait for the next one!!

  29. WHAT ? i loved the first three films :D . Shia + bumblebee+ megan fox were brilliant !!!! The fourth films seen good and i’m looking forward to watch after my gcse’s in 2015!! But the 4th film seems to have a lack of a story ,with micheal bay doing loads of explosions, and i think with a new plot should have a new director just to see a change AND to make a proper comparison !! . i will miss shia + megan:( . Also why are there 10 billion american flags in hongkong according to the trailers and to internet crictics . Really if so how strange?