‘Transformers 4′ Trailer Preview & Mark Wahlberg Poster [Updated]

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A lot of fans are, well, NOT FANS of the new trend in blockbuster movie marketing, wherein studios and TV outlets release previews of upcoming big trailers – essentially creating a preview for a preview. Naturally this has led to the humorous prediction that we’ll soon see previews for previews of previews (and so on); but I digress. Obviously from the video above people are following this new marketing design – and it must be working, because it certainly shows little sign of slowing down.

The next big trailer coming to the Web is Transformers: Age of Extinction, a brand new chapter in Michael Bay’s Transformers movie franchise. While in recent weeks we’ve confirmed some pretty interesting (and fan-servicing) facts about the film, the Transformers 4 Super Bowl trailer was pretty light on extensive plot details. However, with the exception of a brief bit of dialogue from star Mark Wahlberg, this preview for Entertainment Tonight‘s exclusive Transformers 4 trailer debut is basically a rehash of the Super Bowl trailer with voiceover from someone who sounds like he knows little about the film he’s talking about.

Look for the full Transformers: Age of Extinction trailer to premiere this week – along with some MUCH better analysis for your time, which will be featured here on Screen Rant. According to Alberta, the trailer will be 2:22 and rated PG.

Transformers 4: What We Know So Far

Transformers 4 Not a Kids Movie Transformers 4 Trailer Preview & Mark Wahlberg Poster [Updated]

The Human Characters: Mark Wahlberg plays a gearhead/tinkerer named Cade Yeagar (terrible name) who comes in contact with a piece of Cybertronian tech that attracts all kind of heat – both human and alien – to his farm. That puts not only Cade but his daughter Tessa (Nicola Peltz) and her hot-rod driver boyfriend Shane (Jack Reynor) in the crosshairs – alongside an arrogant designer named Joshua (Stanley Tucci) who is reverse-engineering his own Transformers using leftover parts from the first trilogy (sure that ends up well). Of particular worry to the human protagonists are the machinations of government man Harold Attinger (Kelsey Grammer) and his henchman Savoy (Titus Welliver).

BONUS: Here’s a new poster from the film featuring Wahlberg as Cade Yeagar. CLICK the IMAGE for a bigger version.

Transformers 4 Poster Mark Wahlberg as Cade Yaegar 690x1024 Transformers 4 Trailer Preview & Mark Wahlberg Poster [Updated]

This poster looks like one of those that will connect with other posters for a wider banner image. The two obvious questions this particular segment raises are:

  1. What is that strange weapon Cade is holding? Is that something he fashioned out of Cybertronian tech?
  2. What is that strange vessel in the background? Obviously it’s Cyberetronian, but who down inside of it? Friends or foes?

Transformers 4 Age of Extinction Most Anticipated Movies 2014 570x285 Transformers 4 Trailer Preview & Mark Wahlberg Poster [Updated]

The Autobots: Franchise staples Optimus Prime and Bumblebee will be back, but Hasbro has to sell toys, and that means introducing new action figures character to movie universe. Fans have been most vocal about the fact that The Dinobots will be in the movie, including iconic Dinobot leader Grimlock, who made a big debut at the end of the Super Bowl trailer. Also coming to the Autobots side are the Samurai warrior-bot Drift, heavy arms guy Hound, and Crosshairs, the parachuting Autobot seen in the video above.

Pictured below (in order): Drift, Hound and Crosshairs

The Decepticons: The Decepticons could also be getting some Dinobot help (that’s not confirmed yet though), but even without it, they’ll have a new leader in Galvatron, and a new warrior in Lockdown, aka “Gun Face” from the trailer preview.

Pictured Below (in order): Galvatron and Lockdown

The Story: As stated in the human section, the story that we know of so far picks up years after the battle of Chicago, where the government is apparently now using Transformer tech to design their own robots. When Cade Yeagar activates a pivotal piece of Cybertronian tech, he invites all the wrong attention from Decepticons and ruthless factions within the government.

Transformers 4 Grimlock Optimus Prime Transformers 4 Trailer Preview & Mark Wahlberg Poster [Updated]


Transformers: Age of Extinction will be in theaters on June 27, 2014. Check back this week for the full trailer!

Sources: Alberta, Paramount

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  1. Darn it, I blinked…

    Anyway 2014 has a chance of having two movies with a three headed dinosaur/dragon type thing. I have no idea why I feel a little happy about that.

  2. This franchise should have ended at movie number one.

  3. I’m rather underwhelmed with the look of Galvatron. I know this isn’t the original show, but Galvatron’s looked was soo much different than Megatron that he was a different character all together.

    But the look here is too similar to Megatron’s old look. But I imagine that is the humans that rebuild Megatron into Galvatron as opposed to Unicron this time around.

    • I can’t fathom why/how anyone still expects anything out of this franchise. (*rolls eyes)

  4. That trailer will have to cover a lot of ground to convince that it’s worth watching after the last two disappointments. I wish Bay would have made Bad Boys 3 instead.

  5. The characters were good but what I really didn’t like was the cheesy acting and that obnoxious Witwicky character. I didn’t watch the third film so most likely I won’t watch this one either.

    • then why you reading this ?

    • I highly doubt that….

  6. why does Lockdown look so much better then Galvatron? I hope Galvatron gets some upgrades.

  7. that ship is unicron!

    • That ship is Lockdown’s ship.

  8. Definitely not the most anticipated film of the summer.

  9. Yeah. This movie will still suck. :(

  10. why does the internet seriously s^^t on this?
    its kinda funny, people clearly love these movies. i cant tell anymore if its just trollers or it people genuinely hate the series. i just need to remember that the internet is like 5% of the audience. if everyone thought like them then we wouldnt have had the third movie.

    • I know I genuinely hate the series.

      Then again, I’ve also always hated Star Trek, Law & Order and various soap operas but hey, they’re still going strong and I manage to actively avoid them. Unless forced to watch, like I did 14 years ago when I was hanging out with a friend and he decided to put American Pie on and proceeded to laugh throughout the movie while I waited for something funny to happen (it never did) and they even made like, 6 more of those?

      I click articles like this days after they were first put up when I’m browsing online and have read everything else I’m interested in because honestly, even as a child in the 80s, I thought Transformers kinda sucked.

  11. Cade Yeagar? …c’mon.

  12. Looks horrible, Bay needs to retire from making movies.

  13. Haters. Haters everywhere.


    • I actually like that they changed the characters. It makes it seem more realistic. I mean its obvious they tried to make the Tansformers coming to Earth a big thing, but having three movies based around he same few characters made it seem stale. This shows that there are other people around that are interacting with them. The one thing that I hope is that they explain why Bumblebee isn’t with Sam anymore.

  15. I’m guessing there won’t be any Combiners in TF4.

    If Bay can bring back Megatron from the dead, bring back the Constructicons.

    • Or, better yet, Combaticons!

  16. You only live once. I’ll pay to see Dinobots in 3D on the big screen.