‘Transformers 4′, ‘Ouija’ & More Updates From Hasbro CEO

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hasbro ceo transformers 4 update Transformers 4, Ouija & More Updates From Hasbro CEO

It’s no secret that many Hasbro products are being fashioned as a new tentpole production – seeing how the list includes next year’s Battleship movie and the all-but-assured Transformers 4, among others. Hence why there’s good reason to listen to what CEO Brian Goldner has to say, in terms of updates on the company’s many cinematic projects.

Goldner has made it clear that Hasbro is not aiming to employ “the Marvel strategy” and start producing its own movies anytime soon. However, long-rumored film adaptations based on its products – like the Taylor Lautner-starring Stretch Armstrong and a Micronauts movie co-developed by J.J. Abrams – reportedly do feature the company’s head executives in a significant creative capacity.

The big news from Goldner concerns Hasbro being “in active discussions” with Paramount about a fourth Transformers movie – ones that also involves franchise staples like director Michael Bay and producer Steven Spielberg. Previous reports indicated the film will not be a reboot; rather, it is being designed as the beginning of a new trilogy, similar to previously-released blockbuster “fourquels” like Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides or Fast and Furious.

While Bay has previously indicated that Transformers: Dark of the Moon would be the last entry in the giant robots series that featured him as director, there’s no guarantee he won’t change his mind and sign on for Transformer 4 – or, at the least, still serve in a producer role.

Considering that Dark of the Moon has (to date) grossed nearly $1.12 billion in theaters worldwide, it’s no wonder that Paramount would be interested in bringing Bay back. The man’s Transformers movies have more than their fair share of detractors, but there’s no denying: as far as the box office is concerned, Bay is 3-for-3 with this series.

Transformers 4 Michael Bay Transformers 4, Ouija & More Updates From Hasbro CEO

On a different note: even though McG’s Ouija was dropped by Universal a couple months back, Goldner says the project is far from dead at this point. He instead likens the film to being in a position similar to what Disney’s almost-collapsed Lone Ranger movie was recently in (re: stuck in development limbo because of cost concerns). Hence why the Ouija script is being polished and reworked so that the supernatural adventure film is less of a costly undertaking – in the hopes that another studio will thereafter be interested in producing it.

Other projects that Goldner says are in fact being actively worked on include Monopoly, Risk, and a second Clue board game movie. All of these projects feature some big names working behind-the-scenes (ex. Ridley Scott on Monopoly, Gore Verbinski on Clue) so they’re bound to continue moving forward… despite complaints from both casual moviegoers and respectable filmmakers that most of these Hasbro game/toy adaptations reflect Hollywood’s heavily-criticized preference for marketability over originality. Make of that what you will.

We will continue to keep you posted on the status of Transformers 4, Ouija, and all of the aforementioned Hasbro-related projects, as more information is released.

Source: Brian Goldner (via THR)

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  1. Hasbro Cinematic Universe?!

    Transformers 4 was inevitable.

    • yes oh my god
      tf4 in last stand

  2. A fourth film! Yes … yes. This is a great opportunity.

  3. This franchise is hungry for greatness.

  4. “the Taylor Lautner-starring Stretch Armstrong” Isn’t that one of the impending signs of the Apocalypse?

  5. Transformers 4!!! YES please!

  6. All this from hasbro…and yet…no forthcoming movies about thundercats, he-man, or even TURBO-TEEN!!?!

  7. MAybe TF4 will be as good as TF1. the 2nd and 3rd one were pretty bad though. Very random and nonsensical. 1 felt more cohesive and felt like all the characters’ were contributing (well except Megan Fox lol)

    • How do you make a movie about toy robots who fight and shoot each other good???? alot of drama or something.

  8. Just cal it Transformers Trilogy 2 that way they can stick it in a diffrent universe/ time line.

    ouija board movie though? Really? That has controversy written all over it. What happens if a movie theater burns to the ground while it’s playing… yikes.

  9. The thing that I hated most about Bay’s Transformers is that he made death irrelevant. It holds no weight. If you die you can come right back.

    I guess I would most likely see a Unicron/Galvatron Story. Though no matter how good of film it was Megatron returning is kinds played out.

    Is there even a point for autobots to transform since everybody knows that they exist? They need to pull a memory wipe thing on the entire human race or a reboot or the whole thing was a giant what if Micheal Bay directed Transformers dream ahahaha.

    • Like I said call it something like Transformers: Trilogy 2 or Transformers Universe 2. Then just throw the whole thing into a diffrent time line or universe…. That or do a war for cyber tron prequel.

      • Yeah that would be a really amazing movie seems as there already making games about the war and fall of cybertron

    • yeah i can see that happenin

  10. I’d like to see humans and transformers merge, like the headmasters but with humans and not nebulons.

    Bring in some targetmasters too, maybe METROPLEX or FORTRESS MAXIMUS and of course Dinobots!


  11. Micronauts!!! that would be awesome with J.J. at the helm…

  12. also… Dinobots and some of the second gen insectacons would be nice…

  13. Yeah I want TRANSFORMERS 4!!!Loved Transformers: Dark of the Moon in IMAX3D [Best 3D in my opinion] and I want Michael Bay back I know most of you don’t like him I want him because he already done a trilogy so he better experience no one else experienced in giant robot action who else is better than him?!

    • @IronMan He can organize the action scenes and things thay go “boom”. But as far as the directing, lets leave that to an actual director.

      • Hey buddy, it’s called a movie based off toys……not a drama movie.

        • Toy Stor was movie based off toys and it had a well crafted plot, characters and a little bit of drama. So what is your point, buddy?

          • Toy Story was ABOUT toys, not based upon toys like Transformers. Besides, are you really gonna compare Pixar to Bay? I mean, really?

            Bay is a good action director,and that’s what he makes, action films.

            • ghost

              Calm your panties piper. It twas a joke. Is Toy Story trilogy over all more fufilling than the Transformers trilogy. I would say, yes.

              The first Transformers was great because it knew what it was. It was a comin of age filn with action and comedy. But the sequels suffered from idenity crisis. Action, comedy, drama and potty humor all thrown in without a care or particular focus, coupled by glaring plot holes.

              Only thing I’ll ever give Bay is good action scenes and a** shots. The films as a whole aren’t that great. And there are great actions films to measure them up against.

              • @”Is Toy Story trilogy over all more fufilling than the Transformers trilogy. I would say, yes”

                Again, you’re really gonna compare Bay to Pixar? Bay doesn’t even make movies in the same genre as Pixar. That’s like comparing Black Swan to Godzilla.

                Toilet humor? Yes. Plot holes? Yes. Lack of character development (even though I found TF3 to have lots of development (yes, you heard me right))? True. But has Bay been known to have any of those in his movies other than The Rock? No.

                • Crap! Should have read: Has Bay had anything else in his movies other than those listed? No.

                  • Well played. There were some plot holes and plenty potty jokes in Armaggedeon but I liked that movie overall.

                • Action movies better than Transformers? Cant really understand your post. Die Hard and Black Hawk Down. And the list goes on. For days.

          • Why wasn’t a Transformer involved in the Toy Story movies? Woody riding on the back of Prime, Buzz walking around with a Soundwave boombox, Mrs. Potato Head held hostage by the villain holding Megatron in handgun form…wait, a crossover 4th movie leading into a 2nd double crossover trilogy combining Toy Story and Transformers would be epic. Or absolutely horrible.

            • @ B list Pornostar Extra

              First, off let me pay a lil homage and say I am a fan of your name. So much so, I lied and told these aspiring actress chicks that my friend/wingman was one at the bar bout 2 weeks ago. They never thought it was a joke. So we ran with it. And im currently “about to launch this first ever DC based porn studio where the actors hold the power instead of greedt exectutives.”

              I digress. I always wanted to see He-Man or one of the Power Rangers on Toy Story. Broke my heart each film. lol.

              • That is awesome and just adds to my theory that I can get anybody laid, even somebody I don’t know.

      • He is good at what he does! I know he is weak at plot,drama,dialog etc but his action scenes are insane!

  14. Transformers 4 bring on the dinobots :)

  15. I could see them saying Sam had kids and start rresh with a new trilogy. After all it’s not like Shia had a huge role (if at all) to the films’ success. He’s replaceable.

    • Hey buddy, Sam is the reason for Bumblebee’s importance.

  16. Didn’t he say he wouldn’t do another after the third? Not that we haven’t heard a phrase like that before but still..

  17. Whatever. Maybe they should try for something ORIGINAL instead of digging through old toyboxes to find movie Ideas. Come on, “Real Steel” was obviously Rockem’ Sockem’ Robots…Why not try something actually good for once.

  18. Transformers 4- Bring on UNICRON, GALVATRON, the INSECTICONS,DINOBOTS,
    The SWEEPS, ETC. BRING IT ON!!!!!!

  19. movies based on board games? can’t wait for “chess 3d” and “jacks and balls”. i think we can remake flubber and call it silly putty.

    stretch armstrong is already a flop.

  20. Is Shia interested in coming back? I have none where this is concerned. Loved one, tolerated two, walked out on three. What’s left? Oh, yeah, doing something else that opening weekend.

  21. I know this is really random…but imagine how amazing it could be if James Cameron did a Transformers movie? Just my opinion

  22. It’s rumored Transformers 4 and 5 will shoot back to back. Sounds awesome, but the part about Jason Statham possibly starring is what makes it fishy. It just seems like too much of a coincidence that he’s dating the new eye candy, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley,

  23. I liked T1 & T3. T2 was the only flopper for me. I would be interested in coming back for T4 ESPECIALLY if there’s more Cybertron scenes. That’s the only thing that’s really been missing from this franchise so far, and they certainly have the special effects to pull it off now.