‘Transformers: Age of Extinction’ TV Spots: New Dinobot Revealed

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For the most part, trailers and TV promotional spots for Transformers: Age of Extinction have largely excluded the Dinobots. Aside from two recycled images of Grimlock roaring in a ravine and Optimus Prime riding Grimlock into battle, Age of Extinction promos have focused more on the human aspect of the upcoming blockbuster – specifically Mark Wahlberg and Stanley Tucci’s characters.

Two new television spots, however, reveal additional footage – though not very much – of Autobots, Decepticons, and Dinobots alike, as well as a new creature.

IGN debuted a new Age of Extinction television spot (above) that features previously unseen footage of an unidentified half-wolf, half-Autobot beast roaring in front of some kind of industrial backdrop, as well as some extra one-liners from Wahlberg.

Meanwhile, an exclusive spot from Hitfix (below) offers a new glimpse at Slug, the triceratops Dinobot, and Stinger, a red Decepticon, in the middle of a huge battle – presumably the final battle of the film.

Watch the second TV spot below:

While these two TV spots don’t reveal too much about how these new Transformers will be incorporated into the Age of Extinction story, they do give viewers some hint as to how they’ll fare in battle, which makes sense for the action-heavy franchise. With the inclusion of Slug, it’s clear that more Dinobots in addition to Grimlock will be featured in the movie, though to what extent we can’t be sure. They may only appear in the climactic battle.

Transformers 4 Age of Extinction New Dinobots 570x294 Transformers: Age of Extinction TV Spots: New Dinobot Revealed

The biggest mystery of these TV spots, though, is the new wolf-like beast. One possibility is that it’s the result of an experiment conducted by Tucci’s character – who is seen in the trailers investigating the metal that makes up the Transformers. Another possibility is that the creature is based on one of the wolf-like Transformers from the toy and cartoon canon such as Snarl/Fang Wolf from Transformers: Cybertron.

Whether the wolf creature is man-made or not, it will be one of many Transformers to appear in the film. It’s possible (and likely) that despite all the trailers and TV spots, we haven’t yet seen every Transformer that will turn up in Age of Extinction.


Transformers: Age of Extinction hits theaters on June 27, 2014.

Source: IGNHitfix

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  1. This movie will be the Summer Boxoffice Champion of 2014.

    • I bet it even surpasses avenger’s total BO. Worldwide this is going to be HUGE.

    • Of course the Transformers movies have a plot. It involves the conflict between the Autobot and Decepticon factions. What a dumb comment. I have to assume you’re trolling.

      • What plot are you talking about? Michael Bay’s Transformers movies has very little plot about the conflicts between the Autobots and Decepticons. These movies focus on mainly on humans especially about a guy who screams like a girl, yells out Bumblebee or Optimus Prime every unnecessary moments, stupid dumbass parents, and his stupid boring life.

        • The films have plenty of plot. I have a feeling the concept you are all looking to convey is depth.

          • They have plenty of plot for a 5 year old. I like these films but even I now this.

  2. well whalberg must be strong as hell if he can go toe to toe with a decepticon look at the second one at 0:26 sec

  3. There’s a third one, too……

    Anyways, these TV spots are great. Much more focus on the Transformers and the action looks terrific as always. And the Dinobots, good lord, the Dinobots.

    Wolf looks badass and Prime screaming “ROLL OUT!” in the third spot you guys didn’t link made me squeal as the Dinobots ran behind the Autobots in their vehicle modes.

  4. Stinger’s transformation was amazing, too. He’s going to kick ass in battle.

  5. I wouldn’t be surprise if we see more animal like transformers can’t anyone say beast wars plot

  6. Dinobots, huh?

    Whatever. The Bay-bots all look like shiny trash-heaps. Set the trash into motion, have the screen cluttered with millions of explosions and you can no longer make out any individual features anyway.

  7. The Dunobots aren’t going to have Robot Modes. I can feel it.

    • *Dinobots, even

      • Hasbro confirmed that all Dinobots transform in the movie.

        • The Constructicon toys transformed too. And Soundwave in ROTF. I don’t recall The Fallen transforming at all in the movie, and yet his toy had a vehicle mode.
          And if you look at various Dinobot toys for AOE, parts of them wildly don’t fit the Bayformers aesthetic. Look at Slug or Snarl’s robot mode heads on the Deluxe toys. They look like knight’s helmets, big and smooth and undetailed. Not like a Bayformers head design at all. Like something a toy designer made up, maybe?
          The only one who looks consistent with the Bayformers look, and has enough consistent details across multiple toy iterations is Grimlock

          I’d be willing to bet money Grimlock is the only Dinobot to transform.

          • I’m just telling you what Hasbro said at Toy Fair.

            Also, The Fallen did transform in ROTF. When he was teleporting, that’s when he would transform. Analysis of screen caps from that scene show he was in some type of jet mode when doing those stunts.

  8. I love how in the first trailer he says “a michael bay film” in a f*** you fanboys tone :)

  9. Holy crap, the ads in the trailer alone has turned me completely off to this pathetic movie.

  10. The triceratop Dinobot was not name Slug, His name is Slag…

    • I believe he was renamed due to slag being a contemporary deroratory UK term for women with loose morals

      • *derogatory

    • Before you comment, make sure to look things up, because his name was officially changed to Slug in all forms of Transformers media.

  11. I wonder if the Dinobots will transform to their robot modes… and talk?
    I remember fondly on those G1 cartoons when Grimlock talked… it was cool back then.