‘Transformers: Age of Extinction’ Trailer: The Rules Have Changed

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After a three year hiatus from directing robots in disguise, Michael Bay is back with Transformers: Age of Extinction – and, this time, “The Rules Have Changed.” Dubbed a “soft reboot” of the series, the fourth Transformers film will continue the larger robot storyline from the first three installments  - while making minor changes to robot designs and swaps out series protagonist Sam Witwicky (Shia LaBeouf) for a new cast of human characters.

Despite a lengthy film shoot, and only four short months to go before its June 27th release, Paramount Pictures had yet to show any footage from the film – until they unveiled a 30 second teaser during the 2014 Super Bowl. The teaser, paired with sneak peek reveals at Toy Fair 2014, allowed us to identify a number of new characters and story details while awaiting the first full length trailer for the next Transformers adventure. Now, following a brief tease from Entertainment Tonight, the studio has finally launched a full length Transformers: Age of Extinction trailer (check it out above).

For weeks, fans pored over high definition screen grabs from the Super Bowl trailer in order to get an idea of where the story of Optimus Prime and the Autobots would be going from here. Bay has repeatedly claimed that the film is his final entry in the franchise and will lay out a fresh course for the series – with the intention of letting it continue in the hands of new directors. Sly detective work revealed that Galvatron and Lockdown would be the main baddies this round – with Dinobots (and other non-humanoid Cybertronians) potentially fighting on both sides.

Optimus Prime Cab Over G1 Truck Transformers 4 Transformers: Age of Extinction Trailer: The Rules Have Changed

The new trailer doesn’t exactly spell-out all of the twists and turns (not to mention allegiances) in the upcoming blockbuster – once again raising more questions than it actually answers. Nevertheless, the footage does what any good trailer should – get fans excited and tease the core storyline (while also adding a bit more context to all of the set photos, toys, and other marketing materials that have previously been revealed). In addition to a number of slick CGI action shots showing off fan-favorite Bumblebee and his new Eastern-inspired design, the full length trailer introduces potential viewers to the main human players – who, up to this point, had only been described through their relationships (father, daughter, and boyfriend).

Instead, the new footage gives a clearer picture of how their respective performers, Mark Wahlberg, Nicola Peltz, and Jack Reynor, could work on screen together.

Check out new character posters for Optimus Prime (Peter Cullen), Tessa Cade (Nicola Peltz) and Shane (Jack Reynor) below (click for full versions):

Optimus Prime Transformers 4 Poster 539x425 Transformers: Age of Extinction Trailer: The Rules Have Changed

Tessa Nicola Peltz Transformers 4 Poster 539x425 Transformers: Age of Extinction Trailer: The Rules Have Changed

Shane Jack Reynor Transformers 4 Poster 539x425 Transformers: Age of Extinction Trailer: The Rules Have Changed

While the interpersonal dynamic isn’t likely to be a major improvement over previous human storylines, it might offer (at the very least) a welcome change of pace – especially after Witwiky’s arc had been stretched way too far in Dark of the Moon. After all, action movie fans love on-the-nose job hunting montages, right? Hopefully, Age of Extinction can incorporate its new leads without resorting to the same kind of heavy-handed (and eye-rolling) moments that attempted to make Witwicky continuously relevant in an ever-expanding robot vs. robot war.

The notion that Yeagar discovers an injured Optimus Prime trapped (or hiding) as a broken down Freightliner Cab-over-engine Class 8 truck (still with flames) is an interesting set-up – as is the reveal that humans (including Titus Welliver’s Savoy) are actively hunting down remaining Cybertronian Transformers after building terrestrial variations.

Grimlock Transformers 4 Transformers: Age of Extinction Trailer: The Rules Have Changed

Of course, few viewers show up to a Transformers movie for the human characters – and the trailer provides a number of exciting looks at the new (and returning) cast of Cybertronian characters. After the Super Bowl teaser treated fans to the curious image of Optimus riding Grimlock, viewers will surely be glad for additional glimpses of the Dinobot leader brawling with Optimus Prime. Dinobot vs. Autobot fighting should be familiar to anyone that’s followed the Transformers franchise for years – and it’s safe to assume that the two heroes will eventually see robot eye to eye.

Check out our full breakdown of the new trailer (and all of its surprises) along with our analysis of the Super Bowl trailer – and be sure to call the number (855) 363-8392 (featured in the new trailer) for a fun easter egg.


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Transformers: Age of Extinction will be in theaters on June 27, 2014.

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  1. Looks half-decent. I’ll probably wait to rent it. Doesn’t look worth the $20 on a ticket/popcorn/soda to me.

    • If you really need to have junk food during the movie, bring it will you. Why the f@ck would you double your entry fee when you don’t have to?

      • I never buy the candy; I always take that with me. But movie theater popcorn is delicious and a value at twice the price! Especially when the theater I like has free refills on large popcorn.

        • My Dad used to drive us to the movie theater, park, run in and buy two tubs of popcorn and then leave. I usually hid in the floorboard out of embarrassment (I was in jr. high at the time).

          • Your dad sounds alpha to me.

    • I’d say its worth the $10 to see the movie (being I’m not stupid enough to pay $4-$5 for a small soda at the movie theaters)

      • Even if the “small” holds 2 or 3 gallons, I’d rather bring my own drink that didn’t cost $5.

  2. Eh, it’s worth watching.

  3. I think that is an excellent trailer I love it it really looks like there is more human element to it but I also hope that the transformers are treated more as characters instead of elements of action the whole concept is really really cool about human vehicles transforming into robot aliens that is such an amazing concept I hope the transformers are characters though. Overall looks excellent.

    • Lol, I on the other hand want less of a human element. I would love to see a Transformers movie in it that takes place on Cybertron with NO HUMANS AT ALL

      • Oh hell yes.

        That’s one of the cool things about being a UK Transformer Fan, the weekly comic from back in the day quickly got rid of the Witwicky’s, they only appeared in the US strip reprints and they dropped out of that pretty quickly when super Simon moved over to script the US strip

  4. I must admit that looks a lot better than I expected. In fact, this looks really good! It seems that Bay finally nailed the more serious tone that I already would have expected from Dark of the Moon. Unless they are deceptively hiding all the silly stuff again, like the did with the trailer for Dark of the Moon, this flick could actually work and bring Michael Bay back to his old form. I keep my fingers crossed.

    • i feel like i’m getting sucked in again haha, it looks great

      • HaHa!!!

        I have the exact same feeling.
        I had absolutely ZERO expectations for this trailer. I figured I’d watch it then forget about it but I have to admit that it looks pretty great.

        I normally don’t let reviews alter my desire to see a movie but after the disasters that were Transformers 2 & 3 I’m going to wait this time.
        If reviews are good-great I’ll see it opening weekend, If not I’ll wait until the movie is streaming or on cable. I refuse to let Michael bay have any more of my money just because a movie of his looks great in the trailer.

        • yup, it’s the pull from my childhood that is holding on…damn

  5. Que the I hate michael bay.. this movie is just action trash comments

  6. Ugh

  7. Nice trailer. Im kinda excited for this now.

  8. WOW. Looks awesome. Maybe better than the first one. It seems like there’s an actual interesting story here!

  9. Don’t mind the hivemind. They think it’s cool to be either indifferent or hateful or EVERYTHING, but they did click on the link so they’re interested. They just don’t want to admit it.

    • Couldn’t agree more.

  10. looks like meh.

  11. too american for my taste

  12. Just lose all the goofy stuff and all the blatantly racist jokes and all the stuff Bay seems to enjoy putting in his movies. Just don’t be Michael Bay, cuz he sucks at making movies.

    • The only people that see “blatantly racist jokes” are the people that never watched G1 transformers, or watched it so long ago they completely forgot that the cartoon had the exact same racial archetypes EVERYWHERE. Bay didn’t do anything but stick to G1 canon as far as that goes.

      • I was born in 1980 so I have some familiarity with the cartoon. And you maybe right about watching it a long time ago, but seriously, Bay does put some pretty over the top racial stereotypes in these movies. I dunno, I watched all the previous movies so I might be just be a bandwagon Bay basher, but damn…those two blackified transformers from the second movie were kinda racist.

  13. Man, that sure is a lot of American Flags.

    • I know… Isn’t it just terrible? America is such an oppressive and evil place to live.

      • I mean just last night i was beaten and imprisoned for feeding my family with a loaf of bread i took from a local merchant without paying. Im terrible, but man isnt the America we live in just plain awful?

        btw yes i saw your sarcasm….so i played along

      • Haha you missed the point.

  14. was it supposed to just randomly end at the “oh my god!” part?

  15. Man, that player is way annoying on a slower connection.

  16. The constant trailer fading was awful. It looks more serious in tone, which is a good sign, but it could be extremely deceptive (no pun intended). I doubt Michael Bay’s typical perverted and racist sense of humor will be left out though.

  17. Not getting Jurassic World for a while. Robot Dinos will have to do for now. Looks great. Hope the story is as good.

    • This will have a story? Really? Seriously? I enjoy these movie but I never go in expecting anything that even resembles a story or anything that would fit into a story, let alone a good one, such interesting characters or plot devices that make you sit up. I like to see the spectacle of big `bots fighting it out so I go and see these movies and get a small taste of the `bots that I grew up with.

  18. I think it’s going to suck big time, especially with die hard or hardcore fans. Optimus rusting, humans hunting them, Walberg has a hot daughter (ok this one I give you), and story that seems like a Ninja Turtle reboot…oh wait.

  19. Another cash grab!


    Just wanted to say it before someone else did.

    I like the TF movies and Bay action… so I’ll be one of those fools forking over dollars to make this the #1 box office on June 27.

  20. No more JohnTurturro. Sad.
    I appreciate the G1 truck tribute though.
    That action in HongKong is off the chain.

    • JT’s character was AWFUL. Hes amazing, but his character was stupid and useless and unfunny. G1 tribute is nice

      • I agree somewhat. Some of his scenes were funny, but others were just over the top and too much.

  21. Worst video player ever.

    • JB,

      What’s wrong with it?


      • i wanted to say something also….it feels like 1997 Real Player with the buffering etc…loads really slow

        • I kind of agree. Just in general, I think linking a YouTube video is the best way (or at least, my favorite way). The AOL video players are annoying as well – if I’m not mistaken they often don’t have very good resolution option. Whenever I see them, I just open another window and go find the HD version on YouTube.

          Not a big deal though. The world will keep spinning I’m sure :)

          • Also, the AOL player does autoplay, which should always be a big No No on any site.

            BTW: when Ben posted the trailer last night it actually was a YouTube video.

      • What’s wrong with it? I clicked HD and it looked exactly the same as unticking HD and that’s not thw worst of it. I did it multiple times to be sure, the player didn’t buffer the video so when I reclicked HD it started right back from the start again and the worst thing is the resolution looked akin to something I’d see back in 2000,


        Anyway I was tempted to just go to Youtube to watch it in decent quality but I figured it was only a average movie trailer anyway so meh, I just dealt with the los res blocky trailer but I wasn’t impressed.

      • Worked flawlessly for me. HD took a second or two to kick in but it looked great.

        • Same here. Had no problem with trailer. Thought it looked great and no buffering.

    • Agreed cant even get it to load with high speed… why does it preview on a crappy website first

    • Works great over here.

      running in chrome with decent internet connection

    • That’s why I youtube it and watch it on TV. Works much better.

    • You must have world’s slowest internet connection, so yeah of course it will suck for you. Ignore him Vic, the player works just like it should.

  22. I could not wipe the smile off my face for like 5 minutes after watching that! The prospect for finally getting to see a cab-over design Optimus gets pretty giddy! I’m hoping this won’t be a convoluted mess like the last 2 movies were (I love the first movie, and the first 10 mins of RofF) but some scenes of the giant ships coming down sucking up stuff gives me a bad feeling… I’ll definitely give the franchise another shot tho. I like Wahlberg MUCH better that laBoof, so its already looking up!

    I was very disappointed with DotM, while the action was great there were glaring plot holes (Optimus getting trapped in cables for like 30 mins of the Chicago battle, the humans going up into that building to fire a rocket, but then getting scared and never firing cept rocket…) I could go on but that isn’t constructive. Something that I hope is better this time around is size consistency, the size of the bots fluctuate SOOO much from scene to scene, and I already see hints of that with Optimus vs Grimlock from this trailer and Optimus riding Grimlock in the other…

    And finally, I hope they keep some consistency with the Transformers in this new trilogy, In RofF and DotM they just introduced a new group of Transformers (outside the core 3-4) with no explanation what happened to the old ones or where these new ones came from. I know these movies are made to sell toys, but still it could be explained in the movies… And are we ever going to get a scene of the transformers just sitting around talking? I assume that would be much cheaper to cgi that than battles… and thats what we really want to see!

  23. Looks like this might be good. Glad to see Optimus is back as a Cab Over as he should have been all along.

    • It will be interesting to see how he gets changed back into the long-nose style truck.

  24. It’s looks alright I will admit. But I’ll have to see the film for myself to see if Bay learned from his mistakes or not.

  25. I kind of zoned out while this was playing.

    I did. I went blank. Then the trailer was over.

    • Here you go. Better in almost every way.

      • Geewhuner! How about dull is almost every way?

      • Geewhuner! How about dull in almost every way?

      • That’s just your nostalgia talking. As someone who has never seen the animated Transformer movie I can tell you that this trailer looks like utter garbage and way, way, way, WAY worse than anything that Michael Bay came up with.

  26. looks fun but do they really need to have the american flag in every possible shot lol

  27. Robo Jesus saves the day with 200 million $$$. My own review of this trailer http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Se3frrMhpT4

  28. How many times are the humans going to tell the autobots that they aren’t needed…only to indeed be needed by the end of the movie? Hmmm.

    • Oh fuuudge. I made a typo on my username. :(

    • Until the franchise gets good writers

      • Never then.

  29. As I’ve thought since seeing the short teaser, I’m just glad the designs have been de-cluttered so you can actually tell what the hell is going on onscreen. I could never figure out why Bay and his crew thought it was such a good idea to waste the effects budget (for three movies in a row) on a bunch of indistinguishable clumps of metal shrapnel.