Transformers 4 Not A Reboot; Kicks Off Second Trilogy

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Transformers 4 Reboot Transformers 4 Not A Reboot; Kicks Off Second Trilogy

[UPDATE: OK, maybe it IS a reboot after all.]

Hoping to see the next Transformers film offer a new take on the live-action version of everybody’s favorite Hasbro toys? That’s not going to happen. Even if director Michael Bay and star Shia LaBeouf are done with the series, Transformers 4 is coming and it’s going to continue down its current path of success.

Producer Don Murphy (Splice, Shoot ‘Em Up), who has served as producer on all three Transformers films to date, assures fans that the franchise isn’t getting a reboot and that it’s more likely to start up a second trilogy, following the same style we’re now accustomed to.

On the message boards of his personal site, Murphy stated the following about the future of the series post-Transformers: Dark of the Moon:

“What happens next? Certainly not a reboot. We haven’t lost the Transformers. They didn’t grow up or become expensive like Toby Maguire. I don’t know what happens next. I’m pretty sure there will be a second trilogy. I am pretty sure it will kick ass. And I am pretty sure some of you will hate it because it wasn’t all bots.”

We saw what happens when a Transformers movie loses one of its human lead characters (i.e. nothing, see: Megan Fox) so with or without Sam Witwicky, the Autobots will return and help lead Paramount Pictures to box office success.

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While many fans have shared desires for a movie with less humans and more Cybertronians on screen, that’s also not a realistic expectation. Like it or not, the mass audiences need a human connection to the film and as cool as it would be to see a movie based entirely on Cybertron, it will continue to be grounded here on Earth. The budget couldn’t support the alternative and they need real people to do the press.

It’s only a matter of time before Transformers 4 gets the official greenlight but if they don’t rush it, there is still a possibility of Michael Bay returning to direct TF4. Who the antagonists will be and who will become the new face of the franchise to replace Shia LaBeouf are something Paramount will need to start thinking about, so let the speculation begin!


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Source: Don Murphy

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  1. SeriousSteveShuman i hate you ok actually do you even know what transformers is about or you just want to make people feel bad doufus oh yeah and you dont even knok who megatron is

    • chill matthew, just because I don’t care about the transformers video games doesn’t mean someone else out there is not in the same boat as you. I, personally, would not consider the video games canon. If you do, then that is fine. Different tastes, different opinions, it takes all sorts. However, hating me for my opinion is somewhat severe, don’t you think? I was under the impression that “Screen Rant” was about FILMS, not video games, but if my assumption is incorrect then, I believe, common sense has failed me.

      Lastly, if my comments make you “feel bad”, I suggest reexamining your self-perception.

  2. yeah i lost it just a tiny bit but actually i like the thought of megatron in cybertron mode

  3. It would be great to actually see some of the other ‘Prowl, Hound, Trailblazer, The Protectobots & Aerialbots, as well as Bltzwing. I heard rumors that Silverbolt was suppose to be in DTM, and was very disappointed. I personally would love to see a movie version of Armada and RiD, though I doubt it would ever happen.

    • Its sad though, Jazz and other members were key to the storylines, yet they are absent to the movie-lines, everyone knows Unicron is the main nemesis yet there is no mention of him, the movies are great but still leave much to be desired

    • I agree. RiD and Armada were my two favorite generations, with the Autobots Brothers (aka, Prowl, Sideburn, and X-Brawn) and Ultra Magnus being favs. Thos characters, along with HotShot and Sideways from Armada would bring a new element to the movies, but keep to the storylines. And they would help lighten up the seemingly dark, heavy mood that tends to dominater these movies, but I do like the direction they are heading. I just hope Shia LeBouf doesn’t really leave…..

  4. What i wanna see is either these 2 things or both

    1. A film on the war of cybertron and how the decepticons and autobots lost their home plan

    2. A film or trilogy on Unicron showing the autobots trying to save the universe from him like in the Transformers Armada anime

  5. who is silverbolt

    • @ matthew

      Silverbolt is the team leader of the Aerialbots.

    • matthew…

      As WallyWest says, Silverbolt is the Aerialbots’ leader. However, another robot also had that name: the Fuzor from “Beast Wars” who was a combination of a wolf and an eagle, was noble (the word “knightly” comes to mind), and loved Black Arachnia…a Predacon! So strong was their love for each other that by the time the follow-up series, “Beast Machines”, started, she had given up her Predacon allegiance to join the few remaining Maximals.

      Can you tell I really got into the series? ;)

      • @ Archaeon:

        Beast Wars sucked, and is not considered cannon in any manner of the Transformers universe.

        Some awesome autobots they should bring back are Cliffjumper, Prowl, Trailbreaker, Hound, Bluestreak, Sunstreaker from the original series. Two great decepticons to see would be Blitzwing and Astrotrain (triple changers…BOO YAH!!).

        Notice how NO BEAST WARS WERE MENTIONED! I have stated this before and I will state it again: if the film producers decide to bring Beast Wars into the franchise I will boycott the film and initiate public burnings of all the films to demonstrate the complete FAIL the entertainment industry would unleash on the world.

        • @ SeriousSteveShuman

          Is Casey Casum still alive? If so, he should voice Cliffjumper if he can. Im surprised Hound hasn’t been used by how much they’ve had human military help within the films. Prowl would be great too after seeing Barricade. I really want to see combiner teams go at each other.

          • @ WalleyWest

            I do believe Casey Kasum is alive, and since I (or the world rather) has not heard anything from him in over a decade I would venture to say he could use a paycheck! I think that would be a bright move to bring him into the films and reprise his role as Cliffjumper!

            And you are right: Hound was a fairly regular character in the series one would think he would have been in the films somewhere by now.

        • SSS…

          You are welcome to think “Beast Wars” sucked…just as I am welcome to think you are dead wrong. BW was much better written, possessed more depth in terms of both character AND storyline, and looked infinitely better and more thoughtfully designed than Generation 1 TF.

          To each, his own…

        • Oh, and it DID connect to Generation 1…though that connection involved time travel and time displacement and honoring past champions and heroes…Nice try.

          • @ Archaeon:

            I take it you are not familiar with the comic book series…

            From 1984 to 1991 (I believe) Marvel ran 80 issues and 4 mini-series along the Gen 1 storyline. I have many of these, including a few from the Generation Two series done in 1993. All of these were very “well written”, but unlike the TV series, you have to actually READ IT to know what I am talking about.

            And where was the Beast Wars comic? Nobody picked it up and it fell to a low budget company called Dreamwave that filed for bankruptcy before printing a single issue. Then it bounced around until 2006 when a four part series was printed, and even these are not considered canon with gen 1.

            Beast Wars: 4 issues
            Gen 1: 80+ issues

            And if you want to discuss television series, please try to contain yourself with the “looked better” aspect. Gen 1 was aired in 1984; Beast Wars ran in 1995. A lot of things had changed in 11 years, for example ANIMATION. You want to knock a series because it doesn’t “look good” all I have to say is you were a 90′s kid cause, to me, the original series is still the best and the idea of Beast Wars sullies the entire Transformers universe.

            It’s ideas like Beast Wars that ruin the ingenuity and creativity of the series entirely. Lucas did the same thing: he created a milestone in cinema and science fiction called Star Wars, outdid himself (by stepping back from the director chair) with Empire, shot himself in the foot with Return (but still, the trilogy overall is still a landmark), but then after nearly two decades of cashing in his merchandise check he listens to the dribble of the masses and makes “The Prequel Trilogy”. He took his own idea’s and shot them in the face blowing their brains all over his front lawn for the world to see, and if you don’t believe me watch another 5 minutes of Jar Jar and tell me that was an ok film.

            If they bring Beast Wars into this film franchise it will be the same story with a different tune: they might as well drop a deuce in a bag a label it Transformers 4.

            • SSS…

              Actually, I’m quite familiar with both the Marvel AND IDW series, so I am very well-versed in both the old and and new incarnations of the Gen1 (and Gen1 variation) stories. I enjoyed the Mavel stories immensely growing up, but the modern takes on the Autobots and Decepticons are MUCH better written. You don’t have to agree…it doesn’t make you any more right than I.

              As for the weak argument that Gen1 had more comics, so it CLEARLY must be better than BW, you simply cannot switch views from one medium to another to try and support your opinion. The fact is we were talking about shows, so THAT is what I discussed. The comics were never part of the discussion.

              I personally hope “Beast Wars” is brought back. If you do not, by all means, DO NOT WATCH. I care not one whit.

              • @ Archaeon

                My apologies for not be clear. I hope this helps:

                1. The point of bringing in more than one medium was because, when looking at entirety of the Transformer Universe, Gen 1, the 1986 film, Gen 2, etc. fall very easily into the same concept and storyline without the need for cheap plot twists or reaching developments. Even the writers of Beast Wars understood that the mini-series runs would not be canon with the rest of the series. The fact that you spewed an episode of a terrible tv show where “something happened” doesn’t mean anything.

                2. The point of displaying that Gen 1 had more comics, ran for 5 seasons and spawned a feature film was to give you a sense of fan base associated with the Gen 1 community and the die-hard fans for the original 80′s show. Beast Wars had a 5 season run tv show that won awards for animation (CGI in 95 WAS a big deal, although winning a daytime emmy isn’t the most prestigious award out there) and had a few failed attempts to hit print. Why? Because it backed the CGI horse INSTEAD of actually igniting fan enthusiasm for anything with substance.

                3. You can hold on to the dream of watching Maximals join Autobots and drop a huge steaming pile on the broad fan base that would drop the franchise and never allow a 5th film to see the light of day.

                But no, you are right: a transformer that can turn into an ape can totally keep pace with any one of the chevy automobiles in the films. I can not believe how closed minded I have been; thank you for opening my eyes to the hilarity we all could see as lions, tigers and bears turn into roadkill!

                Beast Wars in the film franchise would be nothing greater than a MONUMENTAL FAIL; I am only thankful you are in no way associated with writing, casting, directing or producing the next films.

                • SSS…

                  I understand perfectly well what you were saying. I simply do not agree. You can rant and rave and froth at the mouth about how horrible BW was–you are entitled to do that, I suppose–but you are, in MY opinion (and that of many other people) WRONG. Yes, Gen1 was and is great, but it was not nearly as sophisticated in its writing as BW. I love Gen1 and, in fact, still buy and read the comics being put out currently that show modern takes on the Gen1 characters.

                  Also, I never said Gen1 was for kids, but BW was for adults; yes, BOTH series were made for kids, BUT the WRITING on BW allowed adults to discover much more depth in the stories and the character development than in the relatively shallow and transparent Gen1 show. You can continue to live in your cute, little, candy-coated, nostalgic world of denial for as long as you wish…it doesn’t change that truth.

                  As for the Marvel comics, I very much enjoyed them growing up, BUT the modern incarnation (at least, the main line of TF comics) is much better written and more open to adult appreciation than the original Marvel series. This does NOT lessen my love of the Marvel comics; it simply sharpens and broadens my appreciation of the entire concept.

                  “Beast Wars” does not “defecate” on anything; it DOES expand upon the mythos in an entertaining, intelligent way. I sincerely hope we, as both the audience and the readers, get to reenter that part of Transformers history for what will surely be an exciting experience.

                  If you do not agree, well…that really doesn’t matter.

            • Oh, and as for the “looked better” aspect, you’ll notice that was the third in my listing of reasons I find BW superior to Gen1. Plus, even in that particular description, I included the point that the BW show was more thoughtfully designed. It considered details more carefully, whereas Gen1 was clearly more for children (remember, I DID say I loved it growing up, but I loved BW when I got older). I happen to have both complete series on dvd.

              Try harder.

              • Ummmmm, actually Archaeon, they are all for kids. The only aspect of any of this specifically for adults are the women brought into the films. Remember kids: sex sells!

                I watched Gen 1 as a kid, and loved it. I watched a few of Beast Wars as I got older and thought it was a horrible example of how a production company can consume a great idea and then proceed to defecate garbage on the television screen.

        • Come on now, Beast Wars wasn’t so bad. It didn’t fit in with the idea of technological advancement, nor did it really fit with all of the different bots of different ages existing at the same time, but for a kid’s cartoon, it was pretty good, and it probably had the best V/O work of the entire franchise, canon or no.

          I mean, I still remember Dinobot taking out all of the Predacons single-handedly in an act of martyrdom. I remember when Black Arachnia was taken over by aliens and nearly destroyed all of earth. I remember the scene when they strapped Megatron to a ship and dragged his ass back to Cybertron. The characters all had a personality, one that you could connect with, and the storytelling, albeit perhaps not perfect, still did more than enough to captivate the target audience.

          Call it what you will, but the series was far from bad. It just wasn’t in the same vein as the original transformers. It’s peaches and apricots, so to speak. Either way, it certainly deserves more merit than say, the Go-Bots.

          That said though, I think we can all agree that Beast Machines was a terrible, poorly executed attempt to string out the series well past where it was due for an ending, but that’s neither here nor there.

          I’m not saying it belongs in the movies, because in terms of both continuity and logic, the two series wouldn’t overlap in such a manner, but there’s absolutely no reason to hate so hard on BW.

          • Beast Wars brutally murdered my childhood in a slow and painful manner. Do you understand, Metatron? That is what Beast Wars did. It was not a good show. Not in the least. It was the opposite of a good show.

            I remember when I first watched Beast Wars. I could not believe what Hasbro had allowed to happen all for the sake of profits. Didn’t they have enough with all the board games, Metatron?!?!? THEY HAD SCRABBLE METATRON!!! SCRABBLE!!!! EVERYBODY LOVES SCRABBLE!!! WHY DID THEY HAVE TO DESTROY MY CHILDHOOD!?!?!?!?!?!

            I watched an entire episode, and found myself in tears as I watched ridiculous notions erode the very core of my inner self leaving me a husk of an individual, and shell of a man, a sack of soul-less meat.

            Hasbro owns Nerf, Metatron. NERF!!! Even that wasn’t enough!!!! They had to completely destroy the five-year-old me, sitting in front of the television set at 8:00 AM watching Autobots battle Decepticons with my cheerio’s. And I loved Nerf as a kid!!! I had an arsenal of Nerf weaponry that I used to run around with!! WHY?!?!?!?! WHY DID THEY NEED MORE!?!?!?!!??! WHY COULDN’T THEY JUST LET IT BE ENOUGH!?!?!?!?!?!

            If Beast wars was a person, Dexter would have hunted it down.

            • I’m not going to start up again with you since we’re obviously NEVER going to agree on this matter, but SHEESH…You really need to switch to decaffeinated.

            • wow…….some transformers tv show ruined ur childhood?

              • Thank you for watering down my metaphor, qwerty.

      • If we are going to talk about the Predacons, we have to have Skybite, Darkscream, Slapper, and Gasskunk from RiD. Can’t forget the classics!

  6. @ Archaeon

    Please stop your campaign for a children’s television programm. They will not bring Beast Wars into this film franchise. Maybe, if your are lucky and really, really good this year, Santa will bring you a new straight to DVD movie! Ohh, wouldn’t that be exciting!

    The film production team has spoken many times about bringing back the “iconic” characters from the series and retelling the ancient struggle between the AUTOBOTS and the DECEPTICONS. The films have already traversed quite a length of time, so if they go back any further and talk about Maximals and Predacons they would risk losing continuity within their own universe. What would the opening be: Optimus discussing that there was another time cybertronians existed on earth? Oh year kids, forgot that before (or after) the original primes came and stopped the fallen there were these other cybertronians that, well, did nothing really except fight amongst themselves. Yay, that was exciting!

    And please, please stop discussing the “writing” of a television series. This is about possible things to see in the next trilogy, not your extended praise for the literary substance of a CGI tv show from the late 90′s. If I want to see some literary genius I will read some Hesse, or Potok or Herbert (Frank mostly, but Brian’s stuff is alright). If I want to see giant robots fighting a civil war, I will watch TRANSFORMERS.

    • SSS…

      Since you seem determined to respond constantly in such an assinine, narrow-minded way, this will be the close of our back-and-forth.

      I NEVER said or implied that I wish any elements of BW to be used for the Bay movies. The only reason I brought up the concept in the first place was because I was responding to someone else (actually, matthew…the person you told to “chill”…advice YOU might consider for yourself) who wanted to know who Silverbolt was. WallyWest answered him, and I pointed out the OTHER Silverbolt. YOU decided, for whatever reason, to stick your nose into the conversation…none too politely, I might add.

      As for discussing the writing of the two shows, I was using the point about the relative level of writing quality to provide evidence for my statement that one was better quality than the other…NOT better, just better written. If you do not care about quality writing in the shows or films you watch, I truly pity the people with whom you view t.v. and movies. YOU, on the other hand, simply tried to be clever in your cutting responses (TRIED being the key word here), usually simply repeating the same things you had already said and assuming everyone MUST logically agree with you.

      You should rethink how you approach others in your attempts at discussion or debate…Acting like a nincompoop is just NOT the right way to handle things. I love to read, but your responses were painful to wade through.

      Anything else? No? Good. Buh-bye.

      • @ Archaeon…

        1. You brought a terrible tv show into a discussion of films, but then criticized me for discussing the entirety of the Transformer universe.

        2. You repeatedly spoke highly of an animated tv series writing over its predecessor. This is Screen Rant: we want to discuss THE MOVIES and possible characters / plots for the continuation of THE MOVIES! I apologize if that is confusing to you.

        3. You criticize me for making you “wade” through responses? I will say you are just as lengthy as I am, but the only difference being you still care enough to discuss how awesome BW was.

        4. It is the final resort of an individual to begin personally attacking instead of discussing. I am disappointed that you decided to go that route, Archaeon. Name-calling is a terrible way to make your point, and titles like “nincompoop” are just hurtful. How would you feel if I ended my comments by calling you a doody-head or an ignoramus? Not to well I suppose.

        In the future, don’t answer for the person you are debating. It makes you look like a drooling idiot. :D

        • SSS…

          Sigh, I thought I was done with you, but clearly, I need to clarify one last time.

          I did not CALL you anything; I said you should not ACT like a nincompoop and, earlier, that you RESPONDED in an assinine manner (every response you’ve given to me has sounded like you are talking to a child…in other words, you’ve been obnoxious, so you shouldn’t talk about being insulting or inappropriate). In other words, I did NOT “go there”.

          As for the discussing of T.V. shows versus movies. Seriously, you’re actually using the “It’s SCREENRANT” argument??? You mean screen as in TELEVISION screen AND movie screen? You mean like that?

          Yes, I do care enough to defend “Beast Wars”…kind of like your repetitive defense of the purity and superiority of Generation 1…except that I provide support for everything I say and do not simply chatter incessantly. Your point?

          Oh, and I did not bring a terrible show into a discussion of movies. I mentioned an excellent show to directly answer a specific question someone had asked on this thread. YOU, however, stuck your nose pointlessly into the conversation and did so in a rude way.

          I did not answer for a person I was debating. We were not debating; you were arguing. I was trying to END the argument.

          Try again.

          • NOW, I’m done.

            • Because this was a discussion about the next FILM trilogy I was under the impression that everyone was discussing the FILMS. I had no idea it would be talk of crappy television shows. I am so sorry Archaeon for misunderstanding the concept of these comments for this article.

              HOWEVER, I am overjoyed to hear you are done. Thank you for finally stopping your crusade.

  7. Wow…is the nerd fight over guys, or should we give you two a few more minutes?

    But seriously, Beast Wars wasn’t a good enough show to argue about for day in the comments of an article on screenrant. I am just saying….

    Anyway, Unicron would be a nice story idea around the next trilogy. Dinobots would be a plus too. I wish they didn’t dump the constructicons in the second film, cause combiners are awesome!

    • Actually, “Beast Wars” WAS good enough…but then, we are all entitled to our opinions…something Steve doesn’t seem to understand, for some inconceiveable reason. Of course, he hasn’t understood much of anything through this whole silly verbal slapfight, so there you go…

      • …and yes, I would be interested to see how Unicron is presented in the next film.

  8. @ Archaeon

    Someone else just stated that BW was nothing discuss for this long, and yet you STILL insist on discussing it over anything relevant to the films.

    I smell a troll….

    • …so you base your interests and opinions on what other people think? Fascinating…and sad.

      Oh, and the troll would be the person who inserted himself into a conversation that was none of his business, thus starting this ludicrous progression…YOU.

      Keep trying…you’ll get it eventually. Maybe.

      • @ Archaeon

        That is funny; I have yet to recall basing my dislike of Beast Wars on anything other than what my eyes have seen. I merely stated the FACT that someone else shares a similar opinion to my own, and he stated AFTER I did.

        Thank you for trying, Archaeon. I am only sorry your attempt failed. Miserably.

  9. I hate to break this to you Arch, but you are being a complete @$$…

    I may not be as well versed in the whole Transformers world that you two seem to be, but as a fan of the films I would have to agree with Steve on this. These comments are intended for the films, and what we as fans hope to see. And, dude, Steve stated his opinion, you stated a conflicting opinion. This is the internet; people are not going to agree. My advise is just to let it go.

    • WTF…

      Good, now I can end this ridiculous drivel with BOTH of you, simultaneously.

      I am curious why you think I am being the obnoxious one when your dear friend Steve is the one who stuck his nose into a conversation he was not part of–rudely–and has been talking to me like I am a small child in EVERY following response. I am the one who has been saying THE ENTIRE TIME that people have different opinions. Steve has been the one simply, unapologetically stating that I am WRONG. Maybe, it’s because you two share the view of “Beast Wars” being bad; maybe it’s another odd reason altogether. I don’t really care. As I have consistently maintained, everyone is entitled to his own opinion: You two hated “Beast Wars”; I loved it.

      Consider this: If I had simply given my response to matthew and had not had to deal with the assinine intrusion of Steve, the matter would have ended immediately and already been forgotten. If you had bothered to READ our earlier posts, not just (apparently) the last one or two of our responses, and not run your big mouth with no idea of what you’re talking about, you would not have gotten THIS response.

      Live and learn, right?

      You two can keep going if you wish; I’ve reached my limit of pointless irritation. You don’t have to worry about me responding, because I have given up hope of finding ANY redeeming elements in this “conversation” (and I use that term loosely and, I think, mercifully).

      Good luck.

      • Well, that is interesting…

        I guess Archaeon enjoys attempting to verbally slap anyone that doesn’t share his perspective…

        I guess, going forward WTF we should refrain from feeding the troll. :D

  10. And the light of reason illuminates the land!!!!

    Thank you, WTF.

    I agree with you as well; combiners are awesome (as you put it). They should have done more with Devastator.

  11. Wow Arch. Just wow. That novel you wrote is the reason why you come off as obnoxious. Actually, I would describe it as “whiney crybaby”.

    The fact that you and Steve decided to argue for days about the validity of a fictional story is just sad. Beast Wars, original series, whatever – it was all to sell toys to children. But the fact that I spoke my opinion and you then assume there is some coalition against you speaks to how narrow-minded you are; I think both you and Steve need to grow up.

  12. i wanna see more characters from the 80s series like dinobots and omega supreme i love the old cartoon and i wish the movies were more like the cartoon and shai leboulf is dumb he is famouse becuz of this movie

    • I would love to see a live-action film version of Omega Supreme…I think he would actually be more viable than Unicron as a character in the 4th movie. Plus, it would be fascinating to see how he looked and how he transformed to become the rocket and base with defensive tank.

      The Dinobots, while very cool and a TF fan’s dream-come-true, would be a MUCH harder sell to the general movie-going audience.

      • Dinobots would be SICK – especially if they bring back the original Grimlock. I read in a previous post that Megatron was only afraid of one cybertronian: Grimlock. Is that true?

        Since they are making another trilogy adding Dinobots, Omega Supreme and Unicron would be awesome over the course of 3 films.

  13. I would also very much enjoy seeing TF4′s version of Perceptor…I doubt, of course, he would be a microscope in alternate form, but there are any number of vehicular forms he could take instead. Also, since Frenzy was featured in the first set of three films, maybe, they could bring in Rumble…I can envision several of his forms throughout the next 2 or 3 movies: jackhammer, drum set, geiger counter. He would be a fun companion character to play with.

  14. Rumble was one of Soundwave’s minions; since he is dead I doubt they will bring him in, but Lazorbeak and Frenzy were both great in the films.

    I don’t think Dinobots would be hard to sell to the masses. If I can make the gross generalization: Kids love dinosaurs! Just put a pretty face in the film and you have the dad’s taking the kiddies to see T4.

  15. I also would be interested to see the movie version of Ultra Magnus…Would he be, in any way, related to Optimus? What vehicular form would he have/ Would his robotic form wear an armored suit or be naturally superlatively durable? As for why such an important member of the Autobots would not have been mentioned before, the fix would be easy: Just have him be one of the Autobots who received Optimus’s call to the stars for survivors…but have Optimus be surprised at his arrival. It COULD be done differently (and, I think, more believeably) than the way Sentinel Prime was introduced.

  16. @ Archaeon

    This is going to blow your perception of reality: Sentinel Prime was the second worst character in the third film (the first being Sam). And I lost a little respect for Lenard after he repeated his second most famous phrase from the Star Trek franchise. I only hope the paycheck was worth it…

    • It blows no perceptions of mine…The fact that he was such a contrived, stupidly expressed character in the film is precisely why I made my above comment.

      • No, the perception that I was referring to was the fact I was agreeing with you on the topic.

        And, correct me if I am wrong, but the Decepticon’s coveted Sentinel’s Space Bridge tech; the same technology Jetfire used to transport Sam and everyone to Egypt in the second film?

        So Jetfire, a former Decepticon who worked for the Fallen, could use Space Bridge tech but no other Decepticon (including Megatron who also worked for the Fallen) could? They had to find Sentinel?

        • @ SSS

          Imo, i think the Dcepticons needed the that one red pillar that Sentinal Prime had on him to open the space bridge. I think Jetfire w/ the others traveled thru the space bridge a different way in ROTF. In DOTM the Decepticons of-course were using pillars & a machine to open the space bridge powerful enough to bring Cybertron to our anthosphere.

          What got to me about ROTF was The Fallen to be taken as unstoppable sorta speak. And Optimus w/ Jetfire’s parts kicked his butt with little trouble. Not to mention Megatron takin orders from the Fallen. After watching the 3rd film, i wondered why Megatron would be The Fallen’s lacky unless he had his agenda like, planning to have Optimus kill him. But that wasn’t it.

          I too would of loved to see Rumble. He was one of my favorite Decepticons.

        • Ah, okay then.

          As for the MANY inconsistencies of, or caused by, ROTF, all I can say is…SIGH. It’s as if they didn’t even TRY to make the needed REAL connections between the storylines of the movies, which is a major shame.

          Maybe the fourth movie will bring back some consistency…

          • The only hope for any consistency to be restored is if Bay steps down as director. The guy is way too into special effects and not enough into plot / story development.

  17. Aww I hoped for a prequel with war for cybertron :(

  18. I know a good script…

    The humans decide to throw all the dead deceptacons into space..

    Meanwhile Optimus is getting fixed up

    Then unicron comes across the dead deceptacons gives em new bodies and says they work for him and to get the matrix or whatever like the 1986 movie but not a reboot do it in a new way as in the last one unicron died so now he is smaller and says they got given a second chance the majority of audience be like wtf but hardcore transformers fans be like wicked

    Anyway by now they have pluto as a base on the edge of solar system and new transformers have arrived and we see unicron eat pluto

    And well then after that i leave it in the directors hands it could work and would work!!!

  19. @ Matthew,


  20. So does the next TF going to have Michael bay and Shia LaBeouf?

  21. So does the next transformers is it going to have Michael bay and Shia LaBeouf?

  22. So does the next transformers is it going to have Michael bay and Shia LaBeouf?

    • Wow. Why don’t you ask the same question once more, just for kicks.

      I only hope they remove Shia’s character. If Bay sticks around that just means a lot of things will blow up. Since this film franchise is based on a children’s television program I don’t see how bringing in a really good director (Christopher Nolan anyone?) would improve it since these films bank on special effects and whoever the female flavor of the week just happens to be.

      • Um yea I for one was really thinking that they would reboot this series.. I think the path bay chose sucked and was too far off the the original concept. hmm guess thats why spiderman is being rebooted also even though the first 3 made lots of money.

        • how was it far off the original concept?

        • I believe the original concept was two factions of giant robots from a planet far away that could turn into various vehicles fighting a civil war…I am not seeing how Bay was “far off”.

          And with Spider-Man’s reboot: it wasn’t because they did not hold true to the concept, because that one was not “far off” either (with the exception of a few minor issues, like no web shooters…)Peter Parker gets bitten by a genetically engineered spider, gets super powers, learns “with great power…”. A lot of it stemmed from Ultimate Spiderman (except the lack of web shooters) which isn’t bad and, in a few ways, makes the character of Peter Parker more relatable in a present setting. Raimi wanted a great film, Sony wanted to bank on Spidey 4 by 2012. Raimi wasn’t happy with the latest script and wanted a rewrite, Sony said tough. Raimi walked, and power to him. That is called integrity.

  23. I don’t want to sound like one of “those people,” but as long as soundwave and at least ONE of his minions are in this new trilogy, i am happy.

    • umm, if you mean by “those people” individuals who know a great character when they see him, then please by all means continue to be “those people”…Soundwave was my fav as a kid.

      Unfortunately Bay focused more on his minions in the films.

      And Bay killed him off in the third film.

      unfortunately, although you should rejoice as being in the group of individuals that can identify AWESOME when you see it, I doubt they will bring him back. it’s a shame too, I wanted to see Rumble…

  24. Micheal ba needs to stop this new movie. It is bad enough he destroyed the transformer image with sexual themes in the movie.

  25. Micheal baY needs to stop this new movie. It is bad enough he destroyed the transformer image with sexual themes in the movie.


  27. I think they should make a prequel to the whole series and do a movie on the war of cybertron would be kick ass :)

  28. I wanna see the franchise get back to basics from Gen1 and the cartoon movie. Omega Supreme……Hot Rod(becoming Automus Prime?)……The Dinobots……Aerobots vs. Stunticons……most of all……Galvatron.

    All three movies have gone in different directions and ruined it. Megan Fox coming back wouldn’t hurt.

    • @ JPG

      Your comment is a regurgitation of Beavis above. I am still waiting for someone to answer me on how Bay got the “basics” wrong. There are a plethora of DETAILS that Bay, and the production company in general, tossed aside, but the BASICS are all there. You have two robot factions waging a civil war on earth. There is your BASIC premise. Now, please explain how he got the BASICS wrong.

      Hot Rod became Rodimus Prime, not Automus Prime. If my memory serves me, there has never been an Automus Prime.

      Lastly, you decided to criticize the Hollywood bastardization of the film, but want to see more of Megan Fox in the further film franchise? If a return to the Gen1 “basics” is what you are looking for, then there would be no Megan Fox. There would be Spike Whitwicky with his dad, Sparkplug, on an oil rig. I don’t recall seeing many women on that oil rig, so to keep the “basic” concept that you are looking for, Fox’s character would be removed due to continuity issues.

      My advice: Go back and watch Gen1 before you create posts that make no sense.

      • Hey Sparky, Generation 1 was ALL I followed. The Armada crap came after I was too old to follow it. The premise that I base my ENTIRE opinion on(pay attention to the word “opinion”, sparky) is the Transformers cartoon movie. It finalized Generation 1 and set-up the next generation that brought forth those dang microbots & power commanders(whatever those damn things were on their chest).

        Rodimus Prime? Whatever the spelling, it’s what I was talking about. I don’t have as much time to sit in my mom’s basement as you, so I apologize. I do remember Omega Supreme being the equivalent of Optimus’ lieutenant. I know we could dig up characters all day, but some were very important to the storylines…..not just Optimus and Megatron. Soundwave wa crucial to Megatron’s reign. Hot Rod was also an independent one. Although an Autobot, he was always somewhat of an outcast, but the hardest-fighting one…..Hence the matrix being passed to him.

        Megan Fox had her following. It was okay to drop her, but her replacement was garbage. You have done so much recalling that you forgot that Spike did indeed have a girlfriend. Can you actually tell me you wouldn’t wanna see that babe again?

        The basics of PART ONE was fine. The problem is that they have almost started creating their OWN storylines to make more money. They have lost track of the true plots in Gen 1 that brought this whole toy mainstream.

        I’m glad you enjoyed the movies, buddy. For me, the 3 separate directions that they have gone in is enough. I hate to see what they will do with the franchise at this point.

        • I also grew up on Gen 1. I get what you are saying JPG, but you ARE off a little.

          If you are going by The Transformers Cartoon Movie, it was Ultra Magnus that was the equivalent of a Lieutenant. Do you remember the scene of him NOT being able to open the matrix? The one that Hot Rod did and became Rodimus Prime? Omega Supreme was more like Ironhide that anything else.

          That DOES look to be the best route Michael Bay should have gone. The cartoon movie grossed heavy at the box office.

          I also think we all know that if a villain comes back, that it will likely be Galvatron. You just KNOW they will find a way of reviving the “leader” character…..somewhat.

          The basic characters from circa 1986 should indeed be there for this one if they are gonna throw more “robots” into it. 1986/Gen 1 put the whole damn toy on the map.

          It IS what most people remember……..

        • So much fail JPG….

          It’s not that I enjoyed the movies, but I am still not understanding how Bay got it all “wrong” based on the fact that you have two warring factions of an advanced race of robots that “transform”. Yes, he has added new things, and some characters are either non-existent or drastically altered, but the fact remains: the basic premise is intact. If these giant robots came out in drag eating babies, then I would agree that Bay missed the mark.

          What I would have hated to see was a scene-by-scene recreation of the 1986 animated film. Film’s require this essential idea to either be great or fail hard. It’s called CREATIVITY. Taking leaps with material is a necessity in the business. Most of the time writers, directors, producers, and production companies are going to take these leap’s and fail miserably (GI Joe anyone?), but then sometimes someone is going to take a chance and do something really good (Superman Returns).

          The point: I have already seen the 1986 film. It was awesome back in the day when I was a kid: Transformer’s were the best and Weird Al was on the soundtrack. And if I want to see that movie again I can go get it anytime. Let’s leave that movie alone in its greatness and not try to beat it into the skulls of the public repeatedly by bringing it back in different incarnations over and over and over and over and over and over…..

  29. I think the thrid TF movie sucked big ones… and congrats to Michael Bay for providing the ultimate intro to Shockwave… it was horrible, those who saw the movie just because it sounds awesome just go “Who the f$%^ is Shockwave”? It’s that guy, with a giant worm. He killed the characters rep(imo) with that movie. The second one, eh it was tolerable. I thought the first one was pretty good. They better pray that this next film will focus 90% on the transformers, both sides!