When director Michael Bay said he was done making giant-alien-robots-from-space movies after Transformers: Dark of the Moon, we combed through the trilogy of films to generate the most complete Transformers Character Guide available. But then Bay changed his mind and made a fourth film anyway – meaning, our guide isn’t so complete anymore.

Rather than add to our original list, we decided to create a whole new list for what will likely be a new trilogy – beginning with Transformers: Age of Extinction. We’ve divided this list into three main categories – Autobots, Decepticons and Dinobots – have included images of each (from the movie when possible), as well as brief descriptions.



Optimus Prime

Voice Actor: Peter Cullen

Optimus Prime is the wise and formidable leader of the Autobots. He called his comrades to Earth to help protect humans from the onslaught of Decpticons; however, the human population turned on all Transformers, so the Autobots went into hiding.

In the early stages of the fourth film, Optimus is a rusty, beat up, Marmon cab-over truck, but later he takes the form of a Western Star 4900 custom semi-truck. Once he has broken in the Dinobot known as Grimlock, he’ll ride on his back in an effort to defeat the Decepticons – and a new type of enemy, as well.


Voice Actor: None

From the beginning, Bumblebee has been one of Optimus Prime’s most loyal lieutenants and a sworn protector of the human race. Even though his voice module was damaged beyond repair, Bee still manages to communicate effectively using his radio to play various songs and soundbites that relate to the situation at hand.

He alternates forms in the movie, starting as a 1967 Chevrolet Camaro but later becoming a sleek and shiny 2014 Camaro. In robot mode, he’ll be carried by the aerial Dinobot, Strafe.


Voice Actor: Robert Foxworth

While Ratchet is a valuable member of the Autobot team (he serves as their medic), he’s not a fighter by naturet. Instead, he chooses to be on their side because he feels only the Autobots truly have a chance at achieving peace – the only thing he really cares about.

Further enhancing his peace-loving and medic ways, he takes the form of a 2004 Hummer H2 ambulance.


Voice Actor: John Goodman

Hound is new to the Transformers movie franchise and makes his debut appearance in Transformers: Age of Extinction. In the comics and animated series, Hound is a gentle being who loves calling Earth his home and he often explores all its beautiful places as an Autobot

The cartoon version was a Jeep-turned-robot with a shoulder-mounted rocket  and the ability to project holograms; in the film, he is more of a heavy artillery gunner with a robotic beard and penchant for biting on bullets like they’re cigars. His alternate form is a Oshkosh Defense Medium Tactical Vehicle.


Voice Actor: John DiMaggio

The animated version of Crosshairs is the Autobots weapon master – meaning his appearance in Age of Extinction makes sense, since the Autobots’ last weapons specialist, Iron Hide, was killed by the turncoat Sentinel Prime. Crosshairs isn’t a fan of Earth, and given his way, would leave it behind and not look back.

Crosshairs’ alternate form is that of a 2014 Chevrolet C7 Corvette Stingray, and he saddles up on the Dinobot called Scorn.


Voice Actor: Ken Watanabe

In the comics, Drift was once known as the Decepticon Deadlock, but then he converted to the Autobots team. In the film, he’s a meditative Samurai who’s skill with deadly “spark swords” is virtually unrivaled.

When Drift isn’t flying above the city disguised as a helicopter, he likes to “drift” through the streets in his alternate form of a 2013 Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse. His Dinobot companion is Slug.


Voice Actor: Reno Wilson

Like Drift, Brains was once a member of the Decepticons – specifically, a data-gathering drone for Soundwave – but after seeing the error of his ways (or perhaps he was just tired of being bossed around) he switch sides and became an Autobot. In this film, he is captive of humans looking to crack to the Transformer genome.

He can transform into a laptop but is rarely seen in that mode.


Galvatron (SPOILERS!)

Voice Actor: Frank Welker

Galvatron is one of the few Transformers in Extinction that – [BEGIN SPOILERS] doesn’t originate from Cybertron, as he was designed and built by the humans to replace the Autobots as Earth’s protectors [END SPOILERS].  He’s very well armed and has a vicious attitude to match – but with him, there may truly be more than meets the eye.

His alternate form, similar to that of Optimus Prime, is a 2014 Freightliner Argosy cab-over semi-truck.

Stinger (SPOILERS!)

Voice Actor: Unknown

Stinger comes from the same [BEGIN SPOILERS] man-made origins as Galvatron [END SPOILERS]. He’s often considered to be Bumblebee’s rival and isn’t afraid to jump into combat against a Dinobot.

When he isn’t trying to destroy the Autobots, he’s travelling the roads disguised as a 2013 Pagani Huayra.


Voice Actor: Unknown

Junkheap is a Decepticon soldier whose sole purpose for existing is to battle the Autobots with his crushing claw.

In the movie, he transforms into a Waste Management, Inc. garbage truck.

Vehicons (SPOILERS!)

Reportedly, these characters are Decepticons of [BEGIN SPOILERS] of man-made origin [END SPOILERS] who attack both humans and Autobots alike. A Chevy Trax serves as their vehicle mode.


Voice Actor: Mark Ryan

Though listed in the “Decepticons” section, Lockdown is technically NOT part of either side in the Transformers war. He is a ruthless intergalactic bounty hunter who has been hired to hunt down and capture one of the Autobots hiding out on Earth. Who hired him and whom he’s hunting are a mystery.

When he isn’t blasting holes in the chests of the Autobots, Lockdown rides the streets as a 2013 Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4 Coupe.



Voice Actor: None

Grimlock is the headstrong leader of the Dinobots and doesn’t like to answer to anyone – including Optimus Prime. Decepticons are the only thing he hates more than being bossed around, but Optimus won’t have an easy time breaking his will.

When not in robot mode, Grimlock transforms into a vicious, metal Tyrannosaurus Rex.


Voice Actor: None

Scorn is the demolitions specialist for the Dinobot team, which fits his personality as he is constantly wreaking havoc all around him.

Even though he is a deadly adversary in robot mode, he’s even deadlier in his mechanical dinosaur mode as a three-sailed Spinosaurus.


Voice Actor: None

Slug is a tough fighter and a well-built tank, taking blows from his enemies that are almost as hard as he dishes out. As damage dealer of the Dinobots, he typically views himself as the second-in-command behind Grimlock. And with his ability to spray molten fire from his mouth, he is certainly a rival for the top dino.

When he isn’t arguing with Grimlock, Slug is a powerful, mechanical Triceratops.


Voice Actor: None

Strafe is the assault member of the group and prefers to attack from the sky as an incredibly powerful, mechanical, two-headed, two-tailed Pteranodon dinosaur.


As in past films, it’s clear that Bay and Paramount wanted to include as many characters for fans of the franchise to recognize as they could, but most of them are little more than battle fodder and screen fillers. We will continue to update this guide with any and all new information that comes out, so be sure to check back often.

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