‘Transformers 4′ Takes Place Four Years After ‘Transformers 3′

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Transformers 4 Set 4 Years Later Transformers 4 Takes Place Four Years After Transformers 3

Eyebrows were raised when Transformers 4 was said to be making a fresh start (don’t call it a reboot) – but now Michael Bay is explaining the fictional reasons for ditching the leads, secondary characters, and majority of the robotic back-up.

The previous stars and familiar Autobots may have taken the franchise’s unique brand of action to unrivaled heights with Transformers 3, but the world is a different place come Transformers 4. Four years after the attack that leveled Chicago, T4 takes the series in a ‘different direction.’

It isn’t the first time Michael Bay has insisted that Transformers 4 will be charting a new course for the future, and the early word is that the film will possess a more serious, darker tone than its predecessors. The claim may sound like the more of the same marketing speak (how long until the word ‘Nolan’ gets thrown around), but the decimation of Chicago that served as the final battle of Dark Side of the Moon makes the premise somewhat feasible.

Speaking with TMZ, Bay provided some information on the setting of the upcoming film; specifically, how a new human and alien cast won’t be the only thing that separates 3 from 4:

“The movie is going to continue 4 years on from the attack on Chicago which was in the last movie. So it’s going still to have the same lineage but going in a full, new, different direction and it actually feels really natural how it is going in that direction.”

Besides adding deeper meaning to the Transformers 4 logo, the new timeline established by Bay gives a better sense of what the director meant when promising that the three previous films will “all still count.” The last movie offered no explanation as to how the military, government, and public at large would react to an all-out alien attack. It’s safe to assume that the battle cost thousands of lives – should T4 choose to acknowledge that, the story will automatically feels closer to Iron Man 3 than the goofy, out of place gags and slapstick of the preceding movies.

While the four-year jump will likely skip much of the actual fallout of the citywide devastation, it gives Bay and company an excuse to try something completely new – and, with an apparent second trilogy on the way, that would be welcome. Now that Mark Wahlberg is actually involved (well done, Internet) and could bring some more believable action, the opportunity to see humans primarily fighting with robots will present itself more frequently. Especially if the military takes over the vacancies left by the lack of a teenage goofballs.

Transformers 4 Mark Wahlberg Optimus Transformers 4 Takes Place Four Years After Transformers 3

Wahlberg would make a believable soldier, and his attitude alone could make any verbal sparring with Optimus Prime seem a bit easier to believe. Since Michael Bay enjoys portraying military brass as ‘them, not us’ in his films, a shift in perspective would be a wise choice (again, we point to Battleship director Peter Berg as a successor). Framing the Autobots as no longer ‘the world’s best kept secret,’ but active allies defending Earth would at least open doors for whoever replaces Bay come Transformers 5.

Call us optimists, but we’re not ready to believe that it’s impossible for Bay to tell a good story alongside immense action. Do you think the jump in time and tone is a wise move, or will you only be excited when a new director takes over (if ever)?

Transformers 4 (still waiting for a new subtitle) will hit theaters June 29th, 2014.


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Source: TMZ (via BleedingCool)

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  1. So i guess everybody forgives Optimus Prime now for letting millions of people die just to prove a point.

    • f****** lol!!

    • I like this idea. Always thought that Tyrese and the other military commandos should’ve been the main heroes since Transformers 1. Shia’s story arc really worked for 1 and felt forced in 2 and 3 which were infinitely inferior to the first one (which was actually good)

      • I agree that the military cast was great. They were believable. Shia was a little too erratic in the remainder of the series, but part two is my favourite. Part one obviously set us up in the best way for the series though. I’ll like to see how T4 integrates the human cast more.

  2. Darker ha ha, no headlights for Optimus then. Michael Bay really is just awful.

    • YES, but name a movie of his that has not made an ass load of BENJAMINS? im sure there is 1 or so but he always brings in the MOOLAH! AND THATS ALL THAT COUNTS WITH THE STUDIOS! and do you know how the GREENBACKS got there? from ppl like you that say “Michael Bay sucks” and then goes out to the theatre to shell out the CAISH to see Transformers 1-2-3 NEXT 4 SO EVERYONE KEEP ON SAYING “HE SUCKS” and then go spend your hard earned LOOT, and on 5-6 YOU will go spend your CABBAGE again

      • I can name two for you. The Island tanked at the box office. If it wasn’t for worldwide receipts, Bay’s career probably would’ve started dwindling at that point…and The Island was one of his better movies! Secondly, Bad Boys II just BARELY made back it’s budget, so it actually only made about a $6 million profit.

        Also, people go to see the Transformers movies because they were fans of Transformers either then or now. They go in hopes of actually seeing a good Transformers movie, not because Michael Bay’s name is attached to it. Now I don’t think Michael Bay sucks. He’s made some good movies. Bad Boys, The Rock, he aforementioned The Island and the first Transformers (it was dumb but fun and entertaining). It could be that most people are pissed that Michael Bay keeps wanting to stick his greasy little finger into the remake pie. His desire to produce remakes of classic (cult or otherwise) ’80s horror films is sometimes mind-boggling. It’s not even as if they actually improve on the originals! It’s pointless, as are a lot of remakes.

        • It’s not just fans who go see those movies my guy.

      • I went to see transformers 1 because of the attachment my 30 something brain had to the cartoons and comics in the early 80′s and not who was in it or who directed it. I had never heard of Le Beouf before, only seen Megan Fox in an episode of 2&1/2 men and not really paid any attention to Bay. Bad Boys was only half decent because of Will Smith (who is a class act in pretty much every movie he is in) and the Rock was not great either so when seeing these movies (on satellite TV and not cinema) I was not rushing to IMDB to find out who directed it. Transformers 1 was Ok ish I would say, I actually went to the cinema to watch that. Friends told me how poor 2 was so I stayed away and watched on tv as I did with the 3rd, I was right to do so as they were drastic. Maybe the US audiences are a little more forgiving than us Brits :) but there is NO chance I’ll be seeing this in the cinema or on Blueray and I Blame Bay for this.

        • hell..i blame Bay for everything.

    • Couldn’t agree more with that sentiment. The transformation (ha, ha) of Optimus from protector of Earth to bloodthirsty warrior is a travesty. You know that line that Batman won’t cross in the Dark Knight Trilogy, heroes like Optimus are all suppposed to have that line.

      • If Optimus didn’t change his personality then the Decepticons would have won. Think about it, they have been battling for millions of years and have lost their home planet so all they have left is Earth. And in all 3 movies Prime killed at least 1 Decepticon. It made him seem badass. You obviously haven’t seen all of or many TF cartoons especially beast wars to make that statement because Prime has gone off tap many times to save Earth or something/one along those lines.

        • First he didn’t “kill” deceptions, he ripped them apart. I’ve been watching Transformers for almost 30 years, and Optimus always wins. So whether he kills 100 Decepticons or zero, he will win at the end, because that is how it will be written. The hero winning is as big a narrative rule as the hero standing his moral ground (see The Dark Knight), especially in a universe that is built to sell toys to small boys.

          • The Transformers Movie 1986 He losses against Megatron. Prime dies and is dead for the next 2 (and worst) seasons of G1. Megatron lives and gets turned into Galvatron. The personality change was needed i hope he is the same in the next trilogy.

          • “the hero standing his “moral ground” I.E. “I will not take a life.” Is arrogant, foolish and uncomprimising. Some say Superman is a fascist. When it comes to “Thou shall not kill.” Kal-el is a fanatic! The way he judged Wonder Woman after she killed Maxwell Lord to save both of thier lives: was outrageous :D It was clear that he would prefered for Diana to kill him than the the who enslaved him.

            It is admirable to look for non-lethal ways to bring about conflict resolution. And I understand the Superhero Mentality of not being Judge, Jury and Executioner. In Marvels Civil War a woman sort of tried to blame Spider-Man for the Green Goblins criminal acts. Saying in effect, “Why doesn’t Spider-Man just kill him?!” I found myself surprisingly… coming to his defense. People like Peter Parker may have great power and responsibility, they will neutralize a threat by subduing the perpatrator. But leave it up to society to determine what to do with the offender. And if society decides to rehabillitate or incarcerate the villian. Society has no one to blame but itself; if the villian goes on doing what they’ve been doing.

            But the flip-side is this. It was illustrated perfectly in Gerad Butler’s Machine Gun Preacher. A beautiful kind lovely red-haired woman who was helping people in Africa: chided MGP for how he decided to help.In life there are Parodoxes. One of the greatest of these has to do with Free Will and Self Defense. There are only two ways to to stop someone from imposing there will another person:

            By using the Word or the Sword.You can try to reason with them. Help them see the error of their ways and stand down of there own accord.That’s the Word.

            Now here’s the Sword: Anyone who has ever had to physically defend his or her life or that of another knows this to be true from their expeirence. The only way to stop someone from imposing their will upon you, is to impose your will upon them. That is the personification of self- defense. Optimus Prime reached his point of ‘No more half-measures.’ He was defending himself and this planet.

            Now I will admit that it was jarring for me to see Optimus become so Kratos like brutal ine Transformers: Dark of the Moon. But he is not a superhero. He is a warrior, soldier and father figure to many of the other Autobots. And ultimately Optimus sent a very important message:

            As Aria T’loak of Mass Effect 2 & 3 would put it: “Don’t F with Optimus!” :)

    • Couldn’t agree more with that sentiment. The transformation (ha, ha) of Optimus from protector of Earth to bloodthirsty warrior is a travesty. You know that line that Batman won’t cross in the Dark Knight Trilogy, heroes like Optimus are all supposed to have that line.

    • Darker? It needs balance. The dark parts were depressing and monotonous enough. The stupid funny part didn’t make it less dark, just uncomfortable. They should promise it will be less bipolar. For me,I am going to take my ticket money, and buy a copy of Transformers: The Movie and watch it with my son. That’s the real Optimus Prime anyway.

    • agree.

  3. I only believe the darker tone angle when the movie is complete. Bay promised the same for Transformers 3. “Uuuuh, it gonna be so much darker, there will be no silly twin characters”. Right. And what did we get? A full hour of The Hangover one and a Half with characters that were even more retarded and goofy than the friggin’ twins. I don’t trust Bay anymore, even though I used to be a fan all the way up to the first Transformers movie, which I really liked.

    • yeah it’ll be “darker” like Spielberg said The Lost World would be “darker”…lol total crap

  4. This movie has all the promise to be good but with Michael Bay behind it there is just no telling what could happen. I will still probably see it but most likely like most movies no matter how good they are I will probably see it when it comes out on DVD (can’t beat a $1 rental a redbox) Movies are just to expensive for this college student.

    • *at redbox* not a redbox

  5. Wait. Is Mark Wahlberg an older Sam Witwicky? Or a new protagonist?

    • He’s a new protagonist man… Thank god

  6. UNICRON/Galvatron storyline or Bust.

  7. Unicron/Galvatron storyline with less human involvement/screen-time


    Beast Wars on Earth

    • Best wars elements would be great, Optimus needs better lieutenants and megatron needs to stop leaning on people

  8. It’s already a cooler movie now that Shia LeBeouf is no longer the leading man. Now if we can only get Michael Bay out of the director’s chair…

    • Yes please, someone start a petition.

  9. Just stop it Bay.

  10. I can’t help it. It’s TransFOURmers. I’ll just leave it at that.


  12. Why does everyone blame Bay? Did he green light these awful films? Did he write them? No…he just directed them. The movies aren’t badly directed – they’re poorly written.

    • Actually, a lot of the blame does go on him. He’s executive producer of the franchise and his company (Platinum Dunes) handles some of the budget. Bay’s directing is also to blame as everything tends to be overblown…just like in just about every movie of his. Yes, the scripts are poorly written but the films are far more terrible than just some bad dialogue.

  13. Shia out can only be a win and I’m not going to lie, the best parts of the last movie were the visual effects and battles so bring that and I’m happy. I will always see a Mark Wahlberg movie.

  14. Idk what to think about this. I mean, I love transformers, and I love michael bay, but he needs to win me over on this one cuz I’m not feelin it.

  15. I just hate the way they offer all of these promises of “darker” and expect us to mean “better.” The movie doesn’t need to be dark to be good or great, it just needs not to be able to tell a good story, and provide some much-needed characterization for the Transformers themselves. (We know for a fact it’s possible, the television series has been doing it for years since Beast Wars.) I enjoyed the first movie the best because it was light-hearted, but also very well-done. It placed humor where it felt best, and didn’t try too hard for the joke, as in the sequels.And may we please have a good fight scene for once? All of your top dollar CG doesn’t mean much to me if I can’t see the choreography.

    • if it is STILL PG-13 IT CANNOT BE “DARKER” there is NO WAY in hell that a PG-13 film can be DARK, it needs to be NC-17 or R or it will be the same ole’ wading in the kiddie pool crap

      • Nolan’s Batman trilogy was dark and they were all PG-13. There’s many films that aren’t rated R that are dark.

        • HOW REAL IS LIFE with narry a swear word ESPECIALLY WHEN a city is being DESTROYED??? C-MON unles your a priest you would say HOLY F**K when you seen those robots destroying your city! THE POPE would say it if they were coming at the vatican so I feel PG-13 is a little sissy-ish for a movie that cities are being wiped off the face of the planet or a GIANT robot is chasing a 17yo kid you tell me a whole slew of swear words are not gonna come out of his mouth?? YEAH OK…. THATS DARK AND VERY REALISTIC

          • how is cursing going to make a film dark?

            • yes, in real life (but this is a FICTIONAL world) that would be happening, but does it really matter if they don’t throw an F-bomb?

        • Ghost is right. I can name three “darker” films right off the top of my head that aren’t Rated R but are still good. The Empire Strikes Back was considered the darkest chapter in the Star Wars trilogy; Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom and Gremlins were both dark in tone. All three films were rated PG. It was Temple of Doom and Gremlins, however, that would lead to the creation of the PG-13 rating because those films were too dark for a PG audience. So…they would essentially have been PG-13 movies had that rating existed at the time.


    • Lol…What you said!!!

    • NOPE, terrarts.

  17. The box office earning of these films suggests audience love Michael Bay’s TRANSFORMERS series. All the humour and action. At this point, the next one is as guaranteed a hit as you can have. The world is in for quiet a few more of these.

  18. can’t wait!

  19. Being as this will be the FOURTH time that “something different” is SUPPOSED to occur, I call bull**** on this one. I am SO glad that I did not spend any money seeing these films. Here’s an idea for you, Mr. Bay: Why not make the film about the TRANSFORMERS and THEIR perspective, with the human characters NOT eating up precious screen time? The cartoon did it, so can the live action version.

  20. Darker tone, years after the last event, we can expect words like “coming out of retirement”, “new threat to the city” “starting from scratch after stripping off all their powers” in the near future, lol.

  21. WHO will be the NEW autobots? and Deceptacon? any Ideas…. and I dont want to hear UNICRON or GALVITRON, Cmon get creative people! lets hear em’
    Who do you think would be good, I kinda think we should see some Dinobots at some point in the next 3 films if not I’m gonna be pissed

    • Hmmmmmmm well go on TFWIKI, theres tons of info there, id love to see the always badass LORD STRAXUS, Because even MEGATRON was frightened of him……..gotta be badass am i right? if they can include the fallen (a character not every fan is familiar with) they can include this badass

  22. No more “darker tone” !!!!!!!!!! Can we officiallylabel that as the most played out phrase of 2012. They seriously cannot continue to market every movie post Dark Knight Rises as having a “darker tone”, with exception to Spiderman 2 since they are casting Jamie Fox as Electro. *rim shot* What’s next? “An upcoming romantic comedy with Ryan Goslin and Rachel McAdams that shows true love will never die … but with a darker tone” “Toy Story 4 with more toy love, comedy … but with a darker tone.”

  23. I’m feeling the “darker tone” in this thread already.

  24. Optimists.

  25. Still laughing that the rumour starters caused Marky Mark to be a protagonist. I can’t get over that, that’s hilarious. It’s probably going to be hit or miss, but it will be interesting either way.

  26. I liked the first “Transformers”, but I haven’t really cared for everything that has followed. It’s more eye candy now than anything. I have a feeling like this is trying to do the same thing the old James Bond movies did: predictable plot lines, cheesy jokes, a villain who is trying to destroy the world, etc. and that’s not a good thing IMO.

    There is a way to fairly balance story and action, which seems like a rare idea for modern filmmaking but it’s not: Christopher Nolan’s Batman, Daniel Craig’s era of James Bond so far, etc. it’s far from impossible and I really feel like Transformers has always had the potential to be a phenomenal series.

  27. I like Transformers even though they looked like walking junk yards.
    Sam was fine in the first, okay in the second & really unnecessary in the third.
    So maybe optimus will lose the mouth this time because it looked ridiculous.

  28. I, like many of you, was completely disappointed by the first 3 Transformers films (the first was obviously the best of the bunch). However, I am willing to give this movie a chance based on two factors….. 1) NO SHIA… The kid is the SAME character in every movie he’s ever been in, and 2) Transformers 2 & 3 never stood a chance to be decent films.

    Transformers 2 had to be in production sooner than expected due to the impending writers strike that had happen that year, it left a script with glaring plotholes, poorly written characters and story arcs, and those damn racist twins that left Micheal Bay with no other option than to just add bigger explosions. The mess that was Transformers 2 left no real great lead into Transformers 3, which is why those two films were terrible. I will give them a chance to fix their mistakes and “reboot” the series to see if they’ve learned.

    Adding Wahlberg is already a good start… advancing the timeline to 4 years since the 3rd film is another way to distance themselves from the mess. Lets see what other castings will take place AND what the actual plot synopsis is before we decide yay or nay on this….. Oh and for the love of all that’s good and holy, PLEASE DON’T DO ANOTHER “Optimus Prime is dying/about to be killed/killed and brought back” MOMENT IN THESE FILMS…. Mother F’er is supposed to be a bad a$$ and gets killed in every movie

  29. I’m a Transformer fan just as much as a Batman fan! The NEW Series should include Hot Rod (Rodimus Prime) vs Galvatron——->>>Kill Optimus!!And can we develop a real “Matrix of Leadership” story line—-what the heck is a “all spark” and that bullshoot in Transformers 2

    • I liked the transformer series Bay did, but there is room for improvement—-I say remake the greatest TRANSFORMERS MOVIE EVER, THE ORIGINAL ANIMATED MOVIE, I THINK IT CAME OUT IN 1985

    • Agreed!
      How about a real Matrix & not some rubix cube.
      Love to see Galvatron & Rodimus Prime, & lose Sam. That character was in the original anime but he’s pointless in the live action movies.