Mark Wahlberg Confirmed For ‘Transformers 4′; New Logo Revealed

Published 2 years ago by , Updated November 9th, 2012 at 4:48 pm,

Transformers 4 Mark Wahlberg Mark Wahlberg Confirmed For Transformers 4; New Logo Revealed

After weeks of rumors linking Mark Wahlberg to the planned sequel/reboot Transformers 4, and less than a day since director Michael Bay claimed those were just rumors – rumors that had gotten him thinking about casting the Oscar-nominated actor – it’s official. Mark Wahlberg will star in Transformers 4.

The plot of the movie is still largely unknown, but if Optimus Prime is going to appear, his mother should probably prepare to be said ‘hello’ to.

This isn’t the first time that Bay has made some big decisions with the franchise on the fly, after he previously claimed that Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon would be his last. It was a ride on a Universal Studios roller coaster that convinced him the fourth time would be the charm, so perhaps decisions like this sudden casting should’ve been expected.

The pair just worked together on Bay’s upcoming ‘smaller’ film Pain and Gain, alongside Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson. The production must have gone particularly well between the actor and director, since the Internet fervor over Wahlberg’s possible involvement in the Hasbro franchise partially convinced Bay to make the offer.

Michael Bay Transformers 4 Mark Wahlberg Confirmed For Transformers 4; New Logo Revealed

Bay’s official comment on Wahlberg’s casting follows, promising ambitious things for the future of the brand:

“Mark is awesome. We had a blast working on ‘Pain and Gain’ and I’m so fired up to be back working with him. An actor of his caliber is the perfect guy to re-invigorate the franchise and carry on the ‘Transformers’ legacy.”

Now that the next chapter in the Transformers franchise has a star around which to build itself, the ‘legacy’ can go in any number of directions. With an Academy Award-nominated actor front and center, as opposed to Shia Lebouf’s permanently-flustered Sam Witwicky, the reports of Transformers 4 telling a darker story carry a bit more water.

Along with the casting announcement comes a reveal of the film’s logo treatment, though it’s still missing a subtitle. Whether or not Paramount will stick with the ’4′ or come up with a catchy rider remains to be seen. Check the logo out below:


Transformers 4 Logo 570x322 Mark Wahlberg Confirmed For Transformers 4; New Logo Revealed

Some may have hoped that a leading man being cast in the film would give some sense of the direction the writers might take with the story, but with Wahlberg, it’s not so easy to discern. Considering the actor’s most recent roles - The Fighter and Ted – it could go any number of ways. Given Michael Bay’s track record, it’s most likely that the film will land somewhere between action and comedy, in which case Wahlberg’s casting makes perfect sense.

It’s hard to believe that a Transformers movie will trade laughs for tears, since that seems out of character for both the source material and director’s strengths. The darker sections of Transformers: Dark of the Moon were the source of its biggest problems for some people, so hopefully Bay and company have learned a few lessons.

Wahlberg marks just the first member of the apparently completely new cast of humans and robots, and all things considered, will go a long way toward giving T4 a notably different tone than those that preceded it. The film itself will have to deliver genuine quality, but at least this casting news will pique people’s curiosity. When we’re talking about the fourth installment of a hotly-debated series, that in itself is an accomplishment.

What’s your take on Wahlberg’s casting? Think he’s right for the franchise going forward? If he is, would you rather see a role closer to Ted or The Departed?

Transformers 4 opens in theaters on June 27th, 2014.


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  1. Scene 1, Wahlberg: “Let’s Go!”

    Scene 2, Wahlberg: ” Run!”

    Scene 3, Wahlberg: “We have to get out of here!”

    In essence, Marky Mark is the perfect choice for this kind of movie.

  2. How about they introduce a few characters from G.I. Joe for a crossover!

    • I’ve been saying this for a long time. GI Joe 2 would be so much more appealing if it were Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s Roadblock fighting alongside Optimus.

      Maybe if Disney buys Hasbro and they reboot the franchises they can crossover.

      • some Sean Hanna shots “OHH YEA” IMAX types ..Bro don’t want to know that aquired Olpympia “Stallone” competition do not know how hard you tried these Calvin Klein Guy’s “I have your then ues Evil … all corners clear Ty ! ! Tyson ! ! !” yea some Iron Work clips.

        Mark Walhnerg’s Gym Dork ALL CRACK GONE ! ! ! ! !

      • No the rock please. We want the leading man shila… was what made me want to watch. Also bumble bee……
        Thats is were sequels fail is they don’t have the same actors.

        • No. Shia was awful. Horrendous. Glad he’s gone, he was fail.

  3. I need you like Mark Walberg needs acting school.

    Why does Michael Bay get to keep on making movies.

    Transformers sucks and I miss you.

    • Bay keeps making them because no matter how much people complain about how much they suck,these movies always make a metric f#*& ton of money.

      The only thing that I’m wondering about is who will be the bad guy now.

      The only real thing that I think that they can do is to build up to Unicron.

      They also need to move into the direction of Galvatron and Rodimus Prime.

      • From what I’ve seen in the trailer they are going in the direction of Galvatron :-) I think Wauhlberg is a good choice given that he can play a serious and comedic character that seems natural and realistic. I’d also lik to see some of the special ops team members and autobots in this but with more depth and strategic planning interactions.

    • I just wanted you to know, that even though Transformers was a huge part of my life as a child, and I love the movies dearly, even if they are stupid and annoying at certain points, and I fully plan on being at the midnight showing of T4, this post took my s***** day and turned it around. Thank you for sharing this humor, and I hope to God anyone else who reads this knows exactly what its in reference to.

    • why are people exited about whalberg? he isint that good of an actor as a stunt man yes acting…not so much…which tells me that the 4th film will again have no content only…action {nonsensical at that}
      god i wished the live action franchise died with Transformers 3 or atleast they ditched michel bay. what i really want is a reboot that starts on Cybertron showing us the…scratch that make it a tv show that chronicles Megatrons time as a gladiator and all the events of the war .
      now one last thing has to be said before i finsish when i heard about dark of the moon i waa pumped because i thought this would be IT and by it i mean Unicron’s appearance in the live action movies {i thought the moon could turn out to be unicrn sleeping

    • Dude whats wrong with you?

      1. Walberg rocks!

      2. A cybertron story would be cool but thats a lot of money for that much CGI.

      3. Unicron would be awesome but expencive and really hard to do.

      4. I think people need to stop fussing, you want a live action Transformers and Bay is the only one willing to do so.

    • Transformers DOSEN’T suck u do

  4. “Hey Optimus, say hello to your mother for me.”

  5. While I’m not the biggest fan of Transformers 2 & 3 at all, in any way, blah blah blah…
    I’m hopeful that 4 will be better. I like the casting of Whalberg and like others think that if there will be a human focus in the film it should be military based only.
    I realize this is Michael Bay and there’s going to be a hot female protagonist mixed in the bunch but IMO it doesn’t have to be a young high school or college aged dim wit who just runs around needing to be saved. Woman are also in the military and are as strong, smart and capable as men.
    So I’d like to see that for once Mr. Bay. :)

    • YOUR SOOOO SWEET KEVIN….LOL who does not like college aged HOT girls??? WTF is wrong with you bro? I dont like the dim witted part and a military part is the way to go in this movie but there needs to be HOT WOMEN in the movie, CMON ALL MOVIES NEED HOT WOMEN just ask james bond

      • Aaaaaaalright Mr. Bay, nice try. You can post under your own name here; we’re all friends. ;)

    • I agree on the human side being only military. And if they really need a hot chick, get Michelle Rodriguez. She pulled off a good military role in Battle:LA without being a helpless pair of bewbz.

    • Accually Ms. Peltz is suppost to have a kick butt scene from rumors of seeing her on set doing some fighting moves.
      I hope thats true. And i do agree witht he casting. Also we are getting AUTOBOT HOUND!!! *cheers*

  6. Trans4mers – I like this better

    • very nice man, it fits perfect for the title
      they should use that

    • I agree

    • Trans4mers: Carnage sounds like an epic title.

  7. Cool that Mark Wahlberg is gonna be in it. BUT, Michael Bay is still working on it, so im still not very hyped for Transformers 4. Also, Bay stated Transformers 3 would be a “dark film” and it ended up having an identical tone to the other 2. So far, im simply saying no one should listen to Bay until more details of the film has been revealed.

    • Dark of the Moon was pretty dark at times with Lazerbeak killing those dudes. He made it pretty dark in my opinion. You cant be too dark, hen its dull or not the way transformers is supost to be.

  8. so with my understanding, after the third film they hope to inspire and spark a whole new transformers trilogy, when they’ve already killed 3 of the major auto bots + more than half the main decepitcons along with characters like sam, leo(the only person from the 2nd movie lmao), mikaela, Lennox, Epps, Agent Simmons, Maggie, Glen, Defense Secretary John Keller, ect. all the technically MAIN character that probably should have had roles throughout the trilogy. although they stayed for a short while – however with that being said. shouldn’t it have been enough after the horrid transformers 3 release that no one wanted to even see a 4th considering that the series revolved around the main characters? now what, a whole new agenda that sparks a story-line, hello – wouldn’t it make sense IF THEY STUCK WITH THE STORY-LINE AND ORIGINAL CREW IN ORDER TO ACHIEVE THAT, INSTEAD OF MAKING AN ENTIRE NEW MOVIE!? i mean come on, im a die hard transformers fan, but this – this is just an insult by the looks of it and with the few releases about the movie it doesn’t seem like its going to be even worth the time and money that’ll go in for the “Fans” and movie itself. i was hoping for the best after transformers 2 (Even without the main cast from the first, it still would have been best with that) regardless transformers 3 and now 4 are going to be something worth regretting for ALONG TIME.

    • I agree!!!!!!!!

    • Transformers 1 = Awesomeness
      Transformers 2 = Could have been better but still was awesome at times
      Transformers 3 = Best of the 3. Loved Mr. Spock as Sentinel Prime.
      Transformers 4 = I think awesomeness from the cast. Dude, dont bash somethig before you see it.

  9. make emma watson the female protagonist then the movie will be saved

    • Lol

  10. I believe that Mark Wahlberg is an excellent choice since a Transformers movie is just the type of movie for his acting style. IMO, Wahlberg hasn’t made a great movie since “The Shooter”, where I thought he was excellently cast. I had hoped for similar work in “Contraband” but it didn’t do nearly as well.

    The problem with Transformers 3 was the absence of Megan Fox as a result up of a dust-up between her and Bay. In her place, they introduced a new actress who couldn’t generate the same chemistry that Fox had with Le Bouf, which seriously hurt the movie in general…

  11. What xactly is his Mark Walhberg role

  12. lol you guys…starting rumours and s***…and then Michael Bay is all “hrm, Marky Mark…maybe, maybe…” and then the rumour becomes reality. Hahahahahahahaaaaaaa I’m laughing so hard.

  13. they should not put the british actor in transformers 4 because she ruined the dark of the moon. michael bay should not direct the film steven spielberg should be the one directing this film. micheal bay does a good job went it come to special effects but thats it. hasbro should not let sexy women act in action parts. it ruins the action.

  14. A lot of these people are complaining to get Shia Labeouf back as the original main star of the films. Here’s a moral lesson:
    You cannot. Count. On. Anyone. Replacement is change and change is nature. Deal with it. Shia just quit on Michael Bay because the director’s hard to get along with, and do you know how hard it is to be an actor during the set of the films? Think about it. Also, you really don’t need to be jealous about it. Are you saying that Shia Labeouf/Sam Witwicky is Transformers? If so, it’s a lie. Actors don’t make the film. Screenplay does. Get over it.

  15. Awesome! Cant wait! And to Michael Bay, dont listen to all them haters! You rock!!!

  16. Ha! Mark Walberg is no comparison to Shai. What the hell is Bumble Bee suppose to do with Walberg. This spells disaster.

    • Mark is not replacing anyone… He is a different character who ties to Optimus prime.

  17. and sam??? i want sam!!! without him the film suck!!!

  18. What is your cell phone memeber