‘Transformers 4′ Casting Notice Reveals Human Character Names & Details

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Transformers 4 Character Names 2 Transformers 4 Casting Notice Reveals Human Character Names & Details

There are a lot of unknowns about Michael Bay’s in-the-works fourth entry to his wildly lucrative Transformers franchise. We know that Shia LeBeouf will not be returning for Transformers 4 (still officially known as Untitled Transformers Sequel), and while the addition of Bay’s Pain and Gain star Mark Wahlberg to the cast will be the clear draw for audiences, actor Jack Reynor (What Richard Did) will take the lead role as the human face in the fight against the Decepticons.

We know Reynor and Wahlberg will be joined by Kelsey Grammer (Frasier, X-Men: The Last Stand) as the human villain, Nicola Peltz (Bates Motel) as Reynor’s love interest and the always welcome Stanley Tucci in an unspecified role. We also know that a supposedly leaked script found online was a fake, and so far only Bay and screenwriter Ehren Kruger (who wrote the last two Transformers entries) know anything about the plot.

Now, thanks to casting notices in Los Angeles and Austin, TX – as reported by Examiner - we have human character names to go with the actors’ faces. We already know that Grammar will be playing Harold Attinger, a “counter-intelligence” agent; Reynor’s role is still unnamed, but he’ll be portraying a “race car driver,” with Peltz as his girlfirned and Wahlberg as Peltz’s father, Flynn Vincent. Peter Cullen will once again voice Optimus Prime, Glenn Morshower will be back as General Morshower, and Sophia Myles (MI-5) has “a major role” as a scientist.

Transformers 4 Character Names 1 1 Transformers 4 Casting Notice Reveals Human Character Names & Details

With casting directors looking for extras in Austin as well as in L.A., we can surmise that the Texas city will be a major setting. We also know that China will be a significant background as well – thanks to a Chinese reality show competition to cast four more roles and the Chinese government actively involved with the production.

Still no plot details, but keeping true to Bay’s promise to “freshen the franchise,” we have a young cast and a new A-lister involved. Yet a big question remains: is this a sequel or a reboot? The vague description of Grammer’s human villain is strongly reminiscent of Jon Voight’s insidious Defense Secretary from the original. Add in a couple of attractive young lovers in the lead and a more experienced mentor figure (Wahlberg plays the girl’s father, apparently, but could he eventually show the lad how to be a real man? Is there anybody better than Wahlberg for that kind of thing?), and we have a project that leans toward a near-remake – plus, no one named “Witwicky” is in sight.

Transformers 4 Movie Logo Transformers 4 Casting Notice Reveals Human Character Names & Details

We’ll know more as details emerge – and this will be an interesting project to watch develop. The promise of Wahlberg in a tentpole like this could be a promising proposition. It could also prove to be another mind-numbing, robot-smashing batch of incoherence. With Guillermo Del Toro’s Pacific Rim trying to set a new bar for the giant robots genre, Bay might have to raise his game to keep audiences involved.


Source: Examiner

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  1. i still cant believe Micheal bay is still continuing to ruin my childhood directing TF4, why can they just re-boot it with some decent director and writers…..oh yea cuz ppl are stupid and kept shelling out money to see these garbage versions of my beloved TFs

    • hahahaha, i love that comment. “He ruined my childhood” come on man… seriously. if a movie effects you this badly then you shouldn’t even care enough by leaving a comment.

      there is an audience. people claim what you said but they still chose to go and see it. the last movie proved it by the Box office.

      also, the writers are good writers. they wrote Star Trek (2009) and i think the did the sequel too. people like you should not see the movie because all you are doing is giving them a reason to continue. Bay said he wasnt going to come back but the money gave him a reasont o return too.

      • haha love that, “come on man.. seriously…” come on man if a comment affects you that much than you shouldn’t even care enough to leave a comment for it.
        there is an audience that fans of transformers hate and are also part of. it impossible to escape. like resident evil movies.
        there is an audience whose childhood was ruined by these movies and i am one of them. luckily that is just an expression conveying deep frustration with the handling of something you hold dear, not the actual destruction of ones childhood.

        • its impossible to avoid… yep, it sure is. i mean, how the hell can you not help but click on a pretty obvious transformers article that is about the movie? because you really… cant huh….


    • Ya know, I want to say that, but then I also look at more of the back story and source material of Transformers, I’m more willing to let it go. The first movie was great because it was novel. “Oh wow, they actually made Transformers, and it’s live action.” Then it happened again. And again. And the same complaints persisted every time:

      “I don’t know what I’m looking at.”
      “This is a really loud movie.”
      “What have they done to [name of popular character]?”
      “I don’t know what’s going on.”
      “What’s with all the stereotypes?”
      “This is nothing like the [cartoon, comics]!”

      Well, the cartoon was best when it first started, but it was designed to sell toys. The Bay films are designed to sell tickets.

      So all in all, the Bay films made me re-examine Transformers, and honestly, that made me move on. By that metric, it’s a successful failure, and I want no more of any of it.

    • Hi, you must be new to the internet. Pleased to meet you.

    • Hey! That’s my handle!

    • You took the words right out of my mouth!!!!! I hate Him!!!

    • I feel that too, just won`t be the same for me without Shia or Josh. Love Wahlberg but not fot this.

  2. Great. Wahlberg plays a girl’s father and she has a boyfriend. Armageddon, with robots.

    • Great point. I think it would be hilarious to see this movie become Armageddon with robots. Especially since he apologized for Armageddon.

      • Autobots, Decepticons, all made in Taiwan!

  3. I hope Pacific Rim absolutely crushes the competition at the box office, AND wins over the critics. If that happens, then I think we’ll *finally* be rid of Michael Bay’s Transformers nonsense and get a fair shot at a good adaptation. I’m really counting on del Toro to raise the bar for epic giant robot action movies here – can’t be too hard to top TF 1, 2 and 3 right?

    • Too bad it wont brave soldier. In order for a motion picture to be successful, it must acquire mass appeal.

      • Reality bites…

        It’s really too bad that what makes a difference between how many people give these two movies a shot, is whether they’ve heard of the brand before. Two robot movies? Which do I watch? Hmmm, I’ve heard of the Transformers before, I suppose I’ll go with that!

    • The audience will probably see Pacific Rim for what it is- an attempt to capitalize on the success of the Transformers franchise, like Battleship. I actually kind of hope it fails so maybe Del Toro will go back and make more real movies like Pan’s Labyrinth instead of wasting his talent on generic superhero movies and Michael Bay ripoffs.

      • How is it a ripoff? At least Pacific Rim looks like it has a very decent backstory and world built around it. Battleship was just a naval setting with random aliens thrown in, but Pacific Rim is about a future where people had to build giant robots just to fend off aliens who invaded them years ago. Done wrongly it could’ve come off as another Battleship, yes. But the trailers have me much more excited for it than I ever was for Battleship or Transformers. I don’t want it to fail and reinforce studio perceptions that they always have to rely on established franchises – in fact, it doesn’t exactly help Del Toro if an endeavour that he’s passionate about sinks, because how’s he gonna get a studio to back his next original idea, then?

        • Del Toro is so passionate about Pacific Rim that he wasn’t even going to make it until the studios refused to write him a blank check for his R-rated Lovecraft adaptation. After that, he suddenly decided that making another PG-13 movie based on toyetic giant fighting robots was a capital idea. I agree that the studios are too reliant on recognized brands… for their big budget tentpoles. Which I think is why when Del Toro works on a low budget we get The Devil’s Backbone and Pan’s Labyrinth but when he works on a bigger budget we get Hellboy 2, Blade 2, The Hobbit, Pacific Rim(aka Transformers 3.5) ect.

  4. Bay should try and bring Beetlejuice back in.

  5. I’m calling Justin Lin for Transformers 5.

  6. I really don’t care if any of you people are upset about me ruining your childhood, just know that I don’t care.

    I hate geeks. This is why I am gonna help make TMNT, Transformers 4, Rugrats:The revenge of Angelica, and The Little Mermaid.

    -The little mermaid is from an alien planet completely covered in water, her planet is dying (for some reason) and she goes across the universe to discover a new home, but her ship (F.L.O.U.N.D.E.R.) goes through a black hole (another plot hole) and she finds herself on earth, she has a cute red robot (named Sebastian) who likes to sing and dance. Little mermaid tech finds itself in the hands of some woman for some reason and she becomes a sea-witch. That is when little mermaid decides to lay the smack down and grabs her alien weapons and blows up the sea witch with half of San Fran (It was an accident, and everyone forgives her because she is hot).

    Little Mermaid will be played by someone who is attractive but can’t act (Kristen Stewart).

    The rest of the cast will be shirtless guys and barely clad women all in swim wear (mostly in boats and on the beach/swimming).

    And remember, the only thing I care about more then blowing up things is ruining geeks childhood.

    Have a great day.


      lmao, i like you Micheal

      cant wait for T4

      • TROLL!!!!!!!

        • lets get one thing straight mate… I NEVER TROLL!

          • Ok then, MICHAEL BAY LOVER!!!!!!

      • The sad part about that is that’s something i could totally see Bay doing,

      • Don’t feed the trolls.

    • Michael Bay presents “The Magic Schoolbus”

      Starring Isla Fischer as Ms. Frizzle
      and Nicholas Cage as the Bus
      Normal field trip? No way.

      • (They were gonna go with Jenna Fischer, but Bay thought she wasn’t hot enough, and Amy Adams just said no.)

    • I have a cousin who is a Army Sniper…I need to call him.

      • an Army Sniper

  7. so what’s the point of this article? I don’t see any information here that hasn’t already been reported

  8. Anthony, Bay can’t get the audiences involved. He’ll just do the same thing as he did in the first two sequels. Destroy the franchise!

    • I’m a fan of the original series and especially the animated movie, yet i enjoy these films immensely. 3 is the best IMO

      • Dark of the Moon is the worst to me! They should just scrap this project and hired a new director & new writer. Bay & Kurger are going to do the same thing!

  9. Please please please, fewer explosions and give more attention to the Autobots and Decepticons!! I mean after all it’s called Transformers not humans. I know that poor Soundwave and Megatron were both destroyed in the third film but will they get rebuilt? Oh and I’d love it if Soundwave’s voice was correct and not sound like Dr. Claw, and maybe Frank Welker could voice Megs this time?? I mean Peter Cullen will voice Prime again so why not???

  10. I for one, will NOT be seeing this one. I give up. Transformers is dead to me until it gets a complete reboot with different people involved behind the scenes. I know it will never happen…sigh. 1 was watchable, 2 was terrible, I skipped 3 and I will skip this.

    • Watch 3 before 100% deciding

      • I watched 3, and while it was better than 2, it was still a huge mess in my opinion. The same things bogging down the earlier movies still bogged this one down – the weird, incongruent humour, anyone named Witwicky, uninspiring human subplots, etc. Hard to trudge through the whole thing before some semblance of awesome action came in at the end, and by then my head started spinning from all the confusing moving parts that the Transformers are made of.

  11. I though Wahlberg and Peltz as the duo father-daughter leading roles . Never seen her in action movie. Besides, who is more funny than “Shia LeBeouf” Witwicky, not the serious car racer . It’s Transformers man !, not Fast and Furious or Die Hard

  12. And this is supposed to change my mind, how….? Nothing new, nothing good. Just the same old same old crap Bay feeds the audiences and they buy it, but no point in complaining otherwise fanboys’ll get all sore and butt hurt and criticize us for having legitimate opinions (for the most part) Just scrap the project and give it to some one else already, some one who can actually make a good movie

  13. So, pretty much the only highlight of this movie so far is Mark Wahlberg. And I’m not being sarcastic, I do enjoy Wahlberg most of the time.

    Nicola Peltz…of all the actresses they could’ve gotten, even from “Bates Motel”.

    Then again, this is Michael Bay’s Transformers so perhaps it will turn out to be a good thing because I cannot stand her as Bradley; she’s like the Tom Cruise of actresses. 1 emotion, staring off into the distance as if something is always happening, monotone.

    At least Cruise puts some emotion into his voice. Sure, it falls short of his physical acting, but he doesn’t walk around like a friggin robot programmed to read lines all the time

  14. Wait, the same writer from the last two movies? That and a director that approves some of the worst, most cheesy humor known to man? I think I’ll pass, thank you very much. Besides, I can’t stand Bay’s over the top directing.

    This movie needs to achieve at least a 60% on the Tomatometer to get my attention. That number would be a huge step up for Bay.

    • Completely, 100% agree. How that sort of humour made it into the movie, I don’t know. Bay somehow has a lot of creative freedom when it comes to putting crap in these movies (maybe it’s because it makes money, but still). The only, *only* thing I found a little funny in TF3 was John Malkovich, because hey, it’s John Malkovich. Everyone else I found distinctly NOT funny.

      But…60%? I know it’s high for Bay, but I suspect that all it takes to hit 60% is for it to be a little better than TF3, the way TF3 was better than TF2. Not holding out any hope.

      • You’re absolutely right. What was I thinking? I’m being too easy on him. It’s high time he proved himself to us now. Nothing less than 80% approval.

        Haha, I agree. Malkovich can do no wrong in my eyes, as well as a lot of others, and I think Bay knew that and cast him.

        I really hope Bay actually works on the endings a bit more. I thought all three movies had really abrupt endings. Especially the Third one.

  15. I love these movies. They are a fun escape. I still think Shia LaBeouf should make a cameo. Also it wouldn’t quite be a transformers movie without the comedy of Simmons (John Turturro)

    Also have other G1 Autobots or Decepticons not just 2 or 3 on each side that we see for 2min on screen..

  16. I like when the movies still has the same characters especially the star I am a transformers fan I’ve stayed interested because the main characters stayed the same….

  17. I don’t even plan on going to see it if Sam, Carly, Epps, Simmons and the others aren’t in it and I also think the car upgrades look like the transformers have no style the upgrades look like a pile of crap I would rather watch Dora than Transformers 4.