‘Transformers 4′: New Optimus Prime, Two New Autobots; T.J. Miller Joins Cast

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Michael Bay’s Transformers 4 continues to take shape, and even though we’ve heard rumor about some possibly epic story and character changes, when it comes to the issue of the human casting and character details, there’s plenty about TF4 that inevitably feels like more of the same (for better… or worse).

Case in point: today we have a double dose of casting news: one human, and two robots. And it all reads as being very familiar. Read on for the details.

THR reports that comedian/actor T.J. Miller (She’s Out of Your League) has been cast in Transformers 4 as the best friend and fellow mechanic to Flynn Vincent, the character played by Mark WahlbergBates Motel star Nicola Peltz will play will play Vincent’s daughter, while actor Jack Reynor will be getting his big break playing an unnamed racer-type guy who becomes Peltz’ love interest.

TJ Miller in Transformers 4 Transformers 4:  New Optimus Prime, Two New Autobots; T.J. Miller Joins Cast


While Miller is a pretty funny guy in his own right (see: his hilarious bit as a smarmy Green Lantern ragging on Hawkman), but looking at the structure of this Transformers 4 human cast, the film is feeling less like the fresh start Bay has been promising, and more like a rejiggering of principle human characters in the original film.

The young lovers, the tough guy, the comedic relief guy – even Kelsey Grammer as a shady government spook – sounds all too familiar to the characters played by Shia LaBeouf, Megan Fox, Josh Duhamel (or Tyrese), John Turturro and Jon Voight  (respectively) in TF1. In short: Bay detractors probably have more of the same to look forward to – as do those who have loved the franchise thus far.



While technically not a “new Autobot,” Optimus Prime (who will once again be voiced by Peter Cullen) is sporting a brand new (but still iconic) vehicle mode:

Transformers 4 New Optimus Prime Truck Design 570x316 Transformers 4:  New Optimus Prime, Two New Autobots; T.J. Miller Joins Cast

Here’s a description of the new truck, courtesy of Yahoo Movies:

The leader of the Autobots has a brand-new, beefier look thanks to a completely upgraded, custom-built Optimus Prime from Western Star (a subsidiary of Daimler Trucks North America).

Another proud tradition of Bay’s Transformers franchise is taking iconic characters from the TF mythos and adapting them as hot commercial automobiles who transform into generic robots that get small slices of screen time and almost no development. Now, we’re not saying that’s the case in this case; however, as evidenced by the photos below (and some accompanying information) a continuance of that tradition seems likely.

JoBlo reports that the green C7 Corvette Stingray is “Slingshot,” while the black-on-blue Bugatti Grand Sport Vitesse is “Drift.” Both were characters from the Transformers G1 cartoon series – as you can see below:

Tranformers G1 Drift Slingshot Transformers 4:  New Optimus Prime, Two New Autobots; T.J. Miller Joins Cast

Tranformers G1 Drift & Slingshot

Clearly Bay is continuing to “borrow” the names of iconic transformers; Slingshot doesn’t even appear to have the same vehicle mode, as his G1 form was a plane, not a car. Not a surprise, though: most of the second-tier (read: totally forgettable) transformers in all three prior films have included “bastardized” adaptations that pay homage to the classic series in name only.

However, the big thing to note is that while his vehicle form is clearly different,  if that Bugatti is Drift, the character’s inclusion correlates to an earlier rumor (also by way of JoBlo) about a new robot character who is a ‘disgraced samurai Decepticon who seeks to regain his honor by helping the Autobots.’ This happens to the exact bio for G1 Drift, who was once the Decepticon “Deadlock” until he traded his Autobot-killing guns for a set of swords, and sought to regain his honor by fighting for the good guys.









Transformers 4 Unicron Transformers 4:  New Optimus Prime, Two New Autobots; T.J. Miller Joins Cast

After seeing how little the bladed/skating Autobot, Sideswipe, was used in Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, we’re not holding our breath for Drift to be a major player. But if JoBlo is correct in identifying the Bugatti as Drift, were they also correct in the assertion that major characters like the Dinobots, Unicron and a ressurrected Megatron (as Galvitron) are all in the mix as well? Could be…


Transformers 4 will be in theaters on June 27, 2014.

Sources: THR, JoBloYahoo Movies

Slingshot Art by ‘F for Feasant’@ DeviantArt

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  1. If they have another vette and bring back sideswipe, the other corvette should be Sunstreaker.

    • Nope they should be red and yellow Lamborghinis. Nothing else.

      • I’m with you on that

  2. So are the wreckers and Dino coming back??

  3. Can we not get a yellow Lamborghini already? I’ve been waiting for Sunstreaker for 3 damn movies now!

    And seriously, we finally get an Aerialbot included only to have him turned into a car? How long is Bay going to make us wait to see Superion fight Menasor? I want my aerialbots already!

    • I think they couldn’t use a Lamborghini because the car company didn’t want them to, that’s true of the toyline nowadays as well.

    • In an early draft for Transformers 3, Superion and Bruticus were scheduled to fight each other – numerous times.

  4. That’s enough Greedy Bay! This movie will have Razzie Awards written all over it!

  5. I thought Transformers were supposed to be Robots in disguise?

    These guys are missing the point, there is nothing inconspicuous about the above vehicles! Lame

    • lol Transformers Prime Smokescreen fits right in with those two

    • Yeah, remind me again how inconspicuous Autobots who transformed into Lamborghinis and Corvettes and Formula One racecars and racing Porsches and Lancia Stratos were back in the 80s, again?

      • Funny. Nothing ever intended as a robot in disguise stays that way. Transformers were not the first. Early in its conception, the idea behind Terminator was that anyone could be a robot. An old lady, even. Things changed, Arnold replaced Lance Henriksen, and the Terminator became all about brute force and gunfire.

        Transformers were robots in disguise in some playful sense, but it *never* stayed that way. Why even bother to transform? Why not just stay a big Iron Giant?

      • Haha Well that was a cartoon, it was as realistic as Bugs Bunny or Biker Mice from Mars!

        Surely now that that humans know that Transformers exist within the world of these movies they would either A. Need to be more undercover than ever or B. like above said, just stay as big robots

        Just having them transform into as many popular cars as possible just seems to be more about product placement than it does for the necessity of the story, maybe setting it in the actual 80′s would have been more plausible

        • @James Westfall — Wouldn’t they have to change the name from Transformers to Big Effin Robots? If you can’t transform into SOMETHING then its no different then… dare I say… Pacific Rim? LOL.

          • Haha Pacific Rim just doesn’t appeal to me at all, I’m getting tired of seeking stuff getting blown up, cities turned to rubble, yawn

  6. Wow, there’s actually gonna be a car that isn’t American!!? *passes out because of shock*

    • There were 3 cars in the last movie that were not American

      Soundwave was a Mercedes
      Ferrari Italia
      The Einstein Autobot was a Mercedes

      • Wow, three. Still not enough. Jazz should’ve been a white Porsche, Bumblebee a VW, Sideswipe a Lambo, Skids a Honda. Being a brit most of these US cars are alien to me and seem too far removed from the toys and cartoon/comic.

        And Soundwave shouldn’t have even been a car.

        • Soundeave should have been the speaker wall/set for a justin beiber concert.

          • The only reason Soundwave would play Justin Bieber is so that he could kill Bieber with Ravage and Rumble.

            • I would love to see a TF movie with a REAL soundwave!!! not some tiny mercedes, or a satellite that has tentacles.

              He needs to be huge (bigger that megatron) with a canon on his soulder, and he needs his iconic voice back!!!

              • Soundwave does not need to be a cassette player or boombox again. To have a thirty-foot alien transform into something so tiny is ridiculous, just like they said with Megatron not being a gun anymore. Soundwave, being both a Cybertronian satellite and Mercedes, is really cool. Soundwave does not, though, need to be bigger than Megatron. Slightly shorter, yes, but taller, no. His voice would be good to have back, though. Just be glad they got Frank Welker to voice the character in the first place. His voice in the “Revenge of the Fallen” game performed by Peter Jessop was amazing beyond belief.

            • Well soundwave is a Decepticon, and therefore evil. Listening to Justin Bieber is an evil deed indeed, so I think that fits just right. (^-^)

        • VW doesn’t want anything to do with war, even if it’s fictitious. I assume that’s the case for Porsche as well, based on history.

  7. Another Corvette?? Why not make it Tracks!?!? Also it would make sense that Prime alters his form a bit seeing as Sentinel Prime and Megatron both kicked his butt in the third film. And if Soundwave comes back too, can he please not sound like Dr. Claw!? Oh how about Frank Welker voices Galvitron??

  8. they need to get megatron back be it galvatron or not… he is just a part of transformers as optimus is and a movie without him will be bad imo.

  9. Hope this tanks so Brett Ratner can take over and then everyone can b**** and moan for a Transformers: Robots in Diguise reboot in 2024 from Matthew Vaughn before Bay returns in 2027 for the reboot sequel.

    • A reboot sequel, or a Reboot sequel?

  10. I’m not liking the “NEW” Optimus look I like the old one from 1,2 and 3 this new one looks pretty goofy

    • It doesn’t look like it will matter in the least bit. I clicked this article thinking, maybe they gave Prime a new look as a robot. Instead a I got a picture of a truck.

  11. Kelsey Grammer AND TJ Miller? Ok, so I got a little excited.

    I’ve only ever seen Miller in Cloverfield but he was awesome in that movie and incredibly funny, not just in the movie but in the making of videos and promotional material/red carpet stuff I saw. He and Lizzy Caplan were definitely the best actors in that movie.

  12. This site loves to take shots at Michael Bay, I noticed that.

    • Yeah, and why not? Bay has no respect for filmmaking or the actors he employs. It’s one big joke to him. The man just cannot spot a trend; all of his movies suck for a reason and he’s done nothing to change that. As long as he’s getting paid I guess.

      • So you can do better? I doubt it.

        • No, but Bay should at least ATTEMPT to do better…

        • @ War Clown – I’m not a filmmaker, he is. He has been doing this for years now and he still hasn’t learned from his mistakes. He has a string of flops to learn from. But he keeps repeating his mistakes over and over and over again.

          Same over the top directing.

          Same slow mo of an Airplane flying over something.

          Same slow mo of someone getting out of a car.

          Same objectification and stereotyping of women.

          Same consistent plot holes.

          Same cheesy/clichéd scenarios.

          Same cringe-worthy humor.

          How can Michael Bay greenlight Turturro’s character? The character and everything associated with him was a joke, but Bay approved it.

          Robot’s having giant balls – Bay approved it.

          All of his movies feel rushed. Almost as if there was no time for prep. There is so much clutter in his movies. Sequences move from one to the other without coherence. His movies are noisy to the ear, as well as Visually. Laced with Explosions and flashy action sequences, his vision is predictable at best.

          I will give him one thing though – His bombardment of the senses to mask a weak script to the untrained eye/brain is commendable. I and many more however, are simply not falling for it anymore. We can see right through his bullsh*t.

          A quote from Bay – “I really, really don’t care,”. For instance, you look at the box office returns: Break it down, and you see that 120 million people went to see Transformers 3. So, you know, 500 critics are not going to take the fun out of it for me. I make movies for people. I make movies for audiences to enjoy. A few sour apples are not going to spoil my fun.”

          And therein lies the problem – As long as people continue to support him, he will keep making the same movies over and over. That being said, how delusional is this guy if actually thinks Transformers 2 was a movie we enjoyed?

          The man has no respect for this medium. I remember reading in an article once, where he described his filmmaking technique as “Fu***** the frame”. Come on dude.

          As per this article — “… but looking at the structure of this Transformers 4 human cast, the film is feeling less like the fresh start Bay has been promising, and more like a rejiggering of principle human characters in the original film.

          The young lovers, the tough guy, the comedic relief guy – even Kelsey Grammer as a shady government spook – sounds all too familiar to the characters played by Shia LaBeouf, Megan Fox, Josh Duhamel (or Tyrese), John Turturro and Jon Voight (respectively) in TF1.”

          Same thing over and over. A “Filmmaker” with no imagination. Go figure.

          I could go on, but I’ve already given this guy more time than he deserves.

          • You took the words right out of my mouth!

          • Well done, sir. While I’m not a *humongous* Bay hater, I must say you described him perfectly.

      • Bay has lots of respect for film making. Hollywood is all about money. Bay makes a lot of money at the Box Office. He also respects the actors he employs. Proof is shown by his contributions to the economy of Miami-Dade County. http://miami.cbslocal.com/2012/06/05/miami-dade-county-proclaims-michael-bay-day/


        • His contribution to Miami-Dade County proves he respects Filmmaking and his actors? Ok then.

          So he brings a lot of money in, no one was disputing that(If you read my post). And he respects his actors? He has a blog where he insults anyone who even attempts to say anything about the guy in a negative way. And that’s just on his blog. It’s plain to see for all how much respect this guy really has.

          • “His contribution to Miami-Dade County proves he respects Filmmaking” — Bay has lots of respect for film making. Hollywood is all about money. Bay makes a lot of money at the Box Office.

            In regards to actors, yes. “The film and entertainment industry brings millions of dollars into our economy each year, creates thousands of jobs, and supports local businesses.” — A lot of those jobs are extras on the set. Extras are considered actors.

            In regards to his negative responses to actors or anyone that insults him in a negative way, why the hell shouldn’t he? If someone is to insult you or personally attack you, I am sure you would retaliate in some way. Similar to how you are commenting against my comment against you.

            • “If someone is to insult you or personally attack you, I am sure you would retaliate in some way. Similar to how you are commenting against my comment against you.”

              Actually, I would retaliate if I was delusional. If I wasn’t, then I would look real hard at my flaws, compare them to the criticism and see if I could change. Provided the criticism was justified of course. It’s what I’ve been doing my whole life. Too bad Bay’s only concern revolves around “Money”. So long as he has that, creates jobs (that further eases his conscience), then who cares about the integrity of the film right?

    • Everyone does for no justifiable reason. He makes movies people want to see (and most of them are good; cue the RAGE) so I just don’t understand.

  13. I’m a little sad at how apathetic I’ve gotten at the news of an upcoming Transformers movie. So different from how I felt when the first movie was coming out. As much as I enjoyed the first movie, and I probably will see this new movie too, I think they’ve over-saturated this particular concept.

    • Optimus Prime looks awful, i get that they have changed sponsors of the vehicles so Optimus had to change because of that. But he looks terrible. I am still surprised, but don’t care, that there is a Transformers 4 as Optimus went on a Grand Theft Auto inspired murdering spree in the third one, so there isn’t really any decepticons left.

    • And yet, you wish to reward this by going to see it? It’s not that hard to avoid a movie.

  14. I hate Michael Bay, but would watch anything that had Unicron and Galvatron on the off chance that it would be entertaining.

    • Feel the same way. Micheal Bay is destroying my childhood memories. He should just stop making movies.

  15. TJ Miller can’t even act. He’s not funny. He’s terrible.

  16. I don’t care what the plot is… I go to see the Transformer movies to see robots I feel in love with as a kid duke it out on the big screen. Yea, I have some gripes about a few things… but overall we should be grateful Bay is making these movies at all. Who knows if anyone could of even begun to tackle such a huge project other than him. Just keep giving me battle scenes like in the VERY beginning of T3 on cybertron and at the end in Chicago and I’m satisfied. It’s not Hamlet people!!!! Count your blessing!!!

    • WHAT?! Steven Spielberg, the Wachowskis, Neill Blomkamp, Peter Jackson, Guillermo del Toro, Zack Snyder etc., etc. In what Universe is Michael Bay a better blockbuster moviemaker than these guys? Whatever mind altering substance your on is either really good or really, really bad. I haven’t yet figured out which.

      • *you’re* Screenrant, can you please add an edit feature to your comment section?

        • Right after they ban you for personal attacks. “Whatever mind altering substance your on is either really good or really, really bad. I haven’t yet figured out which.”


      • I didn’t say Bay was better than any of those directors. I just said be grateful for what you have. Bay may be off with some details, but you can’t say he isn’t passionate about Transformers. Who knows, maybe all those directors above wouldn’t of wanted anything to do with Transformers. All I meant is stop going to the T movies and expecting Oscar worthy films… and if my info is correct… isn’t Spielberg a producer on these films… yet no one ever jumps on his back about how bad Transformers is??? Just sayin Caveman…

  17. Who’s Galvitron?

    • Seriously?

    • Megatron.

  18. The above comment made my day.

    • lol

  19. Optimus Primes update looks like crap and Wheeljack wasn’t a second tier character!

  20. Drift wasn’t in the original cartoon series. He was created in 2008 by Shane McCarthy for IDW Comics’ “All Hail Megatron” comic miniseries.

  21. Ah, the old evil of movie product placement (Audi in IM… Tony’s a BILLIONAIRE, why’s he driving a 100k car???)

    Oh such and such car maker will lends us a couple of motors and add a bit to the budget.

    Why even use the name Slingshot, those who know of him will baulk at the fact his vehicle mode isn’t a Harrier and those who don’t won’t care what he’s called.

    As the car is the new C7 Corvette Stingray, wouldn’t it be better to call him Tracks who was a…… Corvette Stingray.(DUH!!!)

    Those who know (and still care, is there anyone??) will get a giggle, those who don’t, it don’t matter.

  22. where are the Gobots?

  23. This article as well as many others always states Bay doing things all too familiar. While I agree, I do not understand the argument anymore. Of course he is doing things that are familiar.

    Transformers $709,709,780 (Worldwide)
    Transformers 2 $836,303,693 (Worldwide)
    Transformers 3 $1,123,746,996 (Worldwide)

    Why would he change anything except actors and robots? Bay’s formula works regardless of what any of us think.

  24. The Bugatti should be The autobot Blurr from the G1 part 2 cartoons when Galvatron had took over the Decepticons it would make more sense he was Blue the only autobot that was that fast was Blurr and he also came later in the series so it would be more believable and slingshot should stay a plane why change that we cant have 1 autobot that flys WTF? If I remember there Were 5 autobot planes and they made the 5 decepticon cars they should bring back the red autobot tank Warpath ,bang ,pow boom, yeah!!!

  25. I like primes new upgraded truck form they got one thing right!

  26. That information is incorrect.

    Autobot Drift is the green Corvette C7.

    Hence the “drift” spoiler, Rising sun paint scheme,
    and Aero kit on the front bumper and side skirts.
    Don’t forget that it is Rear Wheel Driver(which is needed for Drifting)
    Everything about that C7 Corvette screams Drift Car.
    Why would he not be called “Drift”?

    The Bugatti Veyron is 4WD car which cannot Drift.
    And doesn’t even remotely look like a Drift Car.
    It’s only purpose is to drive straight and fast.
    To Slingshot around the track.

  27. Drift is not G1. Never has been, never will be.

  28. Ok. First of all Bay should of put the dinobots in the 1st tf movie because they were introduced before megatron was killed the first time. 2nd I have been a transformers fan since I was 4 years old. Which recently I turned 21. 3rd artica makes a good point about the new auto bots. But I also disagree with it. This is why, slingshot was in fact a plane in generation 1, and Bay should have kept it that way along with introducing the other 4 aerial autobots. So my point is that Bay has made a lot of mistakes in the past regarding the transformers movies, but he also brought back an almost lost past time to the newer generation of children that are falling in love with the multi million dollar franchise it will always be. So there. And for the person that stupidly asked who the hell galvitron is, just go back under the rock you crawled out from underneath and just stay there.

  29. I am a huge transformers fan can you please tell me 1 more Autobot beside Optimus prime, Bumblebee, slingshot, and drift