‘Transformers: Age of Extinction’ Trailer: The Rules Have Changed

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After a three year hiatus from directing robots in disguise, Michael Bay is back with Transformers: Age of Extinction – and, this time, “The Rules Have Changed.” Dubbed a “soft reboot” of the series, the fourth Transformers film will continue the larger robot storyline from the first three installments  - while making minor changes to robot designs and swaps out series protagonist Sam Witwicky (Shia LaBeouf) for a new cast of human characters.

Despite a lengthy film shoot, and only four short months to go before its June 27th release, Paramount Pictures had yet to show any footage from the film – until they unveiled a 30 second teaser during the 2014 Super Bowl. The teaser, paired with sneak peek reveals at Toy Fair 2014, allowed us to identify a number of new characters and story details while awaiting the first full length trailer for the next Transformers adventure. Now, following a brief tease from Entertainment Tonight, the studio has finally launched a full length Transformers: Age of Extinction trailer (check it out above).

For weeks, fans pored over high definition screen grabs from the Super Bowl trailer in order to get an idea of where the story of Optimus Prime and the Autobots would be going from here. Bay has repeatedly claimed that the film is his final entry in the franchise and will lay out a fresh course for the series – with the intention of letting it continue in the hands of new directors. Sly detective work revealed that Galvatron and Lockdown would be the main baddies this round – with Dinobots (and other non-humanoid Cybertronians) potentially fighting on both sides.

Optimus Prime Cab Over G1 Truck Transformers 4 Transformers: Age of Extinction Trailer: The Rules Have Changed

The new trailer doesn’t exactly spell-out all of the twists and turns (not to mention allegiances) in the upcoming blockbuster – once again raising more questions than it actually answers. Nevertheless, the footage does what any good trailer should – get fans excited and tease the core storyline (while also adding a bit more context to all of the set photos, toys, and other marketing materials that have previously been revealed). In addition to a number of slick CGI action shots showing off fan-favorite Bumblebee and his new Eastern-inspired design, the full length trailer introduces potential viewers to the main human players – who, up to this point, had only been described through their relationships (father, daughter, and boyfriend).

Instead, the new footage gives a clearer picture of how their respective performers, Mark Wahlberg, Nicola Peltz, and Jack Reynor, could work on screen together.

Check out new character posters for Optimus Prime (Peter Cullen), Tessa Cade (Nicola Peltz) and Shane (Jack Reynor) below (click for full versions):

Optimus Prime Transformers 4 Poster 539x425 Transformers: Age of Extinction Trailer: The Rules Have Changed

Tessa Nicola Peltz Transformers 4 Poster 539x425 Transformers: Age of Extinction Trailer: The Rules Have Changed

Shane Jack Reynor Transformers 4 Poster 539x425 Transformers: Age of Extinction Trailer: The Rules Have Changed

While the interpersonal dynamic isn’t likely to be a major improvement over previous human storylines, it might offer (at the very least) a welcome change of pace – especially after Witwiky’s arc had been stretched way too far in Dark of the Moon. After all, action movie fans love on-the-nose job hunting montages, right? Hopefully, Age of Extinction can incorporate its new leads without resorting to the same kind of heavy-handed (and eye-rolling) moments that attempted to make Witwicky continuously relevant in an ever-expanding robot vs. robot war.

The notion that Yeagar discovers an injured Optimus Prime trapped (or hiding) as a broken down Freightliner Cab-over-engine Class 8 truck (still with flames) is an interesting set-up – as is the reveal that humans (including Titus Welliver’s Savoy) are actively hunting down remaining Cybertronian Transformers after building terrestrial variations.

Grimlock Transformers 4 Transformers: Age of Extinction Trailer: The Rules Have Changed

Of course, few viewers show up to a Transformers movie for the human characters – and the trailer provides a number of exciting looks at the new (and returning) cast of Cybertronian characters. After the Super Bowl teaser treated fans to the curious image of Optimus riding Grimlock, viewers will surely be glad for additional glimpses of the Dinobot leader brawling with Optimus Prime. Dinobot vs. Autobot fighting should be familiar to anyone that’s followed the Transformers franchise for years – and it’s safe to assume that the two heroes will eventually see robot eye to eye.

Check out our full breakdown of the new trailer (and all of its surprises) along with our analysis of the Super Bowl trailer – and be sure to call the number (855) 363-8392 (featured in the new trailer) for a fun easter egg.


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Transformers: Age of Extinction will be in theaters on June 27, 2014.

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  1. It’s probably gonna have a s*** story. But I’m gonna pay to view it multiple times in 3D anyway.

  2. One thing I’m disappointed in is that none of the NEST guys are going to show up specifically Tyrese Gibson and Josh Duhamel as Epps and Lennox.

    Also great logic by the discount weabo Sector 7 here; autobots aren’t needed, sure they saved the world in Chicago but meh let’s kill em’ all.

    • Well this is a trailer. Some are straight spoiler galore, while others are simply misleading. You might have to watch the movie before passing any judgment, as it might turn out some of this lines are taken out of context.

  3. Whoa… any tips on how to prepare crow??

  4. pfft, more of the same, did they have to get an almost identical blonde bimbo as well?
    My only hope is Godzilla shows up 20minutes in and squashes everything.

    • She is nowhere near identical, because she doesn’t have a botoxed rubber dinghy for lips. :D

    • hahahah!! +1

  5. lolz… it looks terrible… from the special effects to story… it would be another load of bay crap

  6. Wow they are really pushing the asian tone to this movie. I wonder how many comments or scenes in the movie will be torn apart and called racist by people who just want to whine.

  7. I’ll be there opening day. Looks awesome and I never go to see giant robots for a great story. lol

    So I’m guessing Optimus b-slapping Grimlok is before they form an alliance or are the dinobots going to be antagonists.

    • Optimus and Grimlock have “fought” before. Grimlock is a wild beast and needs to be tamed. It’s happened in other continuities.

    • Dinobots and Insecticons have always had an animal nature, which continuously challenged Optimist and Megatron.

    • If the Dinobots are antagonists I will be finding Michael Bay and committing murder. I expect Grimlock challenges Optimus’ leadership because to him “Strongest must lead.” I wonder if the 2 headed bird bot is Swood or a Terrorcon. If it’s a terrorcon I would love to see some Dinobot versus Terrorcon battles.

      • Dude if your that sensitve over the source material you might as well go out and do it. GrimLock is the only original dinobot in the film and he’s given a dull boring gray color. That two head dragon thing was made up for the film although the name is taken from a not dinobot transformer.

      • It’s Strafe, he’s a Dinobot in the film.

        • +1 for you.

        • Good to know. Although in the tv show Strafe is not a Dinobot but a flying Autobot who was created by Grimlock in the episode “Grimlock’s New Brain.” If my memory serves me right he is the leader of the Technobots and forms the base of Computron.

          • Yes, but I’m not saying he’s Strafe from the show, or a movie-version of Strafe. I’m just saying the flying dinobot in the film is called Strafe instead of Swoop.

            Also minor detail but Scattershot was the leader, who formed the torso of Computron. Strafe was one of the arms.

  8. May seem same old same old, but damn does it look like a hell of lot of fun!

  9. Am I the only one who thinks the CGI on the transformers looks worse than before??

    Like these look more cartoonish in comparison to the real world surroundings

  10. Looks like Bumblebee is about to get ripped in two.
    This doesn’t look to awful bad, but same story over and over. :’( Poor Hollywood can’t get a sense of creativity.

    • Where does Bumblebee look like he’s about to be ripped in half?

      • I think he’s referring to the scene in the trailer with the pterodactyl Transformer swooping down to grab Bumblebee with those large talons.

        • I had a feeling he was referring to that. Strafe caught Bumblebee, though.

    • rescue op.

  11. This movie is going to be awesome, and we all know everybody will go see it despite everyone saying its another of Bay’s trash.

  12. Have two questions.

    1. In the latest trailer there appears to be an alien armada of starships descending upon earth. Who are these invaders?

    2. Based on what I just read, it appears the humans built and constructed the Dinobots. Is this the storyline presented in this film? I find it a stretch to say humans are now advanced enough to build giant artificial intelligent robots but can’t find an alternative to fossil fuels.

    • 1. Fans predict it to be Lockdown and his armada, if he has one in this universe. It’s certainly unknown at the moment.

      2. The Dinobots aren’t built by the humans, the most significant piece of evidence to support this being that they have Cybertronian hieroglyphs on their armor. If anyone is human-built, it’s safe to assume Stinger (the red Bumblebee in the trailer and the Pagani Huayra). In the teaser, you could see behind Bumblebee on the wall something which read, “KSI Prototype Stinger”. Plus, he’s just standing there and no doubt would attack Bee, since he’s been confirmed as a Decepticon.

  13. I am so f’n excited for this movie.

    • Me too, I didn’t see it coming but, it’s a good surprise. I’m just glad they’re not done, I think TF has the potential to be a long series of movies over many more generations like Planet of the Apes.

  14. Hope they learnt from past mistakes. Personally, I think Witwiky’s character was the main issue of the last two films. I won’t watch it maybe rent it but that’s that.

  15. I cannot say “dark of the moon” out loud. Maybe it’s because Pink Floyd, or because as a non-native english speaker, the word “dark” sounds like an adjective to me, and I cannot use it as a noun. BTW, this movie will suck. As all the previous ones.

    • It is kind of stupid. I’m assuming they didn’t call it Dark Side of the Moon specifically because of the Pink Floyd album. There is no other logical explanation.

    • All the previous ones had good parts and elements. They just had giant problems as well. Bay’s track record says this will also have some cool stuff but will have problems.

  16. WTF? They so better not be killing Ratchet!! Especially at the hands of humans! I swear if Ratchet dies I am done with this franchise.

    • He’s died before in other continuities. And, in the trailer, it just looks like he is dodging an explosion.

      • Well yeah he died in the cartoon and the Marvel comic run and I didn’t like it then either! And he definitely didn’t dodge as in the next shot you see him falling to the ground in very bad shape.

        • Going by your previous comment, you should’ve been done with the franchise a while ago, then. :)

          Also, many bots have been seen dodging or rolling out of explosions like Ratchet’s shot in this teaser in the previous films. Do you recall how Sentinel got shot by a rocket and fell over out of the explosion in DotM? Or Jazz’s dodge when Megatron shot him and Ratchet in the first film? The same could very well be for Ratchet in this scene. Though, I have no doubts he dies in this film.

          Hopefully, if he does join the Well of All Sparks, Lockdown delivers him his death, since they have a rough history with one another.

    • Why wouldn’t they consider killing Ratchet? They killed Ironhide and he’s just as iconic to the team.

      • Yup, and they killed Ironhide in the worst way…he dies and literally no one even says anything about it.

        • yes…THAT got me riled up. When the rust-gun started eating him away, I said aloud “aw Ironhide”

  17. It does look good as always and of course I will watch it on release. There is also the added bonus of a far more credible lead performance in Mark Wahlberg. It also seems like there might be some sort of tangible story this time.

    However the action whilst spectacular is slightly underwhelming. A lot of it looks similar to what was already seen in Dark Of The Moon.

  18. You know, i loved the first 2 movies but once the third one came i’m just like, oh this again? I’m so done with this movie, they should have stopped at #2. Always the same shet, always have to have that one ‘pretty’ girl. Michael bay pls go drown.

  19. hiiii

  20. Haven’t we seen this already though? How much higher can they really raise the stakes since the last, and why should I care?

  21. Anyone notice that both wahlberg and Peltz were in terrilbe Shamalan films?

  22. Does anyone else suspect a beast wars franchise comming?? Hence the name “age of EXTINCTION” ??? Like ita not a dumb predoction.

    • God please no.

  23. I’ve never seen a franchise rebooted by the same director of the previous efforts, but it is as it is. The beginning of the trailer looks promising enough in terms of character development. I am going to forget the previous high profit s*** storms and look to the next installment with a positive outlook. This movie will tell us much about Mbay’s career arch.

    • It’s not really a reboot.

  24. Big explosions, projectiles hurtling through the air, smoke, fire, wholesale destruction, slow motion shots, panning shots, Barbie doll in distress, alien ship hovering over city #250, sparks and shrapnel flying everywhere, humans turning on Autobots. Looks like it is adhering to all of the rules so far….