Hasbro: ‘Transformers 4′ Story Will Focus on New Cast of Robot Characters (& Toys)

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Transformers 4 New Robots Cast Hasbro: Transformers 4 Story Will Focus on New Cast of Robot Characters (& Toys)

Toy company-turned movie franchise machine Hasbro has seen mixed success with their adventures in blockbuster filmmaking. After their first highly profitable Transformers film, as well as a solid (albeit critically derided) follow-up in Revenge of the Fallen, the company saw the releases of both G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra and, more recently, Battleship, which both opened to lukewarm critical responses and underwhelming (but slightly profitable) box office hauls.

Following in the profitable footsteps of the prior robots in disguise films, Transformers: Dark of the Moon brought in a staggering $1.1 billion – ranking as number 5 on the all time global box office chart (unadjusted for inflation). As a result, most moviegoers would assume that when it comes to the Transformers movie franchise, Hasbro would be eager to stress an “if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it” approach for the upcoming Transformers 4. However, it now sounds as though the story might not just take Transformers fans off-world, it could drastically switch up the film’s iconic robot cast – in the interest of generating more revenue from movie tie-in toys.

According to a write-up at TFW2005, which highlights key announcements from Hasbro at the UBS Best Of Americas 2012 Conference, despite an astronomical box office take for Transformers 3, the toy maker did not feel as though the accompanying toy sales lived up to expectations. Why? Brian Goldner, Hasbro President and CEO, claims the films have largely focused on the same group of hero and villain robots – resulting in limited variation for the toy line.

Goldner asserted, for Transformers 4, the story would center around a new batch of robots – for the purpose of refreshing the toy line. Here’s the relevant, and obviously paraphrased, information from the TFW2005 report:

[The failure to meet expectations for the toys were] because of same characters in all three movies. This is why Transformers 4 will have a new cast of [robot] characters and it will be a story revolving around these new characters. Goldner said Transformers will branch out to more categories. For example; during Transformers 3, they had an idea to expand the Transformers brand [to the] Little Kids segment. This was the origin of Rescuebots said Mr. Goldner. Soon the idea took a separate life and evolved [into] a separate toyline. [Goldner] said it’s normal for any brand to experience this situation (what happened to Transformers 3 toyline) and stated that brands need re-imagining, [reinventing], and hinted that the same is to happen with Transformers 4.

We’ve known for some time that Transformers 4 would be a departure from the original trilogy of films, changing out the primary human cast, adding a number of new robots, and setting up the franchise for new directors – so that Michael Bay can stop saying Transformers [fill in the blank] will “be his last.” However, it was long expected that the film would still maintain a number of the key Transformers - to retain certain continuity elements (and, subsequently, the established audience).

Of course, Goldner is not saying that every established Transformer will be replaced, plus a number of familiar faces did meet their end in Dark of the Moon, but it’s hard to know at this point where the filmmakers intend to draw the line – since many of the deluxe action toys (with a higher profit margin) have typically featured characters that would be hard to remove from the franchise altogether (like Optimus Prime and Bumblebee). Given the love for these fan-favorite characters, especially among younger demographics that would buy the toys, it’s hard to imagine Hasbro can clean the slate entirely. Could the filmmakers be planning an approach similar to the upcoming G.I. Joe: Retaliation – which is an in-continuity reboot with only a few returning faces?

Transformers Dark of the Moon Bumblebee Hasbro: Transformers 4 Story Will Focus on New Cast of Robot Characters (& Toys)

In addition, it’s hard to know what exactly “branch out to more categories” might mean – especially since the example given, regarding the “Little Kids segment” isn’t likely to inspire a lot of confidence in fans of the blockbuster film franchise or die-hard Transformers lovers who have enjoyed the more mature themes explored in the various comic book, and certain animated series, additions. Plus, it’s unlikely that Bay will deliver a PG movie – especially since a “kid-friendly” set of Transformers is at odds with earlier details indicating the film would be a “serious” toned sequel to Dark of the Moon.

Goldner also confirmed that the studio is still targeting a 2014 release, meaning the gears are already turning on the Transformers sequel. Considering a summer release is less than two years away, it’s likely that the filmmakers and Hasbro have a pretty clear idea for the next installment story – as well as how they’ll be able to implement a batch of new robots (and toys). Unfortunately, we’re not privy to that information yet – so any potential story ideas (Galvatron, Unicron) or drastic continuity shifts (Beast Wars) would be pure speculation (or pipe dreams). Either way, after playing through Transformers: Fall of Cybertron (which features countless nods to Transformers lore), we wouldn’t mind if this new cast of robot characters happened to include a few Dinobots.

In the meantime, reminisce by checking out our Transformers 3 Character Guide as well as our Transformers: Complete Movie Character Guide and let us know which new robots in disguise you’d like to see introduced in Transformers 4.


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Transformers 4 is scheduled to hit theaters on June 29th, 2014

Source: TFW2005 [via BleedingCool]

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  1. Transformers 4, they will not have the main robots.

    • Optimus and bumblebee are back
      Ultra Magnus is gonna be the newcomer. No rodimus prime cause if Optimus is alive rodimus cannot be prime.

      Megaton and starscream will be back also. Maybe well see sound wave also.

  2. I LOVE THE TRANSFORMERS, THOUGH THE MOVIES LEFT ME WANTING MORE AS A FAN,because they just made the movies to sell merchandise clearly. The original tv show beginning with a few tweaks could have made this movie bigger than it was in my opinion, they mastered the realness of the robots aspect but they messed everything up because the original universe was not exploited and people making the movie made simple errors like in the first movie with devastator as a tank, come on…. I understand that the actual design and placement of the robots in the movies are costly, but if you spend the money and stay true to the universe the fans will come people will come, and the sales would be through the roof just my opinion,

  3. The movies are great. The story lines are fantastic. However the toys really suck. Whatever happened to the pride hasbro took in making the old Transformers toys ? Those toymakers put time AND money into what they were making. These toys are all plastic and they’re not even heavy. It’s so disappointing. I am a toy collector and I’ve been collecting toys ever since the 1984 Transformers series. I will not purchase garbage!!! If the toys were made better, people would buy them. Period!!! Use cast iron again! Or at least make special edition cast iron Transformers toys FOR CYBERTRONS’ SAKE!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. First and foremost I would like to see Bay keep it really simple this time with tf4. Where in the hell or even how in the hell will the dinobots even fit in. With almost every tf movie they travel back in the past saying tfs were there before tge cast oftfs we havenow. Wouldn’t the cube have picked up on all of them beforehand. So No! No more crap about the tfs that makes bay look dumb. As for a character in the up coming movie I’d like to see six changers like astrotrain. But keep it like the cartoon where he can still cram 7 other decepticons up his ass and still fly away!

  5. First and foremost I would like to see Bay keep it really simple this time with tf4. Where in the hell or even how in the hell will the dinobots even fit in. With almost every tf movie they travel back in the past saying tfs were there before tge cast oftfs we havenow. Wouldn’t the cube have picked up on all of them beforehand. So No! No more crap about the tfs that makes bay look dumb. As for a character in the up coming movie I’d like to see six changers like astrotrain. But keep it like the cartoon where he can still cram 7 other decepticons up his arse and still fly away!

  6. I have at least 20 character ideas roadblock,saber,red eye,cyberscreech,maybe an old yet new prime to the series,recoil,wheelburn,ultratron,dark fusion,wheelattack,scrapper,oblivious,warzone,speedwave, Liberator,cuircutbreaker,gearshot,gunslinger,and tripwire those are my character ideas so email me what u think i would be honered

  7. P.s i would be very excited if you put them in the movie i would dance with happiness also i can help you organize who is who what they should look like and what they do

  8. P.ss i am sending these in to help with the toy ideas

  9. I don’t want any of the human characters to change or Octomise prim and bubble bee the rest u can change

    • You spelled optimus prime and bumble bee wrong.

  10. Oh and another thing NOW THAT I HEARD U GUYS R REPLACING SAM WITWICKY!!!!! I don’t even want to watch transformers for now and now ur replacing it with some old guy who I hate!!!!! I want Sam witwicky back it will never be the same it will just be confusing

  11. It’s a good to change the characters, but story should never focus on humans as much…. maybe the voices should be top actors like 3d animation movies to attract. a audience

  12. After TF3 ended and showing a part of Cybertron crumble or return to their own system; it would be nice to see Metroplex along with the dinobots for the next movie. I mean Cybertron materialized on Earth and a possibility can exist as it crumbled/return, Metroplex, the dinobots etc. got detached from Cybertron and got caught in Earth Gravity. Or just create a movie that takes place in Cybertron in full CGI focusing more on the Transformers than the humans. I’m sure that there are millions of Transformers fans that are in their 30′s that wouldn’t mind a full CGI film.

  13. Killing off all the original characters to support a new toyline has been done before with transformers. It worked so well in ’86…

    Those who don’t learn from history are doomed to repeat it…here’s hoping Hasbro pays attention to their own history before repeating a “Rodimus” sized mistake…

  14. first off you have to have hotrod and then become rodimus. It was a big part of the transformers in the 80s. I think even if they wated to not involve rodimus atleast put in hotrod he was great. im thinking something is going to happen along those lines because megatron is going and im thinking hes going to be brought back as galvatron, but that also means you need unicron for that. im looking forward to see what happens.

    • I so want it to to be like the original transformers. HotRod and Cup rocked. They should of tried to get the same voice actors for starscream as his voice was part of his nature. Also if they are going to use the DinoBots they deffo need the original voice for errr, forgot his name, the leading dino bot, sure it will come to me eventually

  15. what is the purpose and why write so much??? just wondering =/

  16. I feel like tf4 is going to suck.. Also.. In my opinion i dont like the character change at all.. I loved tf1-3 i would watch it everyday.. But i will not definitely watch this one. Idc what you guys will say about this comment.. Im extremely disappointed

  17. get more latest content and information of Transformers 4 movie by visiting us on http://www.golamasti.com/transformer-info-date/

  18. I can’t wait til tf4 comes out, but the one thing I hate about tf4 is that they are changing the characters and that is really dumb and stupid.

  19. first and foremost my own idea was why the story change from another until to dinobots wtf they are not following peoples ideas f they want to increase the toys sale it will increase by stepping 1 by 1 the story question is where is “sam” now big (?) where did dinobots came from
    and f cybertron fall why there where many decepticon alive,your just confusing the watchers decepticon where to many but autobots is just a small army
    do they have a back up to??

  20. bring jet fire back and victor prime

  21. Transformers i love it for future this movies are up coming tell us