‘Transformers: Age of Extinction’ Trailer Analysis [Updated]

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Transformers 4 Trailer Analysis Age of ExtinctionAfter months of waiting, we finally have our first official look at Michael Bay's next robots in disguise chapter Transformers: Age of Extinction - in the form of a Super Bowl teaser trailer. Like most Transformers teasers, Paramount Pictures held back finer details of the story in favor of showing off CGI Autobot vs. Decepticon action. Exciting style over tangible substance at nearly every turn, the "Big Game Spot" ultimately raised more questions than answers - with little context for several new characters that were featured prominently in the footage.As a result, we've dug through decades of Transformers lore as well as recent movie rumors to clear-up some confusion as well as predict story points that could be explored when Age of Extinction hits theaters on June 27, 2014.Since we're taking a closer look at what's been shown, alluded to, foreshadowed, or hinted at in the trailer, potential spoilers for all readers from here on out (if our analysis is correct). You have been warned.


Lockdown Transformers 4 Movie Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4UPDATE: We now know [via Toy Fair 2014 images and on-site representatives] that this in fact Lockdown (aka Gun Face) - not Galvatron.Between leaked plot details suggesting Megatron could be reborn as Galvatron in Age of Extinction, along with images of the former Decepticon leader's head on set, many fans assumed that Optimus Prime's archenemy was the gun-faced evildoer in the opening of the trailer. It was a fair assumption, given that Megatron transformed into a gun back in his Generation 1 days; however, the mysterious bot is actually Lockdown.For months we've known that Lockdown would play heavily into the Age of Extinction plot, sporting a black/grey design and Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 vehicle mode (the car maker's logo is even visible in close-up shots of the "gun face" scene), so it's not a surprise to see him highlighted in the trailer.The bot, who is actually a relatively new addition to the larger Transformers franchise (debuting in the 2008 animated series), has previously been portrayed as a ruthless bounty hunter (with no direct allegiance to the Decepticons) that upgrades his own body with pieces of his fallen enemies; though, either of these details could change for his feature film debut.


Transformers 4 Drift Bugatti VeyronUPDATE: We now know [via Toy Fair 2014 images] that this in fact Galvatron and his alternate mode, as speculated is the 2014 Freightliner Argosy cab over trailer truck.One of the most debated characters revealed in the trailer, fans have been working overtime in an attempt to identify this mysterious robot. Everyone from Galvatron, Motormaster, and even Cyclonus have been named as possibilities but we'll have to wait for further details (and footage) to know for sure.Other fans speculated this is our first look at fan-favorite hero Drift, who will appear in the film as a Blue and Black Bugatti Veyron; yet, the robot featured in the teaser does not match Bay's confirmed Samurai-style design for the Autobot.Instead, it's highly likely that the bot's alternate mode is the 2014 Freightliner Argosy cab over trailer truck revealed last year - given that truck and robot share black, grey, and blue highlighting. At the time, speculation pegged Ultra Magnus and Nemesis Prime as potential alternate modes for the freightliner - but with no new information (aside from the character slicing an unidentified car in half) it's too early to cross any of the mentioned characters off the list. 

Cybertronian Spaceships

Transformers 4 Movie SpaceshipsAfter Megatron and Sentinel Prime threw every Decepticon they had at the Autobots in Transformers: Dark of the Moon, viewers were likely surprised to see an armada of Cybertronian ships in the new trailer. Yet, the explanation might not be quite as obvious as some fans might assume. Rumored plot details for the Age of Extinction story suggested that Lockdown might lead an army of long-lost Transformers. If that information is correct, the ships seen in the trailer could be part of his fleet. It's also possible that Lockdown is actually a servant of some larger threat, such as Unicron, who would be revealed as the true armada leader in a future film.Of course, other possibilities remain - the scene could actually be a flashback (when Cybertronians first scouted the Earth) or simply a different means of transport for Autobot reinforcements (instead of the Protoform meteor drop seen in the first Transformers film).Another theory suggests the ships are actually man-made - since humankind's continued manipulation of Transformer tech is expected to be a major plot beat.

Lockdown Captures Optimus Prime

Optimus Prime Transformers 4 Movie SpaceshipIn addition to a shot of Optimus Prime taking a massive blow to the chest (seen earlier in the trailer), the Autobot leader is also shown held upside down in an enemy facility. For now, it is unknown where the scene takes place and what exactly is happening to Optimus; however, in the trailer Lockdown can be seen standing off to the left, watching the Autobot leader struggle against his restraints.Has Optimus been taken to a Transformer prison ship or is something more insidious happening? Given that the clip is exceptionally brief, with only a quick shot of Prime straining to get free, before a blade comes sliding out of Lockdown's arm, it's hard to tell if we're watching the beginnings of a Transformer torture scene or a nefarious experiment.Either one is a possibility, considering there are identical "cells" on the right and left of Optimus, but (for now at least) we're going to assume that Optimus is, once again, instrumental in a bigger story point - and there's more than meets the eye to this scene.


Crosshairs Transformers 4 Movie 2014 C7 Corvette StingrayBefore the Super Bowl spot aired, Paramount Pictures released this image of a green-colored Autobot parachuting into battle and certain viewers were quick to guess the character was a redesigned version of Bumblebee or Ratchet - with green coloration (and a cape).However, this is actually Crosshairs, an Autobot warrior that was first introduced back in the original G1 days and found notoriety in the Japanese series Transformers: The Headmasters. Crosshairs is true to his namesake, a knowledgeable weapons specialist with an extremely deadly shot - especially when wielding his dual grenade launcher, a smaller Nebulan Transformer named Pinpointer.The character will probably undergo significant reimagining for Age of Extinction - given that Crosshairs has already endured drastic changes with each medium iteration. That said, with Ironhide out of the picture, and plenty of physical brawlers already on the team, a sharpshooter like Crosshairs (who transforms into a 2014 C7 Corvette Stingray) is a smart addition to the Autobots.

Aerial Beast Bot

Flying Dinobot Transformers 4 Movie CharacterFor months, we've known that the fan-favorite Dinobots would be included in Age of Extinction - which made it all the more surprising when viewers took a second look at this beast bot. At first glance, fans assumed that the aerial creature was Pterodactyl Dinobot Swoop but closer examination revealed the bot has more than one head.The Dinobots haven't always been friendly with the Autobots, so it wouldn't be a total blow to the mythology if this clip shows a drastically altered Swoop fighting Bumblebee. That said, leaked concept art hints at a more traditional depiction of the flying Dinobot - e.g. featuring a single head.A more likely explanation comes from rumored human story details - specifically that Stanley Tucci's character, Joshua, has been manipulating Cybertronian technology to create new Transformers. If that story point turns out to be true, this flying bot could represent one of his creations that turned deadly - and decided to fight alongside the film's malevolent evildoers. Bay could even use Joshua as a way to introduce the Terrorcons, specifically two-headed dragon Hun-Gurrr.UPDATE: We now know [via Toy Fair 2014 images] that this in fact Strafe - a two-headed pteranodon dinobot. Longtime fans will likely remember that Strafe is the name of an aerial (but non-dinobot) autobot that also formed the left arm of combiner Computron.


Grimlock and Optimus Prime Transformers 4 MovieThe most talked about moment of the trailer is easily the reveal of Dinobot Grimlock in Tyrannosaurus Rex mode - with Optimus Prime riding on his back. Unfortunately, the trailer didn't give us any indication of the fan-favorite bot's personality. Often, not always, he's been portrayed as a Hulk-like brute - more brawn and less brains - with the eloquence of a caveman (e.g. "Me Grimlock").Yet, even though Optimus is (inexplicably) riding Grimlock, moviegoers shouldn't expect the character to be a thoughtless beast. Instead, it's probable that Age of Extinction will play-up his primal personality - presenting him as a ruthless warrior that needs taming.In addition to his dragon-like horn additions, Grimlock is surprisingly large - especially when compared to Optimus Prime. Traditionally, Grimlock and Optimus have been depicted as relatively similar in scale; so, given that Optimus is already one of the bigger Transformers featured in the movie series, it'll be interesting to see how Bay explains Grimlock's increased sizing (which should be even more apparent when we get a glimpse of the Dinobot in robot form).UPDATE: Some readers had suggested that, given Grimlock's enormous size, this "dragon-like" form could actually be a dinobot combiner - not just Grimlock's dinobot form. However, we now know [via Toy Fair 2014 images] that, as previously confirmed, this is just Grimlock's dinobot mode.

Chinese Influences

Grimlock Transformers 4 Movie ChinaPrior Transformers films have featured globe-trotting locales - as the Autobots attempted to thwart Decepticon forces around the globe. However, Age of Extinction viewers will quickly notice the upcoming film spends a lot of time over in Asia.Previously, we've reported that Paramount Pictures' was attempting to woo Chinese moviegoers by injecting Age of Extinction with subtle (and some not-so-subtle) Asian influences. In addition to Chinese locales revealed throughout the trailer (a large scale battle in downtown Hong Kong and Grimlock crashing through a tiered gateway), viewers can expect even more examples of Asian-market influences in the coming months.Some are already apparent, since many of the primary robot characters were redesigned with Eastern influences - specifically slimmer, more angular, anime-like robot characters. Samurai Autobot Drift (whose vehicle mode is a Bugatti Veyron) is also set to play a major role in the film - both in terms of story and visual spectacle.


Transformers 4 Trailer Analysis Age of ExtinctionThose are the brief clips and questions from the newest trailer that most stood out to us but only time will tell how accurate our speculation turns out to be. Given that this is only a sneak peek teaser, we'll add to this post when the full Transformers: Age of Extinction trailer drops.Do you think our theories are right on target, or are you hoping they're off the mark? Be sure to share your own insights or theories in the comments._____Transformers: Age of Extinction hits theaters on June 27, 2014.Follow me on Twitter @benkendrick for further updates on the Transformers film series as well as future movie, TV, and gaming news.
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  1. God, I hate admitting I’m excited for this. Grimlock looks wicked as hell.

  2. i love the dinosaur designs and if youre right in saying they are anime inspired then i would be even more excited. i love anime anything lol
    i am really excited to go and see this.

    screw the haters! even thought they will go and see it anyway hahaha

  3. My top priority is still to wait until home video to watch this, but it will also depends on the reviews. If the reviews say good things, then I’ll PROBABLY go watch it in theatre, especially because I have a cousin who’s very excited to know there’s a new Transformers movie after accidentally saw this superbowl trailer. I said to him, “Seriously, I already knew this movie existed for more than a year”

    Was kinda hoping the Dinobots… or whatever they will be called (considering Swoop has a double-head that resembled Predacons more), will look different in color to one another. Oh well…

    • except you know the reviews will be mediocre at best like all of the previous films.

    • Never trust critics when it comes to Bay films, they will give it a bad rating just because it has his name on it.

      • Amen.

    • No one cares if you go and see this movie or not. Originally the dinobots were all the same color, mainly bare metal with a little red and gold thrown in, so lets hope they dont deviate from that, as you are hoping. Tard.

  4. I really wish they would grow a set and let a Transformers movie be about the Transformers. Try to come up with a compelling narrative that can pushed along with the robots having some decent dialogue and motive without having the humans drive the story and relegating the robots to set pieces and eye candy. How many different ways can you show the same crap with these movies, the stakes have been raised to laughable means.

    • THANK YOU VERY MUCH! I sometimes think that some of the people in here would rather just settle for bland, weak movies made out of characters we grew up with, instead of demanding that Hollywood raise the bar to non-laughable means. Perhaps a lot of people who lack creativity or who are more technical are incapable of realizing that such films about the transformers and especially about comic book superheroes can be seriously and nicely done far better than what we have already been given. It could also be that a lot of the people here are teens and/or pre-teens, so it would make sense that they would not understand. Nevertheless, it’s like some people have been mesmerized or put into a trance by the special effects/CGI that they don’t even realize that a film needs good storytelling, excellent dialogue, and motive (all of which you mentioned and more).

      Again Kevin…THANK YOU for saying what I have been saying for years. Funny thing is there are a lot of people who feel the say way. Many of whom are on youtube and other similar sites as well.

      • The personalities of the robots, the roles they fill, and way they interact with each other, humans, and earth culture have always been favorite aspects of mine in all the series.

        It’s much the pity that Bay has no interest in the kind of fantastic drama and character beats you could get out of the robots and the entire transformers Premise. :(

        • I think its less about not wanting than it is about live- action Transformers costing tons of cash to render onscreen.

          • Then don’t make the movie. Every movie costs “tons of cash,” so how is that an excuse? If a person strongly believes in their talent as a director and strongly believes that the property he or she is a making a movie out of can and will bring in the “tons of cash,” they then would take their time with the film and also be meticulous with it to deliver a meaningful piece that is in the comics. Why bother to trash the property/franchise if you are going to film it the “easy way,” which is filming it without substance and/or meaningfulness, just so you can make a quick buck?

            BTW, someone (I think in this page)said that they were waiting for someone else to use the excuse of “it costs too much.”

            • Lol, that might have been me!

            • The show was always heavy on human and transformer interaction and sharing the same world. I don’t understand the people that act like a live action Transformers movie should disregard the human element. That makes zero sense.

              • I disagree. G1 was like 10% humans, if even that. It was all the better for it.

          • Then they shouldn’t make the movies 2.5 hours long! The’d save a lot of money to do more rendering. I’d rather have a shorter film with more bots reading the scripts instead of boring humans.

          • I dunno; I have a lot of questions about the whole budget argument personally.

            Like; how much cash does Marky Mark cost? Or the other famous actors hired to play human characters?

            How much could be saved if the robots weren’t so ridiculously complex? Did Iron Hide’s Gun in the ’07 movie really require the 10,000 parts they claimed it had at the time? Could they have fudged it with 1,000? What are the man hours on animating that?

            Is Bay’s love of practical effects costing more than the story is getting out of them? What are we paying for location shoots? Do all of these films need to be globe trotting, semi-apocalyptic affairs?

            If we reexamined the whole budget of the film; could it be rearranged to give us more robot time at the cost of things that aren’t as important to the overall experience?

            These are the questions I’d like to ask. And I could be totally off base, but Bay strikes me as the kind of director who gets what he wants. I think he just doesn’t want the same things even the more reasonable fan requests want.

            But I’ll stop there. His weird, antagonistic relationship with the fandom isn’t really the point of my point, lol.

    • This movie looks to be exactly just that: more robot interaction. I mean, if you compare the teaser to the ones of the other films, a difference is there is hardly any human scenes.

      For example, in every previous Transformers Super Bowl teaser trailer, the military have been seen. There was absolutely no military involvement in AoE’s teaser. Combine that with the fact that they showed two all CGI shots (OP captured in Lockdown’s ship, the Cybertronian ships above Earth) seems to suggest more robot time and interaction. Not to mention Crosshairs was seen, Swoop and Bumblebee, Optimus’s old form, the mysterious bot (Freightliner, perhaps?) and Grimlock.

      Out of the entire trailer, only seven human scenes were present, compared to the thirteen Transformer scenes (if you count a separate scene each time the camera presents another scene involving a TF). That’s a pretty drastic change from the previous trailers.

      I just really think this movie is going to be giving the Transformers their screen time.

      • You can’t judge a movie based on trailers these days. I have said this before…I have seen things in trailers that were not even in the movie itself. Not to mention that studios will put the best scenes in a 30 second – 2 minute trailer for the sake of window dressing. Therefore, you can’t go by the trailers. Also, I think the studios know that people were complaining about there being too much human interaction in the transformers movies; therefore, it makes sense that all they would do is show less human interaction as compared to the previous trailers for earlier transformers movies in a fake attempt to satisfy the fans, which is what it seems they have done to you.

  5. relative to Optimus, Grimlock looks like 6 or 7 stories tall….plus i hate the fact you can’t tell what type of vehicle they are when in robot mode…

    • Yeah, the way vehicle parts are integrated into the robots has always been part of the franchise’s aesthetic charm for me. More’s the pity. :/

  6. A Transformers movie trying to do an “Asian influence”…knowing Michael Bay, this could be hilarious in the worst way possible.

  7. Notice how NO ONE is really talking about the human characters. All of these films have been about the human characters, but no one really cares about them. The first three were about “Sam Witwicky meets robots and then…” or “Sam goes to college and then…” and now this one, “Marky Mark is there and then…” These films SHOULD be about “A group of robots arrives on Earth and then…” The humans should be the supporting characters, and robots the stars, not the other way around.

    Imagine going to a Superman movie, but it was really about Jimmy Olsen getting his job at the Daily Planet and it follows Jimmy and his new pal, Superman. You’d burn that theater to the ground and you know it.

    • @Eric Nixon,

      I remember Spielberg pitched the first movie as “the story of a boy who buys his first car.”

      If I follow your logic, this movie should be an improvement. It’s a movie about the Transformers, and no one’s talking about Stanley freaking Tucci (who is awesome in everything and gladly takes a part just for fun).

    • EXACTLY!

    • I will give them this much: According to Bay, alien robots who turn into cars was actually a pretty difficult sell to paramount on the first outing in 2007; so I can let them have that one as the “Human introduction angle.”

      However, things should have taken a different road from there, bringing the bots and cons to forefront and treating them as characters starting with RoTF. Unfortunately they didn’t.

      And while I’m sure someone will be along shortly to say that such a movie would be too expensive to make, I doubt you couldn’t wrangle a significant boost in bot-time if you were to budget you film around them instead of in spite of them.

  8. Good list, but you missed quite a few looks. Superboy, while its not “Superman” was another portrayal of the Man of Steel. Plus all the animated versions, which all change the look and the Smallville comic is an altered version of the New 52 version

    • Superman is going to be in the new Transformers movie? Now I’m more frickin’ excited. Superman and Grimlock….HELLZ YEAH. Now excuse me while I go email Michael Bay and see if he’ll throw He-Man in there also 😀

      • I hear Thanos is in the Transformers end credits.

    • What???? My head hurts ((:!

  9. My biggest complaint by far about these films, which I think more than a few fans share, is how absurdly messy and indistinct all of the Transformers look onscreen. Couple that with the schizophrenic cinematography, and the whole thing in an exercise in insanity, visually-speaking. What I enjoyed the most about this teaser is how much cleaner the Transformers look, relative to the designs and CG execution that came before, as well as how they managed to find a camera operator who doesn’t have Parkinson’s. Granted, this is just a teaser, so the shots are all carefully selected and out of context, and may not even be complete. But I sure hope that this is at least somewhat indicative of a visual improvement over the other movies, so that when I watch the middle of this movie on FX on an SD TV at a friend’s house three years from now, it doesn’t just look like a couple hundred million dollars’ worth of shrapnel shoved in a blender.

    • @Ethan Richards,

      I admit, I only read this article for a giggle. I don’t know how you could try and identify each and every bot, or how Prime was even identified as being upside down in a cell. How can I identify *with* a character if I can’t conclusively *identify* that character?

    • @ Ethan

      You know what’s funny, I thought the same thing when I saw a few minutes of Starscream in “dark of the moon” (on cable) the other night. I think you put it the best way when describing the transformers MESSY AND INDISTINCT. That’s how I felt about them. They really do look messy and you can’t even identify a lot of them, especially the decepticons. Starscream looked really really ridiculous; even megatron.

      I do not think I will see this movie for the 6 dollar or more tab, because Michael bay being connected with my childhood characters is not cool.

  10. Why is everyoneover looking the Terrorcons?,the two-headed flying not is obviously Hun-Grr. Google it.

    • Seconded!

    • I think you’re right. That would make an awesome aerial fight scene with Swoop and Hun-grr.

    • Good call gilger50. I had forgotten about Hun-Grrr. I’ve updated that slide accordingly.

  11. My analysis: loud noises, explosions.


  12. Argosy Freightliner = Ultra Magnus??

  13. Ever heard of Hun-Gurrr of the Terrorcons? I think it was quiet obvious to real transformers fans who that flying 2 headed transformer was. It makes sense having the Terrorcons fighting the Dinobots.

  14. This new Lockdown transformer sounds intriguing.. A Decepticon bounty hunter that hunts down other bots and using those beaten up/killed bots’ parts as its own upgrade parts.. that sounds good.

  15. Cool article. Can’t wait for Transformers/G.I.Joe movie mash-up.

  16. Perhaps Grimlock will look more like his classic self, and what we see at the end is the Dinobots combining together ala Devastator. That could explain his size and horns (from the triceratops bot)

    • I hope your right brother

    • That’s what I was thinking too, you’re probably right. Especially since the design doesn’t really look anything like the Grimlock design we saw on the merchandise.

  17. Well even if it sucks as a movie, that scene of Optimus riding Grimlock will make a dinoriders movies more interesting for a movie studio!

  18. The “aerial beast bot” is Swoop, who is being called Strafe in the movies. He’s a two-headed pteranodon, as his early toy leak suggested. Also, really glad to see you guys get Lockdown’s identity correct. Everyone thinks its Megatron or Galvatron.

  19. Am I the only one who remembers that grimlock and optimus didn’t get along, it was a very fine line of respect that kept grimlock from kicking optimus ass. That would have helped the story but instead we get a HUGE OVERSIZED grimlock with optimus on his back. I’m pissed ill admit I’m still gonna go and force myself to like it but im definitely pissed

  20. The red car the one bot slices up is one we’ve seen before. If you look at the sneak peek stills for the movie, Optimus and crew are driving toward the camera with a sliced up red car in the foreground. I would take a guess that it’s Tessa’s (The daughter of Mark Whalbergh’s character) seeing as the shot where Optimus is down on one knee and then glaring at the camera, we see Tessa beneath him.

  21. “Me Grimlock”…

  22. I actually don’t think that is Grimlock that Optimus is riding on.

    • I hope not bro

      • Not that the toys necessarily always look exactly like the characters on screen, but there was an awful lot of yellow in Grimlock on the merchandise we’ve seen, and there was zero yellow on that bot in the trailer.

        • Wah! I’m going to make a wild prediction! All the dinobots combine to make a T-Rex Dragon thing.

    • Their Facebook page official confirmed it to be Grimlock, and not to mention, Optimus riding on Grimlock has always been hinted at since last year when the Dinobots were announced.

  23. I think the transformer movies are alright, and the new one looks like it will be fun to watch. It’s just that they could have been so great. I like Michael Bays movies, hes a good director. He knows action. I just wish he had kept the transformers the same as they were in the cartoons. Instead of finding the need to have to change them all. I hope he has all the dinobots in the movie, its gonna be cool to see.

  24. Can’t wait!!!! countdown is on!

  25. Ben,

    Sorry to be “that guy,” but Paramount Studios is releasing the movie, not Universal. :(

    Anywho, the haters are gonna hate. Since we won’t be getting a Bad Boys III anytime soon, I guess I’ll settle for Michael Bay doing what he does best, doing over the top action movies that are mindless, but a hell of a lot of fun to watch.

    P.S. – If there is any small piece of hope, GI Joe and Transformers in the same universe. :)

    • Cheers! Don’t ever apologize for politely pointing out a typo in our posts. I’ll get that one fixed.

  26. I am not 100% sold on the the dino being Grimlock. He is huge compared to the other bots. Plus he has red eyes. I was thinking it was possblbly Trypticon.

  27. so the first thing I read was:
    “After months of waiting”
    My first thought was “who was waiting and how can we help them?”

    IMO the damage to the franchise the last few installments has done, I am surprised its still alive. Hope for more I will say, go see it in theater? No chance.
    But I will admit I will watch it, on BluRay….. when someone I know gets the disk…

  28. Newsflash: this movie is going to suck really freakin bad. I don’t care if you add 20 Mark Wahlbergs, it won’t save this train wreck.