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Optimus Prime Riding Grimlock Transformers Extinction 570x320 Transformers: Age of Extinction Character Guide

When director Michael Bay said he was done making giant-alien-robots-from-space movies after Transformers: Dark of the Moon, we combed through the trilogy of films to generate the most complete Transformers Character Guide available. But then Bay changed his mind and made a fourth film anyway – meaning, our guide isn’t so complete anymore.

Rather than add to our original list, we decided to create a whole new list for what will likely be a new trilogy – beginning with Transformers: Age of Extinction. We’ve divided this list into three main categories – Autobots, Decepticons and Dinobots – have included images of each (from the movie when possible), as well as brief descriptions.




Optimus Prime

Optimus Prime Transformers Extinction 570x320 Transformers: Age of Extinction Character Guide

Voice Actor: Peter Cullen

Optimus Prime is the wise and formidable leader of the Autobots. He called his comrades to Earth to help protect humans from the onslaught of Decpticons; however, the human population turned on all Transformers, so the Autobots went into hiding.

In the early stages of the fourth film, Optimus is a rusty, beat up, Marmon cab-over truck, but later he takes the form of a Western Star 4900 custom semi-truck. Once he has broken in the Dinobot known as Grimlock, he’ll ride on his back in an effort to defeat the Decepticons – and a new type of enemy, as well.



Bumblebee Transformers Extinction 570x320 Transformers: Age of Extinction Character Guide

Voice Actor: None

From the beginning, Bumblebee has been one of Optimus Prime’s most loyal lieutenants and a sworn protector of the human race. Even though his voice module was damaged beyond repair, Bee still manages to communicate effectively using his radio to play various songs and soundbites that relate to the situation at hand.

He alternates forms in the movie, starting as a 1967 Chevrolet Camaro but later becoming a sleek and shiny 2014 Camaro. In robot mode, he’ll be carried by the aerial Dinobot, Strafe.



Ratchet Transformers Extinction 570x320 Transformers: Age of Extinction Character Guide

Voice Actor: Robert Foxworth

While Ratchet is a valuable member of the Autobot team (he serves as their medic), he’s not a fighter by naturet. Instead, he chooses to be on their side because he feels only the Autobots truly have a chance at achieving peace – the only thing he really cares about.

Further enhancing his peace-loving and medic ways, he takes the form of a 2004 Hummer H2 ambulance.



Hound Transformers Extinction 570x320 Transformers: Age of Extinction Character Guide

Voice Actor: John Goodman

Hound is new to the Transformers movie franchise and makes his debut appearance in Transformers: Age of Extinction. In the comics and animated series, Hound is a gentle being who loves calling Earth his home and he often explores all its beautiful places as an Autobot

The cartoon version was a Jeep-turned-robot with a shoulder-mounted rocket  and the ability to project holograms; in the film, he is more of a heavy artillery gunner with a robotic beard and penchant for biting on bullets like they’re cigars. His alternate form is a Oshkosh Defense Medium Tactical Vehicle.



Crosshairs Transformers Extinction 570x320 Transformers: Age of Extinction Character Guide

Voice Actor: John DiMaggio

The animated version of Crosshairs is the Autobots weapon master – meaning his appearance in Age of Extinction makes sense, since the Autobots’ last weapons specialist, Iron Hide, was killed by the turncoat Sentinel Prime. Crosshairs isn’t a fan of Earth, and given his way, would leave it behind and not look back.

Crosshairs’ alternate form is that of a 2014 Chevrolet C7 Corvette Stingray, and he saddles up on the Dinobot called Scorn.



Drift Transformers Extinction 570x320 Transformers: Age of Extinction Character Guide

Voice Actor: Ken Watanabe

In the comics, Drift was once known as the Decepticon Deadlock, but then he converted to the Autobots team. In the film, he’s a meditative Samurai who’s skill with deadly “spark swords” is virtually unrivaled.

When Drift isn’t flying above the city disguised as a helicopter, he likes to “drift” through the streets in his alternate form of a 2013 Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse. His Dinobot companion is Slug.



Brains Transformers Extinction 570x320 Transformers: Age of Extinction Character Guide

Voice Actor: Reno Wilson

Like Drift, Brains was once a member of the Decepticons – specifically, a data-gathering drone for Soundwave – but after seeing the error of his ways (or perhaps he was just tired of being bossed around) he switch sides and became an Autobot. In this film, he is captive of humans looking to crack to the Transformer genome.

He can transform into a laptop but is rarely seen in that mode.


NEXT: Decepticons (Spoilers)


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  1. Wanting to see this more and more with each article. Thanks guys, I hope this movie is better than you reviewed it to be :P.

    • Than we reviewed it to be? We haven’t put up our review yet ;)

    • Sorry to say that but this movie is a total crap, like the movies before.

    • Are you from the future?

      • I seen it two hours ago, and I have not time traveled since I stopped taking acid, around 1998. and I am sorry to say this, but it is awfull! I don’t have time to get in to details, but lets just say, it’s ironic, that the most robotic performance in the movie, comes from whalberg. They should have mocaped Andy circus and built a cgi whalberg, it would have been more realistic, than whalbergs attempt at playing a human.
        P.S stop giving Michael Bay your money,come on people, be stronger than me.

        • No one goes to see a Transformers movie for the leading humans character role. If you do, then you are watching the movie for the wrong reason-or you were never a Transformers fan as a child. Yes, his dialog was crappy, but you look past that and watch the Transformers. My biggest complaint was how Bay did the Donobots and the “infiltrating KSI” scene. I won’t say why because I don’t want to spoil anything.

        • No one has mentioned the Pro Chinese Government propaganda and terrible product placement? The script writer should be sacked. What horrible clichéd writing. It’s a massive step down from the previous trilogy. That actually had some funny dialogue. I don’t think I laughed once in this.. and when If I did, it was because I didn’t want to cry.

  2. Ever so slight spoilers.

    Cyclonus is not in the movie and lockdown is not a decepticon.

    • We know Lockdown is not a Decepticon.

      Can’t confirm that Cyclonus wasn’t one of the faceless new Decepticons – but we’ll double check.

      • Lockdown has never been a Decepticon. Cyclonus was definitely not in the movie.

    • @jack – There were no screenings in my town so I won’t see the movie until tonight. I had to build my database off of various sources online. They ALL said Cyclonus was in it but Ben K saw it last night and doesn’t think he’s in it either.

      As for Lockdown, he really has no loyalties that I know of but I felt (for this movie at least) that he leans more towards the Decepticons, so that’s where I placed him. It’s not necessarily his faction.

      Paul Young

      • Cyclonus is not in the film. i saw it 3 days ago. possibilities for him to be in the next 1 but the character is 100% not in this movie. Lockdown HAS loyalties but not for cons or bots, I’m not going to spoil the movie though. I understand the placement as the character is not a good guy, just thought id add my 2 cents worth.

  3. Is Cyclonus in the movie???

    • How about you watch it and see? Weird concept…I know.

  4. Wowzers. Cyclonus is the most realistic looking transformer yet!

  5. Just watched the movie, its quite disappointing… Don’t put high hope on this movie, then you will enjoy it. Lol

  6. WTF Galvatron is a man-made (man…made…) robot?!!?!

    • Yeah, that news been out quite a while. Shocking, yes. We have to wait and see how Galvatron plays out.

      • I have watched TF4, as much I like the trilogy, to my opinion this is the worse, you can say its 2.5hrs of nonsense LOL

  7. Much like with The Dark Knight Rises’ Catwoman…no one refers to Grimlock as “Grimlock”.

  8. haha I just watched my favorite youtuber destroy this movie for 6 minutes. Totally hilarious.

    I want to watch this with a fast forward button… Can I pay to see it in theaters but fast forward the filler stuff? I wish that were possible. I was so bored during most of TF2.

  9. Thanks Michael Bay with just completely rewriting my childhood with Galvatron’s origins. I’m reminded of that South Park episode where they kept screaming about Indiana Jones being raped…

    • Why can’t they change it? It’s been changed before.

    • I am with you here, Mike. I pride myself on knowing pretty much everything about Transformers and TMNT(Im jk)lol. Now that Michael Bay has made 2 different versions of Devastator( 1. A tank 2. Constructacons who for a pyramid eating lizard) 2. Placed more emphasis on the humans than the actual transformers. 3. Let Sam kill Starscream. 4. Let Prime turn Grimlock into his little b-word(we know that would never happen, nor would Grimlock even listen to him if it didnt benefit the Dinobots directly) 5. Made Bumblebee a main character instead of a scouting bot like he always was??? Should have been HotRod cast for that part easily. And 6. MADE GALVATRON MAN MADE OUT OF TRANSFORMIUM? TRANSFORMIUM??? So my guess with this move is; he isnt going to attempt Unicron, but instead bring in the Quintessans. There is a whole lot more wrong, but I am gonna stop there. On the bright side-its still cool to see them on the big screen and the special effects are fantastic.

  10. Can you guys stop spoiling the stuff that had a red warning? Those are there for a reason.

    Anywho, looks decent but still waiting on those reviews. That doesnt look like the Cy’ we’ll see in the movie. Too toony.

  11. Tell me none of the Dino bots die… They are usually much bigger and stronger then the decepticons. Man made Galvatron ARE YOU EFFING WITH ME? Could of introduced Unicron did it properly set it up for a new trilogy. But nope.. that is to logical.. sigh

  12. I watchef the movie already.. Cyclonus is not there.. There are like 20 stingers…

    • Those are Vehicons, not Stingers. Stinger is one single robot.

  13. It’s that bad?you guys gave 22jump street 4stars??smh

  14. i dont believe in reboots and have never cared for them with only star trek one making
    any sense. but in 2029 after transformers 6 is done someone needs to come in and
    stick closer to source material.
    1. i want the see the humanistic faces from the comic and cartoon.
    2. the real dinobots including the ones that are missing.
    3. the real hound and not a walking junkyard.
    4. the real bumblebee
    5. the real megatron.
    6. unicorn creating galvatron instead of kelsey grammar doing it.
    7. unicorn actually making a world devouring appearance.
    8. no more made up shatty characters
    9. the appearance of spike and his son
    10. finally because no way can another director fix bay’s mindless destruction
    of the transformers universe. even avengers/transformers comic book,
    transformers the movie and pacific rim had a more coherent plot then all of bays crap.

    • Sam Whitwicky was the real name of Spike in the cartoons, so we already had Spike. Sure not the same oil driller and his son from the toons, but Sam and his Dad in the prev three movies were physically like their cartoon counterparts.
      I’d think it a typo but it was there twice. It’s UniCRon (cr) not UniCOrn(co), and it was hinted through the Lockdown character and the look of his ship and the other ships at the beginging of the movie that the Creators he talks about include Unicron.
      To be honest, when I first saw Lockdown and saw him form the canon in his face, I thought he was Either Galvatron or possibly Shockwave.

  15. the movie feels like they give bay less money to make it.
    the war not as colossal as TF3 / TF2, and way much less “decepticons” , oh and they transform in a very cheaper way than usual, it sucks.
    Dinobots looks cool but will be better if they talk and give a little bit info about them.
    the main problem is , not much different tahn TF3, it is another rumble in the city wish he could thinks another cool place to have a fight.
    and still way to much useless human story, more robots less human please.

  16. uhh…Bumblebee was a 76 Camaro, not a 67 Camaro

    • He is on this one, a 67 black mate camaro. Then into a camaro concept,

  17. Seriously, are all of the autobots and decepticons just cars/trucks? Part of what made transformers so great when the original series aired was the variety of different vehicles. There does not appear to be any jets/tanks/boats which is a huge disappointment. I want to see something more original like the Aerialbots, Combaticons, or Protectobots. If they’re going to do cars for decepticons, why not throw together the Stunticons and have some crazy combiner battles……so disappointed

    • I guess you didn’t catch the numerous images of the big robotic T-Rex?

    • The helicopter samurai may not be a jet, tank or boat… But it’d be weird to consider it a car or truck. Or how about that one that turns into a laptop?

  18. I just watched this movie and it’s alright. The action is pretty good but the human cast is really flawed in my opinion. Bet that it will get at least 3 stars. The dinobots are cool although they don’t really talk.

  19. I just got back from the theater and i have a headache. annoying human cast for 80% of the time. the action which is the main attraction becomes repetitive and annoying. oh, hell, I knew what I was getting into when I went to watch it anyway. waste of my money though.

  20. Is there a My Little Pony cameo? Come on, you know they want the cash.

  21. What is the title of the song on the first part? I guess its the first song played in the movie.. like an old song.. thanks

  22. Characters guide?!? Really?! Characters on Transformers??? Transformers has no characters, it has explosions and fighting robots. The only thing close to a character is Optimus Prime and maybe the fat bearded robot, even though both are annoying as hell. The other robots barely even speak, calling them “characters” is an insult to moviemaking.

  23. They need to make a transformers movie on cybertron with more transformer and less humans. It would be cool to make a prequel

  24. my mom works for Waste Management!! I didn’t even notice the truck in the movie.

  25. Galvatron created by humans? One more reason for me to miss this movie.

  26. So as I was looking through I noticed something about the screen capture for Junkheap. It’s the same one that was used 3 years ago for Dark Side of the Moon for garbage truck-bot.

    • @Tom – Yeah, I had to use an image for from TF3 for both Junkheap and Ratchet as neither appeared in any of the trailers or clips.

      Paul Young

  27. Michael Bay is a complete clown. Why he has to ruin what could’ve been an outstanding franchise totally confuses me. I havent seen the movie yet, and after seeing this article, I won’t be going to see it at all. Galvatron built by humans? Marky Mark somehow the dad of a hot blonde who, let’s face it…. If she wasn’t supposed to be his daughter, he would be nailing her all over the place.

    This franchise needs to be taken off Bay, shelved for a couple of years and then totally rebooted by some one who actually liked the original animated series and movies.

    I’m not a fan of the recent outburst of reboots, but this…. and Predator…. really need it.

    Eat s**t and die Michael Bay.