‘Transformers 4 & 5′ Shooting Back-to-Back? Jason Statham Starring?

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Hasbro CEO Brian Goldner’s very recent announcement that Transformers 4 was being actively developed came as a shock to…  no one, essentially. The “fourquel” has been all but assured ever since the third installment, Dark of the Moon, grossed over a billion dollars at the worldwide box office this past summer.

However, reports are now in that Paramount and Hasbro officials are developing plans to shoot Transformers 4 and Transformers 5 simultaneously – and already have an actor in mind to replace Shia LaBeouf as the human star of the series.

Variety says that the fourth and fifth Transformers movies – which Dark of the Moon scriber Ehren Kruger is said to already have concocted a storyline for – could be filmed back-to-back, as a cost-cutting measure. The site also reports that action maestro Jason Statham is being considered as the potential new lead for the franchise, but that an actual offer has yet to be made.

If this all sounds somewhat familiar, that’s probably because you’re remembering the rumors from a few weeks back – ones claiming that Fast and Furious 6 & 7 could also be filmed simultaneously, with Jason Statham joining their cast(s) in a supporting role.

However, while nothing is set in stone for either high-octane blockbuster franchise, it’s certainly feasible that Statham could ultimately be hired on for both the new Fast and Furious and Transformers movies. The latter project isn’t expected to begin principal photography until either late 2012 or early 2013 – a date that could (theoretically) allow Michael Bay to first direct Pain & Gain, should he decide to reprise his role as the Transformers series’ helmer – so there shouldn’t be too much overlap between the production timelines for either of the aforementioned pairs of sequels.

UPDATE: Here’s the word from Michael Bay himself, with regards to Transformers 4:

I am currently not talking to Paramount on T4 and T5 despite reports. I’m looking at a lot of possibilities coming my way right now weighing options. Most likely going to be doing the low budget Pain and Gain, a true story crime thriller. It’s a very quick shoot and quite funny. Also just finishing the 3 disc set of the Transformer trilogy.

This is all strictly speculation at this point, seeing how Statham has not yet (by all accounts) officially been made an offer to appear in either action movie series – not to mention, it’s not known whether or not he actually wants the job(s). One thing you can count on, though: if Paramount can devise a practical plan for how to shoot the next two Transformers movies at once – an approach guaranteed to be more cost-efficient – the studio definitely will.

One last thing – we’re gong to go out on a limb here and say most fans would consider Statham as the human protagonist in the new Transformers movies a significant “upgrade” from LaBeouf. We could be wrong, though… 😉

RE-UPDATE: Statham spoke to MTV recently and indicated that he’s not actually been approached to headline any future Transformers movies. In the actor’s own words:

“You know, I don’t know how those things start. You read them. Someone told me about it. [But] the internet is a dangerous place. [laughs] There’s a lot of stuff out there… I’ve got a lot of stuff in front of me, but Michael Bay is a talented man. This last [Transformers movie] just made a billion dollars around the world, so people like his films. He’s a talented man.”

We will keep you posted on the status of Transformers 4 and 5 as the story develops.

Source: Variety

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  1. Please, please, please don’t ruin the TF movies with Jason Statham. He is a great actor in his own right, but he is a horrible fit for these.

    • If you replace shia labeouf im safe to say that im no longer watching transformers and very harsh coming out of any bodies mouth. My family loves transformers coming back from generations. It will be a shame if you reaplace shia with statham he doesnt fit it would be unproffesional.come on.

      • LOL Transformers died for me when they went with all the GM cars used.
        Old school Transformers will always be better.

    • If you replace shia labeouf im safe to say that im no longer watching transformers and thats very harsh coming out of any bodies mouth. My family loves transformers coming back from generations. It will be a shame if you reaplace shia with statham he doesnt fit it would be unproffesional.come on.

    • Im aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnggggggggggggggggggrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyyy!!!

    • Statham will be great in this role. I think he can do the comedy better and he can definitely do the action better

  2. Shia makes the movies! I was disappointed when they replaced Megan! I’m a female and I think Megan is way better looking than Carly. All she had was legs…longer than I am tall LOL!!!! I am such a die hard fan that I even enjoyed the second one, ha, I know I’ll take some rifts for that. The off cue jokes and the explosions are what make Transformers what it is. Every time I watch any of them I see something different or catch a little wit I missed.
    Sam needs to go out in a blaze of Glory or become a mentor for the next alien ambassador in the next one. That way the common thread is still there while giving an open book to other plots.
    We go see action films for the action. We want emotion and sex and action. Who cares about the plot being intricate?!!!!! And may I venture to add that the graphics should be appreciated by all because when we were growing up we could only imagine it like this.
    Love it Love it and I for one want MORE of it!

  3. That has to spell doom; I really can’t see Statham fitting the bill for TR4 and 5. I understand that Shia probably doesn’t want anything to do with it anymore, but using Statham is bad news… They’re gonna kill this franchise is what they’re gonna to do…

  4. Switching main characters in a series is alittle drastic don’t you think? Why fix something that isn’t broken. You look at the three films and who makes the films good? Yes sgi does but without LaBeouf you really got nothing. Changing main characters shows weakness and uncertainty in two new films. Yes Jason S is the “in” in action movies. But as a die hard fan of the movies and cartoons growing up it’s all about consistency for me. Bad movie in my books. 1 thumb down and the other throwing my tv remote.

  5. Another thing. I think LaBeouf can look ten years older if you want him too. Why change something that is working. You have to keep things consistent. You did screw up replacing ms. Fox, everyone knows it also. We watch it for the action. Amazing how graphics has changed over the years. But with Sam/ LaBeouf in the movies it will ruin the story line. You didn’t kill him off. Why can’t he look ten years older? Not hard. Physical appearance doesn’t really change in a 10 year span between 20 and 30. Mr. Bay I am a big fan, but, on this topic you should really listen to your die hard fans who are not only excited about the making of 4 and 5 but to see you pull off 4 and 5. It’s a big thing making more then a trilogy but changing main characters. Auhhhh. No good. Don’t make it about salary with LaBeouf he deserves a lot. When you look at transformers three people pop in your head. Bumble bee ( camero was happy to be able to release amazing cars and have them advertised on tv that millions of people saw) optimis prime who is “bad ass” and Sam/ LaBeouf !

  6. Why Statham? He’s in everything (for god knows what reason), and personally I think he’s s***! He wouldn’t suit the Transformers movies, however they try to fit him in



  8. yes, I want a forth and fifth Transformers, but please for the love of god, DON’T use Statham! He does not fit the rool at all!

  9. Transformers dosn’t need a human cast. It would be better just having the autobots instead.

  10. than shia labeouf there are many actors who can act better like Johnny Depp,Will Smith,Christian Bale who can act better than labeouf..actress should be fox ….

  11. if shia has had enough & wants to go then i say see ya later, transformers is about robots, they are the stars of the films. you can always bring someone new in to the franchise to fill a humans role as long as they get the story right to why sam is not in it. as for the robots, bring in Galvatron & Astrotrain pleeease !!!

  12. If they brought Shia AND Megan back for 4 and 5….it would break records. Big mistake canning her in the first place. I loved 1 and 2 and pretend 3 never happened. Shame on you for 3.

  13. I don’t think the movie would be very good without Shia and the upset of Megan leaving in the T3 and if micheal bay doesn’t direct it it will be a big upset and not as popular as T1. T2. T3

  14. I wouldn’t call a movie very good if the main actors change

  15. I wouldn’t call a movie very good if the main actors change And micheal bay is the best director so without him as well I’m not to keen about the nxt transformers if they do them

  16. Everyone is better than Shia..God thanks if he’d be replaced.

  17. Comment if you think that sam should not be replaced and he should be involved with NEST. Or Comment if you think that if sam is replaced he should be replaced by Bradely Cooper and should also be involved with NEST.

  18. Jason’s role will be a headmaster Autobot…hahahaha

  19. DON”T REPLACE HIM YOU! he’s Awesome i won’t watch no more if you do chance


  21. Replace Shia Labeouf with Jason and I’m gone. I actually enjoyed the films aswell, shame.

  22. I don’t care who plays lead as long as it’s not that running Shia LaBeouf running around like a headless chicken screaming his head off!!!
    Megan Fox and the dog had more bravo than that big girls blouse, LaBeouf

  23. i actually dont mind the main characters changing, Shia will always be amazing.THey beta make the replacement worth something. But by god u betta make more Transformers movies or series that would be awesome. But all the bad guys died, Megatron is deffo a main we need back, DEFFO STARSCREAM CUS I LUV HIM, soundwave with ravage and laser beak etc… Well they betta think of something clever, like how the Decepticons will return, are they gona ad a new bad guy (maybe Unicron cus thats when both Autobots and Decepticons work together to defeat), The plot is the main one, Maybe the decepticons win for once?
    Well anyway, i want more Transformers movies!

  24. Actually some of u are right. Transformers is all about Robots not Humans. Like ever single film has a human >:( .I do admit Shia is amazing but please no humans i dont mind NEST cos there not the main but GOD DAMMIT NO HUMANS!Ive truly never seen a movie that doesnt have a human its impossible…

  25. Leave jason Statham out of it, bring back Shia and Megan fox. That would make headlines and record breaking #’s at the box office.

  26. Shia said he did not want to be in the t4 or t5 not a big loss he is annoying to say the least.

  27. You seriously, cannot think about changing Shia! I know Transformers is about the awesomeness of graphics and robots and mind blowing action, but seriously, Shia and Megan ruled T1 and T2, and I though I missed Megan in T3, Shia again, stole the show with his…I don’t know…the way he acts is just funny and realistic and great to watch!
    Even though, I am a big fan of all the Transformers movies and am dying to watch T4 and T5-withot Shia, it will be weak.
    Don’t change the main characters please! I can imagine, Statham as one of te army officers, but not as a replacement for Shia!

  28. I like Statham in pretty much 95% of his movies but I cant see him doing anything notable in the Transformers franchise. But if they use him maybe just use him for T4. And have Shia LaBeouf perform a cameo at the end of the movie with Megan Fox opening for T5. Then T5 would just gross immense profits all over the world

  29. Why do so many people want megan fox back? She’s by far the worst actress to ever act. Then she had the nerve to talk crap about the bosses. Big surprise she gets fired. I really could care less about the human factor. Its called transformers, not humans.

    • U must be gay Megan fox is hot