Unofficial ‘Transformers 4′ Plot Synopsis Is Not Accurate [Updated]

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transformers 4 plot details Unofficial Transformers 4 Plot Synopsis Is Not Accurate [Updated]

[UPDATE: It turns out this synopsis is not accurate. More below.]

Michael Bay is directing the fourth Transformers live-action installment, but with a redesigned narrative focus, a complete overhaul of the human cast and new robot characters (gotta keep Hasbro’s toy sales up), this is otherwise as close to a franchise reboot as they come.

Bay has revealed that Transformers 4 screenwriter Ehren Kruger (Transformers: Dark of the Moon) is picking things up four years after the third movie, but won’t ignore the story developments in previous installments. As the director puts it, the plan is to moved forward with “the same lineage but [then go] in a full, new, different direction.” We now have a better idea of what, exactly, that new approach looks to entail.

Transformers 4 is going to be the third installment to partially shoot in the state of Michigan (after the first Transformers and Dark of the Moon), according to a new report from the Michigan Film Office. The blockbuster production secured a $20 million incentive to film there, based on the expectation that it should employ over 350 Michigan workers and accumulate $81 million worth of in-state expenditures.

Transformers 4 Set 4 Years Later Unofficial Transformers 4 Plot Synopsis Is Not Accurate [Updated]

UPDATE: We’ve been informed the synopsis is not accurate and have removed it at the request of Paramount Pictures. It has also been removed from the source Michigan Film Office website.

This is the first plot information we’ve received that covers something other than Mark Wahlberg – who is serving as the human protagonist – and a subplot which involves his teen daughter in the movie having a car racer boyfriend (played by Jack Raynor). In fact, prior to now, that daddy-daughter storyline sounded like it was going to be the central focus of TF4, to many a fan’s chagrin.

Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci’s first Transformers script took a similar approach, where the Autobots and Decepticons serve as both literal and figurative devises for the young human leads (then played by Shia LaBeouf and Megan Fox) coming of age. That angle was reused in Revenge of the Fallen (which was also written by Kurtzman and Orci), but was pushed aside in part due to the WGA strike of 2008 messing up script development. Kruger thereafter attempted to re-focus on the human story in Dark of the Moon, but by then it was a lost cause.

Transformers 4 Mark Wahlberg Optimus Unofficial Transformers 4 Plot Synopsis Is Not Accurate [Updated]

Point being, it’s encouraging to hear that Bay and Kruger are taking the franchise deeper into science-fiction territory – with TF4 (finally) addressing the idea that humanity might want to examine the incredible technological implications of the Transformers – and not just using giant robots smashing the heck out of each other, as a backdrop for watching young people mature and grow up (though, as mentioned before, there’s still going to be some of that).

Could Transformers 4 prove to be a more serious installment, with a greater emphasis on sci-fi themes – resulting in a blockbuster closer to, say, a more pure reboot like Rise of the Planet of the Apes? Obviously, this is still a Michael Bay movie, so that comparison may be grasping at straws. But, hey, by now if you are still onboard the Transformers wagon, then any sign of progress is welcome.

What do YOU think about how Transformers 4 is shaping up? Let us known in the comments section.


Transformers 4 (not the official title) opens on June 27th, 2014.


Source: Michigan Film Office

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  1. Unicron!

    • that’s what i was thinking

    • Sounds like Unicron to me!!!

    • I am so done with transformers

    • If it is Unicron he won’t be a planet eating planet, he would be a new incarnation of the character. But Bay has stated multiple times that he would never use the character because he is to big and that a final battle would only last a few minutes because of how much the cgi would cost. More likely Scourge or Cyclonus.

  2. Transformers 1 was good but the rest wererubbish- the music’s good and there is SOME storyline but I hate the humans as there poor charcters.

    • Please learn the difference between there, their, and they’re. It would have made your comment much easier to understand.

      • Agreed!

      • Is it really that big of a deal to harp on grammer? I can perfectly understand his comment.

  3. a group of powerful, ingenious businessman and scientists attempt to learn from past Transformer incursions and push the boundaries of technology beyond what they can control (Dinobots) – while an ancient, powerful Transformer menace sets Earth in his crosshairs (Unicron).

    Any takers?

    • I really want to see Unicron on the big screen. That would be epic, as long as they don’t do the scene from the cartoon movie where Rodimus Prime takes him out. So cheeeeesy. As for the Dinobots, I’m pretty sure Bay or someone involved with the movies said they would not use the Dinobots on film. I could be rememebering wrong though.

      • I remember the viral marketing videos from Transformers 1 had a short clip showing the T-Rex dinobot, which got me all excited. Unfortunately, it never resulted in anything in the movies.

    • Would be cool to have the dinobots in this one.

  4. NO! Transformers 4 will be the same old thing as the first three films. No Sci-fi, No Story, just more BOOM! I loath Michael Bay to the core!

    • Totally with you. Bay is Bay. We know exactly what we’re getting, and that infuriates me. He’s going to focus far too heavily on the humans and in doing so rewrite the Transformers’ history. It’s going to suck (for these reasons). I’m counting the days until someone more sympathetic to canon takes the helm.

    • Im seeying more as a way of bringing Megatron back from the dead. They experiment on his remains and somehow ge regain conciousness/functionality.. Albeit in a new and fifferent body (Galvatron?) lets face it the transformers have some pretty out there tech, this could go so many directions. But it does seem to point to the typical “humans playing with forces they can’t possibly hope to master, control or even fully understand”. But they’ll try anyways naturally and say they got it undercontrol until all hell breaks loose.. Bay style lol

  5. *Sigh* That premise sounds uncannily similar to TF2 and TF3. How’s that a “a full, new, different direction”?

    • Seriously, based on that synopsis, this will just be a rehash of the last two movies! …only with Mark Wahlberg

      • The synopsis doesn’t mean anything for the actual direction of the movie, which hopefully is all about the tone. Just compare Armageddon and Deep Impact. Both movies share incredibly simlar plot points (Mankind faces extinction by a comet/astroid and launches a last ditch effort to prevent the cataclysm while those left behind on Earth try to cope with the impending doom), while the actual movies couldn’t be any more different if they tried.

        • Bay is Bay. This is his fourth time at bat. We know the exact tupe of crap that’s coming our way with TF4.

        • @TheLostWinchester
          I get what you’re saying but i have to agree with The Avenger, this seems like its just just gonna be a rehash of this of the previous films and knowing Bay thats most likely what we’re gonna get

          • Just more focus of hot girl as main protagonist. Works for me.

  6. The movie will probably take place in Detriot, saving the movie company the cost of making a city look ravaged and abandoned.

    • Ha. Thanks for that. Been a slow day at the office.

  7. I would like to see the “combiners” and fortress maximus

  8. I was thinking Headmasters and Targetmasters as the “technology beyond what they can control.” With all the deceased bots lying around, that’s not too much of a stretch. Still, the Dinobots would be pretty cool.

    • Please, God, no Headmasters or Targetmasters, or anthing “-masters”.

      I don’t think Bay has a clue about what resonates with fans. For that reason, I don’t think he has enough insight to bring in the Dinobots.

  9. Would love to see Unicron and Galvatron as his herald. I am a huge Transformers fan and so I will be excited for this even if it winds up being a let down when I do see it. “Freedom is the right of all sentient beings” after all haha.

    • I could see humans messing with the remains of megatron whom his consciousness is successfully “reawakened” albeit in disembodied form inside human computers, it goes quazi Skynet, then manages to beam itself to the incoming Omicron, whom creates a body for it (Galvatron) to be his herald for earth.

      • Sigh Unicron.. Not Omicron… I need coffee, that and stop watching futurama on netflix.

  10. Michael Bay is a muppet!

  11. Wow! What a great plotline for TF4! :-D. Now leave TMNT alone!

  12. Michael Bay returns and brings with him Marky Mark….. Primus save us.

    Mr Bay if you have any respect to the source material let someone else direct and take a crack, be a produce I don’t care but step away from the view finder with your hands above your head.

    “Morbius, look it’s Unicron”, Nah it’s that other force of destruction, Michael Bay. “The ships, get to the ships it’s our only chance…..”

  13. Id love to see the Stunticons,Aerialbots, Dinobots,Combaticons, Unicron, Ultra-Magnus, Rodimus,Cliffjumper & many more onscreen.

  14. I want disney to buy hasbro and reboot this.

  15. I know Bay is the director of 4 but exactly how involved will he be with the rest of the trilogy?

    • He said this will be the last transformers film he will direct. He said it with the third one as well. What will likely happen is that he felt reluctant to leave after the 4th film and then will want to finish what he started.

  16. Why won’t Michael Bay just do an origin story on Devastator’s balls?

    • Or megan Fox’s plastic surgeries?

  17. Bay promised a new direction with Transformers 3. Did we get that? No, it was the same crap we got in Transformers 2. What reason do we have to believe this time will be any different?

    T3 was Bay’s last chance for me and he failed, because he didn’t learn from his mistakes. The only way I’m gonna see Transformers 4 is if it gets a really good audience and critical response, then I’ll borrow it from a friend, or wait to watch it on Netflix or something. No way I’m giving this franchise my money like the last 2 Transformers movies again.

  18. this movie will suck

  19. I’ll watch i even if the critics hate it like they always do with TF, ill form my own opinion. I just want giant robots and crazy GCI. If i wanted a brainy flick with plot and development I’d watch inception again

  20. It sounds like the other Transformers movies, only with a worse lead actor in Wahlberg. I’m not sure I like any of this. Bay better not screw up the Ninja Turtles!

    • Sorry to disappoint but he’s already doing that

    • I wouldn’t take any bets on that one, I fear TMNT is as doomed as our friends from Cybertron.

  21. I don’t like judging movies before they’re out, but I absolutely refuse to go see this in the cinema. Was dragged there for TF2 and TF3 and both times I severely regretted it. TF4 may turn out better yet (although I doubt it) but Bay’s gonna have to build a lot of trust and earn a lotta goodwill before I pay to see another flick of his.

    • Same here, I’m definitely gonna save as much money as possible whenever I end up watching TF4.

  22. Am guessing the ancient evil will probably be Galvatron or Unicron.

  23. I’m sure that this will be a highly original, breathtaking, emotionally captivating testament to the power of cinema…Just like Dirk Diggler’s other movies.

  24. UNICRON!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. I’m not really a Wahlberg fan, and not really excited about new robots (I like the old ones), but it sounds like the franchise may be primed to improve…hopefully.

  26. Stop complaining, no one said you had to go see it.

  27. If they cut out the crude humor and bring in the 80′s childhood that everyone wants to see then they can take me money.

  28. I guess I’m not ever gonna get to see the dinobots, boo

  29. As much as I love the Transformers franchise (Yeah I said it lol) this doesn’t seem to be a turn in the right direction. Let alone a turn in any direction. It seems to be a straight up sequel. More sci fi aspects? The 3rd movie was a lot to digest. The fans obviously want a pure CGI film because none of them want to see a human protagonist. Especially if its Wahlberg, who IMO can be a very good actor. But where is the change? In ratio terms, Id have to say it was equally split 50/50 in the 3rd film. Are we now going to be 60/40 robots/humans? 75/25? If its going to stay the same, then yeah sure, pay someone as expensive as Marky Mark to play the role of human lead. If its less screentime, just get an unknown. I don’t see the reason of it. Unless its short cameo performances like Malkovich or Turturro, it’s a waste of money. And a waste of talent. And most importantly, a sign of no change.