Will Michael Bay Return For Transformers 4?

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Transformers 4 Michael Bay Will Michael Bay Return For Transformers 4?

Transformers: Dark of the Moon released last week to astonishing box office results, but again and as per franchise tradition, also to a lot of negative critical reception. We at Screen Rant however, known for being vocal about our issues of the first Transformers and distaste of its sequel Revenge of the Fallen, had a blast with Transformers 3 and are eager for more.

Who else is eager for more? Not Shia LaBeouf and Michael Bay, who’ve openly stated that the trilogy-closing Dark of the Moon would be the last film in the series for both of them. But money talks, and there’s a lot of money saying a lot of things right about now. So, what will it take for Michael Bay to return for Transformers 4?

Like the first Transformers, there’s more than meets the eye when watching the action-packed spectacles, and many viewers need to see the film twice to take it all in. I needed to watch the first Transformers more than once on the big screen and so for Dark of the Moon, after joining a local screening, I was able to fly to Miami to watch it a (well-needed) second time in a private screening with Michael Bay.

With Miami being a “second home” to Bay, he made sure that Paramount held a special screening there for the film in addition to the big premieres and I was able to partake in the fun thanks to WOMWorld/Nokia. Although it wasn’t a press-focused premiere like the Moscow and New York Transformers 3 events, this more intimate night out did have a red carpet setup for Michael Bay, star Tyrese Gibson and the Red Bull Air Force base jumpers. Yes, those intensely brave people who jumped out of the Trump Towers in downtown Chicago to make that momentous action sequence in the film possible, were there and they arrived in style.

Jumping out of a low-altitude helicopter in the pouring rain, several members of of the Red Bull Air Force base-jumped with their wingsuits and landed in the intersection in front of the Regal South Beach Cinema where the movie was being screened and that was how our night began.

Before the film played, Michael Bay said a few words to the packed audience, reiterating what Miami means to him and his career and he touched on how this moment in time was “bittersweet” for him, in that he’s happy to have accomplished what he did with the third Transformers film and the six years of his life he’s dedicated to the series but he’s sad that it’s his last. Of course, this was met with “boos” from the crowd who want more (Trans4mers anyone?).

“This is bittersweet because this is probably the last one for me… [crowd boos] … Hey, hey, but, but, last night it opened in America and did somewhere like $50 million dollars. Now in movie speak, $50 million in one day, on a Wednesday, that’s freaking awesome so…”

“Probably,” “but” and “so” a firm denial do not make. Tomorrow, Transformers: Dark of the Moon will pass the half-billion dollar mark at the worldwide box office so yes, Transformers 4 is coming and it’ll be in 3D, and Paramount Pictures and Hasbro will sure want Michael Bay back in the director’s chair. And I think he’ll do it.

After Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, Bay planned on taking a break from the Cybertronian wars and tone it down to work on a little passion project of his, Pain & Gain. After meeting with Speilberg about Transformers 3 however, they moved on to that instead and they managed to bring each of the heavy CGI movies out two years apart.

Bay won’t let that happen again as he has a strong desire to get to work on Pain & Gain and perhaps begin work on Bad Boys 3.

Giving the Transformers franchise a little break after Dark of the Moon may be best for everyone. It’ll let the studio plan out how to launch another trilogy, it’ll give give fans a chance to calm their brains down, and it’ll give Bay some time to work on something different before returning – assuming that’s something he ends up being willing to do and if it’s something Paramount is willing to wait for.

Would you like to see Bay continue at the helm of Transformers film franchise?

Be sure to check out Screen Rant’s Transformers: Dark of the Moon review and join on on the spoilers discussion if you want to share your ideas for Transformers 4.

[Update: Producer Don Murphy explains that Transformers 4 will not be a reboot, will kick off second trilogy.]


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  1. No. More. Bay.

  2. How about a fresh start? Reboot the series with more focus on the Transformers. Would love to see more focus and development of the robots. Maybe even a movie set on Cybertron. Everyone loves a reboot/prequel.

    • Totally agree avatar_popco. What’s with all the humans? How about developing the characters of the robots?

      • Why?! Everyone knows that Transformers is about a young man trying to juggle the responsibilities of school and work while trying to maintain a love interest in his daily life with the Army occasionally popping in to show us how wickedly awesome they are. Those Robots always just seem to get in the way and should just be cut out all together. Maybe change the title while were at it for the next movie. Something more hip and fresh that kids these days can relate to.

        • Hate to say it but it sounds like a really good movie. Maybe throw in a few cast memebers from the Twlight films and we may be on to a real winner.

  3. Neil Blomkamp with Nicholas Hoult as the new protagonist. Nuff said.

    • I think there should be no humans at all. Set it on some planet where only the robots exist, and have them be all the characters. Let’s just see their world. Perhaps even throw in some aliens — some are allies, some are enemies.

  4. I would much prefer Paramount give themselves and Michael Bay decide what they want to do next. It’ll give the studio some time to figure out what they want to do for the next film. If they want et Bay & co. back for another, I think it would be best if they let them cool down from the Transformers world for awhile. That way in a year or two they’ll have some fresh ideas.

    • if they did that it would be four to five years before we see the robots on the big screen again. it’s too long of a wait.

  5. i would love to see the next trilogy set on cybertron, explaining how the 2 races came into being and how it all turned upside down for them (transformers).
    bay did well for the special effects and action scenes, but the story needs to be more focused on the robots and not humans (hence why i want the next trilogy to be a prequel). that being said, he didn’t write the damn thing, he only directed and produced (along side spielberg) so my issue is with the writers not bay himself (which imo does great action).

    lastly, i say give the writers a couple of years to fully flesh out the next trilogy – write out all 3 movies in one wrap instead of one script after each movie. that way we’ll get a consistent narrative with everything set for the next movie. not only is this good for the franchise, but it will give bay some time away from all the special effects and back to classic action *cough*bad boys 3*cough*.

    • Good idea, and they should not include a single human.

      • The only problem with that is that the characters would be. u nrecognizable.

        • good one Austin, therefor, the audience wouldn’t connect. There has to be humans involved but not to the level that we’ve seen in the previous movie, less military involvement, and level the playing field abit, why is it the Decepticons always have to out number the Autobts.

        • Not if they it look on Generation ` pre earth looks.

        • I disagree. They need to test the audience… at least a little.

          They’ve tested their patience and brain cells with these last three, each getting progressively more mindless.

          I can watch a movie without human characters. I don’t need to have a human “to identify with.” I know I’m not the only one.

          But, fine, I can concede somewhat. Have some human characters, but don’t make them the center of the movie. Make the robots the center, and even the main supporting characters. And THEN have the humans involved.

          Hollywood can make it work. They need to stop being so lazy and figure out how to do it. Get the audience to feel for the robots, through the plot, through characterization, through the direction — in other words, basic filmmaking techniques.

  6. I agree with jwalka a prequel would be a good start for another trilogy based on cybertron showing how the war began and with the story taking place on cybertron it would mean no humans just more robots

  7. I would love to see a set of prequels about the wars on Cybertron. The focus would be on the robots, there’d practically be zero annoying/unnecesary human characters. Why it sounds perfect already!

    And I’ve always wondered what with Spieldberg as producer why he couldn’t have more force on the trilogy. I mean maybe he could’ve worked on the human side of the story for the original trilogy and done a better job with how that angle was handled had he had more control.

  8. On a side note, does anyone think that picture of Bay kind of looks like MacGuyver?

    • Actually thought he looked a little like Sharlto Copley.

    • I think he looks like Micheal Bolton

  9. I don’t think a reboot would be necessary, that would just be too confusing for fans this early in the game with how big the franchise is. It’s not like it’s the Hulk or Dare Devil that didn’t have as much popularity, although rebooting Spider-Man will be interesting to see how the fans take that.

    My suggestion is that they shoot it in the future like they did the Transformers Animated Movie. No more Shia, have an Autobot city, have them established in the world now. More bots, different Decepticons, new threats, maybe a Unicron universe? Galvatron even? If it’s in the future it would be great to see the world and how it has adjusted to the robots living on Earth, which they should have done in DOTM.

    • I think your on to something there, I think that would be the best way to go, have Unicorn bring Megatron back as Galvatron. bring in some one else to play Sam in his mid fourties.

  10. I’ve said this before and i’ll say it again.

    Let the movies sit for a while. Let us digest the movies and think about what worked, what didnt, and how they stand with age.

    In 15-20 years, start over fresh. New director and new cast. They will have a whole new audience to target, as well as folks now fondly remembering the original trilogy.

    Any film series where new films were written off the success of the first have progressively decreased in public opinion and revenue (notable exception: James Bond). look at TF3, it’s looking like it won’t top TF2, even with the 3D (good job btw)

    just let the franchise relax for a lit bit and you’ll have people begging for one in 15 years time

    • 15 years? That will definitely not happen so I don’t eve know why you suggested it.

  11. I don’t know about a reboot, they’ve built a solid storyline(dark of the moon non withstanding) and dark of the moon was a triumphant success. Now being that I grew up on the original transformers in the 80′s of course I have issue with some of the rather frusterating creative liberties they’ve taken with the live action movies(ironhide’s demise really irked me, loved him as a kid and still do as a 32 ur old.) While I don’t think a reboot is necessary I’d like to see more storyline focusing on the transformers and less on the human side. Oh, and i personally want the dinobots in the next film, maybe intorduce them as the autobots are getting stomped perhaps? Agree, disagree? I welcome feedback

    • Cant do that because Que (WheelJack) is dead. By the way Ironhide and Ratchet both died in the Original 1986 Transformers movie.

      • @ Pawn65

        Actually they can still use Wheeljack still aslong as he’s refered by that name. In the first film that tank was Devastator which got destroyed, them in the 2nd film we seen the constructicons combine to form the real Devastator.

        • I stand corrected.

        • Actually he was referred to as “Devastator” in the film and novelization by mistake. It was the name Bay used when filming for the character, before he was more familiar with the TF canon. According to the writers and other sources he was supposed to be named Brawl.

  12. Yahoo!!!!!!!!!!Bay`s returning this is what i wanted!!I am so happy :)

  13. No reboot. No prequels (hate them for many of the issues discussed by screen rant in their recent Promethius articles).
    Bring in Galvatron, cause you can’t not have Megatron in some fashion, but bringing him back to life as Megatron twice would be ridiculous. Unicron woul be awesome, they could introduce some more outer space story elements, and could definitely shift the focus even more onto the Robots, especially if Shia doesn’t come back. I loved Beast Wars, it’d be interesting if they could add some elements from that, but I dint see it happening; having them transform into animals would be very hard to make work in live-action sans being uber cheesy, and one of the reasons the show worked was that there were no humans, probably wouldn’t work in a modern world… However, doing it as a pseudo sequel-that’s-a-prequel might work, just like the actual show was; but still don’t see it happening.
    Mor than anything, though, I wanna see some flying Autobots! The deceptions so far have gotten all the Jet/Airplane love, except for Jetfire, who still technically started as a Decpticon. More jet and plane bots, resulting in more air battles, would be awesome for the next one; give us Silverbolt in his Jet form!!

    • Cant bring Galvatron in because Megatron is dead, even in the 1986 Transformers The Movie Megatron was still functioning when Unicron turned him into Galvatron.

      • @ pawn65

        They can bring in Galvatron probly. Because Optimus Prime died in Transformers The Movie, and came back to life later in the series.

        • Yeah thats only because of the out cry over Optimus Prime dying.

  14. What’s funny is that he looks like my film direction teacher Adam Nimoy, who is son of Leonard Nimoy, who is related to Michael Bay through his wife. So I guess I have a connection to Michael Bay!! :0 ill talk to him about this. ;) lol

  15. I think it is Bay’s film series so he should return to direct the fourth one but if he doesn’t, then Steven Spreilberg or someone else should direct Transformers 4.

  16. Stop

  17. I am not egar for more with this team, let it rest or reboot it with a good script and a good director/producer!

  18. I don’t know what you people are talking about. I love transformers and hope Bay and possibly Shai come back for a fourth. Maybe not immediately but in time.

  19. eager…sorry.

  20. Have tougher protagonist in future transformers movies plz, nt a student lol

  21. I want a reboot. And a proper director attached this time.

  22. Michael bay did a fantastic job in the original Transformers. He got all the elements right and showed the robots how I imagined them to be. The multiple scenes with Starscream for example in the city and him fighting, transforming, fighting, transforming was fantastic. This is what made the movie. In the second there seemed to be less attention to the Transformers transforming and the story line was a bit naff. As an example, in TF2 Starscream was just a plane flying around in circles. It was all big and bang and missed the mark. TF3 was good (I have to watch it again as there is so much to look at). However from what I saw too much, just big machines and not enough Transforming (except the car chase scene on the highway – that was touching back on the old roots of TF1 – it was simply brilliant). Would love to see another trilogy, it can be set where we know Transformers best and try to get back to the root of TF1 in the way it was done, that took taking things to the next level. Also get rid of the crappy puppets for a not really required laughing segway.

  23. i feel the films need a fresh approach (but not a reboot) t4 would make huge amounts on money regardless of who was directing

  24. I want more Transformers. With Bay, Spielberg, LaBeouf, Turturro, Jablonsky and all them again. Maybe more Cybertron and the space from now on, with teleporting travels and all that. I think they need to go beyond Earth. But they needn’t forget about the Earth. Maybe two story lines, one on Earth, one in the space.

    My favorite one, by the way, was “The Revenge Of The Fallen”.

  25. But there was ZERO CLOSURE to Sam’s arc and Bay’s world.

    Where was Sam’s Happily-ever-after? Where was the aftermath for the city and characters? Whwere was the new house for his parents?

    T3 didn’t end, it just stopped!

    • Seeing how the parents played fairly important roles in the first two movies, I too was surprised that there was no closure to their characters in T3. All you had was a semi-funny scene that ended abruptly and Sam telling them softly that they need to leave the city. Poof, they’re gone. Eh?

      • Absolutely. I lovedthis film but the ending really spoilt it.

        I mean, the ending really does come off as like the producers were watching the cut and happened to look at their watch and just said;

        “That’s it, 2 and a half hours, just get to Optimus’ ‘hopeful humanity speech’ and end the bloody thing.”

        Ending was so rushed, so I hope there’s a fourth to put this right.

    • Yeah and sams parents were wondering why he said that

  26. No way is this the last. And it should’t be either.

    • I think transformers are
      awesome !!!:)

  27. I have to say id want to see the franchise continue with another trilogy with or without Michael Bay & Shia LaBeouf. I liked the first film & the 3rd both the same & can’t decide which i like more, while ROTF was the one i liked less outta the three films. I agree that the franchise does need a little break so they can think up some great ideas on what they can do for the next trilogy. Imo id like to see the real Wheeljack by name as seen in the 80′s cartoon etc. Instead of his ear lookin things glow when he talks, maybe have his mouth glow when he speaks. And id like to see the Autobots & Decepticons have combiner teams go at, like the Aerialbots vs. Stunticons. Of-course id like to see Dinobots be built. As for Decepticons, maybe use Unicron to bring back Megatron as Galvatron w/ his trio made out of fallen decepticons. Maybe bring Thundercracker, Or even Rumble since he seemed popular from the 80′s cartoon. Anyways, please no reboot.

    • There was no closure to this franchise! Shia has to return; does he marry Carly? Does he get a decent job? Are the Autobots granted sanctuary on Earth now etc etc.

      Nothing was resolved.

  28. $400+ million in one week.

    No way in Hades they don’t start working on a fourth immediately.

    Bay or not.

    There will be no “break.” Remember, in the end, it is all about money. And this franchise makes butt-loads of it.