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Grimlock Transformers Age of Extinction 570x320 Transformers: Age of Extinction Character Guide

Voice Actor: None

Grimlock is the headstrong leader of the Dinobots and doesn’t like to answer to anyone – including Optimus Prime. Decepticons are the only thing he hates more than being bossed around, but Optimus won’t have an easy time breaking his will.

When not in robot mode, Grimlock transforms into a vicious, metal Tyrannosaurus Rex.


Scorn Transformers Age of Extinction 570x320 Transformers: Age of Extinction Character Guide

Voice Actor: None

Scorn is the demolitions specialist for the Dinobot team, which fits his personality as he is constantly wreaking havoc all around him.

Even though he is a deadly adversary in robot mode, he’s even deadlier in his mechanical dinosaur mode as a three-sailed Spinosaurus.


Slug Transformers Age of Extinction 570x320 Transformers: Age of Extinction Character Guide

Voice Actor: None

Slug is a tough fighter and a well-built tank, taking blows from his enemies that are almost as hard as he dishes out. As damage dealer of the Dinobots, he typically views himself as the second-in-command behind Grimlock. And with his ability to spray molten fire from his mouth, he is certainly a rival for the top dino.

When he isn’t arguing with Grimlock, Slug is a powerful, mechanical Triceratops.


Strafe Transformers Age of Extinction 570x320 Transformers: Age of Extinction Character Guide

Voice Actor: None

Strafe is the assault member of the group and prefers to attack from the sky as an incredibly powerful, mechanical, two-headed, two-tailed Pteranodon dinosaur.


Transfomers Age of Extinction Character Guide 570x320 Transformers: Age of Extinction Character Guide

As in past films, it’s clear that Bay and Paramount wanted to include as many characters for fans of the franchise to recognize as they could, but most of them are little more than battle fodder and screen fillers. We will continue to update this guide with any and all new information that comes out, so be sure to check back often.


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  1. Brains doesn’t turn into a laptop, he turns into a RC truck. Look at his form, since when do laptops have tires?
    You do make a good point about one character though: Turning hte almost pacifistic Hound into a multiple gun wielding trigger happy cigar chewing brawler was a bad decision.
    For me the worst 2 parts were Optimus basically fixing himself after they pass that white truck and he scans it when he mentioned less then 10 minutes before he needed to find other autobots to fix him, and at the end when he without any of the extra addons from either his trailer or BlackBird flys off into space. If he could fly, why was he always falling off buildings aand over passes?
    Also wasn’t the pterodactyl Dinobot good enough? why change him to an alien 2 headed and 2 tailed beast and change his name? Wasn’t it Swoop in the comics/toons and now it’s Strafe? And why does grim lock have horns when he’s supposed to be a Trex, not a Dragon?

    • Wheelie is the one who transforms into a RC monster truck, Brains was only seen transforming once in TF3 and into a Laptop, but the tires could indicate that he is a double changer like Drift or changed his alt mode since the last film.

    • I don’t see any wheels and if you look closely you can see a cooling fan in his hips.

    • No Wheelie is the rc truck … Brains (as which we are discussing) is the laptop that find the missing Russian Cosmonauts in the dark of the moon quote he says as tranforming from a laptop to a robot “Hey, I’m smoking over here! Downloading missing Russian cosmonauts. Turns out, the Soviets cancelled a manned mission to the moon. The moon! In 1972. Then two of the cosmonauts went into hiding in America. And I just found them alive!…..”

    • dans le 3 il se transforme en ordi,c est l autre qui se transforme en camion rc

    • Make goood point man

  2. Me Grimlock want see things go boom. Who care bout anything else? Why need to see Cybertron or good story? Me Grimlock smash brain. But me still smarter than most. Derp.

  3. I like the movie but the cussing in it wasn’t needed

  4. You know the triceratops is actually called spike not slug, as hound says at the end “I’ll ride with you any time spike”

  5. I’m pretty sure crosshairs said that, and drift was riding slug

  6. That description of Galvatron just reminded me how rubbish Age of Extinction was.

  7. Mon prefere c est bumblebee il est archi fort au combat wesh

  8. Dinobot Slug is actually Dinobot Slag and their was never a Dinobot Scorn. The original Dinobots are: Grimlock, Slag, Sludge,Snarl and Swoop.

  9. Why are Autobot badges flavour of the month on bogan hoon cars?
    Why not the other characters?

  10. Bugatti veyron you must be kidding me