‘Transformers: Age of Extinction’ Super Bowl Trailer

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The Transformers movie series has seen plenty of outrage from the fan community (from Optimus Prime’s controversial flame detailing to criticisms of the film’s adolescent humor); yet, the franchise remains one of the most profitable trilogies in film history – grossing over $2.7 billion in ticket sales worldwide. Of course, that total doesn’t include the highly-profitable merchandising that goes along with each film entry – toys, costumes, and clothes (among others) that have lined the pockets of Paramount Pictures and Hasbro for half a decade.

After previously stating that he’d conclude his tenure with the Transformers franchise after completion of the third entry, subtitled Dark of the Moon, Michael Bay will deliver at least one more entry in the series with the forthcoming Transformers: Age of Extinction. Now, thanks to Super Bowl Sunday, we’re getting our first teaser trailer for the film (check it out above).

Transformers 4 Age of Extinction Teaser Poster Header Transformers: Age of Extinction Super Bowl Trailer

Despite the size of Bay’s 3D blockbuster production, we know surprisingly little about Age of Extinction – save for the human and Cybertronian characters that will be included in the film. Considering there’s less than five months before the film hits theaters, and this brief teaser is the only official footage out there, it’s safe to say that Paramount Pictures has some major reveals in the pipeline – especially now that leaked merchandise images have provided a few choice hints on what to expect.

Above isolated rumors and unofficial sneak peeks, we do know that the studio has positioned Transformers: Age of Extinction as a “soft-reboot” – meaning a continuation of the current Autobot storyline but with significant tweaks to the robot designs as well as swapping out the human cast (formerly led by Shia LaBeauf) for an all new batch of unsuspecting do-gooders (with Mark Wahlberg in the starring role).

Transformers 4 Grimlock Optimus Prime 570x294 Transformers: Age of Extinction Super Bowl Trailer

In addition to revamping the core franchise framework, Age of Extinction is intended to establish an all new set of films (to be helmed by other directors) and significantly expand the mythology – with a possibility that, by the end, the series could even tackle cosmic foes like Planet Eater, Unicron. Still, in spite of many exciting possibilities, the most anticipated element of Transformers: Age of Extinction is the confirmed inclusion of fan-favorite Autobot team, The Dinobots.

Leaked merchandising images gave us our first (cartoonish) glimpse at the Grimlock design, but now that the film’s trailer is out – with the release of the Super Bowl teaser – fans will no doubt be especially excited to see the raging T-Rex (ridden by Optimus Prime).

We’ll have to wait for the full trailer to get a better idea of the actual storyline but it looks as though Bay might actually deliver a movie that’s even bigger and more exciting than Dark of the Moon.


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Transformers: Age of Extinction hits theaters on June 27, 2014.

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  1. Everybody that’s complaining about these movies being made to only sell toys well that was the goal of the original cartoon sell toys hasbro is a toy company they sell toys

  2. So Megatron finally transforms into a giant gun like he was in the cartoons? I may actually see this afterall since im not at all impressed by Spider-Man 2.

    • I think that’s Lockdown/the lambo. I’m guessing Galvatron is the robot that destroys the red car.

    • That’s Lockdown, people! The Lamborghini Aventador.

  3. I like how Grimlock doesn’t look like a robotic T-Rex anymore but instead looks like a robotic dragon… Still not a bad as when they put lips on me tho.

    • What makes you so sure that’s Grimlock and not Sludge?

      • Is that even a valid question? It looks exactly like Grimlock. No other Dinobot transforms into a Tyrannosaurus.

  4. Looks like an Oscar winner.

    More movies and they might finally get to Unicron, you say? Welp, after reading more about the Transformers mythology, I… really don’t care. Sounds like fun.

  5. wow that looks as horrible as i imagined

    • Horriable like your mom?

      • Hurtful.

      • “Your Mom”? Is that still being used these days?

        • I don’t know, is your mom still being used these days?

  6. 16 seconds it looks like something grabbing optimus primes original G-1 form. You have to look closely though.

  7. I think it’s nemesis prime maybe…

  8. The horns make him look more dragon though.

  9. Kill the humans and turn Earth into New Cybertron.

  10. Oh my gawd. I can actually clearly tell what’s going on in some moments of some action scenes. That’s automatic improvement right there.

    • I had that thought too, the cg is better and theyre scenes of bot longer than 3 seconds without cut.

    • It’s always been easy to tell what’s going on.

  11. I cannot stand the design of these robots. WHY does Bay feel the need to add a stupid bladed detail to EVERY ounce of limb that these things have? They should have much flatter features and be more easily recognizable in the face. I can’t even tell where Optimus’s face starts sometimes because of all the stupid inner workings they insist on showing in every closeup. Their transformations look so incredibly intricate that they aren’t even believable. It should be easy to identify the different parts of the truck or whatever vehicle each Transformer turns into rather than looking like a jumble of scrap parts with simply the color of the vehicle.

    People eat this s*** up and clearly it’s catering to the lowest common denominator. They will buy anything that is flashy and looks edgy and “cool”, rather than appreciating substance and class. Other than having a great original voice actor for Optimus, these movies are complete CGI filth tests. The designs are absolutely horrible and show zero respect to the classic originals.

    • I am so with you. I fully admit that they needed to upgrade from the overly simplistic cartoon designs but these transformers are all painfully complex. With so much damn detail it’s often difficult to see just what the hell I’m looking at w/o a pause button to scrutinize in for 30 secs!

    • ^this x10^2000

      • Yeah, I literally feel like I’m watching CGI Anime and no offense, but I HATE anime styling. It’s overblown and exaggerated in everything, rather than things looking logical or symmetrical. I liked the old head design for Megatron with the Darth Vader-esque helmet over top of it and how he turned into a huge gun.

        When I look at Optimus, Bumblebee or Megatron in movies now in their “transformed” states I can’t tell they were once a truck, Chevy Camaro or a jet. Everything looks like horrible, jutting, mirror-like metal. I feel like these movies are for kids who drink a Monster Energy everyday, play COD and have zero interest in education aka a good portion of Wal-Mart America. I wish we had much smarter and film-savvy audiences who wouldn’t buy into this crap. Bay makes his money off these regardless and it kills me every time.

        • My theory is that the complexity ironically makes it easier to realistically render with CGI. I suspect that simpler designs with more unbroken/flat surfaces tend to be more vulnerable to looking fake.

          I do agree that it’s not a great look, though. Still, I don’t know that I would connect it to the social depravity of consumer America…correlation, sure, but the design of make believe robots…it’s fantasy either way.

          • Yeah someone astutely mentioned below that the HEAVY Asian designs may be to sell it even better internationally. I agree the designs don’t correlate to consumer America, but the extreme use of CGI does. It’s the typical Van Helsing, I Frankenstein, Resident Evil garbage that looks flashy on screen to cover up the fact that the script is horrid and it was only made to capitalize off recognizable names in pop culture.

            I still think the best use of CGI was in Jurassic Park. It STILL looks the most realistic to this very day and the dinosaurs skin and motion are just incredible. I still think flatter designs would be way more easy to render and clearly you could spend much less time on them too, which equates to less money spent in the studio department. I think the only thing you’d have to worry about is shadows and reflections off the flat surfaces AKA whatever vehicle exterior they have.

            I also think the original G1 Transformers probably looked a bit Asian in influence back then, I don’t see why everything has to have metallic shards sticking out everywhere and can’t be flat and robotic looking. I really don’t think Bay’s designs look real AT ALL. They look fake from the get go, and once transformed remind me of barfed up K’nex sets. Transformers should have a linear look. They should unlock from their vehicle shapes in a very literal and predictable manner. There is NO rhyme or reason as to how they change over. I always thought the transformations themselves looked so bad, aside from Optimus’s tires still spinning, it was just horribly thought out and not even mechanically conceivable.

            If Bay was worth ANY of the salt that he thinks he is, he would have hired actually mechanical engineers and car designers to come up with exactly HOW these things would be de-assembled so to speak and put into a robot form logically. Bay is complete trash and always has been. I can’t even watch Bad Boys.

    • I’m with you Ian, Mindless movies for a mindless audience. People should support real directors because Bay brings nothing new to the table.

  12. So Marky-Mark in and crying plagiarist, “withdrawing from society” LaBeouf out?

    Probably the most intelligent they have done with this franchise to date (still not gonna see it though)

  13. Why does Grimlock have horns? Ugh..

  14. It’s what you expect. Boom, Boom, people running in slo mo, hot woman, ridiculous moments, and a confirmation that its yet another michael bay film.

  15. i just hope that optimus dosen’t die AGAIN

  16. I think that the robot who’s head turns into a gun is lockdown definitely and the robot that smashes into the red car is either motormaster or galvatron loving the dinobots and Optimus’ new look also crosshairs looks awesome too

  17. I think if you look at the designs of Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, The Dinobots, combined with the rumors about a “Samurai” Transformer named Drift and the fact a lot of this film is being filmed in China, you see a heavy Asian influence on this film. The last three Transformers made a lot of money in Asia, especially in China. I’m wondering if this the first of many big “American” films that is going out of its way to cater to audiences in other countries. It’s already been reported that the reason Hollywood is so stuck on using well know franchises instead of original films is that established franchises have better name recognition with International audiences.

    • Not to mention, if you’ve seen Drift’s design, you’d know he is definitely a Samurai the moment you see him. This movie was the largest production to date to film in Hong Kong, so it’s definitely going to be successful overseas.

  18. Dinobots! Unless M. Bay does a horrible interpretation of them, as he did with “Devastator”. I think that its a lil tooo much with Oct riding him and Grimlock being that huge. But ill still pay to see it. Haha

  19. Grimlock looks like a toonish dragon. How do you screw that up? Do the concept designers suck that bad or is Bay just a Tyrant with horrid taste?
    Gun-face Megatron? Genius! Almost everything skinned with the chromed metal of your latest overly-complicated, infomercial juicer? Again, horrid!!!

  20. What happened to the picture of Grimlock that actually looked like a Dinobot?
    Not some pointy jagged metal Bay Bulls***?

    Oh well. I hoped they were actually going to change the formula a bit this time. More of the same, see ya on Blu-Ray (rental) T4.

  21. Finally, The Dinobots are here (at least Grimlock showed up).

    • And Swoop showed up, too.

  22. Its very Godzillary….

  23. A truly terrible looking movie…… Glad to see Michael Bay has not lost his touch….

  24. Despite swapping out Shia Labeouf for Mark Wahlberg, this still looks pretty atrocious. Not unlike the game last night.

  25. Will Nemesis Prime appear in this movie?

  26. seems like Grimlock has no idea about the true size of a T-Rex, that way he will never fool a single earthling…

  27. Is that meant to be unicron at the start?

    • That’s lockdown’s ship

  28. Well it ‘LOOKS’ better than the other transformer films.

  29. Which Decepticon was that who reshuffled his face into a big bazooka gun? is that Galvatron?

    • That’s lockdown/ the lamborghini