‘Transformers 4′: More Dinobot Rumors & New Details About Wahlberg’s Character

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Every Transformers fan has been thinking it ever since Michael Bay started making these films back in 2007: When are we going to see some Dinobots up in this business? The Dinobots – which are, as they sound, Transformers that transform into robot dinosaurs – have been fan-favorites ever since their creation in the 1984 Transformers cartoon episode “S.O.S. Dinobots.”

Naturally, Transformers 4 has been once again rumored to feature the characters, who recently got a major re-introduction into Transformers lore, thanks to the popular video game Transformers: Fall of Cybertron (which featured Dinobots leader Grimlock as a playable character). Watch the interview with TF4 star Mark Wahlberg above, and then judge for yourself: was he protecting a big Dinobots reveal?

Transformers 4 Mark Wahlberg Optimus Transformers 4: More Dinobot Rumors & New Details About Wahlbergs Character

First, lets discuss the fact that Wahlberg references his character, Flynn Vincent, as being a frustrated inventor. Up until now we heard Vincent described as a “gear-head,” a mechanic, father to a spunky car enthusiast daughter played by Bates Motel star Nicola Peltz, with comedian TJ Miller acting as his sidekick. The inventor bit is a curious new dimension to Flynn’s character, and given some previous rumors about the TF4 storyline, there’s a certain amount of logic to where Flynn’s inventive prowess could fit into the story (hint: restoration and evolution of certain Transformers).







A few months back, an alleged Transformers 4 plotline leaked to the Internet, and it was chock-full of iconic characters from the series – including The Dinobots. Since that time, certain elements of that proposed plotline – like the introduction of specific Transformer characters - have all been confirmed by the filmmakers. So, the idea of the Dinobots being in the film is a more or less believable one, making it easy to interpret Wahlberg’s reaction to the question (and general knowledge of the Dinobots’ existence) as further evidence that Grimlock and Co. will be stomping it up in the next film.

Transformers 4 Dinobots1 Transformers 4: More Dinobot Rumors & New Details About Wahlbergs Character

Since the beginning, Michael Bay himself has been promising that Transformers 4 would act as a semi-reboot of the franchise – one that would redesign the series before he hands it off to a new creative team. Needless to say, many moviegoers have been skeptical about the idea of Bay changing up his tried-and-true formula of Transformers box office domination; and yet, if there is one film franchise that has managed to continuously inspire hope (if only to ultimately thwart it) with every new installment, it’s been Transformers. Here’s hoping that if Dinobots and Galvitron and Unicron and Nemesis Prime are all on the way, Bay at least does them right (fingers crossed).


Transformers 4 will be in theaters on  June 27, 2014.

Source: MTV

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  1. I loved the first one. The second, and third left me with a lower IQ. Not really excited about anymore of these would rather see them move on to something else like Masters of the Universe.

    • I want to see Dinobots and Unicron portrayed faithful to the source material.

      • Don’t go to Transformers 4 then.


        Odds of a chaos god from before time who refashioned his metallic asteroid prison into a new transforming body who needs to devour planets to sustain it’s himself being in this series is VERY slim indeed.

        Main reason, how do you beat it. The Creation Matrix, Oh, sorry ALLSPARK (please!!!! pfff) is all but destroyed with only a couple of fragments knocking about so how do you stop him.

        Dinobots, depends on what you mean by faithful and which version

        You’ve got the 80′s cartoon (and movie. So a lot of “ME GRIMLOCK” “GRIMLOCK SMASH” “YOUR FULL OF BERYLIUM BALONEY” etc.

        You’ve got the 80′s comics where not exactly MENSA members they could at least ping a few sentences together, were hard as nails and Grimlock even took over leadership of the Autobots for a while

        Then you’ve got the Dreamwave and IDW Comics where they’re similar to the 80′s comics but even more mercenary and ambiguous in there motives. Grimlock even teams up with Megatron in one of the 1st Dreamwave series.

        The less said about Nucleon the better (Transformers that don’t transform, point being???)

        • Yes I am showing off my Transformers knowledge.

          I was there at Transformers UK No1 and I was there at Transformers UK 332 (and all of them in between)

          I was there for Roland Rat and TVAM for the cartoon series and I was there in the theatre for the 86 movie.

          I was there in Woolworths with my pocket money (Had the original Prime… if only I kept him mint, worth a fortune now) :(

          Little behind with the IDW stuff but Amazon’s helping enormously

          Seen T1, hated it, seen T2 hated that one, also saw T3, guess what hated it.

          Do you know what…. I’ll be going to see 4 as well. Most likely hate that too.

          But how AWESOME would it be if I didn’t. (it’ll be called Pacific Rim… shows it can be done.)

          Ah the blind faith of a fan…..

          • Stop comparing Pacific Rim to Transformers. They’re completely different. Michael Bay and his team are the only brains behind these films (seeing as ‘Transformers’ doesn’t have a mastermind studio like Marvel that has super input in making these films glorious; Hasbro doesn’t give two f*cks as long as they receive money from toy sales), and I think they’re succeeding. While their script-writing and characterization skills need much more work, they’re doing pretty well. Hell, these films have the best CGI animation in blockbuster films today. It seems like people just copy-and-paste critic reviews or comments from stubborn Transformer fans who refuse to accept change and realize that things aren’t going to stay G1 forever.

        • You stop it like every action movie always kills their enemy.. Put a large nuke inside it. Lol I’m being sacastic obviously, but seriously.. Seems these days that’s pretty much the solution proposed by all the big blockbusters.

    • I loved all three films, I never watched Transformers when I was younger but I watched the 1986 film and some of the animated series at school mainly the Predacons I think.

      Bay does his films different from the Transformers universe that you lot all know he has created his own universe that his films follow and for one I rather prefer the films they have humour and comedy and action.

      Transformers 4 won’t be a reboot it is just a redesign of the characters and introducing new ones and Tyrese Gibson is returning anyway so it is still connected to the other three films.

    • Not sure if you know this but there was a masters of the universe already

      • Yes I do but tried to forget about it. The only thing that saved the movie……. Frank Langela.

    • I agree. A MOTU movie is long overdue and I cannot help but think what if Hemsworth had not turned out to have made Thor so iconic he would have been perfect for the role of He-Man. Nufff of that. I too enjoyed the first one but felt really let down with the last two. I think a reboot of the franchise is necessary. Dinobots are a welcome addition as long as Gimlock in robot mode is recognizably done and not abominized as Soundwave and Starscream were.

  2. I would love to see the dinobots but i dont think Bay is gonna make it happen. However, if this movie does not have Unicron and Galvatron it will not be good

  3. For me, watching Transformers was like trying to watch a movie about alien robots blasting each other apart, but there was that one idiot in the theater who starts blurting out asinine jokes and commentary hoping for a reaction from the audience. Except you can’t throw Mike & Ikes at the guy or tell him to shut up because that guy is actually a character in the movie.

  4. Id love to see the Dinobots as seen in the 80′s cartoon. They don’t waste anytime kickin Decepticon butts. On a personal note, id like to see a combiner team VS. combiner team such as the Aerial-bots vs. The Stunticons in one giant robot fight.

    • Agreed on the combiner teams!….the Devestator version in the 1st was just terrible, more like a metallic beast rather than a giant combined robot

    • We almost got to see that; in the initial script draft for ‘Transformers 3′, the Combaticons and the Aerialbots were featured. Bruticus and Superion were meant to originally fight each other.

  5. I, for one, would be eager to see what post-Bay Transformers would be like. I’ve found his interpretations to be awful. I’m an old G-1 fan and besides Prime’s voice, I’ve been unhappy with all of the reinterpretations, especially Devestator.

    • @ Rook420

      I agreed, most of the characters needed improvement. Bumblebee had his voice back at the end of the first film then in the last two films he spoke radio again. I hoped more Decepticons took to the air while Autobots were grounded like the 80′s cartoon.

    • Things can change. That’s all I’m saying.

  6. Looks like they are once more setting out on ruining the whole thing. Remember kids: many things that work on a comic book page or in a cartoon series absolutely don’t translate to a live action movie without being extremely goofy. Dinobots are one of them. This will be so dumb, if true.

  7. I’m not getting my hopes up. We’ve been promised dinobots for some time now in multiple ways. Yah we got em in FOC and the Prime comics, but we didn’t get em in the Prime show. To me that was retarded to not pit the Dinobots against the Predacons. It would would have been epic to see the bad-ass FOC Grimlock do combat with Predaking. In all seriousness though, Dinobots are something all of these producers do every year just to get the fans hyped up. 8/10 times, they don’t deliver in the way they say they will.

  8. They teased dinobots in the viral marketing for Transformers 1, and still haven’t delivered! I hope they do it for part 4. I might just be tempted to forget the disappointments that were parts 2 and 3.

  9. the people don’t care about the fans they only care about the money so

  10. Maybe they can do a crossover with Jurassic Park and the twist can be that the original dinosaurs were actually robots in disguise….

    • HAHA!! Could you imagine? That would be awesome (and awful) at the same time.

  11. Yes, we all want Dinobots! Until they’re given the Devastator treatment… Unforgivable.


  12. can’t wait to see how the fudge this ersion up. We survived Shockwave. He look lets get him a cool CGI pet monster Kewl! Daddy Bay! Put some Bronies and CGI Ponies in break into that demographic. Hasbro loves em.

  13. If you loved all three of these movie please get help. The first one was bad, but not horrible. And the following ones were terrible.

    • Alright retard. I loved the first one. It did have its flaws. 2nd one was good. 3rd one was good too except for the fact that the love story of sam and the new chick was awkward.

      But…I will continue to seek help from my psychiatrist as you say

  14. The first one was watchable, but the rest were so bad to me. I’m not even sure if I’ll watch the 4th.

  15. When they turn the original movie into live action, while pushing humans into the background, I will jump up and down for joy. Until I see a serious Transformers movie about evolved robots, I will never see the franchise beyond the sex and weed jokes.

  16. I have to admit, I have absolutely loved Transformers 1 and 2. Transformers 3 wasn’t as great as I have expected it to be since they have lazily dropped the one character that has been through thick and thin with Sam Witwicky like Alysia Yeoh’s balls. Dark of the Moon had absolutely no meaning; it was merely a film that repeated the same thing as the first two with a bunch of explosions, hell I even had zero interest to finish it.

    I believe that Transformers 4 will flop big time unless if this fourth one is a prequel that showed the great War of Cybertron that caused the demise of that planet. I hugely doubt Transformers 4 and any other future Transformers films will make as much money as any of the previous movies.

  17. How about Michael Bay finally throws in the towel and lets a more skilled director take on the task? Surely by now he’s getting tired of doing yet another Transformers film if he’s re-booting his own series like someone pretty much admitting to his inital failure?

    • Wats the point of doing a part four without Shia labeouf he made the transformer n I have all the DVD from one to three it just wouldn’t be the same. N I am a Huge FAN of the transformers

  18. I’m excited for this movie.I loved the 1st one and the 2nd and 3rd ones were average.The 2nd one had stupid sexual humor and the final act was kind of boring,while the 3rd one didn’t have a human touch,and the movie was too long.Despite these problems I still enjoyed those two as well but definitely not as much as the 1st.I just have feeling this 4th movie will be just as good if not better than the 1st and will redeem the franchise.

  19. If the dinobots are going to be in this new film, I hope they use the look they had in the comics and don’t go crazy and change them like they did to Bumble bee, and If you have the dinobots you got to have WheeL Jack who created the dinobots.

  20. Please one day let a director have a shot that would concentrate on giving the transformers distinct personalities. I was offended when they introduced Shockwave: Fans will know him as the equally menacing but more conniving decepticon that actually took over leadership for a while. But you wouldn’t know he meant anything to the series by watching Bays film. I’m just losing confidence in this guy