‘Transformers: Age of Extinction’: Meet Lockdown & the Dinobots

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One of the most anticipated aspects of Transformers: Age of Extinction is the Dinobots – Transformers that change into dinosaurs rather than automobiles – since they are new to the Transformers film franchise.

Early trailers and posters largely focused on well-known Transformers like Optimus Prime and Bumblebee (in addition to human stars Mark Wahlberg and Stanley Tucci), but as the premiere date for Age of Extinction inches closer, fans are getting more glimpses of the Dinobots.

With less than two weeks until the film hits theaters, the most recent promos for Age of Extinction focus on the movie’s villain, Lockdown, as well as more Dinobots in action.

Transformers Age of Extinction Meet Lockdown Transformers: Age of Extinction: Meet Lockdown & the Dinobots

In a spot (above), fans are given a more in depth look into the character Lockdown, who, along with Galvatron, will be one of the main villains in the movie. Within the spot, Lockdown is shown emerging from the water in a marsh, standing over Optimus Prime, and aboard one of the enemy ships seen causing massive destruction in all the film’s promos.

The Lockdown spot also features more footage of the Dinobots in action, including a scene in which Optimus Prime rides Grimlock, who snaps a baddie to pieces with his jaws, while Slug, a triceratops Dinobot, is running in the background.

Another promo, released exclusively by Crave Online, depicts more Dinobots than seen in any previous promos. One, who looks to be Grimlock, is shown roaring in Tucci’s face, and two others – possibly Grimlock and Slug – display their transformations on a bridge while a third flies overhead: Swoop (modeled after a pteranodon).

Even with this new footage, however, it’s still difficult to tell how much the Dinobots will actually be featured in the final cut of the film. As speculated previously, they may only appear for the final battle in an attempt to help Optimus Prime save the human race from extinction – a theme repeated in every trailer for Age of Extinction.

No matter how little footage has been released of the Dinobots, they remain one of the most intriguing and exciting aspects of Age of Extinction. Even if they are only incorporated into the film near the end, the final climactic scene may take up a significant portion of the movie’s running time – not unlike the Battle for Chicago in Transformers: Dark of the Moon.

Fans may be treated to more Dinobots than they’re expecting once Age of Extinction debuts, or even less given the amount of footage released during marketing. We won’t know exactly until the Age of Extinction is released.


Transformers: Age of Extinction hits theaters June 27th, 2014.

Source: CraveOnline

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  1. So the Dinobots WILL transform. Good to know my alarmist fears turned out to be wrong in the end.
    The quality of the film is still suspect, but for now, consider this me eating my words.

  2. Yawn.

  3. this film is doing a good job hiding things. 1) its falsely setting up the bounty hunter as the big baddy instead of the contracts founder 2) galvatron hasn’t been spotted since the super bowl trailer 3) the salvaging and repair of optimus prime after his serious wounding 4) this Silver Knight Optimus Prime toy thats in ne too many sizes for a toy gimmick

    • 1) I still REALLY don’t understand how people don’t think Lockdown is the main villain of the film, for at least the first and second acts before Stinger and Galvatron are fully introduced, with their sentience and all. Lockdown captures Optimus, so that’s obviously going to establish a rescue mission and is essential to progressing the film. Not to mention, he’s being shown like crazy. Shame people still compare him to Shockwave, in that he, apparently, “won’t get a lot of screen time”. I call massive bullsh*t on that.

      2) Galvatron was spotted in the teaser trailer on the ground next to Optimus getting shot and in a television spot in the background running towards/fighting Optimus. Though, I agree they are keeping him a huge secret. Something tells me Megatron is involved…..

      3) I assume you’re referring to how he had his arm sliced off by Sentinel in the third movie. If so, I’m sure he got it repaired in between films by Ratchet, before humans started hunting them.

      4) Very true. There’s even concept art of it.

  4. Transformers 4 or simply ” Big Robot Trash Number 4 ” . Mark Wahlberg is taking over from shia …. And you know what , the movie will be even worse than the other movies in the franchise. Sorry to say that, but if you want to see some robot vs robot smash fights you can watch some japanese manga shows.

    I watched the first movie couple of years ago, it was ok , although the stupid and ridiculous humor was a pain in the ass. The other parts…. Forget it.

    • time to stfu

    • “if you want to see some robot vs robot smash fights you can watch some japanese manga shows”

      BWAHAHA! Troll! That’s like saying “If you like superheroes, don’t watch Days of Future Past, you can go watch some old episodes of the Superfriends cartoon.”

      • That was a horrible, incomprehensible analogy.

        • I’m glad I’m not the only one who felt that way. As far as the first post, it’s a a matter of opinion. Growing up in the 80′s I was a huge Transformers fan, (I’ve got a Decepticons tattoo) and nobody was more excited when that first live action trailer hit, but IMHO the movie just did’t do it for me. I know lots of people like them, and that’s cool, but just because someone has a difference of opinion does not make them a troll. The problem with the internet is that tone of voice gets lost in the translation. If you like franchise, enjoy it. I may even wait till video for this one, and that is only because of my love for the Dinobots.

  5. I keep seeing “Age of Ultron”… what is wrong with me.

    Am I too excited…?


  6. So… is Unicron in this?

    • Me thinks Lockdown will actually turn out to be his harbinger.

    • Unlikely.

      • Quintessons, but that means or should mean primus and unicron at some point down the road.

  7. Now, people can shut up about the Dinobots not transforming, even though Hasbro CONFIRMED it in February at Toy Fair. Anyways, great spots and the “Villain” spot has me excited as ever. Mark Ryan is a fantastic choice for Lockdown; and, to think I wanted Lance Henriksen back.

    Grimlock’s transformation was so violent and ferocious; INCREDIBLY fitting for his character. I love the ground pound at the end, too. Also, I heard the original transformation sound during his conversion.

    These 12 days need to hurry and pass by, because I NEED to see this film. AH! So excited!

    By the way, slight screw-up in the article. His name isn’t Swoop in the movieverse, it’s Strafe.

  8. When has there been a dinobot called slug? I remember slag, grimlock, sludge, swoop, and snarl, but no slug.

    • Slug is the new name created for Slag. They changed his name during the fall of cybertron video game because slag is another word for slut in the UK.

  9. Paul, Slug is the new name for Slag. Here in the UK ‘Slag’ is seen as an offensive word.

    Pumped for this… Unicron has to be the ‘Big bad’ those ships seem to suck things up a bit too much like Unicron does

  10. The coolest scene of the other movies, to me, was the transformation of Devastator. The worse scene was a few minutes later, when with one shot of a human weapon, he was blasted to pieces.

    Done with this franchise, and will NEVER pay to see any of these four Bay ego- strokers. Haven’t paid yet, and won’t. Not that gullible. Someone else can keep Mikey rich.

  11. I just wish they would stop “humanizing” the transformers so much, ie The villain has a straight up human face pretty much.

  12. weak movie it shall be..

  13. nice ganme thnx for sharing