Transformers 4 Not A Reboot; Kicks Off Second Trilogy

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Transformers 4 Reboot Transformers 4 Not A Reboot; Kicks Off Second Trilogy

[UPDATE: OK, maybe it IS a reboot after all.]

Hoping to see the next Transformers film offer a new take on the live-action version of everybody’s favorite Hasbro toys? That’s not going to happen. Even if director Michael Bay and star Shia LaBeouf are done with the series, Transformers 4 is coming and it’s going to continue down its current path of success.

Producer Don Murphy (Splice, Shoot ‘Em Up), who has served as producer on all three Transformers films to date, assures fans that the franchise isn’t getting a reboot and that it’s more likely to start up a second trilogy, following the same style we’re now accustomed to.

On the message boards of his personal site, Murphy stated the following about the future of the series post-Transformers: Dark of the Moon:

“What happens next? Certainly not a reboot. We haven’t lost the Transformers. They didn’t grow up or become expensive like Toby Maguire. I don’t know what happens next. I’m pretty sure there will be a second trilogy. I am pretty sure it will kick ass. And I am pretty sure some of you will hate it because it wasn’t all bots.”

We saw what happens when a Transformers movie loses one of its human lead characters (i.e. nothing, see: Megan Fox) so with or without Sam Witwicky, the Autobots will return and help lead Paramount Pictures to box office success.

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While many fans have shared desires for a movie with less humans and more Cybertronians on screen, that’s also not a realistic expectation. Like it or not, the mass audiences need a human connection to the film and as cool as it would be to see a movie based entirely on Cybertron, it will continue to be grounded here on Earth. The budget couldn’t support the alternative and they need real people to do the press.

It’s only a matter of time before Transformers 4 gets the official greenlight but if they don’t rush it, there is still a possibility of Michael Bay returning to direct TF4. Who the antagonists will be and who will become the new face of the franchise to replace Shia LaBeouf are something Paramount will need to start thinking about, so let the speculation begin!


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Source: Don Murphy

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  1. It’s soo simple as to how they can continue.

    SPOILER for those who haven’t seen the film yet
    Bring in Unicron, and have him revive Megatron as Galvatron and the other fallen Decepticons. Starscream, if I recall correctly, is immortal, and lived on as a ghost. They can play with that a little bit.

    • And even if Shia and Rosie don’t return, you can still bring in their son Daniel. They can set the film several years after Dark of the Moon, and have us assume that Carly and Sam had Daniel, who’s now the Autobots friend. That way it can still be a semi-reboot, and still keep the previous trilogy intact.

    • Starscream is immortal in the cartoon, but because of events that happened in the cartoon and not yet on film. This means the Film version of Starscream doesn’t have an immortal spark, unless they worked those events into TF4.

  2. How on earth can you describe Transformers 1 through 3 as a trilogy? They had no overall story line per se, no plot threads to tie them together. They were three standalone films which just happened to have the same characters.

    Lord of the Rings – that was a trilogy in the truest sense. Back to the Future was a trilogy less so. Any 3 James Bond movies in a row do not make a trilogy (save for the Daniel Craig efforts maybe).

    Hollywood needs to get off the Trilogy mindset, it means nothing. Just look at the continual X-Men box set reissues to see the legs in a quadrology or quintupletology.

    • Actually, the films tie into each other. Megatron’s quest to obtain the allspark was mentioned in the second film and third film. Prime still had his upgrade and the Matrix of Leadership from the second film. There’s plenty of ways the films are tied together.

      • Tenuous links at best though. If they’d had the B plot of his mother’s brownie racketeering in both 1 and 3 I’d be more likely to agree with you :oD

        • They fact remains they DO tie together as a trilogy though.

      • Oh, I hope your right..I would love to see T4 in the making

    • You’re saying the three Transformers, with their same casts, characters, heroes and villains, are not a trilogy?

      What is it then?

      • It really gets into the argument of what defines a trilogy. Some people are of the mindset that unless a story is continuous (See: Lord Of The Rings), it’s not a true trilogy. Others (like us) see a trilogy as a connecting set of 3 stories that follow characters or a character over time.

    • Many things regarding the Transformers themselves link the 3 films together, but the overarching story that’s progressing is Sam’s story…not that I particularly care for the human stuff, but some of it is okay.

  3. It’s simple, they use Unicron and have Ben Savage replace Shia as Sam, and J.J. Abrams direct.

  4. beast wars! i think that would be bad ass as a live action!

    • no sorry

  5. Read online that Jason Statham was in talks to replace Shia as the Autobots human pal. That would be interesting. At least we wouldn’t have Sam screaming, “Bumblebee!!!! OPTIMUS!!!!!!!!!! OW!!!!!!!!”

    • Bay has already shot that down. It was way too obvious anyway. I mean, he just happens to be dation Rosie Huntington-Whiteley (lucky).

    • What would he say then..geez

  6. Good! Reboots bug me

  7. I hate this notion that films have to be built to serve the mass audience. Imagine if albums were made the same way. “our market research shows that the mass audience likes autotune and doesn’t care for guitar solos”. music doesn’t work that way, and film shouldn’t either. Just make the damn movie you want to make, do a good job on it, and people will like it. and if someone doesn’t, oh well.

    • This may surprise you, but the entertainment industry is more about making $$$$$ than making people happy.

      • Well-done films can make a lot of money too.

    • @ Matt: People will never know if something will work outside of market research unless a film maker and studio are willing to take a risk.

      For example: In today’s movie industry, Spielberg would have to show the shark in the first third of the movie rather than in the final third of the film, because audiences want to see the bad guy sooner. Following that research would have really damaged the movie as art and it probably would not have been held in as high regard and made as much money as it did.

  8. You should not speak ill of Toby Maguire, Mr. Murphy, for he hides under your bed.

  9. Please include team bullet train!! And starscream

  10. Yes, but replace the “girl”, she looks more manly than Shia Labeouf.

    • No, she really doesn’t. She’s quite attractive, actually.

    • She looks swollen from a beating in the publicity stills, looks rather beautiful on film.

  11. Who would voice Galvatron? Cause spock was Sentinel haha. I think if they continued it will suck, cause the third was the only good film and even then it was only pretty good. And thats dumb, its entitled TRANSFORMERS not HUMANS with Transformers, thats retarded to keep a human focus more than the cybertronians, the tv show wasn’t like that and thats why it was awesome! Man, it couldn’t be funded? Are they mad!? Wait till I’m in hollywood Paramount, just wait!

    • Shatner for Galvatron. you heard it here first :)

    • I think your memory is faulty to an extent.
      In “TRANSFORMERS G1″, season 1, episode 2 The Autobots take on humans to help them defeat the Decepticons. From that point on humans join the struggle. You might have a point on how much air time humanity should get but it’s clear that we fight for our world. It doesn’t make any sense any other way anyway. If humanity didn’t take sides we’d be fighting all of them eventually, like in the first hour of a first movie that has earth as the background story. All of them are interlopers on our world and a clear and present danger. Any rational human government, given your story conditions, would declare all of them enemies of the state…

  12. The only concern I have is robot design. Would the new director want go with the current designs, or adjust them to fit his or her own vision. Also would Bay stay on as a producer with Spielberg?

    • I don’t get the hate for the designs. To me, they actually look like robots in the films, unlike the TV series. I also don’t the arguement that you can’t tell the difference between the characters. What a bunch of BS. I wear glasses, and I can EASILY tell the difference between Megatron and Strascream (and all the other characters) when I’m not even wearing them.

  13. Oh just do a new trilogy about optimus prime befor he became prime..we dont need humens really!! only Transformers and thier story befor they came to earth

  14. I just want to know what are some other Transformers villians
    Please leave names in replys lol

    • Some chief villains recommended for TF4 – Straxus, Bludgeon, Thunderwing, Unicron, Quintesson “5 faces of darkness”, Astrotrain, Blitzwing, Thundercracker/Cyclonus, Sky Warp/Scourge, Trypticon, Scorponok (revived)

  15. OK..So really I liked the new transformers moive; however transformers in a sence, is like Starwars. It can just keep going and going to no end, I think it would be fun and exciting if there was a new trilogy coming out. I on the other hand think it would be better if it was just alittle bit more focused on how the transformers were on Cybertron and what started the whole war. I dont mind the human connections on earth and stuff but I stil think there should be a movie or two with the war and the who thing, and make more of an obvious tie to the previous three movies. Not saying there wasn,t any ties between them, just make it easier to see them. I still think Shia should be in it. Thats just me. But Speilburg i think would be pretty damn cool to go in with Bay and make another set of moives. Speilburg is awsome with moives. Can’t wait for the next ones!

  16. Transformers was a great action movie.

    Transformers 2 was over the top crap.

    Transformers 3 was 100% way better than the second one but not as good as the first one, still it is the best movie of the year.

    If Transformers 4 isn’t a reboot but a second trilogy with Jason Statham rumoured to be the main lead then this is my idea for the fourth one:

    Sam has leave The Autobots to go holiday with his parents and Carly has dumped him again because of being apart always where The Autobots are taken in by NEST led by William Lennox and Epps.

    A new member is recruited by NEST who turns out to be a tough soldier played by Jason Statham where he too discovers the history about The Autobots which he becomes friends with Optimus Prime and Bumblebee while trying to know more about the robots, New Deceptions have smash land on Earth and have discovered what happened to Megatron, Shockwave, Starscream and Sentinel Prime which they vow revenge and plan to taken over the world secretly.

    Statham has his first experience with the Deceptions which he is injured and taken in casualty where after a long time in hospital, Statham is hospitalised and goes to meet Optimus Prime to talk about what the Deceptions are planning to do next which he meets Carly (Rosie Huntington Whitley, Statham’s real life girlfriend) for the first time.

    Statham and Carly fell in love when he saves her from a small deception but the Deception leader is angered and plans to taken over the world by destroying the White House and causing nuclear war by attacking Russia with nuclear warheads with the help of Nazi leaders.

    With the world at stake, Statham, Lennox, Epps and The Autobots must stop the newly arrived Deceptions from trying to
    cause two powerful countries from going to war for the wrong reason.

    Simmons should return to help The Autobots and gets on Statham’s nerves so much that he punches him.

    Mudflap and Skids might come back for 15 minutes before getting destroyed by a huge Deception.

    So this is my idea for a fourth Transformers movie.

  17. In this new trilogy, can we please alter the Transformers so they can actually look like Transformers?

  18. Okay so clearly theyre going to use Unicron and Galvatron as the villains for this new trilogy. theyll probably revive Starscream too, and I hope they do because we never really got to see his evil, treacherous ways. Maybe they could bring in Sideways too (they never spoke the name of the car who was supposed to be him in the second movie, so I see no reason why they cant bring in a new character with the name). Also they need to bring in Prowl and the Dinobots (for this reason Bay must not return. if the Dinobots are ever to be adapted to the big screen, Bays ties to this film series must be severed).

    • unicron will never be used, as much as it works in the animated series, in a live action movie it will never work and just be stupid, that goes with my favourite character – starscream who will never be a ghost its just stupid in terms of live action movie

    • just wanted to tell you that sideways is dead by side swipe.

  19. No need for another Transformers movie. Three movies is good enough.

  20. Cool. So despite these movies consistently sucking, I have a strong feeling they’ll continue emptying my wallets all the same.

  21. This isn’t surprising news. After all the money these movies have made, there was always going to be a second trilogy in the works, just like the Pirates of the Caribbean movies.

    The interesting thing though is if Witwicky isn’t going to be the central human character, who is?

    I wouldn’t mind it if they moved the focus off Witwicky entirely (he’s already saved the world three times, after all!) and maybe on the military guys instead. The G.I.Joes/Transformers crossovers were always fun, after all, and the G.I.Joes were basically amped up soldiers.

    • That’s a good idea, moving the focus toward the G.I’s, far less annoying and much more believable than random civilians.

    • Ya thats what I think they should do to. I think they should make Josh Duhamel the star. I think he makes a good military leader type guy. But I think they should break away from the government somehow because the government totally holds them back and that will get old quick.

  22. I loved all the movies to be honest, some where better than others but yeah. All good none the less.

    You all talk like Shia is totally not needed, to be honest I think he plays a really important part in the movies because his connection with bumblebee was great and how they got to meet each other was even better.
    If they just cut him out without any strong reason or without a REALLY strong backup plot for as why he left then the next movie will collapse easily.

    • I think if he (Shia) was truly done, he should have sacrificed himself to save Bumblebee or Optimus in the 3rd movie. It would have been a heart wrenching goodbye, and a glorious sendoff.

    • I saw all the movies and I loved the 1st and 2nd, there was a story, kick ass music and the autobots.

      The 3rd wasn’t as good………….too many autobots, too much action and not as much story.
      I could see Shia leaving, maybe his son, daughter could be the focus.

      I will go see them regardless………..I love muscle cars.

  23. I’m fine with this, but please, can we STOP focusing so much on the military in these movies? They’re pretty boring characters anyway. And if it’s not focused on the robots 100%, then also fine, but DON’T cut away from the robots when they’re fighting to cut to the human “drama.” That’s not what we go to a “Transformers” movie for.

    Having said that, I greatly enjoyed “Transformers 3,” and would love to see more action on that kind of a scale.

  24. I’m with Ghost on the whole idea of the story being set in the future where Sam and Carly have Daniel and go from their from their.

    • I agree with you 100%

      • Mee too..

  25. Nichtus, if theyve consistently sucked then why are you paying to see them each time?

    • More or less the same reason a crack head continues to buy crack even though he knows it’s killing him slowly: it’s addictive. Where else am I going to get my giant-robot-explosions-mindless-action fix?

    • who said anything about paying to see it….???

  26. Noooooooo! I dont want Jason Statham in the movie, I agree with ghost, put Daniel in the movie and give off hints that its Same and Carly’s kid. If Sam Witwicky is going to be in the movie I want Shia Lebeauf (I know I spelt that wrong) To play him. Also I thought to have Simon Furman to write the script if they do the whole Daniel thing, that would be awesome, maybe have Spielberg, Abrahams direct???

    • I concur to No Statham…it would suck to see him to even play grown up Sam would really feel wierd..but dont mind him being members with the NEST team though..

  27. Hell Yeah!!!!!!! We want more, bring on TF4

  28. Dear people at transformersif u are reading tgis I’d like to suggest for the forth transformers u bring ironhide back by making optimus prime using that gate that centinal prime for time travel an preventing that from ever happening please think of it :) thank you

  29. I only have one word for Paramount regarding future TF movies: UNICRON!!!!

    • yes to that..but if this is gona be another set of triology..Unicron should be in TF6 for a Climatic battle..i’m hoping for TF4 to have PREDAKING (remembering the hatchlings in megatrons hideout in AFRICA)

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