‘Transformers: Age of Extinction’ Super Bowl Trailer

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The Transformers movie series has seen plenty of outrage from the fan community (from Optimus Prime’s controversial flame detailing to criticisms of the film’s adolescent humor); yet, the franchise remains one of the most profitable trilogies in film history – grossing over $2.7 billion in ticket sales worldwide. Of course, that total doesn’t include the highly-profitable merchandising that goes along with each film entry – toys, costumes, and clothes (among others) that have lined the pockets of Paramount Pictures and Hasbro for half a decade.

After previously stating that he’d conclude his tenure with the Transformers franchise after completion of the third entry, subtitled Dark of the Moon, Michael Bay will deliver at least one more entry in the series with the forthcoming Transformers: Age of Extinction. Now, thanks to Super Bowl Sunday, we’re getting our first teaser trailer for the film (check it out above).

Transformers 4 Age of Extinction Teaser Poster Header Transformers: Age of Extinction Super Bowl Trailer

Despite the size of Bay’s 3D blockbuster production, we know surprisingly little about Age of Extinction – save for the human and Cybertronian characters that will be included in the film. Considering there’s less than five months before the film hits theaters, and this brief teaser is the only official footage out there, it’s safe to say that Paramount Pictures has some major reveals in the pipeline – especially now that leaked merchandise images have provided a few choice hints on what to expect.

Above isolated rumors and unofficial sneak peeks, we do know that the studio has positioned Transformers: Age of Extinction as a “soft-reboot” – meaning a continuation of the current Autobot storyline but with significant tweaks to the robot designs as well as swapping out the human cast (formerly led by Shia LaBeauf) for an all new batch of unsuspecting do-gooders (with Mark Wahlberg in the starring role).

Transformers 4 Grimlock Optimus Prime 570x294 Transformers: Age of Extinction Super Bowl Trailer

In addition to revamping the core franchise framework, Age of Extinction is intended to establish an all new set of films (to be helmed by other directors) and significantly expand the mythology – with a possibility that, by the end, the series could even tackle cosmic foes like Planet Eater, Unicron. Still, in spite of many exciting possibilities, the most anticipated element of Transformers: Age of Extinction is the confirmed inclusion of fan-favorite Autobot team, The Dinobots.

Leaked merchandising images gave us our first (cartoonish) glimpse at the Grimlock design, but now that the film’s trailer is out – with the release of the Super Bowl teaser – fans will no doubt be especially excited to see the raging T-Rex (ridden by Optimus Prime).

We’ll have to wait for the full trailer to get a better idea of the actual storyline but it looks as though Bay might actually deliver a movie that’s even bigger and more exciting than Dark of the Moon.


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Transformers: Age of Extinction hits theaters on June 27, 2014.

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  1. Looks even worse than Transformers 2

    • Looks way better than Transformers 3

      • +1

    • I dont think thats possible, 2 set the bar reeeeeeeeeeally low.

  2. Marky Mark looks good with all of that metal surrounding him. Naysayers better recognize!

  3. As teaser trailers go, it was definitely a “tease”. Didn’t really give anything away. Which is ok. Looking forward to this one.

    • Have to disagree…. That was Galvatron shooting Optimus and you have Grimlock and Swoop Dinobots.

      • That was not Galvatron. Looks nothing him or a resurrected Megs.

        • If it wasn’t a decepticon, I would say its warpath, but not sure there was anyone like that for the decepticons.

  4. oh god…now they are bucking Dinobots.

  5. Looks like Prime gets nailed. I guess that was Galvatron that shot Prime. Grimlock looked bad-ass. Me Grimlock No Like Decepticons.

      • That’s Crosshairs, the C7 Corvette.

      • Granted I have no idea what I’m talking about, but I remember one of my nephews showing me a Megatron he wanted and it transformed into a tank like vehicle and that clip right there sort of looked like it was transforming into a tank like vehicle.


  7. I give up Michael… I really do.

  8. Optimus riding on a dino looked a lot goofier on screen than it did in my head.

    • agree to disagree…

      was pretty meh, until I saw that shot -> Mind = Blown

      • agreed this looks absolutely terrible

  9. DINOBOTS b**** !!!!!!

  10. Robots with more color, check

    Better filmed action, check

    Better lead actor, check

    But hey, let’s not get our hopes up. Michael Bay pretty much lied to the fans faces when it came to what he was going to do with Transformers 3 (“no more comedy, more dark, more character development”) and look at what happened…

    I hope this movie is good, but I’m not sure how likely that will be.

  11. Doesn’t look any more special than the previous. Transformers is the Call of Duty of the film industry.

  12. R.I.P. Optimus Prime

  13. It was fun you get a glimpse of a few Dinobots, but I want MORE!!! Grimlock looked HUGE with Optimus riding him tho… I guess the Autobots are due for some BIG buddies tho…

  14. Looking great. Not sure if those are Lockdown’s ships or what but that’s definitely him by the captured OP. Swoop catching Bumblebee was amazing and Optimus on Grimlock = BAYGASM.

  15. Looks like Prime gets blasted, captured, but you know what they say u can’t keep a good PRIME down. Seriously hope Prime doesn’t die again. If they are going to do that, have Prime die in the last Transformers film with the Autobots winning the final battle and Prime passing the Matrix to Hot Rod before he dies.

  16. the huge Grimlock reminded me of the ‘predacons’ from Transformers Prime.

    also, maybe the two headed dragon is Galvatron… wont that be sweet, especially since we dont know who the villain is yet

    • It’s Swoop, who’s being called Strafe.

      • why did they change the name? i never understood why they changed any of the names, doesn’t Hasbro own the rights

        • Trademark issues, car companies, a number of causes why this is so. It’s just like how they changed Trailbreaker’s name to Trailcutter and how Mirage was called Dino in TF3. They also have to but the faction of character before their name (e.g. Ratchet is called “Autobot Ratchet” on toys.)

          • *put the faction of some characters before their name

            • Well, they were going to call Swoop ‘Divebomb’ instead way back during the 80’s when dinobots ruled the Earth, but changed it, so it wouldn’t be the first time. I at first thought the two headed dragon was going to be an ode to Hun-Gurrr, but whatev’.

  17. Damn you michael bay for making me want to watch what is most likely crap. God my childhood love for this show and toys is stripping me of my well earned money, for nothing but heartbreak.

    • Agreed. At least we suffer together, lol =). I probably can’t make myself not see it, so I just hope it isn’t crappy crap. Thumbs up for Marky Mark and his entourage. The robots look better, more solid, the action as well. Think I’ll refrain from seeing any more footage until it comes out. This gave away far too much with respect to Optimus storyline. Thumbs down for that. I’ll watch it for the visuals alone I think.

  18. Now that I’ve watched it about 20 times and the initial excitement has worn off, I realise a lot of the scenes look familiar. The one where the humans are running in between explosions looks like the desert scene at the end of ROTF and the bumblebee shot and green transformer wouldn’t look out of place in DOTM. The ‘car splitting’ shot rings a bell too. But who really cares…DINOBOTS!!

  19. Cyclonus cuts the car in half.

    • Cyclonus isn’t confirmed and that looks more like the mysterious Wolf character fans have been buzzing about.

    • hey… let me let you in on a little secret.

      people know what they are getting outta these movies. why do you think they get so much money? the movie is mindless fun. if someone wants to watch a movie about slaves or a true story about pirates they will see those… PEOPLE LIKE EXPLOSIONS! PEOPLE GO TO THE CINEMA TO ESCAPE. THEY DONE WANNA THINK ABOUT THE WORLD AND HOW WE EFFECT IT… WE WANNA JUST HAVE SOME FUN -_-

      • Lol seriously, right on. People complaining they are movie only designed to sell toys.. The movies are based on Effin toys! What are people expecting?? Sigh.

        • Anyways, the teaser look great. So much eye candy, loving the dinobots.

        • And comics, and other media…..

      • Those are sheep.

      • OR.. Most of America has ADHD, and a plot with complexity and dynamic storytelling just can’t keep their attention. You need things like EXPLOSIONS and CHEESY ONE-SCENES to keep the attention of the increasingly low mental capacity of Americans. Just a theory.

        • What the hell is a Cheesey “one-scene”?

          Why are you capitalizing whole words? Is it to imply that you are “SCREAMING”?

          Why so hostile?

          Why so belligerent?

          Why so xenophobic?

          Where did this grudge come from?

          Are you—mad?

      • what are you 12? these movies are painful not fun, just awful.

        • That’s your opinion.

          • That is many peoples opinion.

            This franchise peaked with the news that there would be a live action transformers movie.

            • Still opinions, no matter how many people have the same one. Not everybody think these movies are awful.

              • they may not think these movies are awful, but they are wrong – and willfully ignorant.

                • I’m ignorant for not agreeing with you? Ok haters gonna hate.

                • Meh, still opinions. Many people believe in God; doesn’t mean the Big Guy is real (not saying He is or isn’t, I’m just using this as an example). If I’m ignorant for liking something that you and everyone else don’t then so be it.

                  • +1 JCH

                  • “God” is a little heavy handed, don’t you think?

                    Maybe use Coke-Pepsi next time…

                    Just a thought.

                    • Why is god heavy handed? How would Coke/Pepsi be an alternative? At least you can prove they are real.

            • LMAO, no matter what, THAT’s funny! The sad thing is, that it’s rather true. I’ve wathced the movies primarily because I naively hope they are good. Like a few TV-shows that are currently running. And yes my ‘child-brain’ enjoyed them very much. Though I never paied to see DOTM.

  20. Regardless of what people say, this looks awesome. And the TFW2005 boards are buzzing! Even Geewhuners are hyped! GRIMLOCK LOOKS F–KING BEAST and the music is so – badass!

  21. I’m only in it for the dinosaurs. We need more dinosaurs in our lives, even if they are only robots.

  22. This movie…is going to suck. Bad.

  23. Holy crap! Optimus is in his old form at 0:22!

    • Been wanting see that since the first movie!

      • I didn’t mean G1 form, I meant his design from the previous trilogy.

        • Yeah he does use his generation 1 form in this movie though!

  24. Looks like poo.

  25. **yawwwwwwn** fell asleep during this trailer

  26. The transformer catching bumblebee looked like a predacon!

    • That was definitely Swoop, a Dinobot, not a Predacon.

      • When did swoop a pterodactyl have two heads?

        • The leaked toy.

          • Michael Bay pooped yet again on what should of been an easy character design *cough* Devastator *cough*

  27. Why do people complain about the Transformers movies? They are based off of something that had zero depth when it came to a “human” story, so why would you expect them to be Oscar worthy on the human side of things? Every single TF’s flick kicked ass when it came to the Transformers themselves, their story worked for a modern take on the lore. Does anyone even remember how cheesy Transformers actually was? Seriously, if you want a spot on adaptation then you’ve already got it. Cheesy story with EPIC unforgettable giant robots blasting the sh*t out one another. I for one will thoroughly enjoy this movie, for what it is, Peter Cullen as Prime and bunch of over the top, visually amazing giant robot fights.

    One shall stand. One shall fall……

    Oh, and that was totally Galvatron at the start, not to mention Unicron behind him.

    • Well said man. Right on!!!!

      One shall stand. One shall fall.

    • I’m pretty sure that was Lockdown/the lambo.

    • More like that was Lockdown and his massive, badass ship at the end.

      • *at the start.

    • you’re right, if this is a piece o s*** in the beginning, why you make a movie of it?