‘Transformers 4′ Images: Michael Bay Reveals Redesigned Bumblebee & Hound

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transformers dark of the moon Transformers 4 Images: Michael Bay Reveals Redesigned Bumblebee & Hound

Director Michael Bay’s Transformers 4 continues to take shape. While the plot is still under wraps, we do know that the next installment is meant to take the franchise in a new direction, featuring some fairly radical departures from the first three films.

Now, new photos of Bumblee and a newcomer to the Autobots (both in vehicle form) seem to confirm Michael Bay’s assertion that the new movie will deal with “the same lineage but [then go] in a full, new, different direction.”

As far as anyone call tell, Sam Witwicky (Shia LaBeouf) is not returning in this new film… however, his old buddy Bumblebee is. Michael Bay’s website provided this look of the fan-favorite Autobot “as a highly modified, vintage 1967 Camaro SS.” 

Check him out below:

New Look of Bumblebee Transformers 4 Images: Michael Bay Reveals Redesigned Bumblebee & Hound

Bay’s site has also given us a look at a newcomer to the Autobots: “The always rugged and reliable Hound, one of the Family of Medium Tactical Vehicles from Oshkosh Defense.” 

Here he is:

New Look of Hound Transformers 4 Images: Michael Bay Reveals Redesigned Bumblebee & Hound

And who is Hound? According to the Generation 1 definition from Transformers Wiki:

“Hound wishes he were human. The dark, barren metalscapes of Cybertron no longer interest him. Now that Hound has been shipwrecked on Earth, he considers this planet his home. He sees humankind as beautiful and wishes he could interact with their ecosphere the same way they do, to feel what they feel and to see what they see.”

So it’s safe to say he’ll be a good guy. Despite Bay’s past statements that Transformers 4 will not exactly be a reboot, past (unconfirmed) reports that the plot may somehow involve scientists’ newly discovered method of reverse engineering the Transformers. What could this mean for a Transformer who longs to be human?

There’s no way of knowing how much of these supposed storylines have made it into the final script – if any – but it may be another hint at the film’s sci-fi trajectory.

While the plot details remain a mystery, new set photos have appeared that give us a look at a whole gang of Autobots in disguise and on the prowl.


Not much to go on, seeing as how it’s most likely one of those shoots of the Autobots in disguise heading somewhere for some reason yet to be determined. Production is certainly in full-swing, though, so keep an eye out for more casting news, story details and images as they become available.


Transformers 4 will open in theaters on June 27th, 2014

Sources: Michael Bay.com & Daily Mail

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  1. Man, that Bumblebee looks nice.

  2. Bay always goes full CGI, you never go full CGI man!

    • LMAO

    • Hahaha, Tropic Thunder ref

  3. Bumblebee is on Point! :)

  4. He movies areawesome. Bigfan of the Transformers

    • yeah, you’re grammar proves it…

      • ItCameFromPlanetEarth …

        your* not “you’re”

        My God.

        • i know that mine sucks, English is like my third language so it is understandable, i guess… i learned it most from watching TV…

          • Then don’t call out peoples bad grammar when yours sucks as well. Spelling do count you know.

            • Robotics

              does count* not “do count”

              My God.

              • Are you guys doing are skit or are your for real? 😀

                • *a skit! Arrrrrrgh!! lol

                  • @The Lost Winchester

                    Buddy, you kind of missed “are your guys for real”


                    • Indeed. Something must be in the water today. 😀

                  • Best skit ever

              • @hhh

                Since you went there, allow me to go there.

                He could have said “They do count spelling as part of proper grammar.”

                So, he omitted a couple of words, which would have made it a proper sentence.

            • i know, i am just looking to rip on him because he likes Michael bay, Michael Bay can choke on cock in hell..

              • Exorcist reference…..I like it!!! haha :)

          • Seriously? English is your third language and you think you are an expert on correcting other peoples grammar?

            • OF COURSE
              (bane voice)

              • Bane’s voice.

                • no,( bane voice)

                  • Are you refering to Bane as in Dark Knight Rises.

                    When he said “Of Course.”

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                    • No, you spelled it right.

                      You just do not know the meaning of Bane, there is no Bane of Speaking.

                      As Bane to mean harm, ruin or death. It can be used to be highly annoying as in “His poor attitude if the bane of his existence.”

                    • –___– lol please stop. I can’t stop laughing here.

                      …and if you have problem spelling just use Google or something. There’s plenty of that to go around. lmoao

                    • lol!! ok ok i’m flying away 😀

            • Jeff W

              *Other people’s grammar*, not “other peoples grammar.”

              My God.

  5. I feel Hound is going to step into Ironhide’s shoes…i know it is still early but where is Ratchet? he didn’t die from TF3

  6. So need Wheeljack he is my fav and is the science officer cabt believe we haven’t seen him yet and why have sideswipe but yet not have his brother sunstreaker in it

    • Prowl and Wheeljack and Jazz are my favorites not including Optimus Prime. It is a shame he could not just make Hound a Hummer since Jeeps are not used no more in the military.

    • They crapped Wheeljack over he was the “Einstein” Transformer in the third movie. Tragic!

  7. Hound was a cool army jeep and now he is whatever that is? Not cool.

    • It was stated in the first movie.

      Certain Autobots would have been extremely small due to their size in the cartoon.

      • Bumblebee was supposed to be small. Besides, you can use artistic license or fantasy Mcuffin technology to have larger robots.

      • Jazz was never as small in the cartoon as he was in the movie!

  8. And still cant believe they got rid of the Peterbilt Truck. Optimus would vomit on himself in that new form.

    • I agree, the peterbuilt truck was so much better than this new design they are going with.

  9. I wish they would have brought back the flat faced Optimus truck, but there’s not much else from the spirit of the G1 series in these movies, so I guess that was hoping too much.

    • +1,000,000

  10. Bumblebee’s grill looks like it would be a perfect container for a giant hot dog.

  11. Just because Bay has a special contract to which he can use military vehicles, why can’t Hound be like a military Hummer or something more resembling his original G1 form? Instead, he looks like Bulkhead from the newer cartoons. Also, why would Bumblebee revert to an older model rather than next years Camaro? Isn’t that how Bay gets a new car for himself? As for size comparison, if they where to make Hound be say.. a Jeep Rubecon or something modern yes he would be a bit smaller then the other bots, but so was Jazz. Whom I wish they’d bring back. If Ratchet can re attach Bumblebee’s legs back on in the first film why could he not put the two halves of Jazz back together? That’s always bothered me.

    • I could not agree more on the Camaro comment you posted, why after the first movie going from old->new->same>old? wtf.

    • Maybe Jazz’s spark diminished in the process….then again prime did pick up the remaining shard which could help but no it is locked up in a military hands

  12. Those wheel lips would look great on my Camaro…now if I could only figure out exactly what they’re called..

  13. Bumblebee was the unspoken JOKE of the old Transformer’s cartoon series. How the h— did he deserve to get to be main character everyone is always talking about?

    Well, so far, three Bay lies. Most of the action taking place on another world. Lie. Completely new cast. Lie. Concentrating on robots and not humans. Lie.

    Keep ’em coming Bay. I haven’t PAID to watch one of your craptastic non-efforts yet, and it looks like I still won’t be. That, you can be sure, is NOT a lie.

    • you don’t think there is a new cast?!?!
      unless you think Mark Wahlgberg, Nicola Peltz, Jack Reynor, Kelsey Grammer, Stanley Tucci, and T.J. Miller were in the first 3 movies….I certainly didn’t see them.

  14. And in the name of the matrix of leadership, Mr. Bay will you PLEASE have Bumblebee NOT speak through the radio this time. It’s gotten old. And in the first film Ratchet said he was still repairing him. So I think it’s been long enough for Ratchet to finish. Don’t ya think!?

    • Yeah…agreed!

  15. Best thing about the transformer movies were the soundtrack..

  16. I think the new bumblebee is dang awesome just dope but I wish they kept shia in this one because it just messed it all up the movie will be great I just don’t like the new characters and stuff .