‘Transformers: Age of Extinction’ Finishes Production; First Footage During Super Bowl

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Michael Bay Shoots Age of Extinction Transformers: Age of Extinction Finishes Production; First Footage During Super Bowl

While the cloak of secrecy which surrounded Michael Bay’s fourth Transformers movie appears to have lifted in the past few months, the film’s function as a partial reboot for the series is still somewhat convoluted. At any rate, Transformers: Age of Extinction is Bay’s attempt to be “less goofy,” as the director has stated. Recent set images and plot details reinforce Bay’s focus on “keeping this one slick.”

As for what we know of the plot: inventor Cade Yeager (Mark Wahlberg, apparently not playing anyone named Flynn Vincent) accidentally unearths a buried Transformer in the wake of the devastation of Chicago which occurred in Transformers: Dark of the Moon. Old favorites like Optimus Prime are returning, along with the confirmed inclusion of the Dinobots. The human cast is rounded out by Nicola Peltz (Bates Motel) as Wahlberg’s daughter, Jack Reynor (Delivery Man) as her boyfriend, Kelsey Grammar (The Expendables 3) as the apparent G-man human villain, Stanley Tucci (The Hunger Games: Catching Fire) as a geologist, and Sophia Myles (MI-5) as his assistant, with Li Bingbing (Resident Evil: Retribution) as “the CEO of the Chinese Transformers.” Whatever that means.

As for the production itself – it has now wrapped principal photography. The director himself confirms the end of shooting, from MichaelBay.com, with the first footage to premiere during this year’s Super Bowl… and he apparently is sick of all the haters.

Read the whole release below:

It is a drag talking to reporters on sets. Why? Because often times they take your words and skew things to their liking. Then the crazy, lazy game of reporting on what other writers story’s reported me saying and suddenly it becomes skewed Internet truth. So I waste my time to restate exactly what I did say, again.

No I did not ‘apologize’ for any Transformers movies. I did not say I shot the last three movies “less cool” than the new fourth installment. I was talking specifically about camera style and tone, of the first movie compared to how I shot the new installment with a very big scale, cinematic style. I was very specific in saying the first Transformers was shot in a ‘generic suburbia’ area, not trying to be cool with any cinematic flashes. I wanted it to feel like this could happen in any backyard in the United States.

So that brings me to letting Transformers fans know that we have completed our five and half month shoot. We got back from a month long shoot in China. My crew and I had a fantastic time shooting in Hong Kong and Mainland China. It was an amazing experience, and I love the country. My cast was absolutely fantastic, and a very fun group to work with. We are working hard cutting the movie right now. I think the first piece comes out for the Super Bowl and a teaser right after that.

And yes, I’m very excited about this new movie.


Michael Bay and Mark Wahlberg on Transformers Age of Extinction Set Transformers: Age of Extinction Finishes Production; First Footage During Super Bowl

“The first piece” Bay refers to will most likely be on par with the promised teaser: something very short, and probably quite arresting. Whatever you thought of Dark of the Moon, that first teaser was hard to shake.

As for Bay’s defensiveness, while some directors have gone on record to apologize for movies they’ve made (such as Steven Spielberg, who admitted that he made Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade to make up for Temple of Doom, which was too harsh and violent for many), viewers have come to expect the opposite from Bay. He has clearly made exactly the movies he wanted to make, and given their overwhelming financial success, who says he needs to apologize to anyone?

We have a general idea of what to expect from a Transformers movie directed by Michael Bay: recognizable human actors scrambling around delivering breathless dialogue scenes in between CGI action sequences of giant alien robots smashing into each other. On that level – if no other – the movies are enjoyable.

The inclusion of the Dinobots storyline and an all-new cast is supposed to set up its own story arc, which Bay may or may not hand off to a new creative team - time will tell if this new direction will be reflected in returning screenwriter Ehren Kruger’s script. Given the decided lack of a blood valve chamber in his previous Transformers scripts, we’ll have to wait and see.


Transformers: Age of Extinction opens in 2D and 3D theaters on June 27th, 2014.

Source: Michael Bay

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  1. Well, I’m sick of Michael Bay, and think it’s a drag hearing the things he says to reporters, so… it’s all even, I guess? Maybe he should be putting more effort into the movies he’s making instead of moping around like Eeyore all the time.

    • You can’t deny he puts effort into his films.

      • Maybe the VFX artists. At this point, Bay just does it in his sleep.

        • Michael works with the visual effects team at ILM; not to mention travelling around the world to different locations and spending hours on end shooting something until it fits his taste or what he’s going for or editing films for a countless number of hours as well. That sounds like effort to me.

    • I respect an opinion, but I have too stand up for Bay because having worked on this movie I can tell you he put a LOT of love into this movie. I gained a lot more respect for the guy after working on one of his movies.

  2. you know I actually enjoyed the three transformers movies. I never really watched them growing up but I enjoyed the new movie and will be seeing this in theatres when in comes out

    • Good man.

  3. the money it will cost just for a small super bowl spot wont be worth it, could be better spent else where.

    • They’ll make back quadruple what they’ll pay for that spot.

      Now if you meant a more deserving movie should get that spot…..

      • Still butthurt that Pacific Rim tanked?

        • Still better than all the Transformers movies.

          • What D-Pooly said.

            Plus I was actually saying that this movie will make millions anyway so give a smaller movie an opportunity at the most watched sports game in US television. Help out the little guy.

          • Not even. Transformers are much more interesting, in my opinion.

            • Totally entitled to it. I just don’t think the Transformers movies had much of a plot, the acting was terrible and it’s like “who cares, throw more CGI and explosions on it, people will love it!”

              It’s almost like the Paranormal Activity movies. They’re all pretty bad and completely boring too but they throw in the occasional cattle prod move to make you jump either in fright or excitement and jolt you awake.

              I won’t say Bay has directed all bad movies (I like Armageddon), nor has del Toro directed a constant stream of great movies (I didn’t like The Devil’s Backbone or Blade 2 for instance) but you can tell by the finished products that del Toro likes attention to detail and makes movies like the kid who wants to do his best to get the high grades without missing anything out that could push his score even higher while Bay is like the excitable kid on those old Nerf commercials that shouts “Wow, cool!” every few seconds.

              Totally different approaches, both are valid but personally, I think the Transformers movies are just CGI and explosions covering up a whole lot of nothing.

              Maybe that will change with Transformers 4, who knows.

              It’s just funny because I hated the Transformers cartoon as a kid in the 80s (found it boring) and I also hated the anime movies with giant robots fighting giant monsters too (they also bored me). I just think Pacific Rim had much more going for it than all three Transformers movies put together.

              • I respect your opinion as well. I just don’t believe that comparing Transformers and Pacific Rim together is reasonable and find the entire concept blasphemy. Sure, both films involve giant robots but one contains human-manufactured robots battling giant creatures and the other accommodates robotic alien organisms in an eon-long civil war. Completely different story-wise.

                • Personally… I think transformers is waaaaay more fun than pacific rim. I hope bay doesn’t lose heart and carries on as it’s the perfect vehicle for his talents.

                  • Agreed. I will always LOVE Transformers.

              • Haha Dazz I’d say the devil’s backbone and blade 2 are his BEST movies! That’s opinions for ya!

                • @Mark

                  Second that. Blade 2 is a masterpiece and one of the best comic book sequels ever.

  4. can anyone tell me the date of the superbowl?

    • Feb 3rd…I think.

      • February 2, actually.

  5. this is going to suck

    • You don’t know that.

  6. “I smell you boy”

  7. TF movies always have a spot during super bowl’s. A dark of the moon’s was definately awesome

    • I agree. I also remember the one for Revenge of the Fallen. When they showed that dog thing I freaked! This might make me actually want to watch the Super Bowl.

      • That “dog thing” is Ravage, a minion of Soundwave’s. He’s actually a robotic jaguar (with one eye). But I guess you’ll freak out even more this time, seeing as how we’ll most likely see the Dinobots (Transformers dinosaurs).

  8. As always, another Super Bowl trailer! I can’t wait. Those trailers are always so badass and intense and when they can get the most attention. You already know that we will see Grimlock transforming into his Tyrannosaurus Rex form as the trailer’s money shot hopefully. I also agree with Michael Bay on being fed up with the haters of the live-action Transformers films. They’re amazing and certainly exhilarating comic-book (yeah, I know they started out as a toy line, but I’m categorizing them as comic-book adaptations) blockbusters.

  9. Can’t wait for the reboot in twelve years

  10. Tran4mers teaser will be good but don’t forget GODZILLA will be the Show-Topper.

  11. I don’t give two sh*ts about this film. Pew pew , big explosions , fart and dick jokes. That’s all Transformers is with this guy. I swear he has the mind of a 11 year old.

    • That’s Ehren Kruger for you, not Bay. With the explosions, however, that’s Bay.

    • Also, if you don’t care about the film, why click on the article?

  12. So will there be “made in china” transformers duplicates such as Octogomus primo and Boomble beyu.

  13. Wow, Bay looks like he’s holding and firing a machine gun in the first pic.

    For all the criticism , we all know everyone will watch T4 and that it will make another billion dollars.

    The CGI will be as impressive as ever. Just hope we get good story and characters this time.

    • Preach. Finally, someone who sees the truth! A majority of bashers will go see this film, regardless of what they type.

      A solid story and amazing character development is something we all wish for, because the only characterization we were rewarded with is between Optimus, Bumblebee, Ironhide, and slightly Sideswipe. No ‘Cons hardly at all. If any, it’s Megs and Screamer.

  14. Well as much as I’m not a fan of Bay’s, I have to say that I think the man knows *exactly* the movie he wants to make and then makes it – he’s under no delusion that it’s some grand Oscar-worthy effort, neither I think does he overestimate his worth as a director. He knows exactly what he is – with the explosions and the mayhem, and the ability to pull in box office numbers – and I can respect that. Still not gonna watch another Transformers movie, though.

  15. bring back shia laboeuf Aka witwicky

  16. No one likes Shia

    • Wrong, I love him.

  17. this guy is horrible, he’s never made a movie worth watching. if i was torturing prisoners at Guantanamo i would force them to watch his filmography back to back. a guy like paul walker gets taken too soon, and this hack gets to continue living and raping our eyeballs. there is no justice in this world.

    • You are a disgusting human being!

  18. They need add Hot Rod,Kup and Springer. A triple changer changing during a brawl on the big screen would be sick.

    • If any triple changer is involved, I want Blitzwing! He’s so badass and literally crazy! Hot Rod can sit it out for all I care (can’t stand him), but definitely Springer and Kup.

  19. You guys always treat Li Bingbing’s role as if it’s nothing and simply vacuous. “The CEO of the Chinese Transformers” gives away specific details of what is to be expected from the next installment, something we certainly haven’t seen before. Many questions and speculations can arise when her role is paired with photos from the sets and a mindset willing to conjecture.

  20. When is released