Will Michael Bay Return For Transformers 4?

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Transformers 4 Michael Bay Will Michael Bay Return For Transformers 4?

Transformers: Dark of the Moon released last week to astonishing box office results, but again and as per franchise tradition, also to a lot of negative critical reception. We at Screen Rant however, known for being vocal about our issues of the first Transformers and distaste of its sequel Revenge of the Fallen, had a blast with Transformers 3 and are eager for more.

Who else is eager for more? Not Shia LaBeouf and Michael Bay, who’ve openly stated that the trilogy-closing Dark of the Moon would be the last film in the series for both of them. But money talks, and there’s a lot of money saying a lot of things right about now. So, what will it take for Michael Bay to return for Transformers 4?

Like the first Transformers, there’s more than meets the eye when watching the action-packed spectacles, and many viewers need to see the film twice to take it all in. I needed to watch the first Transformers more than once on the big screen and so for Dark of the Moon, after joining a local screening, I was able to fly to Miami to watch it a (well-needed) second time in a private screening with Michael Bay.

With Miami being a “second home” to Bay, he made sure that Paramount held a special screening there for the film in addition to the big premieres and I was able to partake in the fun thanks to WOMWorld/Nokia. Although it wasn’t a press-focused premiere like the Moscow and New York Transformers 3 events, this more intimate night out did have a red carpet setup for Michael Bay, star Tyrese Gibson and the Red Bull Air Force base jumpers. Yes, those intensely brave people who jumped out of the Trump Towers in downtown Chicago to make that momentous action sequence in the film possible, were there and they arrived in style.

Jumping out of a low-altitude helicopter in the pouring rain, several members of of the Red Bull Air Force base-jumped with their wingsuits and landed in the intersection in front of the Regal South Beach Cinema where the movie was being screened and that was how our night began.

Before the film played, Michael Bay said a few words to the packed audience, reiterating what Miami means to him and his career and he touched on how this moment in time was “bittersweet” for him, in that he’s happy to have accomplished what he did with the third Transformers film and the six years of his life he’s dedicated to the series but he’s sad that it’s his last. Of course, this was met with “boos” from the crowd who want more (Trans4mers anyone?).

“This is bittersweet because this is probably the last one for me… [crowd boos] … Hey, hey, but, but, last night it opened in America and did somewhere like $50 million dollars. Now in movie speak, $50 million in one day, on a Wednesday, that’s freaking awesome so…”

“Probably,” “but” and “so” a firm denial do not make. Tomorrow, Transformers: Dark of the Moon will pass the half-billion dollar mark at the worldwide box office so yes, Transformers 4 is coming and it’ll be in 3D, and Paramount Pictures and Hasbro will sure want Michael Bay back in the director’s chair. And I think he’ll do it.

After Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, Bay planned on taking a break from the Cybertronian wars and tone it down to work on a little passion project of his, Pain & Gain. After meeting with Speilberg about Transformers 3 however, they moved on to that instead and they managed to bring each of the heavy CGI movies out two years apart.

Bay won’t let that happen again as he has a strong desire to get to work on Pain & Gain and perhaps begin work on Bad Boys 3.

Giving the Transformers franchise a little break after Dark of the Moon may be best for everyone. It’ll let the studio plan out how to launch another trilogy, it’ll give give fans a chance to calm their brains down, and it’ll give Bay some time to work on something different before returning – assuming that’s something he ends up being willing to do and if it’s something Paramount is willing to wait for.

Would you like to see Bay continue at the helm of Transformers film franchise?

Be sure to check out Screen Rant’s Transformers: Dark of the Moon review and join on on the spoilers discussion if you want to share your ideas for Transformers 4.

[Update: Producer Don Murphy explains that Transformers 4 will not be a reboot, will kick off second trilogy.]


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  1. To Ish AGAIN,

    I was sitting here thinking, I pretty much agree with what you said about Bay doing a great job with the franchise and how the writer’s strike put a BIG dent in the quality of ROTF. Fast forward 5 years from today. A new director has taken over the franchise, they have a whole new cast, and the movie comes out TODAY. Everybody sees it, and the movie SUCKS. The new actors they have are bad, the new plot is bad; the only thing consistent is the cgi quality, and that’s only because ILM and digital domain are still on board. The studios call Bay and Shia and BEG them BOTH to come back. Shia and Bay both laugh in their faces, as they have both moved on in their careers and are doing quite well thank you very much.

  2. I’d like Avatar or the Matrix director to do any new Transformers movies. They can continue because near the end, they said other transformers were hiding all over earth. What about those guys…there needs to be another movie.

  3. I think there should be a transformers 4 and more the films are amaizing and its just breath taking at times so a defent yes on my behalf

  4. there should be transformers 4

  5. They need to include Unicron in TF4! (if it is made, it should be made!!!)
    there better be unicron and minicons or sumthin, idk, but it needs to be classical!

  6. I hope there is a TRANSFORMERS 4!!!! But if there is he should slow down the story a bit so there is more of story, which transformers 1 and 2 had but 3 was a little cramped.

  7. there needs to be a transformers 4, i saw transformers 3 tonight and LOVED it! I’m a girl and even i LOVE the series! PLLLZZZZZ make more! my whole family loves it! :D bumblebee is the best though <3

  8. There’s Have 2 Be Ts4 !! Have to

  9. I love the movies and i have twin boys that are 3 and they love Transformers as much as i do. You need to make more take all the time necessary to make it the way it should be. Make a home base in the middle of a mountain like in the cartoon. I have so many ideas that could be used in the next movies. Don’t let the movies die. people There is much that people love about the series with the money it has taken in even with the bad economy. People will always go to movies (a cheap date), just keep it going with more and more bots. Could go with dinobots, combiners and defiantly more sound-wave. Thanks

  10. Everyone is going to die if you don’t make a TF4!!!

  11. there should be a tf4 the story musn’t stop like that and megatron musn’t die :S Megatron must return in the next film . there must be ideas for Tf4 how it is impossible to write Tf4 while you wrote Tf 1 and 2 and 3 ? and the story wasn’t in any cartoon it will be better to make a new story but don’t take ideas from cartoons so it will be better to make a stroy like TF 1 , 2 And 3 :) thank you please continue making TF film and shia and Micheal BAy musn’t leave Tf :)

  12. Everyone I know loves transformers, so please make TF4 , I watched it last nightand it is the best movies so far from all movies I’ve watched, and please include Shia, Michael bay and Rosie Huntington in it, also the sound track must be from linking park, it’s the best band…

  13. I’ll be waiting for Transformers 4….

    I have an idea for the title of the movie, transformers 4 : shattered memories

    • ………

      Oh god, Transformers is doomed.


      • Perhaps:

        Transformers: Return Of The Prime

        Transformers: Battle For Earth

        Transformers: War For Cybertron

        Obviously WFC above was a video game – perhaps an adaption?

  14. As many of you have said, I as well have high hopes of Bay to continue on Transformers. IF, Bay doesnt, its confirmed that Speilberg will, which is arises some questions. If Spielberg continues the trilogy, will the CGI be any different, will the autobots, decipticons look different, will the stories be different. Speilbergs a great director as well, so it may not be so bad if Speilberg works on it alone. As long as the story continues the first 3, and as long as it has the transformers feel to it. Autobots ROLL OUT!!!

  15. even if there is a transformers 4, what if steven spielburg completely screws things up, i want there to be a transformers 4 as much as you guys do, but i just dont think it will be the same withought shia and megan…

  16. I say that we let Michael go off and make Pain and Gain, Bad Boys 3 and after that see what happens after. If he feels pressured into making more Transformers films, then he may say get lost altogether.

    Shia I’m guessing won’t be back as he says or unless he changes his mind and Megan Fox has not stated as far a I know, if she would not return and I feel she should be given another chance if does want to come back?.

  17. The transformers 4 should be based on the cybertronan war before the 1st movie, including the “golden age” of the transformers and have auto bots like hound, prowl, wheel jack, mirage, and ratchet( like the g1)

  18. Bring Megan fox back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, plz

  19. It would be a great shame if the transformers movies dont continue, having been a transformers fan myself since the animation series of transformers arrived on the scene back in the 1980′s when I was in my young teens. Transformers was the best thing ever produced back then and even today, I havent seen anything that comes close to matching transformers that gets my adrenalin pumping. I am still have the same passion for transformers today with there new franchise of movies and the latest movie being dark of the moon. Transformers are just awesome.
    In my opinion, transformers could produce more movies than anything else ever in history, as your imagination can just run wild.
    The possibilities are endless really with producing more transformers movies and I think they should, as there are many more transformers fans worldwide like me who just cant get enough of transformers.
    Transformers 4 and beyond, Bring it on I say. I hope like so many other transformers fans, that the movies produced so far are only just the beginning.
    I mean, we havent seen Unicron, Galvatron, the Dinobots, Tripticon, the Stuntacons and the list just goes on and on.
    Cant wait to see the next installment of Transformers (TF4)

  20. i think there should be another transformers and more to come. only thing is i wish the producers would stick to more of the origanal characters and bring out the dinobots along with more combiners—like devastator. i have all the original episodes and all movies along with almost all gen 1 toys and some new ones still in the box. wether its Bay or someone else, they cant let transformers die out like this for the theaters. keep up the good work and keep it coming.

  21. There has to be a TF4. They should totaly have Galvatron, Cyclonus, and Scourge. Nemesis Prime and Unicron would be great too

  22. I think Transformers 4 should be made and I really would like to see the same people in the movie like Shia Lebeouf and Micheal bay.

  23. Wow,hope there is another movie ,the movies inspired me to get most of the games

  24. Oh bring thundercracker back as an autobot,he is awesome :)!!

  25. MORE MORE TRANFORMERS PLS :))))))))))))))))

  26. make more pls :)