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Since its live-action debut in 2007, the Transformers film series has racked up $2.8 billion at the global box office – and there’s no doubt that Paramount Pictures hopes that Transformers: Age of Extinction will be another hit for the franchise. Yet, marketing for the film has come surprisingly late in the pre-release process and with only four months until June 27th, the studio has only revealed a brief Super Bowl tease and one full length trailer.

Much like the 30 second TV spot, the new trailer raises a lot of questions – and, much like the 30 second TV spot, we’ve gone through the new trailer frame by frame in order to help provide answers (wherever possible). Obviously, we can’t be certain of the twists and turns that director Michael Bay might have in store but the new footage offers some intriguing story insights, character details, and even a viral marketing campaign.

Since we’re taking a closer look at what’s been shown, alluded to, foreshadowed, or hinted at in the trailer, potential spoilers for all readers from here on out (if our analysis is correct). You have been warned.


Cade Yeager

For months we’ve heard that Age of Extinction will be a “soft reboot” of the series – meaning that the ongoing story continues but Bay made significant changes to the cast (both human and robot) as well as tweaked principle Transformer designs. To that end, the Sam Witwicky (Shia LaBeouf) arc is being discontinued in favor of introducing a new leading man, Mark Wahlberg, playing mechanic-turned Autobot ally Cade Yeager – who is joined by daughter Tessa (Nicola Peltz) and her boyfriend/gearhead Shane (Jack Reynor).

So, how does Cade become involved with the Transformers? According to the new trailer, he purchases a broken down cab-over-engine truck only to discover that the semi is actually an injured Transformer – specifically Optimus Prime. It’s safe to assume that Cade is instrumental in helping to rehabilitate Optimus, though it’s still unclear why the Autobot leader ultimately takes Cade along to help fight Decepticons.

That said, unlike Witwicky (who really was just a “messenger” most of the time), Cade appears to have skills that could also be useful on the battlefield – not just his garage. We can’t be sure (at this point) how Cade acquires the Cybertronian gun in the image above but it’s highly likely that his talents as a mechanic allow him to harness Transformer tech for human use. Over time, the character could even fill a similar role as human allies Sparkplug and Spike in the G1 cartoons – fixing injured Autobots and assisting in the maintenance of their ship.


Optimus Prime

Age of Extinction takes place four full years after the events of Dark of the Moon – and it does not appear that life on Earth has been easy on Optimus Prime. As mentioned, Optimus is sold to Cade for salvage – until the mechanic realizes that his new purchase is actually a Transformer. At this point, it’s unknown whether Optimus is essentially “dead,” in life-saving hibernation, or simply hiding from his pursuers as a beat-up Marmon cab-over-engine truck (a close nod to his original Transformers vehicle mode).

Regardless, the Autobot leader has taken significant damage, as evidenced by the enormous bullet holes in his armor, as well as artillery casings that spill out of his cab. Nevertheless, when Yeager charges Optimus up, a frazzled version of the hero’s voice is heard: “Calling all Autobots…”

Given that later scenes in the trailer show a cleaned-up version of the character, sporting a new Eastern-inspired anime-esque redesign, with a fresh Western Star 4900 Phantom Custom semi-trailer truck vehicle mode, it’s safe to say that Yeager gets the hero up and running again. That said, we’ll have to wait for a full explanation as to why Optimus abandoned (or lost) his dual energon blades and jetpack – as well as the story behind his newly acquired broadsword.


Anti-Transformers Agency

When Titus Welliver’s man in black character, Savoy, arrives at Cade’s Texas farmhouse, viewers might at first mistake him for a new and improved Sector 7 agent. However, Savoy is actually the muscle behind a malevolent government agency that has been tasked with eradicating the remaining Transformers left on Earth. The brains behind the operation is government official, Harold Attinger (Kelsey Grammer), who considers Autobots and Decepticons a threat to humanity – blaming both factions for the devastation of Chicago (in Dark of the Moon).

Under Attinger’s orders, the unknown agency ruthlessly manhandles Tessa, while searching for Optimus Prime – and is later shown outright murdering Autobot Ratchet who was seeking refuge on a docked ocean liner. Some viewers have mistaken the green-colored Ratchet for new bot Crosshairs (also detailed in green); however, a close look at the Cybertronian face in the assassination scene is a clear match for the former Autobot medic – who is ruthlessly gunned down by Attinger’s agents.

We’ll have to wait for more details to find out whether the anti-Transformers operation is part of a larger Decepticon threat (similar to Patrick Dempsey’s Dylan Gould in Dark of the Moon) or simply another example of shortsighted (and robo-phobic) human thinking. Either way, Attinger’s team will be instrumental in helping Michael Bay and Paramount Pictures get rid of expendable franchise characters in order to make room for new heroes (and sell more toys).



As mentioned, a number of familiar Autobot characters are either absent or (likely) killed-off early-on in Age of Extinction. Ratchet will certainly be a controversial casualty and, at this point, we do not know the fates of other Autobot allies, including Sideswipe and Dino, not to mention the Wreckers (Roadbuster, Topspin, and Leadfoot).

Still, we do know the names and identities of the Autobots that will step into the spotlight. In addition to redesigned versions of franchise staples Optimus Prime and Bumblebee, Age of Extinction will introduce Hound (an Ironhide-sized scout that transforms into an Oshkosh Defense Medium Tactical Vehicle), Crosshairs (a crack shot weapons specialist who transforms into a green 2014 Chevrolet Corvette C7 Stingray), as well as Drift (a Samurai-like Autobot that transforms into a black and blue 2013 Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse).

In an effort to appeal to the lucrative Chinese box office, Transformers (new and old) both take design cues from Eastern anime – as evidenced by Bumblebee’s new battle mode along with Optimus Prime’s medieval-like armor and broadsword. In addition, the visual effects team has, reportedly, simplified vehicle to robot (and vice versa) transformations this time – striking a balance between the straightforward conversions seen in the G1 cartoon series and the over-complicated CGI metal explosions that were previously featured in the live-action series.



After initial speculation led certain viewers to believe that the “Gun Face” Transformer featured in the Super Bowl trailer was Megatron, resurrected as Galvatron, a closer look at the character confirmed that he is actually Lockdown (who transforms into a black 2013 Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4). In certain versions of Transformers mythology, Lockdown is a malevolent bounty hunter that steals modifications from his fallen enemies and adds them to his own arsenal but it is currently unknown whether or not Bay will incorporate that aspect of the character into Age of Extinction.

Still, fans shouldn’t count Galvatron out either – since Toy Fair 2014 images confirmed that the robot seen cutting a red car in half (in the Super Bowl teaser) is actually the Decepticon leader. Galvatron, who transforms into that mysterious 2014 Freightliner Argosy cab over trailer truck, looks to appear briefly in the full length trailer – on the ground with Optimus Prime hovering over (before the Autobot takes an explosive shot to the chest). It’s hard to see (given that the focus is on Optimus Prime) but the enemy bot features the same layered silver armor and piping as the Galvatron toy.

The trailer also features an armada of Decepticon ships (most likely led by Lockdown) that are shown vacuuming up the streets of Hong Kong. The evil bots could simply be using a reverse gravity weapon but, given that a key aspect of the Age of Extinction plot reportedly revolves around building new Transformers, it’s also possible that the ships are stealing parts that could be used to help construct an invading army. Whatever their plan, Galvatron and Lockdown will also be joined by Stinger (a red and black 2013 Pagani Huayra) as well as other Decepticons that have yet to be revealed on screen.



Joshua, played by Stanley Tucci, is expected to mostly serve as comic relief in Age of Extinction but the character is also instrumental in establishing a core element of the story. He’s an inventor who has learned how to create his own Transformers – and even attempts to improve upon existing Cybertronians. To that end, Joshua models his latest sentient robot, Stinger (the aforementioned red and black 2013 Pagani Huayra), after Bumblebee.

In the trailer, the Bumblebee comes face to face with the “new and improved” Transformer product – while Joshua chastises the Cybertronian hero, stating that humanity doesn’t “need” Autobots anymore. Meanwhile specs of the two robots can be seen in the back, asserting that Stinger is bleeding-edge tech with maximum efficiency, and supercharged power, that is both lethal yet safe, while sporting a dynamic design. Bumblebee’s stats are harder to read in the trailer but, according Joshua’s advertising, the classic Autobot is first generation tech, slow moving, inferior, with limited functionality, and (worst of all) an unsightly design.

Of course, Joshua will learn his lesson when Stinger eventually turns on his creator and sides with the Decepticons. Still, with only the Super Bowl spot and new trailer to go by, we don’t know how many other Transformers Joshua might have created while playing Dr. Frankenstein. Some fans even speculate (though unconfirmed) that he could be the man responsible for producing the Dinobots in this version of their origin story.



The reveal of Optimus Prime riding Grimlock in the Super Bowl trailer resulted in significantly more questions than answers – especially considering the Dinobot leader is much larger than the Autobot hero this round. Yet, the teaser made one thing clear: Grimlock will be a force of nature in beast mode – seen recklessly plowing through a Chinese archway.

While viewers might have been hoping for a live-action reveal of the fan-favorite bot’s humanoid mode (or at the very least hear him utter “Me Grimlock”), the new trailer focuses on a rough start to Autobot/Dinobot relations – with Optimus Prime outright punching a charging Grimlock through the air. Paired with the shot of two-headed Dinobot Strafe (once again confirmed by Toy Fair 2014) attacking (or possibly rescuing) Bumblebee, hostilities between the two factions might be confusing to moviegoers who simply assumed Dinobots are just Dinosaur-shaped Autobots.

However, anyone familiar with various Transformers cartoons and comic series knows that in many versions, the Dinobots often find themselves slightly at odds with Optimus and his methods – especially since Grimlock is, more often than not, an arrogant (albeit extremely capable) leader. In addition, we’ve yet to get official confirmation of the Dinobots’ origin: they could be one of Joshua’s (more imaginative) creations, ancient Cybertronians that have been trapped on Earth since the age of the dinosaurs, or new inhabitants that arrive along with Lockdown.

Still, regardless of their origin, in Age of Extinction, the Dinobots will have to unite with the Autobots to stop a larger Decepticon threat – but we’ll have to wait for further trailer reveals to find out if the brawl between Optimus and Grimlock depicts the Autobot taming a wild and thoughtless Dinobot beast or beating an arrogant and self-serving Dinobot leader into compliance.


Viral Marketing

Some watchers might have dismissed this Texas billboard as nothing more than set dressing but it is actually the beginning point of a larger viral marketing campaign – one that cleverly builds on the movie’s “Transformers are Dangerous” story.

Dialing the (855) 363-8392 number leads fans to an Easter Egg voicemail line that reminds callers of the devastation caused in Chicago when the warring Cybertronians battled throughout the city and, as a result, instructs them to share alien sightings (as well as other valuable information).

At this point, we don’t know what else (if anything) will come of the viral marketing stunt but fans can check out the number’s accompanying website TransformersAreDangerous.com to stay up to date – and download a cool wanted poster emblazoned with Optimus Prime’s face.


Those are the brief clips and questions from the newest trailer that most stood out to us but only time will tell how accurate our speculation turns out to be.

If you’ve still got questions, make sure to check out our analysis of the Transformers: Age of Extinction Super Bowl teaser which includes other details (and robot photos) that were not shown in the latest trailer.

Do you think our theories are right on target, or are you hoping they’re off the mark? Be sure to share your own insights or theories in the comments.


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Transformers: Age of Extinction will be in theaters on June 27, 2014.

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  1. Sorry Bay,,
    You aint getting my money again.

    • I can’t wait to give him mine! Going to the movies with my son and seeing him smiling with great excitement as he has a blast watching Transformers……ABSOLUTELY…PRICELESS!!! My son and I will go watch Transformers 4 together, just as we did the first 3 Transformer movies, and continue to build our memories of Father and Son enjoying time together at the movie theater! That to me…is worth every penny I will spend to watch another Michael Bay movie!!

  2. explosions! american flags! hot girls, long legs! explosions! god this looks awful. Bay overcompensates for having no talent.

    • You are incredibly wrong.

      Also, yeah…there are explosions. It’s an action movie about giant robots fighting each other. I think explosions are required for that. Michael Bay is great at making action films. I’m sorry you’re not interested in them.

      • Bay’s explosions are more like fireworks, plus I don’t understand why when Grimlock got B-slapped by Prime the grass began exploding around his head when he hit the ground. I doubt that was Grimlock’s head exploding, because if were he’d have to be dead and that also mean that his body must be made up of sensitve explovise materials, so sensitive that getting hit in the face results in explosions.

        • Fans surmise Grimlock could be about to transform in that scene, hence the sparks flying everyone (metal crunching on other metal for a transformation).

          • Except when has sparks ever been used in the film when the robots transform. i don’t recall seeing sparks when any of those robots transformed except only when they were bashing on the crap out of each other. In this trailer You can see the grassy area grimlock falls on explode with flame and sparks when he hits the ground, that makes no sense.

            • I agree it makes no sense. But don’t forget the Dinobots are ruffians – wild beasts/warriors, rather. When they transform, they’re going to do so violently. A transformation that conveys they are brutes.

              • Lol haha but doesn’t that seem odd? Sparks flying every where when they transform, every one in that their close proximity will just find that annoying. I think HighMoon games got it right in their fall of cybertron by making Grimlock smash the ground and roar when transforming.

                • Not if they can play it off as the Dinobots being ancient. It could even be portrayed to the point that Grimlock hasn’t transformed for centuries. So, if they go that route, it could make more sense.

                • I hope Grimlock transforms similarly in the film itself. It was so amazing. The Dinobots in that game were just terrific.

                • I know the answer! Dinobots are cheap Chinese Autobot knockoffs. Bad build quality leads to lots of parts scraping during the transformation = sparks. There! :D

      • sure, he’s great at making crappy action films, with all style and so substance. you are spot on.

    • I’d like to see you direct a film.

  3. Fool me once, shame on you.
    Fool me….. three times, shame on me!

  4. Unicron anyone?

    • I’m hoping Unicron sent Lockdown to Earth. They can Thanos-tease him at the end.

      • Maybe the ship that is sucking up the buildings during the trailer is Unicron? I mean, If you watch the beginning of the cartoon movie, that scene is very reminiscent of when Unicron sucked/devored planets.

        • The ship is not Unicron.

  5. Any Transformers movie is a guaranteed ticket sale from me, period. That being said, I’m more than willing to admit to the shortcomings of previous installments, however, whether you guys are on the mark or not is not that important to me.
    I’m intrigued during this point of an upcoming movie, the mutual fans speculation based on knowledge from the cartoon(comics/etc). Mainly because the theories generated are almost ALWAYS more impressive than what shows up on the screen.
    Given all the potential right and wrong things they could do with the story and characters, my primary focus is still on the possiblity of a unicron sighting, I think a defeated galvatron floats in space just outside the atmosphere of earth post credits into the abyss of space, silence for a moment until the bellowing orson welles-ish voice says, ‘welcome galvatron…..’ maybe show a mechanical planet then cut out.

  6. I can’t wait for this. I loved the first 3. I don’t understand the criticisms for this.

    • If you don’t understand them now, you never will.

      Saying that, if this movie forgets the first three ever existed and turns out to actually be good, I may consider buying a Transformers DVD for the first time ever.

      • Unfortunately they aren’t going to forget the first 3 movies…

        The sign that says Remember Chicago is a way of connecting them and not forgetting them. Plus, I’m sure there will be references to where Sam is at or what government position he got or something.

        • they mention Sam has a job as a copyright infringement lawyer

          • hahaha that one took me a second but then it payed off haha

          • He plays PaperBagman the copyright lawyer.

      • Who uses DVDs still? It’s 2014.

        • Well, technically Blu-ray discs are still DVDs, albeit with higher capacity. They are still digital, they are still versatile and they are still discs. ;)

          • Alright, except “DVD” isn’t just a descriptor. It’s a title of that form of the technology. The correct blu-ray equivalent is BD.

        • Oh come on! We’re hardly talking VHS Betamax or Lazerdisc here.

      • In my opinion the Tranformers movies were flawed and weird as h*ll in a silly way(but nonetheless I love Anthony Anderson’s and John Turturro’s characters from the movies, they are the shining human characters cos they are just wacky, in a good way, not like Ken Joeng in Dark of the moon)but this doesn’t make them completely horrid films that deserve to be broken to pieces. I mean we get a buttload of robot mayhem, Peter Cullen as Optimus, toss out the human storylines and the plots were okay, we got the Matrix, most of the transformers were personality wise as they were in the awesome G1 cartoons and Marvel Comics, . I myself am eagerly expecting to just see Transformers: Cybertron -film which would have just Transformers in it (if you really need a human character throw in the Circuit Breaker, but seeing how expensive that would be I guess it ain’t gonna happen, so I’m at least happy seeing Transformers brought to the big screen in a brawlin and visually great way. Criticizing Bay for bad story is just since it would be quite easy to make a great movie with Transformers characters (you got the tycoon in Blackrock, Spike Witwicky the great human hero, Circuit Breaker the Anti-hero and Lord Zarak, yeah he’s from Nebulos but he could be easily retconned, as the supreme human baddie). I am going to go see this movie because I know Bay will surely be providing a bang for my buck. Plus you got GRIMLOCK.

    • because they are absolutely awful with no redeeming qualities

      • :(
        I thought part 1 was really good but has some continuity / plot holes.

        Part 2 was decent except for the stupid girl turning into a transformer along with Wheelie being inappropriate.

        Part 3 was a step up from part 2 but nowhere as good as part 1. Plus, it was lame the way they just washed away the relationship of Sam and Makayla. I know that they were distancing themselves from Megan Fox because of her rehire situation. The new relationship just felt awkward. It would have been better if they left out the love story all together.

      • You are factually wrong.

      • No, they are perfectly flawless. The acting is strong and the story changes locations.

  7. If Strafe was attacking Bumblebee in that scene, why would Bee jump into his claws?

    He wasn’t attacking him, he’s rescuing/picking him up. Otherwise it makes little sense.

    • Finally, someone who uses their eyes.

  8. Also, I’m tenuous on the Hong Kong scene being for materials. Time will have to tell on that front, but I wouldn’t be surprised (this being a Michael Bay movie) if it wasn’t purely to cause destruction of the city that the Autobots are in.

  9. Btw, in the first preview Optimus rides Grimlock meaning Grimlock his huge! Think about it, Optimus is like 30 ft tall! But Grimlock looks like 3 times bigger than optimus!

    However, in the new preview, when Grimlock charges, it doesn’t look like Grimlock is that much bigger than Optimus compared to the first preview.

    • I thought about that, too. It’s definitely odd.

    • They appear to be the same size, to me at least. Grimlock is not exaggeratively large as everyone makes him out to be. It’s not like he’s the size of Devastator. More than likely, he is the equivalent of Demolishor in terms of size, maybe even slightly smaller than that.

      By the way, Optimus Prime? 28 feet tall.

      • Hey now :) I did say “about 30 ft.” I googled it too! Interesting though, I found a site that says Bay states his height at 28 ft. and another person privy to the movie says he is 32 ft.

        Either way, The scene where he rides him at looks like Grimlock is at least twice the size which would make Grimlock the height of 6 houses stacked!

        • :D Haha, you did.

  10. I really don’t get the feeling from the ads that this is a reboot at all – even if it’s only supposed to be a soft reboot. And honestly, I can’t really see how the overall character concepts are that much different from the originals (except Optimus, who looks way different).

    However, I enjoy giant transforming robots – always have. And Marky Mark is far more watchable than Shia. So, I might just give this one a try in theaters. First movie was fun, second was a waste, third was better than second but not fantastic. I actually wouldn’t consider any of them to this point “fantastic”.

    PS, the article didn’t suggest this outright, but I think Marky Mark’s character biography is more colorful than the trailer leads us to believe. I bet he’s ex military with a mechanical engineering specialization.

    • The biggest difference is that the characters don’t behave like clowns. That’s a big change, and a welcomed one. Of course the trailer could be just hiding the goofy s**t, as did the Dark of the Moon trailer.

  11. im not feeling Grimlock and his double horned silver getup

    • So far, Grimlock is spot-on in terms of visuals and behavior. having 2 horns is a tiny problem (if you’re a person who dislikes it). Even that isn’t considered a problem by everyone.

  12. I enjoyed Transformers and Transformers 3 but the 2nd one sucked..badly. Of course I’ll be in the theatre to see this. I’m hopeful that the battles are a little easier to follow and you can actually tell who is who. It’s kinda sad that Ratchet will be killed off, but it can’t be worse than killing Iron Hide and literally having not one character showing any sort of sorrow or care.

    • Finally someone who cares about Ironhide,but I truly do not like the fact that Ratchet is being killed, especially like not

      • I mean especially not like that

        • Ratchet’s death is the sole reason why I won’t even bother seeing this one in the theater, (despite being a big fan of the franchise). I had a bad feeling he was going to be killed off when shooting for this movie began, due to his vehicle mode’s almost complete absence on set.

  13. Judging from the trailer, I think it’s gonna be great, like the first movie, but we’ll never know. I somehow got a feeling that this is gonna be great, but yeah, we’ll have to see it first..

  14. I walked out of the theater in the first one when Bumblebee “peed” on Turturro. I refused to give the studio anymore of my money after that and watched the second one on an illegal bootleg. I threw that bootleg out my front door into the street when the movie was over because I didn’t want something so blatantly bad in my house. Then I sold all of my G1 Transformers, including Fortess Maximus, on eBay and went to Vegas with the money.

    • Is it ironic that your “moral compass” supports illegal bootleg but not a fictional character peeing car liquid onto a person?……….

      Just think about that for a moment.

      • Perhaps in that moment when he saw BumbleBee reduced to a crude joke for he turned to the dark side. He did say he payed for 1 and bootlegged 2. He also sold his Transformers man.

      • When did I mention morals? It has nothing to do with morality. I walked out of a movie because it was objectively terrible. It took characters that I (at the time, for some reason) actually cared about for 20 something years and treated them like an enormous joke. They made a movie about some D-bag kid and his buffoon parents and called it “Transformers” for some reason. They capitalized on the nostalgia and good will built into the Transformers name, and gave us something that not only wasn’t faithful to the source material, it didn’t resemble it at all. Choosing to NOT give the movie studio more money to see them do it again wasn’t a moral choice, it was capitalism, pure and simple.

        Actually in reality its theft, but

    • Really, Dude, you sold everything you had about transformers,and went to vegas with the money, all that just because you were disappointed about two movies.
      Anyway, Do anyone think that Bumblebee’s new face armor is because He copied that Red man-made transformers armor.
      Bumblebee is a sensible bot after all,maybe he wished to upgrade himself and get better than the ‘man-made bots’.


      • The red bot is Stinger, and Bumblebee takes on that design model when he upgrades to the 2014 Camaro mode. Anything is possible. Joshua could have modeled Stinger after Bee or Bumblebee could’ve taken a cue like you suggested.

        • As I said just a theory.
          But have any of you guys played the Transformers Dark of the Moon game on the Wii or 3ds,at its end, Megatron summons Lockdown and gave him special orders,unknown to the player of course,so maybe there is a relation.
          Another serious mather for me, with Optimus Prime’s new armor, does he still have canons

          • Goodnight people,let’s chat some more tomorrow. I am fourteen and my parents are telling me to go to sleep

      • In my defense, it was a REALLY great trip to Vegas. Ended up being one of my best.

        As far as selling them goes, I looked at it this way. Hasbro, Universal and the people making the movies obviously don’t have the same kind of reverance and nostalgic attachment to the original Transformes as I do. Why would they? I loved Transformers as a kid and that stuck with me as an adult, it’s different, I get that. But, they made a movie that, in my opinion, was awful. They didn’t stay faithful to even the spirit of the source material, and that’s fine, it’s their property and they can do with it what they wish.

        The reason I sold the toys were because after the movies, having them just didn’t make me happy the same way they used to. I had kept them because I was attached to them, and now that attachment was gone. Or different, I don’t know. But at that point keeping them wasn’t as appealing to me as the extra spending money I could have in Vegas… And, if I’m being honest, I still have the 5 Dinobots and Soundwave and the 5 original cassettes because I couldn’t bring myself to sell those. So there ya go.

        • That’s still a lame reason dude I mean there was a TON of other Transformer stuff between the movies and G1, and after the movies (cartoons, and comics)that is MUCH better. You really sold all of them because of ONE bad movie franchise while there still making really good comics and animated series (that don’t connect to the Bay films) that miles beyond the Bay films and are genuine entraining and even taking some idea’s from the films and vastly improving on them so that they are actually good. As I said before that is lame reasoning.

    • I’m curious how you threw a digital download out into the street. You went to the trouble to find an illegal disc? Sounds like a total hassle. Or did you download it like a normal pirate and then burn it to disc afterwards just so you could throw it? I’m so confused. Maybe you’re just from 1998?

      • Nowhere, in anything I wrote do the words “digital” or “download” appear. I got the bootleg the same place most normal people do, I bought it from an Asian lady at the car wash (I only said I wasn’t going to give the STUDIO any more of my money).

        By the way for those keeping score; Transformers 2 – as a movie, objectively terrible, possibly the nadir of American cinema, but as a frisbee? Top notch, that thing sailed like half the block before hitting the asphalt.

  15. It’s just Michael Bay’s excuse to lie again. The actual movie will pretty much be the same thing. And Titus Welliver’s character is going to be working for the Decepticons.

    • And then will get betrayed be them as well. Rotten Tomatoes score for that film: maybe 10%

      • Rotten tomatoes score of Transformers 3..? 36%

        Not sure you were close…

        • I’m only guesting.

          • I meant guessing. I’m only guessing.

            • I never did find out why ScreenRant doesn’t have an Edit button in the comments.

  16. I have a very low bar when it comes to movies with giant robots, chicks, and explosions. This film meets that easily lol.

  17. I will be beyond upset if Ratchet is indeed killed off, (although it certainly seems like that is the case). The Hummer was not on set when shooting scenes for the final battle either so all evidence points to him being DX’d early on in the film.

    • Would it really matter that much, any robot that was not Optimus Prime or Megatron was giving very little dialogue, The last three movies focused more on the human characters. Only thing I remember about Ratchet was his joke about Sam wanting to bed Megan Fox in the first movie. Other than that he didn’t do much. Ironhide was giving more personality than him and still that paled in comparison to the human characters. So when Ironhide died it was still kinda weak.

    • If he does die, I want Lockdown to kill him.

      • At least that would an honorable way for him to die, Die fighting is better than being put down like an unwanted Horse or Dog,whatever

        • I just want Lockdown to kill him since the two characters have a history with one another. That’s my sole reason.

          • Knowing Bay I’m pretty sure that’s not gonna happen. I mean look closely at the trailer and read all the other confirmed facts about this movie. Grimlock is the only original Dinobot in this film and that two headed flying dinobot was just made up for the film and is using a name belonging to someone who wasn’t a dinobot.

            • Bay doesn’t write the films, does he? No. Ehren Kruger is a Transformers nerd himself, so I’m sure he knows of Ratchet’s and Lockdown’s history. If he doesn’t want to incorporate that aspect (or downright personality) of the characters, then fine. I’ll get over it. I’ll welcome the change.

              Strafe is essentially the cinematic variation of Swoop. Hasbro didn’t want to name him Swoop, though, because they felt his design strays to far from the original, with the two heads and all.

  18. Wahlberg will always going to be a bigger Box office draw than LaPoof. So great job by the producers to signing Wahlberg in this next trilogy.

    Oh, and for all you Bay-haters out there. This will be his final film as director of the TF franchise. He’ll be moving on.
    Keep on truckin.

  19. I always bash Transformers before they release and then end up watching them. I am not gonna do the same for this one, although I am curious to see Wahlberg. He is an amazing action star and royally beats up his human enemies. I want to see him do the same to robots!

  20. Many people aren’t aware that in the original transformers comics they killed off Optimus Prime very early in the series. Grimlock actually does lead the autobots for awhile.

    • Yeah but first time round he leads them into a civil war between the earth Autobots and the new arrivals from Nebulos cause he’s got beef with Blaster and Goldbug.

      He does a much better job second time round after the whole Unicron / Last Autobot saga where Prime sacrifices himself (for about 5 issues lol)

      Oh and the little stint in the UK comics where he runs Earth Force….

      Prime, that’s one dude who just will not die…. and good job too.

      Till All Are One!!!

  21. I honestly love all of these movies.
    After growing up with the shows and toys as a kid, even sharing the hobby with my father, this is one of the coolest things ever. I about screamed like a little girl when the trailer for the first one came out. Even if some of the plot elements in the first three had some minor (and major) holes, you just gotta enjoy it!

    I’m psyched for this movie. The human story line looks amazing, and so does the Cybertronian story line. I can see them easily incorporating Unicron, and even building up to something similar to the 80′s movie.

    And I mean, c’mon, Dinobots? Don’t tell me you didn’t get excited even at the rumors.

  22. Question.

    Not seen the trailer…. yet, so not sure if he’s positively identified verbally.

    Looking at the picks and a rumour that’s done the rounds but aint the Transformer Marky Mark meets Ultra Magnus, who is a WHITE cab over.

    Prime has been a red long nose in this movie series and the pic of him with a broadsword he’s red, so what, the dude’s pop round the local paint shop for a bit of a spray tan… gotta look good in the jungle while at the same time getting a nose job.

    Have we seen him in red vehicle mode yet, is he cab over or long nose?

  23. Around the 4:12 mark someone says ‘I am annoyed when the go over the top with villains, they wear dark clothing, dark glasses and they hurt innocent people.” How is this over-the-top when this is exactly how law enforcement too often acts these days? Not every encounter with government is like this but its not a rare occurrence by any means and there are many videotaped examples on youtube alone of encounters with law enforcement in which an innocent citizen is hurt or wounded severely and in some cases killed. This problem is magnified when (as history shows) the officer(s) are cleared of any wrong doing at a later time. This is most certainly not an over the top portrayal of government these days.’

  24. “until the mechanic releases that his new purchase”….how about ‘realizes’.

    I’m not an English major or anything, but those misspelled words just jump out at ya’.

    That’s the second time today Ben. You got Friday Fever??

    • Realise is the British spelling. So he did in fact get the spelling correct

  25. Wait….what if that ship is unicron…or something to feed him with.

    • I wouldnt put it past optimus to catalog weapons, he was an archiver before the war.

    • If Bay is planning on using Unicron, he won’t be intro’d until the 2nd film of the trilogy at the very earliest, and won’t play a major role until the 3rd.

      It’s just Lockdown’s ship. Lockdown is known to take existing tech and modify it to his needs, so his ship pulling up metals from the planet’s surface fits with that history.

  26. This movie looks wonderful. I hate when people say it looks crappy. How about yall become a director and make your own transformers movie and see how it turns out.

  27. pathos

  28. If you’re the type that can go see a movie for pure “oh thats cool” factor without taking themselves seriously, the movies are fine. If you’re going to sit there like some kind of armchair critic, squirming in your seat with your panties in a bunch because it’s not a cinematic masterpiece (thats me, I shamefully admit), then stay away.

    Although judging from the last film a good number who claim they’re staying away are lying through their teeth. DOTM’s $1.12 billion gross didn’t come from thin air. Not even gonna lie to myself- I’ll end up seeing it.

  29. Look closely at the ship as it begins sucking up all matter of tech and metal and you will see that it is in fact part of Unicron ( Compare closely the carton image before the film footage) albeit smaller then expected for a world destroyer but maybe that is all part of the new three movie arc , he has to rebuild himself first . And while here why not destroy the last of the primes with your trusty bounty hunter, I’m sure there is a few more surprises in store , hotrod perhaps , someone has to lead after primes death, well i said to much already… . We have heard in the past the next ones may well take place in space or not all together on earth.

    • That ship is not Unicron and AOE isn’t an entire remake of the original 1986 film.

    • Certainly looks like a hand to me (in reference to the ship behind Lockdown).
      It’s a stretch, but it really kind of does.