‘Transformers: Age of Extinction’ Super Bowl Trailer

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The Transformers movie series has seen plenty of outrage from the fan community (from Optimus Prime’s controversial flame detailing to criticisms of the film’s adolescent humor); yet, the franchise remains one of the most profitable trilogies in film history – grossing over $2.7 billion in ticket sales worldwide. Of course, that total doesn’t include the highly-profitable merchandising that goes along with each film entry – toys, costumes, and clothes (among others) that have lined the pockets of Paramount Pictures and Hasbro for half a decade.

After previously stating that he’d conclude his tenure with the Transformers franchise after completion of the third entry, subtitled Dark of the Moon, Michael Bay will deliver at least one more entry in the series with the forthcoming Transformers: Age of Extinction. Now, thanks to Super Bowl Sunday, we’re getting our first teaser trailer for the film (check it out above).

Transformers 4 Age of Extinction Teaser Poster Header Transformers: Age of Extinction Super Bowl Trailer

Despite the size of Bay’s 3D blockbuster production, we know surprisingly little about Age of Extinction – save for the human and Cybertronian characters that will be included in the film. Considering there’s less than five months before the film hits theaters, and this brief teaser is the only official footage out there, it’s safe to say that Paramount Pictures has some major reveals in the pipeline – especially now that leaked merchandise images have provided a few choice hints on what to expect.

Above isolated rumors and unofficial sneak peeks, we do know that the studio has positioned Transformers: Age of Extinction as a “soft-reboot” – meaning a continuation of the current Autobot storyline but with significant tweaks to the robot designs as well as swapping out the human cast (formerly led by Shia LaBeauf) for an all new batch of unsuspecting do-gooders (with Mark Wahlberg in the starring role).

Transformers 4 Grimlock Optimus Prime 570x294 Transformers: Age of Extinction Super Bowl Trailer

In addition to revamping the core franchise framework, Age of Extinction is intended to establish an all new set of films (to be helmed by other directors) and significantly expand the mythology – with a possibility that, by the end, the series could even tackle cosmic foes like Planet Eater, Unicron. Still, in spite of many exciting possibilities, the most anticipated element of Transformers: Age of Extinction is the confirmed inclusion of fan-favorite Autobot team, The Dinobots.

Leaked merchandising images gave us our first (cartoonish) glimpse at the Grimlock design, but now that the film’s trailer is out – with the release of the Super Bowl teaser – fans will no doubt be especially excited to see the raging T-Rex (ridden by Optimus Prime).

We’ll have to wait for the full trailer to get a better idea of the actual storyline but it looks as though Bay might actually deliver a movie that’s even bigger and more exciting than Dark of the Moon.


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Transformers: Age of Extinction hits theaters on June 27, 2014.

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  1. MEH!

    • This is a general statement that isn’t directed towards you tiberius. I’m only replying to your comment because you said “meh” and that’s the name I post under lol.

      Anyway, what I wanted to say is this (and I’m not just trying to be a jerk, I TRULY do mean what I’m about to say):

      But maaan do I feel so so sorry for ANY and EVERYone who is or has become so jaded that after witnessing scenes from a live action film that will feature A SWORD TOTING OPTIMUS PRIME RIDING ON GRIMLOCK’S BACK, they experienced anything short of what I now imagine time travel might feel like!?!?! Lmao.

      By that I mean I was INSTANTLY transported back to those blissful Saturday mornings following the Friday night sleep overs with my buddies as a kid, where we discussed in specific detail how awesome it would be if someone ever made a LIVE ACTION MOVIE FEATURING A SWORD TOTING OPTIMUS PRIME RIDING ON GRIMLOCK’S BACK!!!!

      In other words stop investing so much hate and negativity into it because of Bay’s involvement!?! Just sit back, relax, and bask in the fact that we are getting a LIVE ACTION FILM THAT WILL FEATURE A SWORD TOTING OPTIMUS PRIME RIDING ON GRIMLOCK’S BACK!?!?!?!?

      It’s impossible for me to put those words together without feeling like a kid again.

  2. I love how all you people can say this movie is “atrocious” when we only say 30 seconds of it. IF that, seriously? Get your panties out of a wad and lets wait until the movie comes out.

    • If I could place gifs, I would post a clapping one. Indeed, I agree. People just start bashing because they see Bay’s name and that it’s Transformers, when they have no idea this might knock people out of the park.

      • +1 for both of you

      • Maybe people are bashing this one because they didn’t like the 3 transformer movies Bay previously made. Didn’t Bay also say that the 3rd Transformer movie was going to be more serious? And yet a lot of people were disappointed.

        For example…if a person buys a certain car based off what the dealer said he or she would get from it (the trailers), and they don’t get what he said they would, (after they have paid for the car and are driving around in it) they would be upset, and would not purchase anything from that same dealer again.

        You can’t really rely on trailers these days to make a determination about a film being good or bad, because I have seen things in trailers that were not even in the film itself; combined with the notion that filmmakers will put the “best” parts of a film (the parts that you may see in the film) in the trailer for the sake of first impressions. However, what you see is not always what you get.

        It’s amazing to me how no one seems to be learning from or taking a page out of peter jackson’s passion for films. His handling and care of the Lord of the Rings trilogy, for example, has produced films that will be recognized as being one of the most epic films ever made for the next 20 or more years.

      • Maybe people are bashing this one because they didn’t like the 3 transformer movies Bay previously made. Didn’t Bay also say that the 3rd Transformer movie was going to be more serious? And yet a lot of people were disappointed. It’s not like you can get your money back from the movie theater because you disliked the film.

  3. they explained why they sound the way they do in the first movie, how do they explain what a Dinosaur sounds like

  4. Why do these robots look so fake?

    • Probably because they just started rendering them.

  5. BLAH.

  6. I don’t know. Sure it looks like it has action, but only the first movie didn’t suck (but it wasn’t that great either) so I’ll reserve judgement on this one until I see it. I won’t see it in the theater without reading some reviews first, either. I grew up with the toys and comics so I’d like something more like that, less toilet humor and stupid characters.

    Also Optimus Prime doesn’t kill others in cold blood. He’s supposed to be good, through and through, and only kills defending the weak and/or his friends… and he certainly doesn’t enjoy it or make threats.

  7. this teaser is a step in the right direction. my main problem with the first 3 is that I couldn’t tell one transformer from the other. they were all to dirt and didn’t have enough color. these made the action unappealing to me because I didn’t know who was doing what. in this spot, optimus and the green dude (forgot who that’s supposed to be.) are more colorful. also, while I liked LaBeouf in the first movie, in 2 and 3 he was obnoxious and unlikable. he’s always trying to save some hot chick that you don’t give a s*** about. simply put, witwicki and his motivations in those films suck. in this it’s whalberg, a genuinely charming and great actor trying to protect his kids. you care more because a parent will do anything for their kids. it raises the stakes. also, this seems to be taking more elements from the cartoon than the originals. my only hope is that it’s more focused on the autobots, dinobots, and decepticons brawling and have whalberg and his family be there to bring it down to earth. like how spike and his dad were in the cartoon.

    bottom line: i’m not psyched for this (because I got jipped 3 times already!) but this trailer has shown me that perhaps Bay is learning. it’s transformers, i’m gonna see it no matter what. if everything I’ve said here comes to fruition in an awesome way, than we’re on our way to my dream transformers movie.

  8. Will there be a Dinobot Island in this movie?

  9. Happy to see the dinobots but i really dont like the scene of optimus riding him. grimlock would not allow that as they rarely see eye to eye. Cool to see Galvatron.

  10. Dino-riders! :) That kinda makes it fun!

    • And this is part of the reason why a lot of folks do not like him being director of the transformers and will be skeptical and maybe criticize the short trailer above. Yet for some reason, you have other people who seem unable to comprehend that. If the article did not misquote him and if he actually said that, it could come off as him just throwing the dinobots into the movie for a sideshow piece to make a quick buck off the movie (since the article quotes him saying that he “hates” the dinobots”). The 3 transformer films were just not that good. I strongly believe that far better films about the transformers (and other comic book superheroes) can be made.

      1. Are all the dinobots in this film or is it just Grimlock? 2. Does Grimlock and the other dinobots (if there are any others in this film) transform? Will they transform or will they remain in dino mode? Here’s the bigger question…Can they transform at all? Then there is the question of whether or not this film will be good at all (while using the past 3 Bay transformer films as references).

  11. I’m only posting this because I didn’t see a single post about it so far. The new girl in the film is Nicola Peltz, who played the ice wielding cutie the “The last Airbender”. Even though that movie did terrible at the box office, I liked it for it’s fantastic special effects. Nicola still has a lot to learn on the acting front, kind flat on her chops, but she has potential. The new transformers movie will expose her the way Megan Fox was exposed, but hopefully, she can do something with that in regards to her career.

  12. Can somebody tell me… is that suppose to be Megatron, Galvatron, or Shockwave… because if it is Megatron then wouldn’t the gun be on his arm?… if it is Galvatron, then you are mixing two sagas that cannot be covered or explained in one movie… and if it is Shockwave, I can atleast mentally wrap my head around a gun being pushed in a 4th installment of the franchise….

  13. Dinobots! totally remember them when I was kid watching it with my bro