New ‘Transformers 4′ Truck Revealed – Nemesis Prime Storyline?

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Transformers 4 Nemsis Prime Truck New Transformers 4 Truck Revealed   Nemesis Prime Storyline?

Now that shooting on Transformers 4 is underway, Michael Bay has attempted to curb the set photo reveals that plagued his Transformers 3 shoot by sporadically releasing official images of each vehicle that will be featured in the new film. We’ve already seen a redesigned Optimus Prime (with a Western Star truck replacing his Peterbilt 379 alternate mode from the first three films) and Bumblebee (now a modified vintage 1967 Chevrolet Camaro SS) – along with a host of entirely new vehicles. Most newcomer cars have not been been publicly connected to their respective robot warrior (yet), meaning that we’ve been doing a lot of digging through the expansive franchise canon to get an idea of which cybertronians might be included this round – as well as what direction Bay intends to take the story (especially since Transformers 4 is supposed to set-up a new trilogy saga).

Today the speculation game continues, as Bay has unveiled a new image revealing that a 2014 Argosy cab-over truck by Freightliner will join the franchise – subsequently delivering some very interesting story and character possibilities.

The Argosy image first appeared on (click to enlarge) – accompanied by the following caption:

Transformers 4 Freightliner Truck 280x170 New Transformers 4 Truck Revealed   Nemesis Prime Storyline?

The adventure continues to transform with a very different offering from Daimler Trucks North America . . . the imposing 2014 Argosy cab-over truck by Freightliner.

For longtime Transformers enthusiasts that have read the comics and watched the various TV series, several fan-favorite character possibilities will come to mind. While other bots are possible (more on that further down), we’re going to start with the two most straightforward entries - most notably Ultra Magnus and Motormaster. Both characters are “leader” characters that played pivotal roles in numerous Transformers storylines  - and they’re both traditionally depicted with a comparable freighter truck-like alternate mode.

Ultra Magnus Transformers 4 New Transformers 4 Truck Revealed   Nemesis Prime Storyline?

Ultra Magnus

Ultra Magnus has previously (on more than one occasion) been depicted as a Freightliner car carrier – the same brand as the new truck in the film. Bay has been known to switch-up alternate modes in past movies – so while Ultra Magnus is an obvious choice, that doesn’t mean he’s a lock for the movie (especially given the ominous coloring of Bay’s Freightliner). In terms of character, several versions of Ultra Magnus exist throughout the Transformers canon: ranging from the brother of Optimus Prime, to a obedient follower in the Autobot army, or even a cocky and reckless leader himself. However, after the close personal relationship between Optimus and Sentinal that was explored in Transformers: Dark of the Moon, it’s hard to imagine the filmmakers will retread similar ground by utilizing the brother iteration of Magnus. So, if he is in the film, it’s more likely he’ll be a new second-in-command type (similar to the role Ironhide played) – a soldier that helps Optimus reunite with his new cast of Autobots.

Motormaster on the other hand, is a Decepticon leader – and head of the Stunticon sub-team (which also includes Breakdown, Drag Strip, Dead End, and Wildrider). Motormaster has never been a Freightliner brand truck specifically but regularly appears as a tractor-trailer-type truck – most notably the Kenworth K100 Aerodyne. Plenty of Transformers fans would likely be excited to see the Stunticons in the new film but, unfortunately, after The Dreads (Crankcase, Crowbar, and Hatchet) chase in Dark of the Moon, the crazy personalities and acrobatic driving/transforming of the Stunticons might not seem quite as fresh to casual audiences who aren’t savvy about specific characters in the franchise.

Motormaster Transformers 4 New Transformers 4 Truck Revealed   Nemesis Prime Storyline?


Similarly, the group’s combiner capability (joining to become Menasor) has already been tackled onscreen by the Constucticons – when they formed Devastator in Revenge of the Fallen. Plus, given that the new film is supposed to take the franchise in a difference direction (possibly off-planet), it’s hard to imagine where the Stunticons would fit into a story that could feature some of the series’ more over-the-top ideas like Dinobots and Unicron. As a result, a character like Motormaster seems less likely (albeit still entirely possible) at this point.

Assuming that Transformers 4 really is going to dramatically shift the trajectory of the story, the Freightliner could actually be something very unexpected – such as Nemesis Prime. While certain versions of Nemesis Prime were tied to a long-running Unicron storyline (that also included alternate dimensions), one interpretation presented the character as a twisted clone of Optimus Prime – created by human engineers using spare parts from the Autobot leader.

Check out the Nemesis Prime toy (which debuted as a Comic-Con 2008 exclusive). The figure was a reskin of the “Classics” Optimus Prime but bears a strong resemblance to the color scheme and design seen in Bay’s Freightliner image:

Nemesis Prime Comic Con Exclusive 570x311 New Transformers 4 Truck Revealed   Nemesis Prime Storyline?

If that idea sounds familiar, it should – since an unofficial synopsis for the film indicated that the plot would center around a group of businessmen and scientists that naively attempt to study and use Transformer tech to build new weapons – with dire consequences (while a larger threat from outer space approaches). Studio sources maintain the plot synopsis was fake – but it would not be the first time that official reports outright lied to hide the twists and turns in an upcoming film.

Between the possible plot synopsis, along with the casting of Kelsey Grammer as a human (likely businessman) villain, a Nemesis Prime plot line isn’t too far-fetched and could provide some interesting onscreen robot drama. Evil twin stories can be a total misfire but, when done properly, they are a cool opportunity to explore different sides of a fan-favorite character (like Optimus Prime) – by showcasing a version with the same skill set but entirely different sense of morality.

Nightwatch Optimus Nemesis Prime New Transformers 4 Truck Revealed   Nemesis Prime Storyline?

Nightwatch Optimus Prime [via Deviant Art: Art-Master-1983]

There are certainly other possibilities regarding who the Freightliner will ultimately be in the final film, and feel free to share your ideas in the comments, but one final possibility is that the truck isn’t a new character at all – and could merely be a “stealth” version of Optimus Prime. In fact, there’s already a Transformers: Dark of the Moon toy featuring the Autobot with a black and blue paint jobs (Nightwatch Jet Wing Optimus Prime and Nightwatch Optimus Prime, respectively). A stealth Optimus Prime alternate mode might not be the most likely option out of the ideas we’ve presented here but, depending on what actually happens in the film, it’s still a possibility – and might come as a relief to die-hard Transformers fans who still cringe at the sight of those orange flames.


Transformers 4 hits theaters on June 27, 2014.

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Source: Michael Bay

Nightwatch Optimus Prime Art: Art-Master-1983

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  1. I’m going to watch this movie for the sole reason of seeing that truck transform.

    • And pretend its Optimus Prime!

  2. that’s Mark Wahlberg’s character after they rebuild him… feel the vibrations!

    • HA…love it!

    • “feel the vibrations!”

      That just made my day :)

    • What about the bees?

      • Maybe these references go back to Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch? The only Boogie Nights line I recall is the last one: “I’m a big bright shining star.”

  3. Boooooooo

  4. Reminds of the Mech’s version of Nemesis Prime in Transformers Prime

  5. Yay! Another vehicle revealed. I can’t sleep anymore…

  6. I really hope Hot Rod is in T4. How can they have made 4 Transformers films w/o Hot Rod at least in one.

    • God yes,all time favorite character. Ive been waiting for Hot Rod for so long. He was such an important character to the franchise. Rodimus Prime!!!

      • So important they brought Optimus Prime back!

    • wish i could see a fusion of optimus & ultra magnus (if he comes out)just like optimus did with jetfire in the 2nd & 3rd movie

    • **hot shot

  7. i cannot wait.

  8. Stunticons, would give it a Fast and Furious subplot…thats how I can see the actors tie in to the movie. Son in law who races dates daughter and meet the dis approving father…I would be cool with that…

  9. Not the first time the Nemesis subplot its been used, most recently Transformers:Prime, the show. One of the better episodes in the animated series. Stunticons would be good if it was a real combiner and not a mindless drone like Devastator in the second movie.

  10. Question.

    Is it only those who loved the show as a kid in the 80s who look forward to these movies?

    I’m asking because the Bay movies have been horrendous acting, dialog and storytelling scenes wrapped around decent fights and never appealed to me, I never owned Transformers toys as a kid (had no interest, I was more into Turtles, Ghostbusters, M.A.S.K. and He-Man at the time), hated the cartoons and every “hey, look, new car revealed!” article on the web for this 4th movie just generate a “meh” feeling.

    • Actually the only reason i watch is because of optimus prime, all the other robots have been ravaged by bay’s interpertation.
      He is great with action sequences but horrible at storytelling and keeping a story coherent. He is ignores source material, its hard to
      believe he has had these robots three movies and still cant get it right.

      • I agree that as far as cartoon-fan-service goes, Optimus is almost all that lands properly. (Although in the generally awful second film he was kinda a bloodthirsty fascist at times). He looks and sounds like an evolution of the old cartoon, unlike every other robot. Starscream is at least recognizable, but I barely know who anybody is, even if I should. Bumblebee is identifiable because he’s a spunky yellow car, but he’s totally different and needlessly mute. Even as a kid, if an ep had him wanting to go to college with Spike rather than be one of the auto bots I’d be confused by the stupidity. Laser beak and Ravage had awesome cameos, and I can accept the newly amazing shockwave, but where are all the characters? Granted they had to change Megatron because having him turn into a pistol raises too many goofy questions, but he’s unrecognizable in all ways.

        Beyond that, the complexity of the transformations and action are often startling, and seeing Cybertron in the intro of 3 was exhilarating for an old fan. That’s why I watch these, but I hope for better references and movies all around. By and large,the animated movie is far and away better than these films, so I hope they do some delicate pilfering of great ideas. Unicron would be a good start.

        • Yup I thought Megatron would of been AWESOME as his Generation 1 self!

    • Nope, I actually Started getting into the Transfandom because of the movie back in 07. I love the films and the stories they try to represent.

    • I grew up watching the Transformers and I have not paid to watch any of these movies. The fact that they took sentient robots and gave most of them no personality, and then added human characters that played like they fell out of bad television show makes me think that the computer graphics are the only thing people really pay attention to in these movies.

      • couldn’t agree more.
        Michael bay needs to get a real job!!

  11. Nice another truck… now when can we see a plane or other means of transportation? Autobots doesn’t mean CARS right? -_-
    Plus it would be awesome if it turns out that this is a Stunticon, but then again I don’t want it to become a monster like Devastator. We need a REAL combiner in this movie.

    • +1

    • Unless you’re talking about the dinobots and the aerialbots, the autobots faction is mostly cars with a few exceptions. That truck however is not an autobot, it is clearly Nemesis prime.

      • Powerglide
        Jetfire or Skyfire if you prefer
        Omega Supreme

  12. And I don’t care what that combiner was named in Revenge of the Fallen. While the vehicles might have been constructicons that wasn’t Devastator when combined. And Hot Rod was only in Transformers the Movie, Dark Awakening, and Return of Optimus Prime 1 and 2, and Rebirth Part 1 & 2

    • Good point. Also that “Jetfire” from 2 was a bummer. The original was a complete and total ripoff of Robotech’s 1st generation Armored/super Veritech mech. (Setting aside the Macross-derived American nature of the series). Which is to say: it was awesome. It also put to shame the official Robotech toys that bizarrely warped the proportions of the fighters into bulbous, squat little toys. Jetfire had metal parts and plastic armor, and three modes: fighter, guardian (jet with legs), and battloid (robot). In T2 he was an inexplicably old, crotchety weirdo that hung out as a Blackbird bomber in a museum for some stupid reason.

    • Well I would say you are wrong there Hotrod was the second leader of the autobots, When he became Rodimus Prime. The Fact that he has no been put in these movies bothers me a lot because he was such a big part of transformers. I know people are going to say its all Optimus But thats just not the case.

    • It clearly was Devastator. It’s meant to serve as his live-action/cinematic incarnation, and no other version.

  13. Seems like there were three similar trucks in the cartoons and movie. Optimus, Ultra Magnus, and the evil black Optimus doppelgänger guy with trailer and four buddies to combine with. I was thinking they formed Bruticus, but it’s been a few decades… The UM toy had a white but otherwise identical front to Optimus, and they never showed him looking like Optimus, but only combined with his trailer. The black villain toy was inexplicably tiny and made no sense next to Optimus. The scale shift was weird.

    • this bot could be used for primes old friend

    • Motormaster is leader of the Stunticons and not a clone or anything of Optimus Prime.

      They did have a Clone of Optimus in the Episode A Prime Problem.

  14. I just drove past 2 semi trucks towing Optimus Prime cabs on Milford rd traveling north to GM rd. in Milford Mi.
    That is the location of the GM Proving Grounds and I think they must be shooting or testing vehicles there.
    Also there is a bunch of signs on the road that have “E7″ and an arrow for direction. At the front gate of the Proving Grounds there is a crew parking sign and other Directions for truck parking on the Stobart rd entrance.
    Anyway I thought it was cool driving on the road with two Optimus Primes!

  15. My ticket money is on Motormaster. They’ve shown one or two cars on here that weren’t identified to be Autobot nor Decepticon. So why not Stunticon? True, it very well could be Nemesis Prime. But why watch Prime fight himself when you could possibly have Stunticons? I also very much hope that if it is indeed Motormaster, that they don’t monkey them up when they merge. As with Devastator.

  16. Yes, this new truck looks like Nemesis Prime. Him going mano y mano with OPtimus would be great!

  17. But when will the Dinobots show up in these Transformer flicks?

  18. Ultra Magnus should take Ironhide’s place and Hot Rod should replace Bumblebee.

  19. This movie looks pretty good I can’t wait to see it for myself an I’m 46 years old , lol !! My sons love all their movies as well …..

  20. This movie looks pretty good I can’t wait to see it for myself an I’m 46 years old , lol !! My sons love all their movies as well …..

  21. None of the original human characters? No Shia Lebouf? No John Turturro? Mark Wahlberg in the lead role? Sexy-ass ’67 Camaro and an Aventador?

    Seems something is finally being done right here. First Transformers film since the original that I’m excited for!


  23. Galvitron its Megatron rebuilt

  24. I’m a little confused with Bumblebee? Is supposed to be the new camaro or the old Camaro? And what happened Ratchit,Mirage and Sideswipe. I also think Michael Bay was stupid to have Iron hide die in the 3rd movie. He also got rid of Shia Lebouf, John Turturro, or josh Duhamel.

  25. I think thats motormaster.

  26. Heres my thoughts, Stop putting in transformers that not a whole lot of people know about. Stick to ones that people can say O ya I know him. That truck altough the color is off, should be ultra magnus. He had a large role with the auotbots and should be put in there. They said they wanted a new cast well for autobots that havent been in the movies, Cant stres this one enough HOTROD, cliffjumper, Springer, blaster, Percepter,Cup, Dionobots, Ultra Magnus. Theres a whole bunch people know and are big in the story.
    PS. Bay out of all that I named Hotrod needs the be Put in for the love of god..

  27. Hey look it would be awesome for motormaster or Ultra Magnus and or nemesis prime to be in this movie what I see with this truck is Scourge one of Optimus Prime’s arch rival he is an exact copy of Optimus in every way but meaner , evil and violent this could be Bay’s version of Scourge

  28. Scourge from Robots in Disguise!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. Optimus prime was a CAB OVER style semi!!!!