‘Transformers 4′ Viral Posters & Mark Wahlberg Interview

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Transformers 4 Mark Wahlberg Interview Transformers 4 Viral Posters & Mark Wahlberg Interview

Transformers: Age of Extinction is the next big mega-blockbuster slated for summer 2014, and Paramount’s marketing campaign for Michael Bay’s fourth installment in the Transformers franchise is gearing up slow but surely, in response to the approaching release date.

Today we have two pieces of promotional material that really converge on a central theme of the new film: namely, how the world has been transformed (pun) by the events of Transformers: Dark of the Moon, to the point that both Autobots and Decepticons are now considered enemies of humanity.

First, take a look at some new Transformers 4 viral posters, which follow in the vein of previous viral marketing materials by demonstrating humanity’s disdain for the Transformers. The viral campaign creates a nice parallel between the fictional world of the film, and the realities of a post-9/11 world, in which citizen vigilance is a proposed deterrent to terrorism.

Transformers 4 Viral Posters Optimus Prime 570x853 Transformers 4 Viral Posters & Mark Wahlberg Interview

Transformers 4 Viral Posters Bumblebee 570x853 Transformers 4 Viral Posters & Mark Wahlberg Interview

Poor Optimus and Bumblebee… three movies listening to Sam Witwicky (Shia LaBeouf) scream at them – three films of saving humanity’s collective butts – and what do they get? Their handsome robot faces plastered on posters like wanted criminals. No bueno. If you want to see more of the Earth’s faux campaign against the Cybertronian “invaders,” then head over to the Transformers Are Dangerous viral site – or check out the recently-released viral video, below.

Previous Transformers 4 trailers have demonstrated that human characters like Harold Attinger (Kelsey Grammer) and would-be Transformer designer, Joshua (Stanley Tucci), definitely have it out for the Autobots; however, that mistrust won’t be a shield against newer, more dangerous Decepticon foes like Lockdown and Galvatron. In fact, when the bad guys DO show up to start tearing up the globe, Optimus Prime and his soldiers are going to be hard-pressed to lend mankind a helping hand.

Transformers 4 star Mark Wahlberg sat down with IGN to talk briefly about the changed world we find ourselves in at the beginning of Age of Extinction, and why the human/robot relations in the film are more important than ever. Watch that conversation, below:

Transformers: Age of Extinction will be in theaters on  June 27, 2014.

Sources: IGN & Transformers Are Dangerous

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  1. Here’s one, “Keep Transformers, Transformers!” and stop putting all these stupid human subplots in Transformers movies. That’s why the 1986 animated movie will always be better than Bay’s movies, because they are all about the Transformers and nothing else.

    • It’s funny since G1 had tons of human/Transformer subplots, though, right?

  2. You do realize how expensive a film with only transformers would be right?

    • Plus boring for the average person who doesn’t want to see 2 and a half hours of non-stop Transformers with no human character to relate to. Not like the cartoons DIDN’T feature humans as main characters anyway….

  3. Very few are up there with bay in visual effects, action sequences and special and sound effects
    but his storytelling is terrible. My son wants to see it and iam only going to see the robots namely
    The only one who resembles the original optimus prime.

  4. Say what you wanna say, this movie is gonna make a ton load of $$$$$.
    I think I may go see it, kinda have a prob with these Transformers movies but, I just may see this one.

      • Yes, and his name is Michael Bay, and he sucks!
        I wouldnt see it for free.

  5. Omg b*** b*** b*** lol all people are welcome to your opinion! But seriously, if you dont like the previous films why click the transformers link? I didnt like them all personally! The first one i thought was great! I saw the rest but they werent memorable. I still enjpyed them however, and got my 10$ worth lol! Lets just remember this IS a micheal bay transformers movie! If you hated the previous films why comment? Or even click the link to watch/read the article? Your wasting your time! Just bypass it like i do all the movies i dont care for! I understand this is a rant page, but come on people! YOU MUST BE CRAZY! Lets also note the definition of crazy is to repeat the same task over and over expecting different results. If you didnt like the first three movies, give it up already! People make themselves look dumb by posting theor dissatisfaction with movies they should know what to expect from!

    • Yet you posted too, despite admitting you don’t like them either. Strange, that.

      I mainly click on the comments to see what people say about them while wondering how any of them managed to become huge hits because lets be honest, three of them were released so far and three of them sucked big time. At least number 4 has some good actors in it (Wahlberg and Grammer).

      • I didnt say i hated them! This version does look really good in my opinion! The last three just didnt grab me like the first one!

      • He didnt’t say he hated the sequels and btw he liked the first one, unlike you.
        So you dislike the entire frnachise and yet you click on every Transformers-link to see the comments and wonder why they became huge hits. Are you really that bored??

        And yeah right like Mark Wahlberg is a better actor than Frances McDormand, John Malkovic and John Turturro. And yes Shia is also a good actor.

  6. Can’t do an all ‘bots film because people want to live vicariously through entertainment instead of just appreciate what the artists craft.

    • There are artists crafting these turds?

  7. What is with all people bashing the transformers films I mean I personally like all three films I never had a problem with them unlike most people I went into them as a fan and was like wow I have never seen the original transformers series from the 80s I grew up watch the transformers from the 90s like beast wars and the the shows on cartoon network like transformers Armada, Energon, and Cybertron.

    • I grew up watching a little Transformers from the mid 80s onwards and didn’t really think they were that great, I just had a few toys here and there when I saw one that looked ok (never had Optimus Prime though, didn’t really mind not having him either).

      I saw the first when it hit TV screens on good faith alone and thought it stunk, went to see the second at the cinema for reasons unknown and fell asleep during the film about midway through, saw the third on TV and was glad I never paid money at the cinema to watch it because it too was bad.

      Can’t really say I hate Michael Bay that much because I actually liked Armageddon (the one and only Michael Bay film I ever enjoyed).

  8. Say what you want about the Transformers movies because there is no denying that the last hour of Dark of the Moon contains some of the greatest action scenes ever committed to film.
    If you don’t like them, don’t watch them.
    You don’t have to get all bent out of shape over a movie about giant robots kicking seven colors of sh1t out of each other.
    When I sit down to watch a Michael Bay movie I know what to expect and take it for what it is, that way I usually enjoy myself in the process and not wind myself up about the quality of the acting.

  9. Can’t wait. By the way, I am curious.. Why is Mark Wahleberg the next one ? What’s happened to Shia LaBeouf? He decided not to get involved ?

    • Shia already said in interviews for Transformers 3 that it would be his last one.
      Ever since then he went more and more into arthouse and indie, he really wanted to get away from big loud Hollywood-actionmovies.

      • Oh, I missed that one. Thanks for clarifying. :D