Kelsey Grammer Cast As Villain In ‘Transformers 4′

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Transformers 4 Movie Logo Kelsey Grammer Cast As Villain In Transformers 4

Transformers: Dark of the Moon used the real-life historical moment of the Apollo 11 moon landing to tie it into the events surrounding the Cybertronian aliens making their way to Earth. In next summer’s Transformers 4, Michael Bay intends to continue the story in a world where now the world knows of the Autobots and Decepticons.

The new cast taking over the series includes Mark Wahlberg, Jack Reynor and Nicola Peltz as its three leads along with Stanley Tucci in an unspecified role. We can now add Kelsey Grammer to the list.

Deadline has the scoop which indicates that Grammer, most well-known for his long-time role as Frasier Crane in Cheers and his own self-titled series Frasier, will be playing the human antagonist of Transformers 4. His character’s name is Harold Attinger and he’s described as a “counter-intelligence” agent.

Transformers 4 takes place four years after the events that shocked the world in Dark of the Moon. There’s no hiding the existence of sentient life on other planets or the fact that Transformers are present on Earth. The film is not a reboot as it continues from where the trilogy left off, but it does feature a new cast along with new designs for all of the robots. Bay:

“We’re going to start off smaller. There’s a brand new cast. To freshen the franchise we’ve redesigned everything from top to bottom. The history of the first three movies is still there, we start four years later and there’s a reason why we’re meeting a new cast.”

A leaked synopsis – which Paramount Pictures claimed was unofficial but asked us to take down anyway – indicated that the film’s plot would see businessmen and scientists logically trying to benefit from the alien Cybertronian incursions, attempting to learn from and adapt the technology. It also hints that there may be more events from Earth’s past (beyond Apollo 11) that the Autobots, Decepticons or some other Cybertronian faction may have been involved in, in addition to the Hoover Dam of course.

kelsey grammer boss teaser starz Kelsey Grammer Cast As Villain In Transformers 4

The secretive Sector 7 organization factored into the plot of the first Transformers and tied other elements of Earth’s path with alien discovers so it’s safe bet similar elements will carry over as the most fascinating parts of the films’ lore are how the writers creatively tie the events of our past to those of the fictional Transformers characters.

Sector 7 was of course shut down, but with the events of Transformer 3 - where Autobots and the military already work together – and the all-out attack on Earth, similar organizations from governments around the world will naturally be created as a response to the alien invasion. We can expect Kelsey Grammer to be involved in one such group as someone trying to benefit from the Cybertronians.

The biggest question is who the alien villains will be and just how drastic the Hasbro-focused redesigns will be. Is it time for the Dinobots?

Let me know on Twitter @rob_keyes if you approve of the casting!

Transformers 4 hits theaters on June 27, 2014.

Source: Deadline

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  1. whatever.

  2. When will we have a transformers without the humans being involved Michael? Enough already!!! just give us what transformers prime gives us already!!! A story centered around the cybertronians they are the main attractions, the humans are just there as a supporting cast!

    • That will never happen…
      The films already cost hundreds of millions to produce so making a Transformers without humans or taking place on a planet other than Earth would be way to expensive.

  3. UNICRON + GALVATRON + Kelsey Grammer coming to a theater near you in 2014.

  4. “Continue the story” More like continue destroying the series with the same crap. And Bay will kill Grammer’s career for this piece of crap!

  5. ehhhhh this is prob gonna be crap but i will be a sucker and pay 8 bucks to go see it haha

  6. This is probably the most positive news for a Transformers/Michael Bay involvement anything that I have read on this site or anywhere else in a very long time. I’m liking the positive attitude here! Lets keep it up! Leave it to the negative nancy’s, aka random posters, to make negative comments.

    • Don’t get too hyped up for this film. This will be the case of a bad film being overhyped!

  7. Because we all know a transformers movie must have a human villain!

  8. Grimlock destroy Devastator!

  9. Wow I’m surprised that so many people hate the series I thought part 3 was good, on another not i hope that bay introduces the Dinobots

    • The first three were dumb with horrible scripting and stupid plots but a decent waste of 2 hours if you haven’t seen any of them before.

      I saw them all once each and haven’t bothered, feel no need to again but I felt that about a lot of movies so my only negative is Shia LeBeouf being annoying and unbearable to watch. I do’t get how people could enjoy his “acting”. It’s just him always playing a stuttering, cocky, smug as hell guy that you just wanna see have the worst luck ever.

      This one has Wahlberg and Grammer though so those are a plus. Besdies, people thought Kelsey’s career was over when he starred in Up Periscope but it survived long enough to prove what an acting goliath he is.

      • Although I’m certainly getting worn on watching LeBeouf at this point (didn’t care for him in Indiana Jones), I thoroughly enjoyed all 3 Transformer movies, and have watched them several times. I especially liked the 1st one, where he was the kinda’ dorky kid who gets the smokin’ hot babe of his dreams and the awesome car (that talks.)

        Ease up. They’re movies about a bunch of alien robots. This isn’t Othello…

        • That’s the thing though, I went in expecting terrible human acting to ground the giant robots fighting and help bring some kind of relatable coherence to it.

          I don’t mind the bad acting so I wasn’t “expecting Othello” at all, I just thought that Shia was incredibly annoying. He was meant to be a dork in the first movie but to me, he just came across as arrogant, annoying and way too cocky.

          Andrew Garfield in Amazing Spider-Man, that’s the perfect dorky acting.

          • I hate Garfield as Spider-Man because he is too “arrogant, annoying and way too cocky.”

  10. Michael Bay should be the villain!

  11. Because TF1-3 already didn’t have enough humans? I have no hope for this movie.

  12. I love Kelsey, but a human as a villain in a Transformers film?

    They’ve haven’t succeeded before and they won’t now, despite his talent.

  13. Bring on the Bay lies. No merger bots, aside from the walking wreck that got taken out by a single hit from a human weapon. No cities, no other groups, no real actors that can act, no logical script. Oh, and more BAy lies.

    Can’t wait to see the explosions, though!!!

    • “No real actors that can act”?

      Kelsey Grammer just signed on to take a role in it so there’s one.

  14. I want decepticons raiding a powerplant in the Nevada desert or an oil rig in the North sea to fill their energon cubes and the autobots have to stop them.

    I want cool boxy robots that look like flipping robots that change into cars that are at least the same make, colour and equivalent model.

    I want that cool noise back when they transform.

    In a major scene change I want a Autobot mask that flips to reveal a Decepticon one while the music goes “Dunn dunn dunn daaa duuuuunnn!”

    And only two humans maximum.

    And no Bay

    That is all.

    *slams door*

  15. First off, Michael Bay is, has been, and always will be the director of the Transformer Movies. Second, his series just broke the top ten for top film franchises ever by making over a BILLION dollars, so if you don’t like the movies shut up and stop watching them because clealy alot of people do like them. Now i hate Shia LaBeouf but he is and has been the main character and so i am disappointed they couldn’t come to an agreement. And that is saying alot because Mark Wahlberg is by and far my favorite actor. But just as i was upset that Meghan Fox wasn’t going to be in this one, at the end of the day Bay worked the new girl in well. Asfor people who say that the HUMANS don’t belong in the film, you are clearly watching a different movie because LaBeouf is THE MAIN CHARACTER of the films!!! I understand people being upset about a human being the main evil villian but let’s at least wait and see how Bay makes it happen. Im confident he wll due whatever it takes to make the movie good. All in all, i am upset with all the character changes because a series should try to maintain the same key actors through all of them as well as Bay not introducing the main villian for the 4th in the 3rd because i feel like the first half of the 4th is going to be going into the history of the new villian. BUT, Michael Bay does a great job producing movies, and i feel the next movie will be good as well.

    • ^Wow this guy knows what he is talking about!!! Great opinions!!! He is CORRECT!!!!

  16. doesnt this guy play Frasier? if he does…… this needs to be a parody of micheal bay’s previous transformers movies

  17. I had worked on “Boss” with Kelsey Grammer and would love the opportunity to work on Transformer 4. Let me know who I can contact to come in for an audition or perhaps send my information to the casting agent.