Transformers 4 Not A Reboot; Kicks Off Second Trilogy

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Transformers 4 Reboot Transformers 4 Not A Reboot; Kicks Off Second Trilogy

[UPDATE: OK, maybe it IS a reboot after all.]

Hoping to see the next Transformers film offer a new take on the live-action version of everybody’s favorite Hasbro toys? That’s not going to happen. Even if director Michael Bay and star Shia LaBeouf are done with the series, Transformers 4 is coming and it’s going to continue down its current path of success.

Producer Don Murphy (Splice, Shoot ‘Em Up), who has served as producer on all three Transformers films to date, assures fans that the franchise isn’t getting a reboot and that it’s more likely to start up a second trilogy, following the same style we’re now accustomed to.

On the message boards of his personal site, Murphy stated the following about the future of the series post-Transformers: Dark of the Moon:

“What happens next? Certainly not a reboot. We haven’t lost the Transformers. They didn’t grow up or become expensive like Toby Maguire. I don’t know what happens next. I’m pretty sure there will be a second trilogy. I am pretty sure it will kick ass. And I am pretty sure some of you will hate it because it wasn’t all bots.”

We saw what happens when a Transformers movie loses one of its human lead characters (i.e. nothing, see: Megan Fox) so with or without Sam Witwicky, the Autobots will return and help lead Paramount Pictures to box office success.

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While many fans have shared desires for a movie with less humans and more Cybertronians on screen, that’s also not a realistic expectation. Like it or not, the mass audiences need a human connection to the film and as cool as it would be to see a movie based entirely on Cybertron, it will continue to be grounded here on Earth. The budget couldn’t support the alternative and they need real people to do the press.

It’s only a matter of time before Transformers 4 gets the official greenlight but if they don’t rush it, there is still a possibility of Michael Bay returning to direct TF4. Who the antagonists will be and who will become the new face of the franchise to replace Shia LaBeouf are something Paramount will need to start thinking about, so let the speculation begin!


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Source: Don Murphy

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  1. what about the dinobots and rodimas prime or omega prime

    • What about one major villian that all of you are forgetting…UNICRON!!! He is a whole planet that transforms and eats planets for energon. Unicron remakes Megatron into Galbatron so…if there is any villian that needs to show up and that is Unicron. The cartoon series really did not explore that villian too well and I am sure that Unicron hold many secrets on the Autobots and Decepticons past and creation. Bring back Unicron to us and let’s watch the history unfold.

      • @ Menace:

        Please read the other 9 pages of comments before you assume that no one has mentioned Unicron…

    • Rodimus Prime do not exist. Why? Optimuis is the Prime. DId you even watch the Transformers the movie 1986? He is Hotrod.

  2. what’s funny to me is they thought the same thing when The Lion King was released, “won’t be successful without humans present”, i’m pretty sure it still ranks as one of Disney’s most successful movies, aside from the Pirates movies.

  3. I would like to know more about the newest movie on transformers 4 as to who will play in it and how will it be like from prevous transformers movies.

  4. NOOOOO!!! Please, bring back anyone you want, but not Michael Bay. I thought his action movies were great, till I saw TF2 and TF3, where almost all the action scenes make no sense. No sense and aim to the fighting etc. Please, no Michael Bay.
    Also, remove ALL the comedy, because the comedy in TF2 and TF3 made me cringe.

    • You are so right about that. The jokes in tf2 and tf3 suck. The only thing i like in tf3 is part if the background music they used during some of the fight scenes. But apart from that I love tf.

  5. It makes no sense for Shia not to do another Transformers movie. Transformers is what made him get famous!!!!

  6. All i got to say is the comedy in the movies and the action in transformers is what made it kick ASS!!!!! It is the best movies in the whole world cant get know better!!!! And i so hope the same cast will b in there because the movie wont be good if they dont!!

  7. I say if they start a new trilogy, start off by doing an update on the original movie from 1986. Introduce Unicron, turn Megatron into Galvatron, have Optimus die/sacrifice himself halfway or near the end of the movie (and then leave him dead this time), and continue on from there. and for the love of Raptor Jesus, bring in the Dinobots!!!

    • I’d also like for Linkin Park to no longer be included in any of the music.

    • You can’t kill Optimus. Look at what happened to the G1 cartoon when they did – It killed the series.

  8. i have many ideas about transformers if any one wants to know them please resond

  9. If Michael Bay wants to make another movie then so be it. As long as he’s making money for the The Transformers Franchise he’s going to keep making the Transformers movies. I’m pretty sure you all would be doing the exact same. Michael Bay is a good producer, I myself and millions of others have enjoyed the Transformers Franchise movies, and as long as the movies are entertaining I will keep watching them. So quit hating on Michael Bay.

  10. one word about Transformers 4 – Unicron. that’s it. enough said.

  11. i think there should be. Like a Part one and a Prat two and have part 1 with when they find Elita One and Optimus Prime’s all lovey-dovey and have her being a traitor and her bring megatron’s remains to Unicron and BANG! galvatron and have her fight prime and Prime have flashbacks and be distracted and have him all lkie “don’t you remember? sentinel’s the one that left you?” and have her remember and have her kick Galvatron’s butt back to Unicron, just as he’s about to kill Bumblebee and Ratchet and the others. then have part 2 when unicron come in forcing Optimus Prime to go to Cybertron to get Wheel-Jack and Blurr to make the Dino-Bots and have the Dino-Bots distract Unicron as they go into him, and have them be split up (Optimus and Elita alone) and have them find Galvatron at Unicron’s spark and have to fight them and have galvatron have a bunch of dark energon power that makes him, like, 86 feet tall. but then have Optimus Prime be cool and kick his rear out of unicrons side and then Elita be all like “only one of us can blow it up” and Prime start to complain, but have Elita have Grimlock take him out and have her blow up the spark and Prime be all crying (coz Prime never has facial expressions) and then have, like world peace and have Prime being a hero. then, like, after/during the credits have something where Ratchet goes up to Prime and say “look who we found” and have Elita step out and smile and Prime smile and have them kiss and have a THE END moment. :)___ or not???

    • This “English” just hurt my brain. Why don’t people learn to write?

    • @ Optimus_Prime:

      Because of this post I now hate transformers.

    • Post it on and learn sentence structure.

  12. Even though all three Transformer movies got pretty much horrible reviews, even though toghether they all made over 2.6 BILLION world wide, I still loved all three of them with the third one maybe being the very best movie I’ve ever seen. I think after the last one, both Bay and Speilberg have now gotten to the point where they know what works and what doesn’t. We can sit here all day debating who should be the director and in what direction the new movies should go in. As for me, the storyline isn’t as important as seeing more of cybertron and seeing as many new Transformers as possible. I want as many of the original toys & cartoon characters to come alive as possible getting their sci fi bang on!!!!

  13. I can’t wait

  14. PLEASE NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  16. First autobot I would like to see is Ultra Magnus. Of course there has to be Unicron, but not at first. Galvatron is a given and where there is Galvatron there needs to be Rodimus. Then it would be nice to see some triple changers.

  17. I rather want Megan Fox to get back on track where people will start a Transformer 4 because she seems very help and but other blond girl, I don’t even like her, she seems doesn’t help and only stand and go somewhere else, that exactly why I want Megan Fox to get back on that show, so why would everyone threaten badly about Megan Fox, I know I don’t either like people get surgery, so was it doesn’t matter what she can get involved them in anyways….?! The only I’ve seen the whole bunch of the movies are Transformer 1, 2 but not 3 cause I don’t like that BLOND girl.

    • That last post hurt my brain.

      • my mind exploded.

  18. What they SHOULD do is have the transformers go back in time so they can assume the identities of the original cars. Bring in the dinobots and go from there.

  19. I’m all for more transformers movies definitely! wont be the same without ironhide though- they shouldnt have killed him off he was the best loved his gung-ho attitude

  20. Get back Megan fox with Sh. LaBeoufas and Josh Duhamel into film and film gonna earn many millions again ;)

  21. One thing, Unicron has to be in it. Make him the ultimate evil who was The Fallen’s master. Recreate Megitron into Galvitron and make sure Optimus DOES NOT DIE!!!! Also less comedy please, TF2 was okay but the stuff in TF3 kind of ruined it. Also bring in more Autobots and the Dinobots. And Megatron should actually do something in TF4 instead of die and get reborn and die again. No love scenes between Optimus and anyone else please, I mean come on people they’re robots for crying out loud.

    • You’re so right about the comedy.

  22. The rock….S. Johnson

  23. U should make fox come back to try to get her man back n hv them both get together n face the new drama together like the first movie

  24. I would really like to see the Dino bots in the movie. Even if the battle will take place in space or somethin’, they could be used. Dino bts are epic!!!

  25. They can bring sentinal back coz most of him is not blown to helli anyway they should consentrate more on more transfomers and wtf happened to silverbolt and jetfire

  26. i love all 3 transformers movies; my ideal for the fourth is that they should do live movie base off the 1986 movie but instead optimus prime dying, have him get seriously hurt to the point of dying and that is where you introduce rodimus prime as the next leader of the autobots – the main villian would have to be unicron and gravitron but if they want to make another movie after that than have the ones who created the autobots and decpticons which i believe they are called alpha q (the bots that have 3 faces) have them captured optimus prime or something like that

  27. The action in T-3 was great, but I hated the introduction of the new girl. You can’t have his previous girlfriend crying over his dead body and then expect us to believe she just left him. And why did Sam have such a hard time finding a job or struggle with noney? There’s no way he wasn’t compensated by the go ernment that part of the story didn’t make since. Bring Megan and Whiling back they are a very important part of the story.

  28. What about some of the big autobots? Metroplex,Skyfire and the Dinobots. You have Rodimus Prime, Omega Prime, and countless other bots from both sides not shown yet.

  29. Yo Its Art from Philly. Yo I grew up watching Transformers and playing with the toys and I just have to say that Bay and all of the actors did a dam good job at bring something so Iconic to life as this.Yo and I think that bay should do the next movies. Because of his movies I even went and brought the Generation 1 episodes on Dvd. I also think they should go into the Galvtron/Unicron story. That would be HOT!!!! And I think they should put like other Ones in it Like Omegia Supreme, Six Shot the decepticon that could turn into 6 things. Others like Tripticon,and Galvatron’s Goons Scourge and Cyclonus.They did the hell out of shockwave in the movie so I know they would make them Just as HOT or Even HOTTER.I hope they continue the good work.Yo I even think that bay would do a hell of a job bringing to life the other classic iconic cartoon and VOLTRON too!!!! I’m tellin you he would do it up!! Alright Peace. From the real 80′s baby!!!!LOL