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Transformers 4 Car Guide List Any fan of Transformers knows that the 'disguises' of both Autobots and Decepticons are as impressive to behold as the robots themselves, and with Transformers 4, the production team has once again snagged some head-turners for their automotive cast. From American muscle to European supercars, we've gathered up every vehicle Paramount has officially announced, along with word about their respective Transformer identities. Read on for our (ever-updating) Transformers 4 Car Guide. Header Image Credit: TunaKaan

Western Star Prototype

Transformers 4 Car Guide Optimus Prime Although originally a Kenworth K100 cab-over truck in the original Transformers cartoon, Optimus Prime has undergone serious re-designs since, both in animation and live-action. For the first movie in Michael Bay's series, an imposing Peterbilt design was adopted, sporting a (still controversial) flame paint job. But for Tranformers 4, the leader of the Autobots is taking another step forward. The brand new prototype design from Western Star Trucks (now under the Daimler automotive group) is far more aerodynamic, meaning Optimus can save a little on gas. The paint job isn't the most outrageous feature of the truck anymore: it now sports massive chrome accents and exhaust stacks that are... less than understated.

1967 Chevrolet Camaro

Transformers 4 Car Guide Bumblebee 1967 Camaro The best friend to Sam Witwicky (Shia LeBouf) may have once been used to showcase the then-brand-new Chevrolet Camaro, but for Transformers 4 'Bumblebee' is going retro. This heavily modified restoration (or "restomod") 1967 Camaro is far from stock, but fans of American muscle cars now have one member of the Autobot team to look forward to seeing - not rusted out and in need of a good wax, that is. The images released of the new 'Bumblebee' Camaro caused a bit of a stir online, due to its similarity to the custom creation of car enthusiast 'Mr. Vengeance.' From the rims to the door handles, the production team has taken inspiration from the best, but how much this car is seen on screen is still a bit of a mystery.

2014 Chevrolet Camaro

Transformers 4 Car Guide Bumblebee New Camaro Although 'Bumblebee' will apparently be going retro in the series' fourth outing, it also looks like a much newer take on the Camaro will be used for the film. Paramount released this look at a 2014 prototype Camaro along with the 1967 restomod, with the paint job all but confirming who is disguised beneath the surface. It's possible that 'Bumblebee' will once again undergo an updating from the 1967 to the 2014 model, but given Michael Bay's aversion to the term 'reboot' we're not so sure the film will attempt to repeat the same gag. Perhaps the voiceless Autobot comes to his senses in the film's first act, and goes from new to old? We'll have to wait and see.

2014 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray

Transformers 4 Car Guide C7 Corvette Stingray There was no way Chevrolet wasn't going to take the opportunity to showcase their new C7 Corvette Stingray among the Autobot ranks, and this race-inspired version is sure to be noticed. Early word claims that the C7 is in fact 'Slingshot,' an Autobot that transformed into a fighter plane in the original animated series, making the character another in the long line of similarly re-imagined soldiers. If true, then that's particularly bad news for fans of the Aerialbots; although, 'Slingshot' is known for his abrasive and cocky attitude, so perhaps the Corvette (and its lime green paint job) are a perfect fit after all.

Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse

Transformers 4 Car Guide Bugatti Veyron As the fastest street-legal production car in history (with a top speed of 253.81 mph), movie fans should get used to seeing the Bugatti Veyron in the coming years. For Transformers 4 the filmmakers went even more outside of the box, recruiting the Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse - the world's fastest convertible in history (with a top speed of 254.04 mph). As with the C7, rumors have given us a hint that the Veyron GSV will be 'Drift' in disguise, an Autobot who wielded swords in battle to regain his lost honor. However, 'Drift' will probably spend the bulk of his screen time out of disguise; the $2.25 million, 1200-horsepower supercar isn't one we expect to see thrown around by stunt drivers.

2013 Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4

Transformers 4 Car Guide Lamborghini Aventador Replacing a car as legendary as the Lamborghini Murcielago is no small task, let alone being dubbed by many "the best Lamborghini ever" - but the Aventador LP 700-4 is no ordinary supercar. With that kind of fame - and only 4,000 ever produced - how could it not appear in the next Transformers? Little is known about this particular Aventador's role in the film, but despite it being referred to as "the friendliest supercar in the world," we're betting on a villain. Matte black paint and blacked out rims aren't inherently Decepticon traits, but compared to the bright styling of the confirmed Autobots, this sleek powerhouse seems more sinister.

2013 Pagani Huayra

Transformers 4 Car Guide Pagani Huayra While the 2013 Pagani Huayra (pronounced 'wai-rah') may not be as bold in its design as the Aventador, it is an achievement of technical aerodynamics and speed. The blood red Huayra set to appear in the movie is equipped with deployable flaps in the front and rear to maximize downforce when at high speeds or cornering, increasing drag on the back wheels, front wheels, or those on the inside of a turn. We still don't know where this car's loyalties lie in Transformers 4 - the paint job offers no hints - but we hope to see it engaged in a high-speed chase for obvious reasons. Given the design, it's one of the best handling cars in the world at supercar speed, meaning it's dangerous to its enemies no matter which side of the war they're fighting on.

2013 Chevrolet Ultimate Sonic RS

Transformers 4 Car Guide Chevy Sonic RS The Autobots can't all be million-dollar high-speed specialists, so the Ultimate Sonic RS from Chevy promises some off-road fun for those who care about more than just top-end speed. This Royal Purple-branded rally car is without an accompanying idenity, but goes a long way in promising some actual vehicular action to go along with robo-boxing. It's hard to know how big a part the #12 car will play in the film's plot, but its clear branding hints that it may be different from the rest of the cars in some way other than price tag. Perhaps a crashed Autobot took the 'disguise' idea a little too far, and sought out dream of victory on the Rally circuit? Either way, rumors of a rally car on the Decepticon side promise a head-to-head showdown at some point.

Oshkosh Defense Medium Tactical Vehicle

Transformers 4 Car Guide Hound If there is one character that Optimus and his team will rely on to do the heavy lifting, it looks to be 'Hound.' Formerly a Jeep in the animated series, 'Hound' has undergone a bit of an upgrade in the light of the changing definitions of 'military vehicles.' No longer a Jeep, the line of Medium Tactical Vehicles from Oshkosh Defense will provide 'Hound's new disguise. Known in the original series as an outspoken fan of humanity and the more rugged corners of the Earth, the new take on the character looks just as equipped to handle the hardships of Mother Nature. Some clever filmmaking will be needed for this Autobot to keep up with his friends, of course.

Freightliner Argosy

Transformers 4 Car Guide Freightliner Argosy The cab-over design of the Freightliner Argosy - the latest addition to the film's automotive cast - is a welcome dose of nostalgia for long time fans of the franchise. Not only because it offers the chance to see a cartoon-Optimus-like transformation on screen, but due to just how many characters have been known to adopt a similar disguise. We've already gone into detail on three such possibilities - Motormaster, Ultra Magnus, or Nemesis Prime - and how their inclusion could open up doors for potential sequels and massive battles. Paramount has made it clear that they're looking for Transformers 4 to launch a new trilogy; it seems fitting that the most unimpressive of the vehicles on hand could be the key to making it happen.


Transformers 4 Car Guide List Those are all of the cars officially detailed so far, but we'll do our best to keep this list updated as more of the rumored vehicles are rolled out. How do you feel about the offerings for Transformers 4? Do they put the cars of the previous films to shame, or simply highlight changing tastes in car culture as a whole? Sound off in the comments. Transformers 4 hits theaters Summer 2014. _______ Follow me on Twitter @andrew_dyce. Photo Source: Paramount Header Image Credit: TunaKaan
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  1. I’m only here for the Bugatti.

    • should have been named Blur instead

  2. Another installment in the highest grossing car commercials in history.

    • Based off one of the most recognized toy commercialss in history.

      • The majority of the stuff they had us watching in the 80′s were commercials, some were just better than others.

  3. There was also a really old cab-over seen in some set photos. Really rusty, and I thought I saw flames on it as well. Because there’s the old version of Bumblebee’s car, it would be cool to see something make the Autobots really have to be “in disguise”. Say Optimus dies(for good) and Ultra Magnus takes over. Then everybody needs to downgrade their look so they aren’t so flamboyant.

  4. @@$@$ (&^^&$ ))@#$@! !@##$!$@ !@#$%( @!*&!#(!*# !(*#(!*@#$

  5. I really do believe that Greedy Bay is doing more of a seen-for-seen remake of the first & third film! But that’s my opinion.

    • Do you mean scene-for-scene? If you don’t, your comment really makes no sense.

      • Yeah that’s what I meant, Thanks!! :)

  6. I’m not a fan of the new Optimus, too showy, same thing with the C7. I loved the Peterbilt because it showed a rugged power this new truck just doesn’t have.

  7. Bumblebee is SUPPOSED to be a Volkswagen Beetle, even a GTI or R would have been awesome in yellow bee paint. But of course we gotta go all Merica here for this big budget, over-stylized, uber-excessive, tasteless trash that Michael Bay will undoubtedly talk up as the best thing ever.

    • A lot of the vehicles are foreign sportscars, dude.

      • Sorry bud, aside from the few completely randomized Euro sport cars he just decided to throw in, it totally plays out as a Chevy AD….AKA lame, just plain lame.

    • From what I understand,VW wouldn’t let them use their car,but then again,Bughatti is owned by VW now,so something doesn’t make sense.

    • Dude, this isn’t G1. I’m pretty sure no one but hardcore (stubborn) G1 fan boys want to see Bumblebee as a Volkswagen.

  8. I hope this does HORRIBLE so we can get a reboot

  9. Michael Bay needs to stop milking the series for his nonstop paper-bag action film. Although, when the film releases it will probably make over 50 million dollars that weekend (Palmface).

    • $50 million? try $80-$100 million.

      For some reason,we just seem to be gluttons for this type of punishment.

  10. Being a fan of the 80′s cartoons, I love the transformers movies and I can’t wait to see all these new versions on screen. I also can’t wait for the fanboys to start crying over why characters were changed and what not.

    • You Monster!

    • You’re just one big walking contradiction then aren’t you.

      • +1

    • Agreed, friend! Cinematic Transformers for the win!

  11. Yeppers. Looks like “all new” characters to me. Another lie from the clown who ruined a great franchise, with over the top corporate sellouts, glamorization of the US military, sub-par acting, ridiculous plots and nonsense themes, and enough explosions to take out most of a planet. Keep that money train chuggin’ along Bay. I haven’t paid to see one of his abominations yet, and it looks like I’ll be keeping the tradition alive with his newest lie-fest. The only thing bigger than his explosions, is his monumental ego.

    • UMMM cars that transform into robots is not over the top then, Right?
      or a “ridicules plot”??? Once you start a movie with transforming cars then ALL the rest of your statement is kinda RIDICULES!!! IMO

      • I find it completely hilarious (ridiculous) how people with usernames that are the names of The Avengers trash talk Transformers. Wow, you guys crack me up!

  12. That is not the new Camaro. The 2014 Camaro looks like the 2013 sans, narrow grill and revised tail lights and Hood vent for the SS ZL1 and Z28.

    • Just saw a picture of Bumblebee from TF4

      Wonder if the new front end will be on the 6th Gen Camaro. The Photo I seen, seems to have a totally new front, than the 2014 Camaro,but has the same tail as the 2014 Camaro?


  13. Tired of optimus prime and the transformers being butchered storywise by
    One long behind GM or CHEVY commercial. The last two films here in north
    america have lost their audiences real fast. Robots have become so unrecognizable its an embarrassment to the franchise.

    • This time a billion . my thoughts , piece of s*** GM cars

  14. Why is the rusted cab over not on this list? Or the other cab over?

  15. Drift was never in the 80′s cartoon. IDW made him for the comics. And Hound could have been a military Hummer rather then looking like Bulkhead. Also Prime? No…just no. Lastly Bumblebee had better actually talk cause for three films that joke got old the first second he “spoke”. Another thing, where’s Ratchet?? Don’t they need a medic?

  16. They labelled some of them incorrectly from the original series. Optimus Prime was a Freightliner truck; the Kenworth model was Motormaster. Also, Hound was a Mitsubishi made military vehicle, not a Jeep Wrangler.

  17. No Ratchet?

  18. I wasn’t sure how I felt about the new Optimus, but the more I let it soak in, the more I feel like I can dig it.

    Anyway, I don’t care what anyone says about these movies. I think they are super fun, and I will see them as long as they continue to come out.

  19. Feel free to call me whiney or ranty… but someone needs to tell Michael Bay that there are plenty other vehicles that the Autobots take form. That rescue combiner (forgot the name) had chopper, and jets (oh yes, we have Jetfire who was initially a Decepticon *sigh*), and don’t forget Aerialbots. I wonder why he made the Decepticons to be ‘smarter’ by taking in more powerful forms than just fancy cars. I’m starting to think that he’s only selling and promoting cars instead of doing right.
    I’m watching this on theatre ONLY if the rumor of Dinobots turns out to be true, if not… then bluray for sure.

    • Protectobots

      Hot Spot-Fire Truck
      Groove-Harley Davidson Motorcycle
      First Aid-Ambulance
      Street Wise-Nissan Sports Car.

      No Jets.

      Jetfire/Skyfire was originally a Decepticon, due to his friendship with Star Scream, but change allegiances.

      • There were, however, the Aerialbots.

        • I know about the Aerialbots, but I think he was refering to a jet being in the Protectobots.

  20. Wish they would do a Autobot Combiner and bring Prowl to the screen with the real Wheeljack!

  21. Also looking at the picture of the rusted cab over closer that it has flames just like ever version of Optimus Prime so far in the movies!

  22. one word —Menasor—– look at the high end car and the cab over pete and the diffrent part of mensaor they match up with the cab over and sport cars

  23. that corvette is absolutely disgusting. Also needs moaarr Japanese cars but whatever its an american film.

  24. I wonder if they will give some of robots quaint racial stereotypes to match the vehicles point of origin?

  25. Look at all these cars that I will probably never drive. Thanks Bay.

  26. Well they might start out new and go to the older rusty stuff but might be the other way like been hiding for awhile just blending into normal earth ha. I feel if they don’t do ultra Magnus they shoulda just never done the movie especially if megatron comes back from death a 3rd time but only as galvatron would make sense shoulda happened in the last one. Hot rod would be better then drift!!! Names that were bigger names makes more sense but they don’t do that. Jetfire wasn’t that supposed to be the old guy in tranformers2 but didn’t make sense 2 was horrible in my eyes of the 3.

  27. What the hell happened to hotshot

    • Hot Shot’s not even in this film, so what are you talking about?

  28. nice improved all the autobot’s latest models car’s & trucks
    announce the release date of the movie. so all the fan’s are eigher to see