Transformers 4: Mark Wahlberg Won’t Be Starring [UPDATED]

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Transformers 4 Mark Wahlberg Transformers 4: Mark Wahlberg Wont Be Starring [UPDATED]

[UPDATE: Michael Bay has announced via his Website that Wahlberg WON’T be joining the cast of Transformers 4.]

Right now Michael Bay is hard at work on his “small-scale film,” Pain & Gain, a true-life tale which stars Mark Wahlberg and Dwayne Johnson as two body-builders-turned-gangsters. While we wait to see what Bay does with a scaled-down crime drama/dark comedy, the majority of fan attention is still focused on his upcoming fourth entry in the Transformers franchise, tentatively titled Transformers 4 (at least until one of those highly-questionable subtitles gets attached to it – ‘Light of the Sun,’ perhaps?).

However, there may be some carry-over between the two Bay films (beyond the director himself), as it’s now being reported that Mark Wahlberg could be in early talks to star in Transformers 4.

For those who don’t know, Transformers 4 is said to be the start of a new trilogy – one which Bay will kick-off with the fourth film, before retiring from the franchise and handing over the reigns to a new director. Of course, we heard that same promise during the lead-up to Transformers: Dark of the Moon – and yet, here we stand.

One of the initial rumors surrounding TF4 was that it would jettison the human cast of the first trilogy – stars Shia LaBeouf, Josh Duhamel, Tyrese Gibson and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley (Megan Fox already got dropped from the franchise) – in favor of introducing a new storyline featuring new human characters in what was basically a quasi-reboot. Since then, it’s been indeed confirmed that the human portion of the film will be getting some fresh blood – though recent plot hints from Bay himself have suggested the story won’t be quite as fresh as we were initially led to believe.

Transformers 4 Reboot Transformers 4: Mark Wahlberg Wont Be Starring [UPDATED]

In any event, once it became know that new actors were being brought in to bolster all the robot vs. robot action, speculation ran rampant about just who might be cast. An early rumor pointed to action aficionado Jason Statham leading the franchise  - though Statham himself later shot that down. More recently, we’ve heard word that new Transformer robots will be featured in the new film, and (more troubling) that the new human leads could potentially be a high school girl and her speed-racing boyfriend - a rumor that, if true, would pretty much kill the promise that Transformers 4 will be more serious than its predecessors.

Fast-forward to the here and now, and this Mark Wahlberg rumor being reported by Twitch once again begs the question of what kind of film Bay and Transformers 3 screenwriter Ehren Kruger are sculpting:

  1. One that truly does take a fresh approach with a new adult protagonist (such as Wahlberg).
  2. One that treads similar ground by having a young male/female couple as protagonists (like LaBeouf and his Transformers co-star Megan Fox).
  3. One that dives deep into the same well, by having a combination of young teenagers and adult, action-oriented protagonists (as we saw in the previous three films).

At this early stage there really is no way to call it for sure – everything we’ve heard lately is just RUMOR until proven otherwise. However, with each new Transformers installment we’ve been fed the promise of having more robot action, less sappy teenage drama, and much less crude (at times offensive) juvenile humor. And, each and every time, that promise has ultimately gone unfulfilled.

Transformers 4 Michael Bay Interview Transformers 4: Mark Wahlberg Wont Be Starring [UPDATED]

I say all that to ask: Do we really expect Bay to change up the formula now, when the franchise’s box office earnings are over $2.5 billion (and counting)? With money like that, it would be easy to argue that the formula “works” – though, you won’t really hear us championing that opinion…

Would you like to see Mark Wahlberg stepping in to lead the franchise? If so: do you want to see him as the primary protagonist, or starring alongside some younger characters?

Transformers 4 will be in theaters on June 29, 2014.

Source: Twitch

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  1. i wouldnt mind mark. i think an older protagonist would work better than another young couple of teens.

  2. pssst! hey mark…do you smell that? it’s your career going up in (CGI) smoke! don’t do it!

    • I agree, not a wise career decision.

    • His career is doing just fine imo and can easily take a hit or miss from doing this venture. Mark has been around long enough to handle just about anything but I don’t see him making this flick myself. I kinda wish he would though.

  3. Light of the Sun, lol, I like that…

    I might actually watch it if it was Mark Wahlberg. Hopefully that means the rest of the cast wouldn’t be so annoying either. The main reason why I can’t stand the Transformers movies was because I couldn’t STAND any of the human characters. I seriously wanted all of them to die. Yes, even the main characters…

  4. Atleast he wouldn’t be yelling OPTIMUS!!! 24/7

  5. Hey Prime wassup bro, wanna go kill some Decepticons tonight? My Marky Mark impression.

    • lol would be great if he talked like that

      • That’s funny, lol, you nailed the impression.

  6. TransFOURmers anybody? Seriously, I didn’t mind the first trilogy, but that’s just me. But if they do go ahead with Mark Wahlberg, I’m fine with that as well.

  7. you know who should really star in this? OPTIMUS PRIME! seriously, why do we need humans as the main characters in these movies? the best transformers series ever, Beast Wars, did just fine with no humans what so ever.

    • I’m guessing cost has a lot to do with that.

  8. You could put George Clooney in a Transformer’s movie and it’s not going to help. The formula didn’t change for the last movie (despite them claiming it would) so I wouldn’t get my hopes up on it changing much for next one.

    • Well youre right about Clooney not helping, that guy is way overrated.

  9. Mark: “Do you know what I do, Optimus?”
    Optimus: “Yes. You are a human being who works for-”
    Mark: “No, you have no f***ing clue what I do. If you did, I would not be very good at what I do, would I? I would be a c***. Are you calling me a c***?”


    But in all seriousness, come on Marky, you’ve got more pride than to join the transformers franchise. You’re better than that.

    • Lol, that is the most epic conversation ever!

      • @Ezra,

        Possibly the greatest post I have ever read.



        • :)

  10. I wouldn’t mind mark. He’s a cool actor. Met him once seemed down to earth. I think he would be great in this series.

    Bay however needs. To. Exit. Forever.

  11. Either Kofi drew the short straw or he said “ha ha, i’ll take this one guys *snicker*”.

  12. i like the series, its fun and clearly you people keep going to see it because they earn more at the box offoce every film. if you all stayed at home and didnt bother going to the movies to watch it we wouldnt be 4 but you all did. i think you because i love it hahahahahaha.

    Hmmm… makes you wonder. are people just jumping on the bandwagon and disliking this for the hell of it? Probably. just you all watch. it may not gross a billion but it sure will be close to that.

    once again that you all

    • I believe too many people focus on bay’s faults whilst never acknowledging his strengths. For all his obvious weaknesses, I think it’s difficult to argue that he’s a superb action director. You could probably only count on one hand a list of directors who could deliver the out and out spectacle of the last third of ‘dark of the moon’. But story is god and if bay could drop his ego enough to co-direct with someone with amazing storytelling skills we might one day get something truly special.

      • It’s not a matter of co directing anything. These films need decent scripts, Bay may have input and work on the stories but he didn’t write them. All the faults with these films comes from the writing, the directing is perfect for this type of film.

        • I deffo agree with you to an extent. Bottom line is I enjoy these films for what they are. Like you I believe they could be so much more. But why would they even try to mess with a billion dollar formula? I know so many people who LOVE these movies.

          • I think the third film is very good, I gave it a very favourable review, because as an action film, there are few that come close in terms of the sheer scale featured in Dark Of The Moon.

            • An analogy.

              If Michael Bay was a Chef he would serve 5 star food with manure for garnish. This is the problem. So much great work in these films ruined by some very niche and wacky tacked-on elements that bring the whole thing down.

              • Like the little Transformer ogling Megan Fox in ROTF.

                It’s not even the crass humor in this instance that offends me the most, but the fact that a Transformer would show sexual attraction to a human! WTF to all involved! Things like that just kick straight through the fourth wall and hit me in the teeth.

                It would be one thing if it was something which was improvised on set and happen to have made it into the final cut, but the fact that it’s cgi means that many people thought long and hard about what they were doing here. Ludicrous.

    • WOW. i tried to say thank twice and misspelled them both XD hahaha. replace think and that. wrote it this morning so i must have been half asleep.

  13. Already debunked by Bay!

    “The Mark Wahlberg T4 rumor is just a rumor. Mark and I are talking about another film project.”

    • Thanks for the heads up.

    • That’s too bad actually… I would have watched TF4 if Wahlberg was going to be in it.

  14. I really liked Transformers…the Cartoons,the Movies however is a totally different thing. I dislike Bay’s directions. Last Movie in the Series had no feeling at all,was cold and unpersonal as it could be,no connection to me as a viewer could be established !

    Robots died..but I gave a s***,so much did he make me care about them !
    He wasted all the time on Humans,but the Robots should be the Focus,but yeah..we all know that !

  15. I like Mark Wahlberg but this is so not for him. As for “Transformers”, I’m done. 3 Movies was enough.

  16. Thank God Mark won’t be joining this film or ser

    • oops. I meant to say thank God mark won’t be joining this film or franchise. He hasn’t been good in anything I’ve seen him in yet.
      What happened to Jason statham joining his girlfriend in this movie?

      • Yeah because the Transformers franchise has actually had “good” actors in lead parts. Troll harder silly.

  17. Sigh…If only a “Beast Wars” feature film would be made. While Optimus Prime is my favorite ‘bot, BW is my favorite incarnation of the brand.

  18. “‘Light of the Sun’, perhaps?” Kofi, that line cracked me up. Cheers.

  19. Transformers: Revolution/Redemption is what my money is on btw

  20. I can’t understand the Michael Bay hatred on this site.

    The Transformer movies have been wildly successful and at the very least…are entertaining and good for a bucket of popcorn.

    I’m not sure what else you people expect in a movie about robots that transform into things.

  21. I’d like to see Wahoberg in transformers 4 he’s not a bad actor and he can do cool action movies, so yeah I’m game for this one. I overall hope that he’s casted because he’s such a better actor than Shia and he can probably bring something better to the franchise. Also would like to see a female antagonist maybe not a teenager but overall maybe this one will be the best one

  22. Am I the only person who wants jessie pinkman from breaking bad cast?

    • I actually think Aaron Paul could pull the films up a little, and wouldn’t be too bad.

      But I’d rather see him free to graze on greener (more substantial) pastures.
      Alas I think he is doing the Need For Speed film. So much for pastures.


  24. Mark Wahlberg will not starr, thats good news but still dont change the story line and characters!