‘Transformers: Age of Extinction’ TV Spot #2: Imagine Grimlock’s Dragon Breath

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We’re coming down to the final month before Transformers: Age of Extinction hits theaters, which means that it’s time for Paramount’s big marketing blitz, complete with tie-in merchandising and promotion. A new Transformers 4 trailer is on the way, but we get a first look at some new footage thanks to this latest Age of Extinction TV Spot, which features music by the hit group, Imagine Dragons.

The TV spot does recycle footage that we saw in the Transformers 4 teaser trailer, but it also offers a higher ratio of robot action (as opposed to human drama), which is the real selling point of this franchise.

We get recycled looks at Optimus Prime battling Galvatron (only to be shot through the chest by new villain Lockdown), and new Autobot Slingshot popping a parachute in the air to do some hover-sniping – as well as the big money scene of Optimus Prime battling Dinobot leader (and fan-fav character), Grimlock. In addition to that old business, the Imagine Dragons TV spot does offer the following new material as well:

  • A first official look at the robot form of new Autobot, Hound.
  • A shot of Grimlock’s iconic fire breath.
  • A scene (presumably climatic) of Optimus Prime riding Grimlock into battle through an urban metropolis.
  • SEE More new Autobot Images HERE.
  • (PS, at the :15 mark of the video – does that look like recycled Transformers 3 footage? We know Bay likes to pull that trick in his movies…)

We’ve been promised that Transformers: Age of Extinction is going to be a new beginning for the franchise, with a darker more serious approach to the material. An alleged script synopsis leaked almost a year ago now seems all but confirmed by all the elements of the film we’ve seen so far, but other elements of the film still have us concerned that, at the end of the day, what we’re going to get is just another Michael Bay-brand Transformers movie which is fully in step with the mistakes of the previous three installments. Aside from a swollen cast of human characters (with actress Nicola Peltz’ shrill cry of “Daaaaaaaad!” replacing Shia LaBeouf’s “Bumblebeeeee!”), the robot characters seem to carry hints of the same kind of ridiculous on-the-nose character stereotypes we’ve seen before (ex: Jazz).

Hound and Drift in Transformers 4 Transformers: Age of Extinction TV Spot #2: Imagine Grimlocks Dragon Breath

Take, for example, the new Autobots Hound and Drift: the latter is a Samurai-themed warrior bot, while the former is an old war machine in the vein of the deceased Ironhide. In the case of both characters, their facial designs and mannerisms seem like thin stereotypes of a Japanese warrior and old army commander (complete with cigar in mouth). Sure, having celebrity voices like Ken Watanabe and John Goodman will probably help sell these two characters to fans – but why alien robots would feel the need to speak in Japanese language/accents or smoke cigars is beyond us. And we’re not exactly counting on the movie to provide us with airtight explanations on that front; just more silly stuff for the sake of it, probably…

Hopefully the characters get more distinct personalities (and sufficient development), but after so many times around this track, we reserve the right to retain a healthy dose of skepticism.


Transformer 4 Trailer #1 Analysis VIDEO


Transformers: Age of Extinction will be in theaters on June 27th.

Source: Paramount

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  1. only thing that bothers me is why they need to put facial hair/hair on transformers. it just doesn’t make sense at all.

    • its not hair lol… but i love it and thing it has a great effect as hair but its clearly not hair XD

      • He didn’t mean actual hair hahaha. The “hair effect”, more like it. Definitely distracting.

    • so that the public would know they are old and rugged and initiated in the art of battle, d’oooh

    • Do you know how many Transformers in the past have had facial hair? Alpha Trion, Rodimus, Scourge and the Sweeps, Wreck-Gar — need I say more? There’s nothing wrong with facial hair on them. It’s a unique and interesting design choice.

      Besides, Hound is supposed to evoke the look and personality of an old war veteran in the cinematic universe, so the army theme as well as the beard certainly helps that.

  2. amazing… i cant wait for this movie. its gonna beat the last movies box office and be the highest grossing 2014 movie

  3. i guess linkin park was replaced as the official movie soundtrack. meh, i like them but i like imagine dragons too.

  4. “F**k Imagine Dragons” – Josh Homme

  5. Doing movie marketing with a band? I haven’t seen that in years, and man does it look outdated. Ever since Raimi’s Spider-Man, I feel like promoting a movie with a band is actually cheesy and lame. Anyway, the movie looks fun though.

  6. So robots smoke Cigars now?
    Great marketing by the Tobacco Industry. Definitely not taking my son to see this.

    • So death, destruction, violence, sexual situations….not a problem for your kid. But puffin on a cigar is where you draw the line. My condolences to that confused kid.

      • *applause* you just shut that man down.


      • @nedrud @ azimiq
        I hope you get lung & throat cancer. Then we’ll see if you can still be smug.

  7. Optimus riding Grimlock looks so dumb.

    • Yea I caught myself thinking “ok so we are really sticking with optimus riding grimlock.. oh wait hes ridin him through the city… swinging a sword.. what?”

  8. Does this mean no more Linkin Park?

  9. Yeah that’s one thing I never understood with the latter installments of the trilogy and now this fourth installment, which is, why do the autobots/decepticons resemble human features (facial hair, hair, smoking cigars, prescription glasses, human noses/eyes) when these are suppose to be aliens. Aliens who were from a far far planet who had no contact with humans till T3 in the moon landing??? Why can’t they all look like Optimus or Bee, where they have faces but with more distinct, original robot/automobile facial characteristics? But it’s whatever. Still don’t like Grimlock with horns and Strafe with two heads.

    Still seeing this movie though…

  10. “Slingshot” has been confirmed as Crosshairs. Slingshot was a production, cover-name.

  11. I don’t see why people think that Tessa’s (Nicola Peltz) scream of “Dad!” in the teaser trailer is so annoying and automatically replaces Sam’s occasional scream of “Bumblebee!”, “Optimus!”, or “No! No! No! No!”. She is being abducted by a mysterious and evil alien robot bounty hunter who just kicked the leader of the Autobots’ ass. Do you expect her to sit there and be silent or say a full sentence? Hell no. At least, I wouldn’t. Any teen in that situation would scream for whoever’s near by to help them.

    Stereotypes, as it’s apparently called, help these characters obtain a solidified personality. A sincere and concrete personality does NOT have to be obtained through an ass-load of lines. Their designs and body language, along with other things, can certainly provide that. Also, I, personally, didn’t see Jazz as a stereotype. Who says Caucasians can’t speak the way he did? Everyone assumes at first glance he’s supposed to be imitating a black person. It’s called urban dialect, which Jazz is known for speaking.

    Also, that’s not a cigar in Hound’s mouth. It’s a bullet. And, no, at 0:15, that’s NOT reused footage. By looking closely and examining, you can see Crosshairs, Bumblebee in his new mode, along with the new humans on that drone ship. Although, the scene does take place in Chicago. That may be the source of the mistake.

    This movie looks to be changing tons of stuff and it’s not limited to the cast of both Cybertronian and human characters. The title song band (bye-bye, Linkin Park), the overall feel of the film — hell, even the font used in trailers is different than what we’ve seen before. I seriously doubt this is going to be the “same thing”, as people love to call it.

    This film will kick ass. That’s all I’m saying.

    • It is a cigar dude. Look it up.

  12. I love you Scooby doo!!!! Well said mate :) Movies like this are just incredibly entertaining and other people just expect too much.

    • Thanks. And I don’t think it’s particularly expecting too much, but people just seeing Michael Bay’s name attached and feeling the need to not examine things and read between the lines, like us fans do. Movie fans, anyways.

  13. I’ll go see it. At this point you know what you’re going to get with Transformers and Bay. To me it’s worth the price of movie ticket, but I usually don’t rewatch them. As long as Optimus Prime whoops some ass I’ll be pleased.

  14. is Drift wearing a Guy Fawkes mask?

  15. Cool, another dead Optimus Prime coming back to life movie.

    • He’s not dying. He’s getting shot!

  16. That samurai-bot look is really cool though. I don’t think such archetypes should automatically be assumed as racist.

  17. Okay I rly don’t see any actual “true” Transformers fans here. Y’all say that the cigar is stupid? Well get this. Since the first G1 Cartoons a Autobot named Kup always had one. It’s like a Electronic Cigar. It makes them get a “high” like we do when we smoke cigars or cigarettes. So that fact is spot on. 

    The other is hair. If you have seen the old Transformers Cartoons then you’d know this fact is true to. Transformers have “hair”. Well some do anyway. 

    So for ppl gettin ticked off at Micheal Bay for trying to say that all of this isn’t a “true” Transformers movie really arn’t fans at all. Js. Go back and watch the 80′s cartoons and you will see. 

    The only thing that isn’t true and bugs me is that Hound isn’t supposed to be old at all. At first I swore I thought that pic was of Kup not Hound. Hound in the G1 Cartoons was a kind of Truck & Helicopter. A multi Transformer. Kind of like how Jetfire in the 2nd film was a old Autobot. It’s true Jetfire was a Decepticon at first then became a Autobot cause of Prime. 

    I just hope that more lil hints of the old 80′s Transformers pop up in the film. Wouldn’t mind seeing any of the Transformers that Transform together too. Now seeing Superion or Bruticus would be awesome!!!

  18. I saw this movie yesterday, and I hated it. I grew up watching Transformers (G1), and this movie was just plain stupid. Nothing like the old Transformers.