‘Transformers 4′ to be Released in 2014

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Transformers 4 Reboot Transformers 4 to be Released in 2014

Ever since Transformers: Dark of the Moon made a billion dollars at the worldwide box office, it’s been a no-brainer that Paramount would be returning to the well for Transformers 4. However, beyond the knowledge that Transformers 4 was coming, everything else has been rumor, including whether or not Michael Bay would be returning to the director’s chair, and/or who will be starring in the film if franchise staple Shia LaBeouf is out (which he claims he is).

While we’re still waiting to hear what Transformers 4 will entail, today we at least have a much more solid idea of when the fourth chapter may be coming. Read on for details.

Coming Soon has it that Paramount is looking at a 2014 release date for Transformers 4. This would presumably be a summer 2014 release date, as the previous three installments were all released in the June or July blocks. A 2014 release date is of little surprise, since Paramount and Hasbro – the toy company that first launched the Transformers brand – are clearly working from a ‘strike while the iron is hot‘ mentality, as evidenced by the rapid-fire release dates of the Transformers movie trilogy to date:

If anything, it’s surprising that the studio is allowing an extra year of breathing room before cranking out this fourth film. Whether that time is being allotted in order to allow Bay to finish work on some of the “smaller films” he’s been itching to work on (see: Pain & Gain) is probably going to be a point of much speculation – but it could just as easily be a case of the TF3‘s continued success delaying the start of work on TF4, or the studio having a crowded summer 2013 schedule already in place. Of course, these points are not mutually exclusive, and it could be any combination of them that has TF4 on course for 2014.

Now that a deadline has been set, we can expect to see the ball get rolling on the film fairly soon. So, questions like ‘Is Bay coming back?’ ‘Will TF4 and TF5 shoot back-to-back?’ ‘Is Jason Statham really going to star?’ ‘Will it take place somewhere other than Earth?’ etc., will start to get answered sooner, rather than later.

Transformers 4 will be rolling out to a theater near you in 2014.

Source: Coming Soon

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  1. I heard Jason Statham is interested in it… Sounds a bit ridiculous to me. First we lose Megan, now Shia… just let Transformers die. Hollywood is always trying to milk the most profitable franchises and it totally ruins the saga when they do that.

    • megan g nothing but eye candy to the movie but i liked shia hollywood doess milk things but i would go and watch it if they turn it out to be good movie

    • Why let Transformers die? Because Megan Fox and Shia whatever his name aren’t coming back. As long as there are Transformers in it I’ll watch it.

      • Transformers don’t need to lets say Die but Hollywood Die, Yes. The first movie was good the 2nd one was meh, the 3rd one was meh but fun to watch still it contradicts the first 2 movies. Plus the first 2 movies They focus more on Megan and Shia relationship then in 3 they change it around bought new eye candy and brought in and killed iconic characters from the cartoon. Hollywood like most of the time ruin peoples iconic childhood favorites by trying to make quick bucks. Sure it appeals to the younger naive people but Im not that young and I grew up watching Transformers and I know hollywood ruined it.

        • If Hollywood “destroyed” your childhood with just three movies, then your childhood must have been pretty sad.

      • totally agree with hola. the transformers trilogy was sh*t!! i cant believe they are hiring the same director to reboot it. what for call it reboot when its going to be the same director whos going to ruin the reboot again???

        • Lol! agreed.

        • Why let it die a lot of people watch it:-)

        • There’s nothing wrong with the movie its awesome

    • Remove 4 to please look forward to Transformers

      • tf 4 çıksın do not want anything else.

  2. Oh NO! Damn you America (and the World) for going to see this utter cinematic filth. I honestly cant think of any other trilogy that has been as awful, insulting, and had as little value as Transformers, and this is a world with the Star Wars prequels. Argh!

    • um there is a worse saga…twilight. now THAT is utter brain rot

  3. Start over with Beast Wars? Anyone? Anyone? I would like to see Beast Wars…IDK how they can make it apply to the real(ish) world.

    • I think if you are at an age that pre-dated the beast wars (Like me), then you just don’t quite get it. I’ve watched a few episodes, but it just felt like too much of a change for me. Dinobots – fine, but Optimus Primal!?

      • I’m from an age that predates Beast Wars (my first TF was Sunstreaker) and I love the series. It set the standard for TF story-telling that has never been equaled. Optimus Primal is a great character!

        • I guess if i’d stayed a fan all the way through then I’d feel the same. But I got into other things and left others behind. That just makes certain things about the Transformers universe seem a bit alien to me and not as familiar and comforting as G1.

  4. What originality would there be in a volume 4? The last one was so boring, I actually walked out. Loved one, and it’s been downhill since. I felt Shia’s character was so mis-used last go round, I wouldn’t see it with him, definitely won’t without him.

  5. More giant robots fighting until they get stuck in crane cables for 20 minutes and comic relief from every human character with a mental problem (all the human characters) – cool

  6. I want someone else to make it. I miss Micheal Bay. I want him to make different stuff

  7. Sad as I am to say it because I love Transformers as a property, this is not interesting to me at all. I actually don’t think a reboot can come fast enough, and I hate reboots. We shall call this one a “roboot” Yessssss….

  8. I’d like to see them do something with the Headmasters and TargeMasters…

  9. Can’t wait. Loved the Transformers films. Screw the haters.

    • Screw the lovers. And please, return your brain on the way out so we can find someone who can use it.

      • LMAO. I’m sure there’s plenty of films that don’t require you to have a brain to have enjoy it. BTW, you obviously don’t know how to put yours to better use if you feel the need to comment on an article about a franchise you hate.

        • That first sentence should read: I’m sure there’s plenty of films that don’t require you to use your brain that you enjoy.

        • Like Spider Man or Batman, I stand against injustice whenever I can, and this is an injustice (albeit a small one in the grand scheme of things). Not every film needs to be a Fight Club or Memento-style brain bender, but there is no reason that fun films need to destroy your intelligence. How the pheonomenal Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World, a film that had more artistry, better action scenes, and pure inventiveness in five minutes than all three of the Transformers racist-bot, tentacle fondling, oil peeing films did, managed to fail while this keeps people marching into the theaters is beyond me – and I wouldn’t call Scott Pilgrim a film you necessarily need a brain for. For more examples of popcorn action done right, check out The Inlaws, 300, or Fast Five.

          • And you’re definitely showing your intelligence by insulting other people’s intelligence over an f-ing movie. Guess what, people don’t go to see a Bay film for the story, acting, or complex characters. They go to see them for the action. If you expect anything more from his films, then you’ll obviously be disappointed.

            • And what action, pray-tell, is worth seeing in Bay’s films. Further, I don’t see the movies and Bay has not gotten a dime from my wallet. The problem is, he more than makes up for it in others’ money.

              • How is other people giving pay money a “problem” to you? If you don’t want to watch his films, then don’t watch them. It’s that simple. Constantly bashing people b/c they give money to see a film they enjoy makes you sound like an immature child.

                I really don’t see how it’s a “problem”. It’s not like anyone is forcing you to see this film. Example: I hate Twilight, and the simple solution is to just not watch them. It’s literally THAT simple.

                • And you can try to get people to “boycott” the film like the user below wants to do, but guess what, this film is gonna make money regardless. You’re only hurting yourself in complaining about something you have no control over.

                • Its not that simple. What you are describing is willful ignorance. When people continue to watch crap like Transformers and Twilight, more-deserving films end up remaining unfunded while these awful films continue to get green-lighted, and copied (see Battleship). Obviously, Hollywood will cater to the viewerS, not the viewer. Therefore, the more people who walk away from stuff like this, the less likely we are to see stuff like it, and vice versa. It is fine to have guilty pleasures, but at least let the pleasure have some inherent value. When you do that, it allows things like Evil Dead to thrive in a niche guilty pleasure market, while allowing inane films (like, oh, say, Creature) to go away and not be recreated.

                  • Well, the people who watch these films certainly don’t think of them as “crap”, hence why they continue to see them. It’s all a matter of taste, and nobody is gonna have the same taste as you do. But judging by your commetns, you think it would be “better” if everyone catered to your movie tastes. And once again, I’m sure there’s films that many people consider “crap”, but you enjoy.

                    • And yes, it IS that simple. NOBODY is forcing you to watch Transformers or Twilight, and there’s plenty of “intelligent” films that get made. But once again, it’s all a matter of perspective.

                    • I certainly wouldn’t say everyone should share my tastes in films, what I am saying is, people shouldn’t en masse go to films that have virtually no value (I will give Transformers has minimal merit in the effects technology, but not in action development scenes as, the few I have seen, are not memorably staged or coherently drawn together).

                      For example, I am neither a fan of Dreamworks nor Studio Ghibli animation (although I love Pixar and most Adult Swim works). Nonetheless, I have no issue with fans of those studios’ output as they have actual merit – Dreamworks cleverly parodies pop-culture and creates iconic characters (as opposed to Vampires Suck or Meet the Spartans that dont) and Ghibli has perfected a visual style all its own and produces some interesting fables, even if they don’t appeal to me. The fact is, they have some artistic/cinematic value.

                      What has Transformers wrought on cinema? One-liners and explosions? It is the embodiment of what we, as movie-goers should not want in our blockbusters. For all the defending you are doing, you still harp on the “like” factor, but have given no reason that the Transformers films are meritorious and should be seen, or that it is a franchise that should continue largely intact. Many people “like” double bacon cheeseburgers, but noone would argue that eating them every day is meritorious or desirable from an objective standpoint. There are movies I hate that have value (like American Psycho and Drive), movies that I love but have no value so I wouldn’t defend them (like Crocodile or Freddy vs. Jason), and then movies like Transformers that I happen to hate and have no value.

                      The fact remains is that we, as a movie populace, should stand against films like Transformers and support good film, generally within the like range.

                    • @”The fact remains is that we, as a movie populace, should stand against films like Transformers and support good film, generally within the like range.”

                      And once again, people would argue and say the Transformers films are good. You don’t agree, but others do. There’s even people that think the Twilight films are good. It’s called an opinion, a personal belief that can’t be proven wrong.

                    • That is true, people are entitled to their own opinion. Nonetheless, there are objective standards of what elements create “good” pacing, charcters, dialogue, sequencing, art direction, etc. Transformers meets none of these outside of basic CGI visual skill (and I am unclear as to the Avatar comparison as that was much more renowned for advancement in Mo-Cap and 3d technology than the CGI renderings Transformers is known for. And, even if Transformers is much better than Avatar in the 3d aspect, that doesn’t make T-formers the trend-setter. Matrix is still the trend-setter for bullet time even if other films perfected/improved the bullet time technique).

                      As I said with the double bacon cheeseburger analogy, just because some people think something is good does not make it good. Thinking like that leads to diabetes.

                    • This will be my last post of the day.

                      An opinion is “I like this movie.” In that we agree, anyone can like any film. However, there are objective levels of good and bad. I don’t “like” Citizen Kane, but it is a “good” movie, I can’t refute that. Similarly, I “like” Freddy vs. Jason, but it is not a “good” movie – it contains very few aspects of a good film and actually tarnishes its predecessors to a certain extent. While I may dislike vehemently anyone who likes Transformers, I can’t help that they like a film, I can only point out why it is not a “good” film and hope to change your opinion. But, it is objectively a “bad” film that represents the worst of big-budget excess (whereas things like the first Indiana Jones films and Inception present the “good” parts of big-budget excess). Opinions change and are based on many factors including education level, age, life experience, mindset entering a film. Opinions can change, but a movie being objectively good does not.

                      For example, as a kid, I f*ing loved Mortal Kombat, I thought it was a well-written action packed film. Now that I am an adult, I really dislike Mortal Kombat, it is moronic and the action is laughably bad. Though my opinion has changed, the fact that Mortal Kombat is a bad film objectively has not.

                      This is similar in that one may “like” a double bacon cheeseburger, but they cannot show that a double bacon cheeseburger is “good” (maybe now you understand my analogy, I in no way implied bad movies give diabetes, though I am convinced they kill brain cells).

                      So, in the end, I say, when we are capable of making things like Inception, Scott Pilgrim, Indiana Jones, etc., why do people settle for objectively bad cinema like Transformers? Hell, I get the catharsis of watching people die and crap blow up, but you can still have that done better that Transformers ever did (see Fast Five, or Grand Theft Auto video games). Outside of possible advancements in CGI (and Im not sure how worthwhile those are either given the vast majority of films cant compete on the budget scale, District 9 and Chronicle are probably more groundbreaking on that end for CGI advancement), there is nothing good about Transformers. There may be things you like, but your liking does not render it objectively good.

                    • And saying a film is “good” or “bad” is also an opinion. I don’t see how this is soo hard to understand. But we’ll just have to agree to disagree.

                      Peace out.

                    • Sorry, forgot to add the most important part to my last post, but considering I’ve said this since the beginning, it should go without saying. Anyway, “good” or “bad” is all a matter of perspective. You say Transformers is “bad cinema”, well, that’s your perspective. I think Twilight is “bad cinema”, but there’s people that would don’t agree. This isn’t rocket science bro.

                      Anyway, I won’t be replying anymore to this conversation.

                      Again, peace out.

  10. without milking all these films as someone just said
    hollywood wouldn’t be hollywood i’ll stop watching the
    day that they decide a sequel to the Princess Bride or
    reboot is done that is the day i’ll stop watching :(

  11. As long as Michael Bay is NOT directing, I’ll go see it. Horrible horrible director.
    Give it a straight story like the first one and not all convoluted like the sequels. Ditch Bay for an actually talented director, Blomkamp maybe. Trash the eye candy and quirky geeks for compelling characters.
    It’s a film about warring giant robots, don’t try to make it any smarter than it is.
    Then I’ll go see it.

    Think Pacific Rim may actually provide us with the film we wanna see…

  12. I think I’ll hedge my bets on Del toro’s “Pacific Rim” for my giant robot fix.

  13. i wouldnt mind them continuing the story and maybe bring back some of the same characters. heck i wouldnt mind if shia returned either. but if they do replace him i hope it is with someone good.

  14. no Shia and being replaced by Statham??? I don’t think i would watch that. Statham is not watchable for me.

    • And Shia is? I’ll take Statham’s minimalist mumbling and squinting over Shia’s atrocious overacting any day.

  15. Seriously, everyone wait for this movie to come out on DVD before forking over any of your money to watch it! That would send the message to Michael Bay that we are interested in quality films, and not mind numbing crap.

    • And you’ll still be helping him get more money by paying to rent the film. By suggesting to still pay to rent the film would be counterproductive for your “cause”. If you don’t want to watch his films, then don’t watch them. It’s THAT simple.

  16. The real problem with the Bay films is he never made the Transformers the main characters. Hell, they didn’t even feel like they had any character or personality at all. All the acting was done by the humans. All the robots did was get involved in loud action scenes. They even took away Bumblebees voice! WTF?

    The plots had absolutely nothing to do with tranformers lore. The invented all their own guff for the films.

    • @”The plots had absolutely nothing to do with tranformers lore. The invented all their own guff for the films.”

      That’s exactly what Nolan did with The Dark Knight, but nobody complains about that. Bay took ideas from lore like The Matrix of Leadership and The Fallen and adapted it to film.

      • I agree about the Transoformers being a supporting cast. I really could care less about which actor/actress is in the movie. I go to a Transformers movie to see the Transformers and some action sequences, not a stupid chihuahua.

        And for the The Dark Knight, Batman’s character has alot of room for adjustments without drifting too far from the source(s). Besides TDK has many influences wrapped into it.

  17. Stop blaming Bay. He makes things go boom and films the actors, but he didn’t write the script which is what all you haters blame him for. Roberto Orci, Alex Kurtzman, and Ehren Kruger are the guys for you to blame. It doesn’t matter if Bay comes back, if you have those three writing the script, you’ll have the same movie again.

    • Oh please, the Transformers films ARE Bay. Thats like saying a Spielberg film has little to do with Spielberg. Bay calls the vast majority of the shots, and he is the overlord of this franchise. When he said bye to Megan Fox, arguably a draw equal to the fx, the studio didn’t even blink. Do Orci, Kurtzman and Kruger share part of the blame – absolutely (and given Kruger’s rewrite track record, he has contributed a lot), but even Orci and Kurtzman have admitted they cater the scripts to the Bay. Even if Bay has as little control as you claim, the actors are the worst part of the film, and the explosions are out of hand, so he doesn’t even do those functions particularly well.

      • @”When he said bye to Megan Fox, arguably a draw equal to the fx”

        Haha, that’s a laugh. Megan Fox was useless, and only provided something for one whole scene in both films she starred in. Whiteley did a much better job acting wise than Fox, and that was her very first film. Oh, and if Fox was a “draw”, then how come Dark of the Moon (the one she left) made almost more thank both films combined?

      • I blame the casting director. Shia Lebeouf…who the f is Shia Lebeouf.

    • Bay has part in the script. Its not just Roberto, Alex, and Ehren. The director has the final say and can change what ever he pretty much wants. This also applies to the producers so Spielberg can be also change the script. Never been in a professional movie making but been on a few TV shows and if i learned anything is those titles are just titles. In retrospect all workers with power on the set are show runners.(and some that don’t) They are the script writers even though they don’t say “Writer” they still wrote it. If this is used in TV shows makes me wonder if they use this in movies.(They probably do) Plus I know Bay as “Mister Boom” Michael Bay=EXPLOSIONS!!!!!! lol

      • Watch the Funny or Die skit called Every Michael Bay Movie in Under a Minute. It’s the bomb.

        I know Bay has a major part in these films, but he doesn’t hold all the blame. Writers, producers, Hasbro, product placement, etc. – all that has a hand in it. I don’t really care though because I don’t mind the movies. They’re action-packed, special effects laden, science fiction films. I wasn’t expecting award-winning writing and well-developed characters. I got what I expected, robots fighting robots, explosions, and transformations. These movies don’t bother me except part 2 with the robot girl thing and the disappointing version of Devastator and Megan Fox’s lipstick. Ok part 1 and part 3 don’t bother me.

  18. Just wait and watch… the Transformers that make the least money we’ll probably all like the best, ha.

    They’re probably giving it an extra year to give the people involved on the first three movies a break.

  19. for the love of sweet baby jesus,

    just let bay make bad boys 3

    give the people what they want.

    • I like your style, mate.

    • Cheers!

  20. i think statham would be a great addition to transformers dont know y ppl dont like the idea of him being in it

  21. I think dumping Shia would be a good move. Focus on the military characters and Transformers that way the story feels tight. Statham would be perfect since he’s always playing an action hero and bring back some of the military team from the first one if they’re interested. Pushing for all human characters’ to be soldiers or military related will definitely streamline the scope of the film

  22. The second movie was not good, borderline bad except for a couple of robot fight scenes. The 3rd one was a huge improvement over the second, and an improvement over the first. Script was improved and even had a twist that really caught me off guard and even caused me to pause for a second. I will see the 4th if and when it is made because I grew up on the Transfomers as a kid and like that today’s technology can bring them to life on the big screen. I rarely go see any movie anymore at the theaters that doesn’t involve some special effects where the experience could be lost on the big screen (though it’s not a given based party on what I hear on SR). So my money will count towards the next installment just as it has the previous ones.

  23. No Stathan,no Shea,no army…no humans. Can’t we just get a Transformers movie for once. The first half of T3…sigh…WTF was that,I actually zoned in and out while watching it…honest,when the human aspects came into play I actually didn’t pay much attention,sometimes none at all, I got enough of the comedy and crap from T1 and T2.
    Some of it worked with me but it was just overdone and while they are at it redesign some of those Transformers with more body parts.

    I like Stathan but as someone above said,”…make Bad Boys 3″ and put him and Tyrese in it.
    Some of the other actors in Transformers played out well imo tho but get rid of the comedians,they had their moments but too much.

  24. come on people let be the same as the other movies dont ruin that sucks keep the same stars what the hell is wrong wih yal please dont ruin it please.

  25. will you all chill? stop dissin the movie. no one is forcing you to watch it. quit killing it for all of us who actually lik e this trilogy


    • I know you r unhappy but it will probably soooooo worth the wait. :)

  27. It would be awesome to see the dinobots in action and also the cybertron models and trypticon oh and fortress maximus and omega supreme just saying that would be amazing also galvatron and unicron