‘Transformers 4′: Peter Cullen Returning as Optimus Prime; Michael Bay Talks Next Chapter

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Michael Bay Transformers 4 Transformers 4: Peter Cullen Returning as Optimus Prime; Michael Bay Talks Next Chapter

Many wondered if it was in fact a coincidence that Michael Bay began production for the film Pain and Gain - a title that has been very difficult for him to get produced and financed - around the same time that his name was locked in to direct Transformers 4

Sure, the first three installments of Transformers went on to earn more than $2.7 billion worldwide, which naturally dictates the studio keep the money train going. However, when a director says he is done with a franchise so that he can pursue other things – and then that changes tune when his passion project beings production – it’s a very interesting series of events, indeed. Now that he is officially helming the project, Bay has confirmed several key details on the upcoming film that should make Transformers fans happy.

Despite the uncertainty of some cast members returning when news first hit about TF4, Peter Cullen will definitely be reprising his role as the voice of Optimus Prime. We also now know that the film will not be a total reboot, and will not jump ahead years from where the plot ended in the last one. Rather, it will be starting where the 3rd film left off on the Chicago streets, and will be taking things forward from there.

Transformers 4 will also introduce us to a new cast – on both the human and robot front, could possibly head off-planet, and (we’ve been told) will be ‘more serious.‘ Previously described as the opening chapter of a brand new trilogy, concrete details on the film are still scant at the moment.

Michael Bay Directing Transformers 4 Transformers 4: Peter Cullen Returning as Optimus Prime; Michael Bay Talks Next Chapter

When Bay was asked why he is doing Transformers 4 by HuffPo (when everyone thought he was finished) he responded:

I thought I was done. Then the ride came out [at Universal Studios Hollywood] and the two-and-a-half-hour lines. And then you’re thinking, Oh my God, someone’s going to take this over. And you start doing a lot of soul-searching. Like, OK, I’m about to do a little movie, “Pain & Gain” … and the studio says they want to restart the franchise. And someone could come in here and screw it up, you know? So I’m thinking that if I do this last one, we set it on a new footing, we change a lot of things — but we keep the history of the three in place. But we broaden it so it can be set up and be carried on — it would have a better chance for survival, I guess. You know?”

“So it was just one of those things. It’s like, when you look what’s going on in the film business with the franchise frenzy right now, why is Cameron doing two more “Avatar” movies? Why is Peter Jackson doing three more “Hobbit” movies that are in the same world as “Lord of the Rings”? When you have a franchise, it’s very hard to give it up.”

The movie he’s been fervently trying to make, Pain and Gain, is set to release in April 2013 and is about two bodybuilders (played by Mark Wahlberg and Dwayne Johnson), who get wrapped up in a kidnapping scheme. After all these blockbusters, it will be interesting to see Bay tackle a project that he describes as, “a dark comedy” and “a ‘Pulp Fiction’-type of movie.”

When Bay states that this fourth installment, “is probably the last one, we apparently must take that with a grain of salt. What do you think about Bay directing Transformers 4 and all the film updates we just revealed? Let us know in the comments section below.

Source: Huffington Post 


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  1. You all keep buying the tickets… so dont complain.

    • +1

    • agreed

    • So True

    • You just blew my mind :o

      • Well, to be fair, you kind of need the ticket to form an opinion to begin with, so…

        If you said dvd/bd’s instead of tickets i would agree.

        • … you just blew my mind even more :o

  2. I think Transformers 4 could be great if they’d finally manage to drop all that sophomoric humor that made the first hour of Transformers 3 and most of Transformers 2 so unbearable. Play it straight and you finally have a good movie on your hands.

    • Expect for both Michael Bay & Ehren Kruger being in the way again! Kruger can’t write a story & Bay directs a movie like a terrorist attack!

      • It’s a Transformers movie. Giant robots beating each other up. It doesn’t need a great story, and “direction like a terrorist attack” is just what it needs. It just has to be devoid of scenes and dialogue that make me cringe. ;)

        • So basically some guys in a CGI studio could do robots fighting with no dialog in about half an hour, and they could not pay Bay for the other hour and a half of filler. That’s not a movie in the traditional sense, but they could show it before some other movie like they did in the old days.

          • I’m with TheLostWinchester. I’d like to see, at the very most, Bay directing only the action sequences, and bring in a second unit director working from a script written by a new writer who inspires confidence for the rest, lol.

        • Not for me. It’s too much for me.

  3. My question is if he does something different, like change the tone of the franchise, will it make more or less money? It almost has to make as much or more for there to be a fifth one, so is Michael Bay locked into the way he does these things? Riff on the tune but essentially keep it the same…

  4. More of Bay’s pathetic lies. He pretended not to want to do it, so the studios would beg him and toss more money at him to do it. It worked. I’ve seen all three of his so-called “transformers” movies, and as a life-long transformers fan, they were pathetic, even by normal movie standards. Aside from special effects, the movies were disasters. And NO, I’ve never “paid” to see or own one of his movies….any of them….and I never will. He continues to lie about content and theme in each of his upcoming installments, to trick you back into the theatre, and then hit you with the same crap. Nice try, rich guy.

    • Let’s just be thankful that pointless parodies by people with no talent never tarnish the originals.

  5. Prepare to have your eyes raped

    • They’re still recovering from last time!

  6. Please, just make the Autobots and Decepticons behave like they’re supposed to… and don’t butcher one or two or most of their members freely or as you like. I still feel the ‘pain’ seeing my favorite Autobots killed on-screen when they actually have potential to go on to the next movies… T_T

  7. Kids love the humor, HASBRO loves the cash, funny = kids = toys = cash The equation is simple.

  8. im glad to see he is direction T4, though i would like to see him direct something else, oh well, i guess pain and gain will have to do untill he is DONE done with transformers. and as far as T4 be more “serious” they said that about the second before it came out. it was supposed to be very dark. then they said the same about T3. so i dont believe the 4th will be any more or less serious. i just hope the humor is a little more mature.

  9. I’m I the only one that laughed my head off when I read “more serious”. Plus to add to that insult he goes off to compare himself and the transformers franchise to Cameron and Jackson themselves. What an ignorant total douche he is.

  10. Wow he does think like an a-hole.
    “someone new may take over and change this franchise-NEVER!!!

  11. ok… so Michael’s being an A-hole again. Virtually insulting the fans and believing the Transformers series is great because of him when infact he’s just milking it till it dies.

    I hate you Michael bay

  12. I enjoyed all of the transformer movies because of the action but I think he could of went a different direction with the story. Generally the story of of his Transformer movies were good its just the the way he told the story that was bad. Also the way the characters were developed/implemented on screen could of been a lot better. I think that the main problem was that he focused on the humans rather than the transformers. I think that if he would have Centralized the main story around Bumblebee instead of that Kid then fans would’ve enjoyed it more.

    • Precisely!

  13. When bay says new robots i hope he means ultra magnus,hot rod,cliffjumper etc.not some made up bots like Q or damn dino lol.bring in galvatron!!

  14. The first Transformers was a decent coming of age story with some awesome effects and the second and third one were, what was the plot of those again?

  15. As far as new Bots they want to add. They should go with UNICRON, Galvatron, Scourage, Cyclonus, The Sweeps, Hot Rod, The Dinobots, Ultra Magnus, the Insecticons, Aerialbots, Elita One, The Quintessons, Etc.

  16. If they start where 3left off they should say unicron was activated while the pillars were launching into space to bring cybertron to earth.have unicron turn megatron into galvatron and galvatron revives soundwave and starscream.galvatron goes to a deserted cybertron and finds dirge,skywarp,astrotrain,blitzwing.unicron supplies galvatron with new armory and henchmen.not cyclonus and the rest of his gang yet.introduce them into tf5.have unicron play a role in part 4 like thanos in the avengers.tf5unleash unicron.

  17. I just want the movie already! Since megatron basicall got decapitated and face-axed i dont think he should come back…again. Definately bring in unicron or the quintessons or something grander in the mythos rather than three more autobot vs decepticon movies

  18. Transformers 3 nearly made me eat my own face off. If they make Transformers 4 I don’t know what I will do. Why do people keep giving this douche money.

  19. This movie will be better then any others I have EVER DONE… It will be different too.

    In this movie I plan on making a bigger BOOM but a smaller KA-POW!!! Linkin Park song will be played during the credits, hot chick for eye candy. BOOM!!! My job here is done…

    • yah right and im the real optimus

  20. “the studio says they want to restart the franchise. And someone could come in here and screw it up, you know?”

    hmm kind of like what you did with the characters and their lore right mr.bay ?

  21. Transformers 3 was my favorite in the franchise in my opinion it improved a lot on the mistakes of transformers 2, I like how they’re saying they’re gong to make it more serious I think that’s what the franchise needs and I look forward to seeing different characters from the human race I hope to like them more than Shia labour.

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  23. Did he really compare himself to camron and Peter Jackson? At least point out Justin lin of the Fast and Furious franchise. Someone on his level

  24. I think now is the perfect time to have the focuse more on the robots and less on the humans. 1 2 and 3 was from the human prospective now make 4 5 and 6 from the robot prospective.

  25. I would have had Bay do Bad Boys 3 instead, but if he’s going to do this, then bring on the Dinobots! Oh, and Galvatron, Ultra Magnus and Unicron wouldn’t hurt either.

    • Unicron will never happen as Bay has mentioned many times before. And do you really think it would work in live action movie. The character would be more of a let down than in the G1 movie.

    • Yeah right… Will Smith with a cane and Martin Lawrence with a walker.. Too old.. T4 could be epic!

      • I’m pretty sure Will Smith still has what it takes. He’s in pretty good shape and was still somewhat physical in MIB3. If Tom Cruise can do MI4 and Bruce Willis can keep doing Die Hard, then Will Smith can easily do BB3.

  26. I actualy am glad to see him come back. Not every movie has to have Oscar worthy writing or directing. N I don’t think Bay is really looking for that. Also, so what if the movies are different than the original Transformers lore. They are a different universe per se. Why would he just rehash the original cartoons. Hes making it his own.

  27. TF 4 starts production this December which hints at the rumour of 4 and 5 being shot back to back with Bay helm of 5 as well which will make him finish it off with 6 from studio pressure and persuasion$$$$$. All 3 of the TF movies started production around May the year before there June release. As TF4 has a smaller budget than TF 2&3 its quite possible 4&5 will be back to back.

  28. Somebody would come and screw it over ! he said ?
    Wow..talking about your self,really ! Please let finally go of it,we want somebody new directing it who actually knows how to make it good !

  29. Bay – ” I thougt, hey? why not come in and score 1 more big cashgrab on my part before some new director could come in and breath new life into a franchise I helped become a shodow of it’s former greatness?