Will Michael Bay Return For Transformers 4?

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Transformers 4 Michael Bay Will Michael Bay Return For Transformers 4?

Transformers: Dark of the Moon released last week to astonishing box office results, but again and as per franchise tradition, also to a lot of negative critical reception. We at Screen Rant however, known for being vocal about our issues of the first Transformers and distaste of its sequel Revenge of the Fallen, had a blast with Transformers 3 and are eager for more.

Who else is eager for more? Not Shia LaBeouf and Michael Bay, who’ve openly stated that the trilogy-closing Dark of the Moon would be the last film in the series for both of them. But money talks, and there’s a lot of money saying a lot of things right about now. So, what will it take for Michael Bay to return for Transformers 4?

Like the first Transformers, there’s more than meets the eye when watching the action-packed spectacles, and many viewers need to see the film twice to take it all in. I needed to watch the first Transformers more than once on the big screen and so for Dark of the Moon, after joining a local screening, I was able to fly to Miami to watch it a (well-needed) second time in a private screening with Michael Bay.

With Miami being a “second home” to Bay, he made sure that Paramount held a special screening there for the film in addition to the big premieres and I was able to partake in the fun thanks to WOMWorld/Nokia. Although it wasn’t a press-focused premiere like the Moscow and New York Transformers 3 events, this more intimate night out did have a red carpet setup for Michael Bay, star Tyrese Gibson and the Red Bull Air Force base jumpers. Yes, those intensely brave people who jumped out of the Trump Towers in downtown Chicago to make that momentous action sequence in the film possible, were there and they arrived in style.

Jumping out of a low-altitude helicopter in the pouring rain, several members of of the Red Bull Air Force base-jumped with their wingsuits and landed in the intersection in front of the Regal South Beach Cinema where the movie was being screened and that was how our night began.

Before the film played, Michael Bay said a few words to the packed audience, reiterating what Miami means to him and his career and he touched on how this moment in time was “bittersweet” for him, in that he’s happy to have accomplished what he did with the third Transformers film and the six years of his life he’s dedicated to the series but he’s sad that it’s his last. Of course, this was met with “boos” from the crowd who want more (Trans4mers anyone?).

“This is bittersweet because this is probably the last one for me… [crowd boos] … Hey, hey, but, but, last night it opened in America and did somewhere like $50 million dollars. Now in movie speak, $50 million in one day, on a Wednesday, that’s freaking awesome so…”

“Probably,” “but” and “so” a firm denial do not make. Tomorrow, Transformers: Dark of the Moon will pass the half-billion dollar mark at the worldwide box office so yes, Transformers 4 is coming and it’ll be in 3D, and Paramount Pictures and Hasbro will sure want Michael Bay back in the director’s chair. And I think he’ll do it.

After Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, Bay planned on taking a break from the Cybertronian wars and tone it down to work on a little passion project of his, Pain & Gain. After meeting with Speilberg about Transformers 3 however, they moved on to that instead and they managed to bring each of the heavy CGI movies out two years apart.

Bay won’t let that happen again as he has a strong desire to get to work on Pain & Gain and perhaps begin work on Bad Boys 3.

Giving the Transformers franchise a little break after Dark of the Moon may be best for everyone. It’ll let the studio plan out how to launch another trilogy, it’ll give give fans a chance to calm their brains down, and it’ll give Bay some time to work on something different before returning – assuming that’s something he ends up being willing to do and if it’s something Paramount is willing to wait for.

Would you like to see Bay continue at the helm of Transformers film franchise?

Be sure to check out Screen Rant’s Transformers: Dark of the Moon review and join on on the spoilers discussion if you want to share your ideas for Transformers 4.

[Update: Producer Don Murphy explains that Transformers 4 will not be a reboot, will kick off second trilogy.]


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  1. I think Paramount should launch a new trilogy, don’t get me wrong I enjoyed the trilogy, it was a hell of a run. But, they should bring a new director to bring in some fresh ideas. It would be nice to get to see Hot Rod be come the new leader of the Autobots, and a story line that involves unicorn would be awsome to see on the big screen. The only major problem that I have with the series is bumble bee not being able to talk, made him look like a big puppy rather than a worrior.

  2. Reboot please.

    Focus less on humans, get a better director.

  3. Transformers 4 directed by Rob Zombie

    • “LIKE” Thumbs up

  4. ROTF over $800 million from viewings back in 2009 believe it was and DOTM heading the same direction?. Carry from the 3rd film and give Megan Fox another chance!. I did not like the fact that the 3rd film did not have her in and want to see her finish her role!!.

  5. Love the idea of another trilogy. There are too many reboots these days. I love the autobots the way they are so as long as they stick around I think the movies will work. As for Michael Bay, maybe some time off will do him good, but I love the trilogy so wouldn’t mind if he came back

  6. Yeah, I was really surprised there weren’t any closure to Sam and his parents – in the closing credits would have been appropriate, and there was nothing.

    The only thing I can think of is they were planning a second trilogy all along, and they didn’t want any complications for the next writer to deal with in case these characters should come back.

    But I have to admit that was disappointing. The first movie’s closing credits were FAR more entertaining.

  7. To be honest all the movies were good, transformers 3 seemed to have too much of human than transformers battling which irritated me, plus that they make starscream a wimp, but nonetheless it makes a good getup for introducing galvatron unicron and also dinobots, and triple changers. bit more of history of them in cybertron, like where did shockwave come from he popped out of nowhere, take a bit of tym get a story better, its gud watching a chick like megan fox but its nt about her its about transformers! but a gud triolgy and lookin for more

  8. I want more transformers and as much as I like Michael bay I do feel a new trilogy needs a new director. As for everyone bringing up unicron, that’s gotta be a no go due to the fact that it was a planet transformer who ate planets. The scale of it would be just too large unless they base the movie from inside unicron a la transformers the cartoon movie.
    With Bay or without, whatever comes next for the autobots and decepticons it will make paramount millions.

  9. Bay will return for TF4.

  10. I prefer “TRANS4MERS” to TF4

  11. Bring in a new director, a new star…keep some of the established characters, and Unicron. Now do what they did with Twilight, Lord of the Rings, The Matrix, and Pirates, and create a story the is meant to be a trilogy instead of three ill fitting movies.

  12. I’d like to see someone else direct Trans4ormers but there would definitely be a risk without Bay: with someone else, we might finally get a decent story, but with Bay at least we KNOW we’re gona get good action sequences and effects.
    But to be honest, without Shia, and with Megatron dead, it should probably take a very different direction. I’d really love to see a live action take on the original 1986 cartoon, as long as it follows the plot word-for-word :) I’d love to see Unicron in film but ONLY if it lives up to expectation. You cannot be forgiven for screwing up Unicron…

    How about Zack Snieder doing a Transformers film?

      • @ Longshanks

        I agree, so many that can be used, especially from the 80′s cartoon. They can use Wheeljack, i mean Q? C’mon, just refer Wheeljack by name & possibly make his head ressemble his cartoon counter-part. Maybe instead of ear-like parts glowing, maybe have his mouth glow when he talks. Id love to see Rumble,lol among those you listed. After seeing Megatron scare off animals in the 3rd film, it would be easy to have a idea for Predacons to go up against the Dinobots. And it would be great to see the Autobots & Decepticons have combiner teams have a giant robot fight. Say maybe have the Aerialbots vs. Stunticons or Combatacons? I can’t see any way to bring back Megatron other than him becoming Galvatron. I agree, theres so much to use from that not everyone is gonna be happy. I just want to have Peter Cullen voice Optimus Prime while he can intead of another voice actor or actor for the character if they choose to reboot the franchise one day. Part of me kinda hopes Bay doesn’t return, for the reason there could a chance the Dinobots could be built into the 2nd trilogy since i thought they rocked in the 80′s cartoon.

        • I was kind of annoyed that they showed Wheeljack with a ripped-off face instead of showing him with his regular head, then having him damaged in battle. He was pretty weird looking even for a Bayformer. Because they started him off looking like that, there are even some TF fans that don’t know his actual face is missing, they think he’s just supposed to look like that. Poor guy, he was a favorite of mine.

          • Yeah him, Jazz and Prowl were my favorites. And they should of introduced Blaster if they were bringing in Soundwave.

            • @ pawn65

              Is Blaster the red radio boombox Autobot from the 80′s cartoon that like Soundwave, had cassette robots pop out aswell? He was one i enjoyed in the series. I thought they should of brought in a 5th robot in the first film so Jazz would lived. He too & prowl aswell as Cliffjumper were amongst my favorites.

              • Yes he is. Yup i did think it was weird BumbleBee and no Cliffjumper.

                • I love cliffjumper. I thought that was him in DOTM. I’d like to see Grimlock and Unicron. That’s what the fans want, the fans want the 1986 animated film turned into a big budget live action movie. We want Hotrod. We want Rodimus Prime. We want an all out war on cybertron.

                  • @ Kevin

                    I too loved Cliffjumper, especially in the 3-part pilot of the animated series. I was think that red car would of been perfect for Cliffjumper & they could of got Casey Kasum to voice him again in DOTM. I want to see as many of 80′s animated transformers appear in the films as possible. And id like to see two combiner teams like the Aerialbots & Stunticons go at each other. I know another human character they could introduce besides Sam & Carly from the 80′s animated series who aided the autobots, Chip.

        • Speaking of the Dinobots werent they the enemies of Devastator?

          • @ pawn65

            I always thought of the Dinobots a muscle group of the Autobots put on special missions or back-up. I didn’t think they were enemies of anyone imo, they wanted to kick Decepticon butt whenever they got the chance.

            • No actually if memory serves well in the 1986 movie Optimus told them to destroy Devastator. And yes they just wanted to “munch metal”.

              • @ pawn65

                I think thats because Devastator was among the Decepticons attacking Autobot City & The Dinobots were the best on the ship to take him down. I read somehwere the Aerialbots were supposed to be in the movie, but couldn’t due to episodes of their appearances being made at the sametime. I forget which season, but i know the Constructicons were Omega Supreme’s enemies. They were all friendly towards each other on Cybertron w/ Contructicons had their earlier bodies & had Megatron have them betray Omega Supreme. When Megatron gives the constructicons their new forms as seen in the series, theres a episode i forget where Optimus begs Omega Supreme to set aside his grudges & help save the earth from being destroyed from a astroid i think.

  13. bay is transformers with out him the franchise is dead.

    • Ummmm, the franchise can live on with or without Bay imo.

      • agreed with yah

    • Absolutely not. For one thing, Transformers was around long before Bay stuck his grubby little fingers in there, and besides that, even if they continue with the Bayformers storyline, they don’t need Bay to keep going with it.

  14. One word: MOAR.
    There will never be ‘too much’ Transformers content. Not for me, at least. They can find new actors. Hell, I’ll take the part! :D

  15. I don’t care who’s gonna be the next director or whatsoever. All I just want is Trans4ormers needs to happen. but I guess Bay is really awesome. WOOOT!

    I’m telling you, it’ll be a big hit just like the previous movies :) or maybe, it will be bigger!

    I just saw Transformers 3 yesterday and man, the cinema was overcrowded! We did wait for 15-30 minutes just to get a decent seat because we’re standing since we went inside. The moment when the movie ended, people clapped! In our country, people doesn’t usually do those things especially if it is a foreign movie but look what they did to Transformers 3. Isn’t it awesome?


    • OMG! The world has really gone crazy.

      It seems a good story & good acting does not matter anymore in film. It will take a time for me to adjust to this.

      • @ tuf

        I can’t remember the last time i seen a perfect film with a good story w/ good or even great acting. Not everyone is gonna be pleased.

    • @ bigevil

      Yes, people complain about a better story w/ more transformers in it but you think its retarded if people mention the Dinobots or Unicron? Theres still alot of characters yet to be on film, some more popular than others that fans liked. I have to agree about the Insecticons being on film, in a big way that is, but imo the Beast Wars Transformers would be bad aswell imo. But everyone has their opinion. If i remember right the Dinobots were built on Cybertron while in the tv series they were built by Wheeljack,Ratchet & Spike. To be honest, every movie ive watched has never been so perfect

  16. In reading the plethora of posts, it was quite annoying to see how FEW people stuck to the subject matter. 90% of the posts were about what the next franchise should be about, but the subject matter of the post was about whether or not Bay should return as director for the new franchise. In my opinion, no other director will be able to match Bay’s formula. He did it RIGHT. Talk poo-poo about him if you wish, but the man knew how to make movies about people interacting with robots. My first choice would be HIM to return. Will he return? Some people say if the price is right, but Bay is RICH. I personally don’t think it’s about the money with Bay. The dude is financially SET. I think with Bay, it’s about the HEADACHE. He made a lot of enemies during the filming of the franchise; from the crew to the cast, a lot of people that have worked for him have nothing but bad things to say about him. No matter how thick a person’s skin is, when so many people don’t like you, you tend to try and find another group of people to surround you. A chance to start over. Even if Bay came back, probably HALF the staff that worked for him during the first franchise would not return for the next one. I think the only way that Bay would consider coming back is if he fell into a movie making lull, where no projects were coming his way. Bay has a big ego. Bay likes making big movies. If he doesn’t eventually come across a project that is as big as Transformers, he might miss it enough to come back. As long as he keeps his foot in big budget projects, I think he can walk away from the franchise, never to return.
    As far as who is capable of replacing him, I have some ideas below. They are in no particular order, but I feel that each of the below listed directors would at least have a chance of doing good by the franchise………

    Christopher Nolan: “Inception”, “The Dark Knight” – Has an affinity for creating dark. brooding masterpieces. Would definitely create a dark theme for the new franchise.

    David Fincher: “Se7en”, “Fight Club” – The ability to create psychotic, yet intelligent story lines. His movies center less around music scores and concentrate more on multi layered, complex story lines where he has NO problem letting the bad guys WIN. If he directed the next franchise, the decepticons would surely take over in at LEAST one of the series.

    The Wachowski Brothers: “The Matrix” trilogy – They’re obviously used to making trilogies, they’re capable of creating visually stunning CGI (props to them and John Gaeta for INVENTING “bullet time”), and they’re capable of coming up with story lines that leave you thinking about complex issues, like your purpose on this planet. If they directed the movie, not only would they be able to match Bay’s sense of visual style, they would come up with a more thought provoking plot.

    Peter Jackson: “King Kong”, “Lord Of The Rings” franchise – I really don’t need to tell you all why I think Jackson could pull it off. You get it.

    James Cameron: “Titanic”, “Avatar” – By far the closest (personality wise) to Bay. HE’S the one that actually talked Bay into filming the 3rd movie in 3D! His ego matches Bay’s, he rubs his staff members the wrong way just like Bay, he runs his set like a dictator just like Bay. If Cameron directed the new franchise, it’d be like working for Bay and the people that worked for Bay would more than likely NOT be willing to work for Cameron either. But the thing is, Cameron has what it takes to direct a new Transformers franchise…….

    • what about George Lucas? Starwars ideas seem befiting no?

  17. Bay NOT directing the next Transformers trilogy would be the BEST thing that could happen to franchise. He ruined the franchise with T2 and destory it with T3. His combination crappy jokes, horrible plots, and make Megatron looking like wuss shows Bays has no clue how make a movie from start to finish.

  18. what does megatron say when he dies? sounds like ROCK BARRRR or some sht like that. he says the SAME THING in ROTF when optimus shoots his face with his own arm blaster

  19. How about James Cameron.

    • @ I got an idea

      Even if he was interested, it would be awhile for Cameron to step in as he’s busy with the Avatar sequels right now. But i think he’d be best for the franchise to take over Bay.

  20. I would also like to see more characters jumping in from the generation 80′s cartoon. Soundwaves tapes, rumble, frenzy, well lazerbeak is dead. Buzzsaw, Ratbat. How about the transformers creators in the generation cartoon series. The Quintisons with the sharktacons. I would like to see the big guys. Really i was hoping there big space shuttle was omega supreme. Big guys likt Omega Supreme, and Devastator. The Dinobots, Superion, Stunticons making Menasor. Comabtacons with Bruticus. Unicron would like to see. Unicron putting megatron back together making galvatron. Would like to see Skywarp, Thundercraker, Thrust Dirge, and Ramjet. Predacons making Predaking. tecnobots making Computron. Hot rod, rodimus prime, the tripple changers. Astrotrain, blitzwing. Springer for the autobots. Would also like to see tracks. The autobots could share there technology with the humans making robot exo skeletons, so they could become headmasters or target masters. A lot to think about for the next series. I can’t wait.

  21. Hi my name is carlee im ten years old and I think you did a awesome job on transformers dark of the moon. I totaly think you should make a transformers four. that would be awesome cause this is a very exciting movie series.
    I think you should make ironhide come back I wanted to jump in the tv and kill sentinel prime when he killed ironhide. I think that made it exciting though. So that would be cool to bring him back cause that made me cry when he died. But bumble bee you did a great job,he isis myfavorite character of the the movie series so maybe you to could do somthing cool with him. And maybe

    • Cutest post ever.

  22. what about a prequel? The war for cybertron perhaps?… though it does raise the issue of no human characters, its still got alot of story potential, and stunning visual effects.

  23. Hmm…. I’ll be so happy if they make Trans4mers :D But if they do, they should have a prequal instead of another sequal. I mean Megatron’s dead, Strascream’s dead, Ironhide is dead( I cried on that part LOL), even Jazz is dead! However, I do agree with bringing back Megatron as Galvatron and the whole Unicron thing. But it’ll still be difficult to write a decent storyline without those kind of characters. (This is a little off topic but…) Bay tries to express the sexaulity of the female actors (Megan and Rosie) I think Bay should focus more on the movie and not the eye-candy. Anyway back to topic… If there is going to be a TF4, I really want to see Shia and all the original actors. It’ll seem weird without them… I can except the switch up between Megan and Rosie, that’s not a problem for me :) I do agree that there should be more robot focus rather than human but let’s hope they don’t screw it up as bad as the second one :D

  24. If they do a prequel, how would they have their vehical modes? In the first film when they first arrive, mostly the Autobots & Decepticons looked like just talk metal robots before scanning for earth-alternate mode. In the 80′s cartoon pilot they looked the same in robot mode but in Bay’s film it seems complex. Maybe they can reveal more about cybertron thru flashbacks but id move on with sequels imo.

  25. I think they should just let it be. Both parts 2 and 3 were a complete disapointment. If they do wind up doing a 4th movie, I wouldnt waste the time or money to see it. They get cheesier as they go. Its getting way to cartoonish and just stupid. Put the transformers movies to rest and focus on something else. Let it die for crying out loud!!!!

  26. I disagree. The 3rd film got the franchise back on track imo. I enjoyed it just as much as the first film. I know was big improvement over the 2nd film. I felt the 3rd film was alittle darker than the previous films, not by much but little. 3rd film’s humor wasn’t as humorous as the previous films imo, especially the sexual humor so im glad it was toned down & they’re makin another trilogy i hope they keep the humor trimmed down that way. I rather see another trilogy of sequels with great voice actors, especially Peter Cullan as Optimus Prime instead of seeing the franchise be Rebooted already like every other franchise.

    • To “Ish”

      Your hope has been granted. Bad Boys 3 has been confirmed to happen. There’s no definite date as to WHEN production will start, but (the production studios who you love so much) are ready to back it, and Bruckheimer / Bay have already had talks about creating it. It’s just a matter of when. Maybe within the next 3 years we’ll see it.